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Recording Metal with Eyal Levi: A Bootcamp

Lesson 1 of 74

Intro to Bootcamp


Recording Metal with Eyal Levi: A Bootcamp

Lesson 1 of 74

Intro to Bootcamp


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Intro to Bootcamp

Started talking about this bootcamp. Before that, let me just talk about myself for a second, my favorite topic, just kidding. Here's some links to where you can find me, figure to get this out of the way first and then we'll launch right in. You can find me at If you like this CreativeLive Bootcamp and you like that you got the stems or that you'll be getting the stems at the end for you to work with, well you can get that kind of stuff once a month from myself and my partners Joey Sturgis and Joel Wanasek, and check me out at, that is my podcast with Joel and Joey and you're going to hear that a lot, it's gonna seem like we're always working together because we are. You should also check out my Drumforge expansion, I'm gonna be using it during the mix of this song at some point if needed. And if you like this bootcamp, I also do these in person. A little bit different but, myself, Joey Sturgis, and Joel will get together at a studio for about four days,...

take it over, 40 hours straight of in-your-face, in-depth recording and mixing instruction, a completely immersive experience, kinda like this thing except in the span of four days and 40 hours so, it's kinda crazy. And lastly, you can email me at that email address, Email me anytime, any feedback, any questions on this, anything you'd like to see me do in the future, or if you just wanna tell me that you hate me and you think I suck and should never do this again, that's fine too, I'll just delete it and block you but, if you wanna send me praise or tell me what you enjoyed or what you wanna see in the future, definitely email me there. And before we get too far in, you know Monuments are my special guests for this whole class. Some of you may know who they are, I'm gonna be surprised if you don't, they are a great band off of Century Media, super, super talented, and the bootcamp was done with them, the whole thing is basically based on one of their songs, and the recording and mixing with their songs. And they were cool enough to be a part of this so I just wanted to reciprocate a little bit of, a little bit of information about them so, I don't think they have an official website, but they definitely have a Facebook and a Twitter, and you can go buy their merch, I think that's what's most important, is that you go buy their merch. So welcome, welcome to the bootcamp. This is definitely one of the most, if not the most comprehensive class made on recording metal. However, let me just tell you what it is and what it isn't. This is not like an in-depth study of compression or and in-depth study of EQ. This is the process of going from zero to finished with a band so we're gonna take a song, start it at pre pro, and go through all the stages, all the way through the final mix master so there's some things where you might want to get a deeper look afterwards and that's completely understandable, you know, this class would take nine months if it was also you know, the complete companion of compression, and EQ and all that. However, we do get pretty deep into everything and I think you will especially love the parts about drum tuning and drum mic selection, and yeah we do get pretty, pretty detailed. This is a big-picture kind of class, and I'm sure you've heard me say, and I'm sure that you've heard lots of people say that a great recording, or a great mix is a collection of a thousand tiny decisions, well, lots of the time, you know, if you're watching a live mix or watching someone's mix tutorial, or something like that, you were not privy to the 500 awesome decisions that happened before the mix even started so, hopefully through this class you'll get to see all thousand of the great decisions and, or pretty good decisions, try to do pretty good. One thing that I think we need to talk about real quick before I sip my drink, is that, Monuments are a really awesome band, and there's a little bit about this bootcamp that might be unrealistic to your situation, because more than likely, most of you will not get to record bands as good as Monuments, that's not me posturing or anything, I'm just, just stating the facts that there aren't that many good bands to go around, and as you'll see in future days, we record this at an excellent, excellent studio in L.A., and we had my drum tech there and you know, the lineup of Monuments, you know they have Anup Sastry as the drummer, one of the very best drummers in the entire genre, and most of you aren't going to get the chance or right now don't have the chance to work with people like that, on gear like that so, I want you guys to keep in mind at all times that this is more about showing you guys the standards that we adhere to when making a record. You'll see that for instance, on guitars we spent on an entire day, maybe a 10 hour day, trying to get a great rhythm tone out of a dual rectifier, and it was okay, but then we got a 5150 the next day, I got it, I found it at three in the morning, had it delivered to the studio by eight, and by 9 a.m. we had a much better tone and, you know, great studio, a great band, great everything and we still didn't have a good tone the day before, we still went that extra mile, got a different amp and tried again so, if anything, those are the kinds of things I'd like for you guys to pick up as well as, whatever techniques might help you but I don't want you to think that just because you're not recording a band like Monuments, or that you're not in a studio like the one I'm going to be in, that you can't get great results. You just gotta stick to the standards, keep your standards really, really high, and you know, remember crap in and crap out. So let's talk about how this works. There's approximately 20 lessons in this class. And it's every weekday for the next four weeks. I guess they're at 9 a.m. Pacific Standard Time and one thing that I've noticed about the CreativeLive site, those of you watching may already have figured this out but, it updates to whatever your time zone is so, you know, I'm saying 9 a.m. PST but for those of you in Europe, just check the actual CreativeLive site, it'll tell you what time. So basically, these will play once now, or with the pre-recorded stuff at this time, and then it will immediately repeat. However, if you buy it, you will get the, the entire weeks worth of videos on Monday. So if you don't feel like showing up early and the day and just watching live stuff, you feel like binging it on Monday or something, feel free to buy it and do that. Yeah, one thing also that I want to mention before we move on is that we're going to be doing weekly check-ins at the end of the week, so save your questions or submit questions right now, anything we don't get to will be passed on to me. And you'll be getting a link for the weekly check-in and we'll talk a little bit about that later, but just so you know, that'll be a time where you can get on a video chat with me and I'll answer whatever you wanna ask me about this or anything at all really. If you get the class you get tons of bonus material, probably more bonus material than a class itself. You're gonna get bonus editing videos. We have, I'm not sure how many of the viewers have purchased my advanced drum production class but, if any of you have, and you remember the bonus videos from those, some of those will be a part of this class, but then the same guy, John Douglass, who's my amazing engineer, he's got a few more for this class coming up on guitar editing, and vocal tuning, but you're also going to get all the original ones from the advanced drum class. So you're going to get drum editing, drum cleanup, laying MIDI for kick and snare, guitar and bass edits, and then vocal tuning. Right away, if you log in to your bonus material area, you can download JST Clip but Joey Sturgis Tones, which is one of the best clippers, one of my favorite clippers used for sure. You're gonna get the stems for this entire session, or let me rephrase that, you're gonna get the raws. You're not gonna get them now, and that's another thing I wanted to say is that, some of the bonuses are going to be available now, some will be available as the class progresses, and they'll all be available in the same place, which I'll explain in a second. The reason being is that, I can't give you something that doesn't exist yet, it's going to be uploaded logically to when it happens in the class. So for instance, when the samples get cut, around then is gonna be when the samples go up. When we make a template for something, that'll be when the template goes up. When we've got all the raws to send out, all the raws will be sent out. So make sure that you keep checking that downloads page. However, if you go on there now, you can go ahead and download JST Clip. Another one of the bonuses is 25% off my Drumforge expansion pack, and that's up there already. As well as if you buy the class while it's live, you can get a 20 minute Skype critiques with me. That will not apply if you buy the class after this month is over, but you can already start booking those. There's a link in your bonus materials sheet where I will critique you, tell you the truth about your awesome mixes. I'm gonna send you a reusable input list, hopefully you guys know how to work Excel, or Google spreadsheets. We're also gonna give you a free month at my podcast with Joey Sturgis and Joel Wanasek, 30% off one of my in-person bootcamps, the unstoppable recording machine bootcamps. And yeah, that's a lot of bonuses. That's just... Worth the value of the course right there. Yeah, I'd say so. That's a lot of stuff, like it just kept going, and going, and going. So yeah, if you bought the class, you're gonna get a PDF that looks kinda like this, except it doesn't say fakecode, fakecode, fakecode, fakecode, and url.url.url.url.url.url.url.url. It's actually got places you can go and things you can do to obtain what we owe you. So, cool, let's talk real quick about the weekly check-ins. Every Friday during the bootcamp, we're gonna collect your questions for the week, and I'll answer them live on air. There will be a chat room going as well. And the times are 12 p.m. Pacific on March 11th, 18th, 25th, and then April 1st. And on that one I'll also be doing three live mix critiques. So make sure you get in the ring for those. Those, for some reason, when I do those here on CreativeLive sessions, those tend to be some of peoples favorite moments, I don't know why, but it's a human nature thing. So yeah, be sure to submit your mixes. I would say no later than the last day of March. Don't be submitting them April 1st think that I'm gonna be able to listen to them. Sooner the better though.

Class Description

Recording Metal with Eyal Levi: A Bootcamp will give you access to one of metal’s most in-demand producers and educators. You’ll also get to watch the talented and seasoned performers of Monuments show you how to record flawless takes and how to prepare to enter the studio.

Recording Metal with Eyal Levi: A Bootcamp is the definitive guide to recording and producing metal. From soup to nuts, start to finish, A to Z, you will learn everything you need to know about recording and producing a metal song.

Eyal Levi will take you inside the studio with Monuments as they record a song from scratch at Clear Lake Recording in Los Angeles. In this bootcamp, you will learn how to:

  • Prepare for a session in preproduction by choosing tempos and organizing the session
  • Record flawless drums from selection and reheading/tuning to mic choice and placement to editing
  • Record rhythm guitars
  • Record clean and lead guitars
  • Record bass guitar
  • Record, edit and tune lead vocals, harmonies, and screams
  • Mix and master from session setup to final bounce


  1. Intro to Bootcamp
  2. Purpose of Pre-Production
  3. Technical Side of Preproduction
  4. Pre-Production: Setting Up the Tempo Map
  5. Pre-Production: Importing Stems
  6. Pre-Production: Click Track
  7. Creating Tracking Templates
  8. Intro and the Tone Pie
  9. Drums - Lay of the Land
  10. Bearing Edges
  11. Wood Types
  12. Depths and Sizes
  13. Hoops
  14. Sticks and Beaters
  15. Drum Heads
  16. Drum Tuning
  17. Drum Mic Placement Intro
  18. Basic Drum Mic Setup
  19. Cymbal Mic Setup
  20. Touch Up Tuning
  21. Microphone Choice and Placement
  22. Drum Tracking Intro
  23. Getting Tones and Final Placement
  24. Primary Tracking
  25. Punching In and Comping Takes
  26. Guitar Setup and Rhythm Tone Tracking
  27. Amplifiers - Lay of the Land
  28. Amplifiers & Cab Shoot Out
  29. Guitar Cab Mic Choice and Placement
  30. Guitar Tracking and Signal Chain
  31. Finalizing Amplifier Tone
  32. Guitar Mic Shootout Round Robin
  33. Intro to Rhythm Tracking
  34. Setting Up Guitars
  35. Working with a Guitarist
  36. Final Guitar Tone and Recap
  37. Guitar Tracking with John
  38. Guitar Tracking with Ollie
  39. Final Tracking
  40. Tracking Quads
  41. Intro to Bass Tone
  42. Bass Tone Setup
  43. Bass Tone Mic Placement
  44. Bass Tracking
  45. Intro to Clean and Lead Tones
  46. Clean Guitar Tones
  47. Lead Tones
  48. Vocal Setup for Tracking
  49. Vocal Mic Selection and Setup
  50. Vocal Mic Shootout
  51. Lead Vocal Tracking
  52. Writing Harmonies
  53. Harmony Vocal Tracking
  54. Vocal Warm Ups
  55. Scream Vocal Tracking
  56. Vocal Tuning and Editing Introduction
  57. Vocal Tuning and Editing
  58. Routing and Bussing
  59. Color Coding, Labeling and Arranging Channels
  60. Setting Up Parallel Compression
  61. Setting Up Drum Triggers
  62. Gain Staging and Trim
  63. Drum Mixing - Subtractive EQ
  64. Drum Mixing - Snare
  65. Drum Mixing - Kick
  66. Drum Mixing - Toms
  67. Drum Mixing - Cymbals and Rooms
  68. Drum Mixing Recap
  69. Mixing Bass Guitar
  70. Mixing Rhythm Guitars
  71. Basic Vocal Mix
  72. Mixing Clean and Lead Guitars
  73. Mixing - Automation
  74. Mastering - Interview with Joel Wanasek



I'm on lesson 19! Already worth every dollar!!! Priceless insight! I have already incorporated some of the ideas (preproduction common sense stuff that I never thought of, but damn). VERY HAPPY with this course! ALWAYS LEARNING and looking forward to the next 50 (or whatever) lessons!!! Excellent course! GREAT PRODUCER/ENGINEER, GREAT DRUM TECH, and GREAT BAND!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


I'm just part way though and I'm blown away by the quality approach Eyal takes to getting the best out of the sessions. I love how well everything is explained and Eyals calm manner is just awesome it really makes you want to listen to the gems of wisdom he offers.


Amazing knowledge is being presented here. If you want to start out recording, this should be your first step, it'll save you lots of time and get you awesome results. Highly recommended class.