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Studio Walk-Through

Why you should care I I've been doing recording for about ten years professionally probably longer than that if if you want to count like, well, the older stuff, but, um, these are some of the albums that you are probably familiar with that I've done a lot. I've done a lot of stuff for a day to remember their biggest albums, the ghost inside who has taken off after doing their album with me, and so I, you know, I've done things from recording in my bedroom to recording in in a studios that I think are perfect and I've been there every step of the way, trying to figure it out on my own because it's been me doing it, I haven't had any partners or anything of that had interns and stuff, but it's really just been d I y and I know a lot of the viewers right now are also d I y so there's a lot of tips for you guys and a lot of lot of, you know, like keith that we have here it hopefully he'll pick up on some stuff because I'm going to be touching on everything that you could possibly think of...

so and anyway, what you're goingto learn see what's next here? Oh, uh, here's some information about this is my, uh, website the way studio dot com my twitter is at the waist studio and instagram it's a little more personal but if you want to follow me there it is andrew wade with one w I may point out and let's see okay, so I'm going to be going over specific tones one that I know a lot of people are going to be wondering about common courtesy just came out by a day to remember and it's being received very well um and I'm going to be going over that tone I'll be showing demonstrations of the actual song if you're not familiar with the band and then I'll also be going over the different settings that you can use with different plug ins on the actual song dead and buried is the song that I'm going to be um using uh so it'll be pretty interesting tio to hear all the different versions of the guitar tones so um like I've been saying, the iowa deal y stuff recommendations for how you can apply this stuff at home I'm gonna be going over the ideal technique in my opinion, andi I'll also be talking about how you can actually do this at home even if you are broke or you know, I just don't have very many resources and I want this to be is relative to a cz many people as possible, okay, I've been located in ocala, florida for about eight years I move studios I don't know how many times but my main studio has been in ocala for for a while I really like it but it's got its problems and so I'm actually gonna be moving to orlando that's pretty exciting for me I have a temporary studio there now but I'm going to be you know trying to do ah a bigger one on my own soon so uh these bands recorded with me at the uh the studio in ocala um some you may have heard of and where's ocala uh it's uh about an hour half from orlando from orlando yeah in florida got in florida so all right here's a photo of it all d I y stuff you know I did all this myself and you know trying to save money and if I could go into everything about the whole studio I would but just we're just going over guitars today so uh let's see okay the studio in orlando right now is is a temporary place in my house that's where we recorded coming curtis see and that was that was a while we were doing that for the equipment in the studio is I'll separate from the equipment that I had in ocala and it's uh class a pre amps and what we'll go through some of the gear I think there's um some photos of that stay yeah here it is the smaller set up okay my main monitors that I'm using um is the diner audio bm for our five is but uh not eight their power monitors I run windows a lot of people run mac but I find that windows is easier to upgrade and cheaper that's that's a good tip for d I y people like if you don't have a lot of money for for computers so the rig that I have too so that's cool I have the dine audio monitor's is well yeah and I also use windows yeah, awesome are using your using pro tools uh no actually use persona studio one oh, wow, actually don't hear a lot about that. Yeah, I've been using it since the beta release and it's it's amazing that's cool yeah, a cz you can see that while you could barely see it down below I have a sub I think that's enormous for for a monitoring environment it's really hard tio teo really hear the low end until you get your friend's car that has huge subs and and then you realize how you need to change the mix. I think it's cool that you guys were using pcs I mean, people get a lot of flak in any sort of artistic creative industry for not being on max I felt you know, I feel like people get crap all that get crap politics actually use both do you yeah, yeah, yeah, this is my computer right here it's a mac and we're running pro tools off in that s so I I also do both but it's mainly but in the studio you're choosing pc yeah, pc for is it the same reason for you for upgrade ability and all kinds of cross compatibility? You know what? The personas you can use it on pcr mac and so a lot of times all switch you know, between going mobile and at home on the pc. So, you know, really it's it's just both. I mean, obviously the mac book is a powerful, you know, dog computer absolutely. Um, which I've actually started using a pc laptop now oh, so what I still do use both, you know, accused? Yeah. Yeah. And I've noticed there are tons of free plug ins and ah, lot of the plug ins that are a few of the plug ins I'm going to be talking about that people can get at home easily. Um are actually for four windows, but uh there there still are ones for mak also so but it's pretty cool that you also apogee symphony this thing is a beast. It has incredible converters in it has an awesome clock, it's everything that you could ever want in an interface um right now I just have aidan's and out on it, but it can be expanded to mme or whenever I'm actually tracking drums I use a different device that's just uh all digital pre amps so I can have as many as I want and then patch bay is very boring really expensive so that you don't ever want to buy but but it's incredible to have whenever you have compressors and outboard gear and stuff and there's a close up here of the my fancy preempts the chandlers limited m I t g two's abbey road edition excellent for d ies I know a lot of you people at home are not going to be ableto afford these because they're very expensive but the noise floor on them is incredibly low. They have a great dynamic range on dh that's why I really like them you can use him for the d I and your guitar or you know my king stuff like that my good friend dan corn if built these compressors for me there ahmad it a copy of modern eleven seventy six is by universal audio and they kill it. I can't record vocals without him now, but guitars which we're talking about today you don't need compress outboard compressors uh for the for the most part I'd say uh and here's the drum the drum room right now uh it's actually works very well and this is us tracking common courtesy recording drum samples um I really like to do a lot of stuff on my own I for instance, the impulse response I'll be giving out it's one that I made because I couldn't find one that I liked enough and that's one of our I seek out ways to do things on my own and get the exact sound that I want and this is a great example uh we're doing our own drum samples and and that's what we used on the album we didn't use any kind of packs or anything like that it was all custom stuff and here I have ah really enormous pillow and blanket and stuff in front of the guitar cabinet to keep it kind of dead in their wall where we're doing that but but it's kind of cool to have a little bit of room sound especially now with everything being digital and and uh so dead but um it's a cool set up that works very well okay, so wait anyway so that guitar tone that you heard is one that we're going to be going over today in great detail and also copies of that tone that you can get with other equipment andi I tried my best to get very similar tones and I'm pretty happy with the result and hopefully you guys can use that home um so we have that was dead and buried by day to remember from common courtesy you could buy the album I encourage you to buy it is jam packed with awesome songs on there going to be coming out with a um special edition very soon with some extra songs and stuff I encourage you to check that out uh can you just talk a little bit? I know that there's ah, a lot of history between when you get started working on that album and you know when it just came out a couple weeks ago can you kind of talk about all the work you put into that from writing and productions? Yeah. Um I know a lot of viewers actually probably really enjoy this band that's where I get a lot of of publicity from um because of their success. Yes, I've been working with this band for as long as I can remember since I started recording and they liked me and they stuck with may so I've recorded all their albums so far except for one and it was an old one. But this album common courtesy we if anybody if any of you guys at home followed my career at all, you'll notice that I kind of disappeared for a little while and that's because I was working on this album for like a year or longer and we actually recorded um a ton of song I don't know how we may have had sixty tracks on for this album and, uh we retract a lot of it um we actually tracked ah full album after about half a year and, uh, and then the manager's came in on dh they were very happy with what we had actually, so we had to kind of it was a very upsetting time, as you can imagine, working a long time on that stuff, it just didn't have the album overall, it had a bunch of great songs on it, but it wasn't I didn't have the data remember vibe that we were going for, so we had to go back in the studio and kind of just start for, you know, with the right mind set and we kept a lot of the songs, but but then we added everything that we thought was missing from the album and that so when my insides are you glad that it went down like that, like, you have a better product now that's a good question there. There are definitely things about tracking for a long time that I really enjoy, like working with jeremy mckinnon is he's a very detail oriented guy and and so my and I really appreciate people that it's like, I I hear this and I like it, but it's not perfect and that and that's the same approach that I take with my recording and stuff like that. And and he does that with music, and when he has time, teo to spend on making the songs, he will put everything into it. And, uh, and I think I don't I don't know if we could have gotten the same result any other way, honestly, so I didn't like that it took that long, but maybe it was good that it's what? That long? Oh, those life lessons, yeah. So, I mean, if this happens again for the next album, I wouldn't be surprised I wouldn't be let down. I don't think the fans we let down either because I think we would come out with a great result again and there's tons of songs and that we're great that didn't get on the album because we had too many good songs. So that's, pretty cool. Why love you say, I just did this and it's awesome, and I'm going to show you how I did it. Yes, I wish I could show you how I did everything on the island, but we're just going over guitars, but I know a lot of people are very interested in that.

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A great guitar sound is the centerpiece of modern rock, metal, pop-punk, and metalcore. Join producer Andrew Wade (A Day to Remember, The Ghost Inside, The Word Alive, etc) for an intensive look into the rock guitar techniques every producer and engineer needs to know. In this two-day course, Andrew will teach you everything you need to know about creating huge, thick guitar tones. You’ll learn how to prep and setup, and develop best practices for tracking guitars. He'll cover both real amp and amp sims, mixing in your DAW, and more. Whether you’re recording tracks at home or in a professional studio, this course will give you concrete, easy-to-apply techniques for taking your guitar sounds to the next level.


Chris Dimich

This class was extremely helpful! I learned soooo much. Andrew is a pro and it is absolutely worth the money. Specifically the tuning section of the class. Did not think to put this much effort into tuning, but it makes perfect sense! You can have the tightest band, with the best musicians, the most expensive gear, with amazing tones, but if they are even slightly out of tune its literally a bottleneck for the whole sound of the song. Thanks Andrew!