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I think that they're going to be different approaches to discovering what your brand words are because that's what we're going to start right now we're talking about your brand words and a lot of times we feel really confused and there's something liberating about this notion your brand words the words would choose today or tomorrow you're not stuck with those words for the rest of your life a lot of times were paralyzed by indecision when in fact we should just make a decision and then see how it plays for us we want to get it perfect right out of the gate and so then because we want to make it perfect we won't actually make it happen so I know that you're brainy words wilmore because the photographer you were two years ago is not the photographer you are today so will understand that the type of imagery we want teo capture and document will be different or just kind of take that emotion now when I started in the top when I started the business, the focus was heavily on photos and you...

r portfolio thinking about that as a division of your band but what we have talked about a little bit earlier and I think that it's going to be a mix of a complete package because we had established the brand is an experience so your brand words should relate to the experience that you are providing and this goes across the board, I'm seeing a little couple eyes like days, are we ok here or am I just like talking trash? Okay, okay, so your brand words should be a division of the experience you want to provide for your clients. I'm going to get into that a little bit more. No branding words are the descriptors you want people to use when they endorse your business. These are words you're hoping your clients are using when when you're not around. So when my clients are out talking about their wedding photos or if somebody were to come across my portfolio on facebook, on my block, on my website, the words that I'm hoping they're going to use our fun, fresh and editorial, these are words that I have come about within the past six years, and your words are going to be very different it's going to be infusion about the experience that you're providing for your clients now the that these words become a barometer for what I post online if a photo is not fun, if it's not fresh, or if it is not editorial it's not gonna be posted online now, it could end up in the overall day portfolio at an engagement session I want to make sure that I'm getting romantic photos, I want to make sure that I'm getting these really like far away pulled back what are quintessentially known as more artistic photos where the bride and groom where the couple are really, really, really small and they're silhouetted at sunset and there's a silhouette of a tree next to them, right? I'm trying to get those photos, but what I'm going to showcase are what I want to attract, so I'm talking about raining words in relation to the things that I'm putting out online now if you're not attracting the type of client that you want, I'm guessing it's because you haven't defined your photographic voice. What you might be doing is taking a lot of pretty pictures and that's great because you're going to appeal to everyone but everyone might not be a fit for you first define your types of words and then create an action plan to go and shoot for that because once you focused on your reigning words, you can then shoot for your brands, so we're going to talk about how to shoot for your brand now there's no such thing as having too many words or if you have two words or forwards I happen to like the number three I don't know like what it is, I'm sure it says nothing about my personality somewhere, but three words will help you focus on what you should be capturing during issued for me most my engagement sessions are broken up at a halfway point when the client wants to change outfit, as I mentioned about these emails that I sent, I sent it. I sent an email to my clients to prepare them for an engagement session, and they list all the things that they should be taking into consideration, and once I had a client show up with, like five, lf it changes and I was like, oh my gosh, but it wasn't her fault it was mine. I didn't say how many, how much outfit changes we can accommodate during a shoot. So now in this email, I'm saying feel free to bring a single change of clothes, so then we're all on the same page. So either way during engagement session, it's broken up halfway through, so while they're changing, I'm looking through the back of my camera, figuring out did they get editorial photos? Didn't get fun photos get photos that are fresh and then if I feel like yes, I got this vote is perfect. Now what I need to do is round out my engagement day portfolio with romantic photos with traditional photos for mom and dad, but this is becoming a barometer become conscious of the types of images that I'm capturing. Now I don't the last thing I want for you to do is to come home from a shoot and look at your photo like well that's pretty and that's pretty well that's great but it's pretty isn't going to help you attract future clients that are attracted to the same thing that you are so I'm going to begin with an example one of the words that I used to define a brand is fun now it's not enough for me to show up to shoot and be like okay hope you have fun that doesn't happen but we want people teo laugh we want people to enjoy themselves but how do we get them to that point it's really difficult so a few years into my business I started realizing that in order for my client's tohave I want to have fun I needed to give them set of actions to do that would you parlay and relate to what a fun photo would look like so there is an element but specifically on engagement session on the wedding day there's like it's this really really really condensed I show up with a list of things I want my clients to do now the list isn't the same every time I go to a session but as I am looking through magazines and I see a pose I'm looking at that pose and I'm thinking to myself how did this fashion photographer how did this lifestyle photographer get the couple into this movement so all stare at a look and I'll think, how can I do this with average boy meets girl? What is it? And so then I think, okay, well, this is where he was standing, she probably to take four steps lean into him, he's looking at her. So then all of a sudden I'm teaching myself how to coach my clients during the shoot to do exactly what I want them to dio so instead of me talking about how to create a fun photo, I'm going to show a video of how this, how it looks like for me on an actual shoot. So, niko, if you could show the video of how a fine photo session or how I hope it's really dorky, but this is what I try to do and always talking growing up, my parents didn't really like it. And still to this day, my husband's a little leery of how much I talk, but its wonders for my business talking to your client is always a good thing. It lets them know they're doing well, that they're doing okay and things were good across the board there's, nothing worse than having your picture taken by a silent photographer like, trust me. Imagine how your client feels like alone standing there like a my doing ok let them know from beginning to end how great they are how fabulous they are because you kind of speaking into happening if in the beginning there kind of stiff and they're not going on coach them like that so green good job good job because what happens is that kind of loss of in front of your eyes and that's exactly what you want this is fun good, good good you can just kind of like thirty beautiful beautiful good can you did for backing kisser always lean back lean backwards make him work for it make it work for a good good good beautiful love it good christian can you just like that? Yeah be fabulous yeah I wanted to tell you guys much so this is like beaune before I watched for a few seconds to gauge their chemistry and to gauge the comfortable ity and then I kind of offer a little bit of coaching anything that will get him nice and close to each other and hopefully eventually lead them to a point where they start laughing. I don't know if you're uncomfortable and one rule if you don't feel comfortable that we don't have to do it bringing I love your arms right there chris and keep your arms around him and can you just kind of twist around, twist around and have a little fun all the way around all the way around you cute little bits. Lower you. My god, you look like a gum commercial. Okay, I have no idea why I said it every time I see that clip and I hear that it escaped my mouth. I cringe to think either way, it was in the moment it was said it was happy it made them laugh. And it helped bringing in kristen and revel in each other's arms. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful little kiss again there light and notes mission faces. Oh, my lord, I love it. There are times when I lay low with with subjects as I'm shooting them. And then there are other times when I'm fully engaging them, telling them what to do with time. I've come to know when it's appropriate and when it's not appropriate, hopefully leverage that and at the end of the day produce images. I'm really proud, of example, of what an engagement session looks like for me. So I had an idea of going into the shoot what I would do now. Ah, lot of times, I think when I look at that clip, it looks pretty damn cheesy, but I think sometimes that we have to do is give actions to r to our clients teo get an end result that is completely natural because if you just said now look at each other, no prisoner foreheads together and close your eyes what you get is like that moment unless you know how to bring them into the action and make it natural yesterday a couple days ago I had the pleasure of photographing these three gorgeous people and I had melissa sitting on the couch and I was like, okay, melissa way that ryan and nikki and she's like what I was like just wave at ryan and nikki and she's like okay, so she waved at them and that's exactly happened she laughs she brings her hand down and her whole body was completely natural so I was like, I promise I'm not going to show like the cheesy picture and then photo that we ended abusing as her bio photo for today was that exact moment because I think that that was melissa and her truest form. So yes, there will be a lot of me showing that video makes me cringe I have to tell you, but at the end of the day I think that my clients were having with their photos and it looks like they're having a good time, which is when my brain works so I think the goal for us would be for you to create an action plan to achieve the look you want you shouldn't arrive to a shoot hoping that you'll get a romantic photo or cerebral photo or an artistic photo of fun photo whatever your words are, you can't hope that it will happen you have to actually make it happen, especially because we're working in such a confined amount of time specifically on a wedding day now going to ask the three of you what your friend words are and then we're gonna kind of expound on that so I'll start with nikki ok, I thought about this for a long time even prior to this thing and decisive it's hard for me to make a decision and I keep coming back. Teo well, there was five words I think I've narrowed it down to four so romantic fun chic, an editorial okay, so those kind of words I've been perfect perfect romantic fun chic editorial perfect what for hearing you just explain that I want to change me, okay? I'm interested I'm in just don't talk with it. I won't talk about what your words were coming into this and what you think you might change your words again like we said, our word's going to change um I have creative fun in rial um what do you think you want to change him too? Well, I just kind of wanted I like the way you talked about how how do you present yourself with the shoot? What kind of images air you're going to get at the shoot? And after you said that I'm like, well, I started thinking what words? What what word would kind of define that so I don't know it right now, but that's, good, we're gonna actually hone it. We're going home in a little bit more today. Um, I chose chic custom and connected. Perfect, great sheik custom and connected. Okay, so what we're going to do is a few minutes we're gonna head into photos. The good news is that we will be working with keaton and matty, the couples that you had interviewed, so we're going function on the assumption they've already met kitana, matty, and this would be the second progression throughout the booking process. We're hoping right? So the emails lead to a meeting which leads teo booking the wedding, which would hopefully if they decide to op, see where it comes in your packages or collections and engagement session. So we're going to be heading into that, but nikki let's pick one ofyour forwards and then let's think about an action plan that we can create for one of those four words. So, anywhere, it doesn't matter. Um, how about a romantic romantic? Great. So then I'm like romantic. I'm not going to get like, do I need to create the romantic experience for this thing is great, this is awesome. This is perfect. So think back and this will be better when you could do it at home looking through maybe pinterest or magazines or things that you find inspiring. And when you look at a photo and you think this looks so romantic, I want you to ask yourself, how do I think these models, where the photographer put them into a way to make it look romantic? Now, sometimes I think of the ralph lauren romance editorial campaign where it's, a couple riding on a horse and she's long here in the white dress. I'm just like, wow, that's, pretty that's, pretty darn amazing. Now, when they're on a horse, it's not enough to have a couple of horse because they could just look like two cowboys, right? So we have to look at that photo and pain right way have to look at the photo and think, where is the girl sitting in relation to the guy on the horse where are her hands, where is her head, where is he looking? Are they in movement? Are the static ask yourself what is going on so that when you're given that opportunity to recreate and maybe that's not the photo but think about the cachet of photos in your mind that our romantic so if we go into this photo shoot and you want to take a romantic photo, how do you think you could position keaton and matty and let's give you an extra detail? The extra detail is that the shoot is inspired by a cozy night that's going to be the inspiration of a cozy night in so knowing that how would you get a romantic photo of keaton and maddie on our romantic night in? And of course I'm not gonna hold this to you, but this is just an exercise to get your brain to start moving in a different direction I would probably start by happening obviously they're going to close their touching perfect where will we have space where's, maddie's hand? Maybe you know her hands or your chance close but not too close they probably wouldn't let be looking directly at each other because when we are this close we're not usually not staring at each other so he's looking at her lips and she's looking down a little bit off to the side or maybe there is anticipated kiss maybe they're just about to kiss but not like making out perfect perfect. That was a pretty good description, right? So we're gonna hold you accountable to that now here's the deal if that's the end photo her looking down at him or it may be the anticipated kiss think about cachet in your mind what you're going to do to move them into that because if you're just like maddie move your head here thirty degrees this way shin down keaton coming this way mean clean hole close your eyes flatter them a bit there like so we're going to have to do is in order for you to get where you want them placed their hands keating mehdi look at each other medical look down keating have lightly caressed the temple give them an action set for them to fall into that and your shoot shoot shoot and to be one of those four frames are going to be exactly what you want. We're gonna move on to france what's one of your work um creative perfect. So if we go into this chute this is gonna be a difficult one but we're going to the shoot for cozy night in what are you going to do, teo get creative photo um just off the top of my head I like picture them like on like this chair maybe she's kind of on his lap a little bit baby on dh then I'm just kind of like back in the distance and then maybe framing them in a certain way. Okay, in the frame. So what? What are they doing in this in this creative photo? What's what's in your mind, I in a perfect world where they don't, um, this's here's what we have to do, we have the hash this out because you're like there's. No going well, okay, well, is matty's head looking down our their foreheads touching our their nose, touching our their faces, looking together, reading a book like, what are they doing? This is this is let your mind go right now. Um, I like the idea of them. Like, looking at something, I think I like the idea of them. Um, kind of like babies just like their faces. They're touching and she has, like, her hand on the back. Like like this no got a baby getting really close. So what's the end picture no it's work backwards to move him into what you ultimately want to go get, um, well, for the word I'm creative they were just really to scope like out what's going on um just like, but what's the imposing their if they're there on the chair she's kind of sort of sitting on her head's, her hands beneath beneath behind his head and the end where? Okay, so I want her to be kind of like to the right of him, and then with her legs crossed, okay, and him just kind of sitting like this, maybe her left are around like they like you like look thiss description turned out to be very different than I'm gonna have him sit on a chair, what we just did as you thought about the position of her legs, you've got about the position of his legs, you got a position of your arm, but about the position of her face. All of these things are great, because when you go into a shoot, you're going to say, this is what I need you to do to move into that instead of being like, okay, maddie, how about you turn your legs key tin can and I'm saying this because it's going to be very specific because you're going to have ten minutes to work with the models? I don't mind if you get all three every words for your words, if you get one word and it's clutch, that is the photo that totally represents you, you won that's your winner for today, you have ten minutes, so it's going to be very important for you not to spend eight minutes getting them in, and then click click and inspired one frame so think about how you want to move them into that you'll change according to what you see but have an idea melissa I want to you sheik perfect so I'm gonna have picture my head but I don't know what's in there so I'm gonna sit on the couch grace like home so hopefully there is ok I leave anything away I get the picture I have in my head I mean when I think of sheik I think of like they're going to look hot and they're gonna look glamorous and they're gonna look okay like that's my okay vision of what she means to me not everybody else but how often are we getting clients that come in I think if you style and engagement session and you get to dress them that's exactly what I want you to you I want you to pick their outfits I want you to describe what she means to you but given an engagement session and you don't have you might have a little bit of saying what they were but you're not too sure let's step away from this idea of chic being indicative by the clothing they were but I have ok what is it what's the position what do you want with him so there's a cattle yeah there's accounts and I picture him exiting there on the end of the couch have a linda over his arms kind of more relaxed, more chill he could be holding something but it's kind of chilling out face forward, great on the couch and I picture her more sideways leaning up against him maybe a leg down maybe like like just bringing it like you have brought into the studio. Great. Okay, so are we seeing kind of what's happening here? What we start off with is I like chic and I like the clothes that they were. Okay, well, we don't have that, so it turned into her legs up he's turning this way he's leaning over perfect specificity is key. So for the third and final homework assignment for today, I want you to create a shooting plan based on your brain in words. So I want you to think, I think, you know, here's the thing a lot of times we'll come into these coming to creative live and we have three days were like, yeah, we're going pick her three words, but here's the thing we have each other to keep us accountable I hope that you all find like a travel buddy of photography, buddy, somebody just to say check in with me if I don't have my three branding words in a week, I need to change and here's something that I'm going to ruffle, I'm going to ruffle feathers if you don't have your three burning words in two weeks, I don't know if you care about this enough to make it a career and those air really deep fighting words, but I care about your business. I need to really define what it is, and you need to set aside the time to meet your business, your career. I want ryan to step away from his restaurant. I want nicky to step away from social work, and I want melissa to move from one wedding to booking fourteen more weddings at minimum. Do I think it's a possibility? I don't know, but she better be darn willing to try and make those and make those changes along the way that's going to be the homework assignment, we're going to move into a series of q and a, and then we're going to be moving in to the shoot. So three homework assignments today, I would love for you guys get them done sooner than later, so you can get more feedback the earlier you get your feet back, the more you can change and adapt to the three months process. I just like to give up, shout out like, clap after that girl was just like it, you don't have your three words in the next two weeks, I don't know if you're cut out for this business, but and I feel there is a part of me that really worried, like the past three days I probably haven't slept very well and I talked to the three of them about it. I was really concerned about how I was going to be affecting and purse silly, and I'm also really concerned to how I'm going to come across I will come across like I have a strong personality, I will come across like a hard nose, but sometimes we need a big swift kick in the pants like if you guys are here and you guys have businesses and they're not where they're supposed to be for a reason so let's move let's see what we can do and just go back to the basics. So half right, so a question from johanna forty four is do you choose your words based on how you view your own work or how clients in the general public view your work it's going to be a process? I do not think that is a hard invest role. I think it would be great for you to choose your own words and what I've seen happening in the facebook group leading up to this leading up to this first restart was people had said if you looked at my website, what were the words that he would come up with now they'd just unprompted started this conversation, so I was like awesome people are already ready and willing to do this now people were responding and the photographer was like, this is great feedback now whether or not it was what the photographer wanted, if somebody that oh it's really romantic and her goal was quirky there's going to be something she's not change what she's like featuring online so I think it's good for a photographer to establish his or her words, get feedback on those words and then recalibrate and adjust because I think you can only define words once you kind of have a portfolio built around it or at least moving in that direction. So question from dana todd, she says, jasmine, you state the inspiration, for example, is the cozy night in do you have a theme inspiration for every session or you're just using this theme for this purpose? Perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect! I'm so glad the color fight because it'll save me time from clarifying it before we start the shoot. I love when my clients will take the time tio plan a theme around there shoot I'm not that fortunate tio I it's a rarity when it happens I usually have clients show up and they pick a particular place and they might bring a few props, however, if you're early in your career and you really want to jump start what's going on I want melissa and ryan as they shoot to use at least one no, I have no doubt because we have an adorable couple will have a cute little set up I have no doubt you're going to get great photos that's that's not a question for me the question is will you get your branding? Your brain did words in a photo because that's what I want you to showcase now if I was starting out and I was kind of frustrated sometimes I would get clients is that I want you to shoot in my house and it was great but I was ending up going up to an apartment and it wasn't exactly kind of the right vibe. Looking back, I would probably have found a friend with like a cute house and done a a a shoot with some of my friends not much is required for that you just need like, willing friends and for you to kind of stylized pick up the house just a few pillows. So I wanted to have a style shoot that was really amped up because we will be working with a professional stylist but also showcase that the ability to take what you have and make it work regardless of where you it doesn't have to be glamorous chandelier and pink pillows in a black poodle like it really has to be what you want and then working within that frame so not every shoot is establish shoot this was acting as inspiration so that we can give them a nice kind of we've been I've been really rough on them today so the style shoot is a way to be like okay all here's a softball get me one photo you're really done product and I hope to see in your future new website which is hopefully working on next month's alright, fantastic guys can prepare if you have any questions that we do all right actually okay so let's say you do two outfits for a session but there is one that you I prefer more than the other will you split the time evenly still? Are we giving more times about that that you love? I'm not the person wearing the outfit that girl was the one who chose the office so in her mind she thinks that she looks equally is great in both I probably will split the session halfway down the middle however, if we do two locations well I don't usually do two locations I might do to different backdrop so if we decide to go to the beach in california with a really short sunset so I'll start the session about an hour and a half before sunset so we'll start in like a nearby area by buildings open shade and so that one I would probably have a little bit more like dressed up five and this is what I'm instructing to her via email beforehand, and then the beach pictures will be a little bit more casual because it doesn't really make sense for her to be in like a dress and heels in the sand. Great fight us. All right, we got more from the phones from the internet. Okay, go back. Just way. Have one from emily writer photo who says what if your brand is more than one genre of photography, including wedding, this brand, a wedding bands, fashion. So for the brand words, do you pick a specific genre of your photography, or does it it's a really good question? Thank you for asking it. I firmly believe that each division of your business should be branded separately and if at all possible, if they should have websites that are entirely their own. So if I decided to get into shooting teens, I would have jazz and start dot com, which would be the bulk of my business, which would be probably weddings for got into senior's. It'd be just our seniors or jasmine start something, and if I was in bands and be justin starr music or something along that line because I need to brand each thing in its own capacity. I cannot possibly at the same time, the marketing bombs, seniors and brides, they all want very different things they shot at very different stores, they watch it very different shows they're inspired by three very different things, so for me, it's going to be very important to me, divide up my business and then market to those individually, people have asked me how I feel about a splash page where you land on the site and then can choose where you want to go, I think that's your prerogative. However, if I was doing on my own, I wouldn't want I wouldn't want the new if I was shooting newborns like that mom to go there and also see them shooting like a hard metal band and about two o'clock in the morning with them. I want to make sure that I'm appealing to a lot of people in different market, but specific leads to what they do have a question from rick star one photography on brick is from calama falls, oregon. He asked for young and beginning portfolios. How do you choose the branding words? Do you base it on what you currently have? Are you trying to build around the branding words someone once told me that you don't dress for the job, you have your dress for the job you want so when it comes to branding, I believe that you don't base your words on who you are now it's who you want to be who you want your portfolio, what want portfolios look like and what have clients you ultimately want to attract and the experience you want to provide love you love that answer get the camera quick question revenge on regard teo branding I sort of random for the past couple of years so I'm like restructuring where I'm at I a little bit of fashion stuff romantic stuff it's just a random so what advice do you have like the one thing that I did brand was connecting with my clients referrals but they're kind of different great, you know, different areas so my question is, tio what advice do you have like I've been doing it for about three years approximately and I feel like I'm just starting all over again and I feel like if I switch into a complete one eighty that could be detrimental to the clients have already built my question to you is of all the divisions of what you're shooting do you like all of them equally the same or do you want to be shooting one or two things like look, I gotta shoot family because that pays the bills but what I want to do you know is what what is it? What do you want to do I guess that's the question where I'm at now, whatever I want because there's certain things that are equally as passionate about and just recently I did families like fashion, but then I didn't want to shoot anymore editorial type things I wanted to fuse that style with family so it's like okay, which which way do I want to go? Which one is actually going to pay the bills? You know, because the brand that I have already family wise, I try to put him in that model of, you know, you could be on the cover, you could make him the great, you know, but the thing is is like, if I switch over to specific focus that my brand or money makers will dwindle away and that's what I'm afraid of what's your moneymaker, families, seniors and engagements, okay, so at this point, if I was you, I'm just going to give it in black and white, and we can talk about this more specifics later, but in black and white, if I was you, I wouldn't necessarily be marking marketing my editorial, I would do that as a passion. I would do that to infuse it into the other divisions of where I'm actually making money, because at least right now the gulf for you is to have a career and not an expensive hobby so I want you to shoot editorial, I want you to use that to home and bring that into your family division for right now, I think that you should have three different websites or at least three different divisions of the websites focusing on families focusing on seniors in focusing on the third, which couples now if all of them are tied together because you've an editorial flare that works, it totally works, but I think you need to ask yourself, what do I want to do? Because if you don't know what you want to do, I don't know how much I can help you so first figure out I want to see families I wanted two couples perfect. Now what we need to do is re brained you according to what those two markets want, and then you can infuse this style having an editorial flair. All right, we have one from laura elizabeth who says, should I use these words at all on my web site? Okay, I might rub people the wrong way and please, I haven't looked at anybody's website in specific to this, but when I I got married I would go to photographer websites and this is the time when role in words were all all the rage so would roll in to be like romantic fun, passionate and I kind of can't help but feel like sleep like I try to tell jd like I'm so funny like I'm really really funny I mean like if you have to tell me you're funny you're not funny so in the same way if you have teo tell your client who remain take your fun you're probably not those things the stronger your brand is or when your clients are walking away describing you as romantic and fun with you not having to say that I'm not opposed to it necessarily but I want you that's the easy way out that's easily people and fun if you want to come to me I'm fine well why don't you show fun pictures so that when people derive how they can describe you there mohr empowered to share that when they come across other people so it's like I'm engaged if you're looking for a fun photographer you really gotta come on well I think that's when it strongest s so my question is if you want to pick different words than you think your work is portraying right now would you recommend setting up some of your own shoots to portray those words this is the beauty of restart I do think that restart will cater to photographers who have built a portfolio I don't want you going in debt remember I said I want you to take what you have and make it work what might need to happen is because how long have you been shooting well, more regularly, probably about perfect. So within this two year to two to three year timeframe, I'm guessing that you've gone to your portfolio and chose photos that are pretty chose. What is that you like? But without having an intention of what you're bringing words are, if can you give me one of your brain in words? Um, I don't really have any brandy in words. I just I have, like, a sentence that I used like if you had to just choose the bringing word right now for the guest, artistic might be one. Okay, so if artistic was one of your brain ing words, you could look through two years of your portfolio and over and go through photos and say, you know what? This is actually an artistic photo that I didn't put out because I was so afraid of pushing somebody away go through your current portfolio, see what you have, you can get all of those photos and immediately drop him into your current website and then figure out how much more work do I need. Do we need to set up one shoot? Don't need a set of three shoots, but before you're like, I'm starting over from scratch, taking a small business loan, we're going didn't know. Figure out what you have and then kind of but then again, like maybe maybe that makes me a cheapskate I don't know, but I figure out what you have and then make it work, so I'm not opposed to you creating a shoot for it. I think that would be really cool, but it will cost time and money and just overall, a lot of investment it comes to thinking in producing it, but I guess I wasn't imagining it to cost a lot of money. It doesn't mean it doesn't have teo a lot more work, so little album greece, isn't it great as photographers? We could have a whole workshop on three words, okay? Tiffany says in two of your words clash a little, such as fun and classy classic no, you can have a raunchy, fun way not like have one of those girls like I always have one of those girls in my life like she's kind of raunchy but she's so fun you don't think you want her to tell you all those like stories were like no on then you could have a total classy, fun girl. You know, this is the girl who probably shops a j crew and where's pearls, but she could throw down a beer at the bar, so I do think that these words can simultaneously coexist.

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This January, join Jasmine Star for a different type of workshop. It's not just a couple days -- this is a three month course. We'll be meeting once a month for three months, on January 9, February 13, and March 6. Over that time, we'll turn businesses inside out, transform, and restart for the new year. You'll rework your online presence, find ways to improve your photography skills, and learn how to successfully run a branded photography studio.



I watched this course live and it was just AMAZING !! Jasmine is a great teacher and I love her energy. She gives so much during this workshop, it's so worth it!! If you want to rebrand your business take this course, you'll need it!!