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Marketing Q&A



Lesson 22 of 28

Marketing Q&A


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Marketing Q&A

Let's, take a question. We'll start with this question from pro photographer who's from california, and this is regards to the editorial work that you d'oh do you submit all of your weddings for publication or just some? And if you only choose a few in a year, what are the primary determining factors for your decision? That's a great question, my goal would be to submit every single wedding. It doesn't necessarily work out that way because I have to understand the submission process takes so much time. I've been doing it for quite some time now that I can now look at a wedding and think to myself as adorable as this couple wasn't as much as in love as they were it's just not feasible because the blog's that I'm submitting to have a heavy emphasis on details now, if the details aren't there, even if I tried to tell a color story now also in how to shoot an editorial wedding and get published summer from gray likes weddings came on and said, even if you don't have a lot of details, you c...

ould tell a color story. So even on a wedding day, I'm still trying to see the detailed story the color story a human interest story somewhere in the lines and if I try all three of those veins and it doesn't work for me then I'm equally is happy to sharing it with the bride but as many weddings as I possibly can and the wedding that we try to get submitted for a print I call him a white unicorn wedding you know it's just the wedding that everything came together like the light was amazing they did a first look the details were out of control the story is great I mean it's everything has to be in a line or else it'll automatically go to online but I really do love online publications do great thank you and I just want to let everybody here know that you guys are here in the studio and you can ask questions as well so feel free to ask for the mike if anybody has a question and while we're getting the mic set out to what we're making it up I can take another question perfect all right so this is a question for ryan e fun to mix it out ride from j j photography hasn't failed to be surrounded by so many women during these works really what advice do you get do you have guys in the wedding photography industry and yes we could take both of that I'm not well jazz would always like unprompted it feels great to be surrounded by these girls they're so awesome I love I love you guys. Um teo, be a guy in the wedding industry um, I just I feel like I tried to make my brides feel as comfortable as possible when I'm around them like, if I'm in the getting ready room and, like, you know, she's putting on her dress, I'm like, okay, well, look away for a second, let me know when it's okay for you to look back, you know, just try to make it feels comfortable is possible, that's great, I mean, and girls are hiring male photographer is just as much as they're hiring female photographers, and I'm a total prude, and I had my wedding photographer wait outside, I had my long to the fake zipping up whatever the brightest, comfortable with, but to me, when I hired or whatever harbor I don't look at gender, and I'm sure you could win over, right easily, easily, easily. All right, we have a question from hannah boz, who asked, I used to post my photos for everyone to see it once, but after being a bride, I felt as though I wanted to see my photos first before anyone on the web or online, and they'd like to know if you're saying you'll post the slide show to everyone before showing the bride first photos a lot of people ask that question that's a great question and it just it just matters how you set up your routine it just so happened that I had said of my routine before people actually really I set up my own rules and so I think bride's implicitly understand that if they're coming to me they're already seeing the wedding's online so no, I do not wait for a bridal permission because I realized she's on her honeymoon and I'm not going to send her an email on her honeymoon being like, is it okay if I post them because what I think happens as a natural progression and a really good thing is when I post it if there are people who like it on facebook or if they're people who leave block comments and yes, I read all of the barbed comments and I really do feel like such a positive thing for us in the industry to write on each other's blog's because what happens is our clients will see them and then they feel really invigorated they feel like they feel validated by hiring you as their photographer and then if all these people are just saying really nice things about the photos, I don't think it's a bad thing and I was a bright but here's the thing to to follow up with this with hannah's question was I was a bride who saw my wedding photographs after other people did and when I saw other people saying nice things about it it made me feel good about my wedding photos so I want to emulate the same thing for my bride great. All right, well, I think we have ah, question in the studio audience you block every single wedding or just sweating ls that match your branding words every single winning okay, so every bride do they have the expectation that their wedding will appear on your blogged yes shortly and I encourage it. Okay, absolutely I want my rights to know that I don't look or judge their wedding I want them to know that I it's my job to document their day the way that they had hired me to and I have a very openly say have a very hard time with photographers who are selective with what they block because I don't think that it's a good representation of your brand I mean it's probably a good representation of your brand within the photographer's cousin photographers think well that photographer only shoot beautiful weddings but it's not a good representation to how your bride feels that's how I would think if I was a bride in my driver didn't block my images I would take it probably personally, but maybe I'm just overly sensitive so I always will say and brides do meet with me and they're just like do you think we would get a log and I'm like, wait, I will tag the heck out of your wedding so yeah, absolutely, I have a friend whose wedding didn't get bog and she was really bombed in her wedding was gorgeous. I don't know why it wasn't shiven ran one of the thirteen weddings, the thief way, so on the topic of video marketing because this is a really kind of a recent thing, we're seeing it a lot with photographers, putting these promo videos together when you're coming commercials for commercial rio or whatever you wanna call him when you're approaching a videographer about it. How much of the idea and the concept and the content do you need to come with or little collaboration their vision? How does it work? That is such a good question, okay? It is a bifurcated process, and the better your cinematographer is, the less work you have to dio, however, that comes at the price when a good storyteller knows that he or she is a good storyteller, they will charge you heavily for it because it's, so hard to do, some things are worth money something absolutely I mean, it depends like I feel that forgive me if this comes across a certain way, but I feel like I'm a strong storyteller I could see a beginning middle and end but I don't know how to do that via video, and so even if I feel like I'm it's a strength of mine, I don't know how to parlay that into a video with less than two minutes it was a minute and forty nine seconds how could you do that? So to me I felt like anton and I were able to measure ideas and he's so good at what he does that he was able to take my ideas and then fill me in ways that he can condense it. But if you have a really small budget and you're working with a kid from film school and you could send him a few videos that you like he for, she will not come up to you with a list of questions that you need to ask you cannot show up and be like, so okay, you need to say you can ask me these questions, you could set up two cameras, I need two angles and you needed filmy consistently so that even when I'm just talking to myself that the flubs and the real honest answers without me sounding contrived make the edit because a lot of that when I sit there and try to talk very professional, I found so fake and it's just me and he's a judgment, but what do you know what this is like? I just think like this and that's what ends up making the edit so knowing those things in advance is really gonna help when you're working with a video for a cinematographer but you have to do a lot of the work great let's take maybe one more question when we're question great great so this is from mindy lee who says I am one year into starting my business and doing so debt free so congratulations I am from the school of thought of rock what you got I'm now starting to create myself and creating what create myself a prophet what do you see is the best first invest investments equipment? Is it website and marketing that workshops or something totally different? It's going to is going to the pen on mindy's strengths but I have always maintained that you can rent a lens and you can rent a camera but you can't rent your brand so if it was up to me I would invest in things that are intangible because you can easily find ways to supplement wherever you are you can borrow stuff too can't borrow website fantastic way always bring that back yeah, we do I think that's one of the first things that when you said that in the first workshop that you ever did it creative live it just really struck a chord with me okay? Does jasmine e we're going to go to break shortly but I believe that you have we were going to check in with some former creative live jasmine star students to see how they have restarted their business thanks for this. So yes, so last month I kind of haphazardly pitched the idea to throw it out there, but he wanted to catch up with some creative life most of my past creative life students now I just didn't want to say hey, how's it going? I wanted to use them as an idea and to buttress this idea that restarting doesn't happen once it happens again and again and again now I've spoke about marketing, but I think it's important to voice your own marketing because you're gonna look at my marketing think that's not something that I could do, nor is it something that I want to do and that's totally fine in two thousand eleven, I taught a course here a creative live entitled building your wedding photography business I spoke in depth about marketing and one of the students I met was tim king okay? He took what he learned in that course and then he made his own rules, which is very something that tim way recently chatted and I'm excited because he is specializing in a niche market so he specializing in adventurous couples getting married he basically restarted his business in two thousand eleven and spent two thousand twelve traveling the world doing what he loves and instead of me talking about it with a video with a few words from tim talking about what he's doing now after he restarted, so what condition was a workshop with jasmine stars create black studios was really inspired by working with loved photography. However, I realized that, you know, the editorial, fashion style photography wasn't necessarily in line with what I think most about photography and so throughout the ship the weekend, talking with some of the students that were attending the workshop, I realized that I needed to find my own path and break off into my own style that's specific to my vision. And so, in a way, going to that workshop helped me restart and rebrand myself to position myself to attract clientele that specific too, what I want. And so since then, I've booked a couple dozen waves that are along the lines of more adventurous couples, more thrill seeking couples and couples that are down the party have fun. And to give you an idea like have accomplished that, some of the things I've done are re orantes blogging website to showcase, but does that are more along the lines of partying, adventuring trout? And I think that's a pretty big way tio attract people there visiting that kind of niche, you know, dainty or dramatic bride isn't b stoked about photos where they have to go out in pretty cool temperature to get a shot of a silhouette and stars behind them, but it attracts the kind of clients that I want, so my three tips are reorient website and glad to showcase the photos that you want to shoot the things that your passion brushing and that I'll try to clients that are passionate, that stuff too never to social media it's kind of extension of that other idea but put out what you want to attract, you know, talk about the things that interest you where that you find it funny or things that you're passionate about your client's khun start the conversation with you and get rolling and developed report and build relationships built off things that tree and then a third and final tip is letting that as well as open and honest about who you really are can gore and sharing your personality, your beliefs and your values with the world attracts only those that are gonna be attracted those kind of things as well and there's no way to attract repel people they're doing that so hopeful that helps you guys and uh thanks again today here fix workshop in san francisco it was like like like like and now you're creative live a love night and for this thing for thesixty second video I watched his creative I'm submission and I got inspiration from that video to make my sixty six so that's awesome. Now you owe ten a drink. Yeah, that works, but I think this is just one example of how you can hone your marketing. Teo, get the kind of clients that you want to shoot. So tim came in knowing that our clients, we're never going to be the same clients. And then he used the principles and applied them in a way that he felt best for his business. He found his brand words. He focused on the type of client that he wanted and provided a unique client experience. This is exactly what we've been talking about for the past three months.

Class Description


  • Develop and provide a consistent brand experience to your clients
  • Conduct streamlined client communication with confidence
  • Produce portfolio pieces that represent your brand
  • Launch an efficient marketing plan with the resources you have at hand
  • Revamp your pricing structure for maximum profitability


This is not your regular one-off workshop - this is a three month long relaunch of your photography business that will produce lasting change.

Join world-renowned photographer and business strategist Jasmine Star and the reSTARt community in a deep dive to transform your business. Learn how to inject your true self into your brand as an entrepreneur, armed with a toolkit of photography skills, formidable online presence, and a powerful business plan. This is not just watching - this is action: Jasmine walks you through the steps to run a successful photography studio and challenges you to answer the difficult questions along the way.


This class is for new photographers and professional photographers of all experience levels interested in launching or revamping their own business.


Jasmine Star guides entrepreneurs to build a brand and market it on social media. After quitting law school, she picked up a camera, built an internationally recognized business, and teaches others how to do the same. In addition to chasing wild dreams, Jasmine works with her husband and grumpy dog, and you'll likely find her walking her hometown streets of Newport Beach, California with a box of gluten free donuts. 

Connect with Jasmine online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Snapchat -> @thejasminestar


  1. Introduction to reSTARt

    Meet Jasmine Star and reSTARt’s three highlighted photographers: Nikki, Ryan, and Marissa. What will you accomplish through this course? What common struggles do photography entrepreneurs face and how will reSTARt arm you with the necessary tools and strategies?

  2. Client Email Communication

    Research shows the most important factors in getting hired by new clients. Jasmine dives into the business of photography and how to cater to your target market. Learn how to streamline your email communication with potential clients using effective templates, hear Jasmine’s feedback, and get your first assignment.

  3. Email Response Homework

    Review your improved client correspondence with the class as Jasmine answers live questions from the studio and web audience. How can you best showcase your personality via email? What’s an appropriate email length?

  4. What is a Brand?

    A brand is beyond a business name, logo, and business cards. What is your brand and how can you enrich the experiences you provide to your clients? Why is this important and what impact will this have on your business?

  5. Consultations: the Art of the Interview

    Phone and in-person interviews make or break a booking. The good news is you don’t need naturally stellar people skills to conduct a great interview. Learn how to approach client meetings with confidence and ease: learn how to decipher meeting patterns and plan for them, which questions to ask, how to respond to your client’s needs, and how to present your services in an authentic way. Receive your next assignment: a conversation map.

  6. Client Meeting Q&A

    Jasmine answers web and live questions regarding client meetings: how do you communicate with family members? How do you manage client communication within your team? What should you bring and how do you wrap it up?

  7. Branding

    How do you approach defining your brand? What are brand words and how may your type of photography affect them? Jasmine demonstrates how to shoot for your brand words with a clip of an actual shoot and models how to think through your branding action plan.

  8. Shooting Experience: Shooting for your Brand

    Professional photography goes far beyond the products you produce: learn how to ensure the best shooting experience for your clients, work with a stylist, and shoot for your brand. Jasmine, Nikki, Ryan, and Melissa provide you the rare opportunity to see a shoot in action with live feedback.

  9. Shoot Review and Q&A

    Reflect on the shoot with the class and prepare for your next assignment. Jasmine wraps up the first day by answering questions and addressing how to balance who you are and who you want to be as a professional photographer.

  1. Introduction and Day 1 Recap

    Class resumes and we learn the progress Nikki, Ryan, and Melissa have made over the past month. Jasmine reviews the steps you’ve taken to restart your own photography business and the focus of the next installment of classes.

  2. The Viewer Experience

    Why is the viewer experience essential to a successful business? How can you develop your online presence to reflect your brand and attract your target market? Receive your next assignment and create your client profile.

  3. Prospective Client Online Review

    Making your contact information available online does not guarantee bookings from prospective clients. Your website and blog are your online storefront; learn how to structure both to provide a smooth and consistent experience for your audience. Watch real critique of Nikki, Ryan, and Melissa’s websites.

  4. How to Strengthen Your Online Experience

    How can you build a high quality online presence that reflects who you are personally and professionally? Your next assignment is a photo safari - the first step to strengthening your online storefront.

  5. Website Design with Promise Tangeman

    Design guru Promise Tangeman shares the top three ways you can improve your online presence and advises on how to best work with graphic designers. Learn the necessary components for easy navigation and hear her feedback regarding Nikki, Ryan, and Melissa’s websites.

  6. Website Design Q&A

    Get your website makeover questions answered: how do you approach developing a style or look? How do you write content? What should your “About Me” section include? How can you do usability testing?

  7. Shooting Experience, Day 2

    Today’s shoot is drastically different - simple with limited props. Jasmine ups the ante and pressure, pushing the three photographers to make changes in real time. Watch and learn how to give specific directions, achieve intentional yet natural looking poses, create story through actions, and diversify your portfolio within the same pose.

  8. Pitfalls of Pricing

    Pull apart your business structure and analyze your pricing model. Learn the most common pitfalls of pricing and how to maximize your profitability in different packages. How do fixed costs and outsourcing factor in? Why aren’t you booking more weddings? Prepare for your next assignment.

  9. One on Ones and Q&A

    Jasmine responds class needs and answers one-on-one questions, covering coordinating shoots, business names, getting feedback from clients, charging sales tax, working overtime, balancing your personal and professional online presence, and more.

  1. Introduction: Change + Struggle

    The class reconvenes; Jasmine reviews what we’ve tackled together thus far and shares the progress the reSTARt community has made over the past month, from networking to new websites.

  2. Reintroduction to Photographers

    How have Nikki, Ryan, and Melissa implemented what they’ve learned in the past 30 days? What does it mean to transition from part-time to full-time?

  3. Marketing Strategies

    Traditional forms of marketing can be costly and not as accessible to small business owners. Jasmine teaches you how to use the marketing materials you already have at hand to execute an effective strategy that won’t drain your bank account. She shares what she did to maximize her profitability to what it is today.

  4. Marketing Q&A

    What factors should you consider in submitting weddings for publication? Do you blog every wedding? How do you work with cinematographers? What are the best marketing investments? Jasmine answers surfacing questions and we hear from past CreativeLive students regarding the right tools for them.

  5. Website Reveal with Promise Tangeman

    Promise is back in the studio with the big reveal: see how Nikki, Ryan, and Melissa’s websites have transformed to improve their online presence. Promise shares her tips on how to communicate with a designer during the revision process.

  6. Networking

    A lone wolf does not build a successful photography business. Whether you’re dedicated to wedding photography, portrait photography, or pet photography, networking with new people is essential. Jasmine shares her own struggles, her best networking tips, and a secretly filmed video.

  7. Social Media

    What advantages and disadvantages do different social media platforms provide and how do you best leverage them to grow your business? How do you network with industry connections and clients via social media? Jasmine demonstrates the power of effective social media strategy with real examples.

  8. SEO with Lawrence Chan

    Your domain name is your address, but prospective clients need to be guided to your business. Sit down with photographer and SEO (search engine optimization) whiz Lawrence Chan as he shares his top ten SEO tips to ensure you are on the first page of a prospective client’s internet search.

  9. Pricing Questions

    Jasmine answers a range of pricing questions. Business expenses go beyond just Photoshop, Lightroom, and equipment; how does a small business owner best track and manage expenses? How do you understand wedding and overall business profitability? Jasmine shares the final class assignment.

  10. Goodbyes and The Definition of Success

    The reSTARt community closes the course, yet the network and relationships continue. What are Jasmine and community members’ most important takeaways? Change isn’t always constant - what can you do if you don’t see changes in your expected timeline? What actions can you take right now?


a Creativelive Student

Jasmine Star is a "star". I was so inspired by her and her marketing. She has got her brand defined perfectly. She is a brilliant woman. The way she thinks about building a brand and never deviating from her vision is amazing. She is also very humble and her stories about growing up were so heartfelt. She is a true story of rags to riches. I came away with a ton of respect for her and a wealth of information. If you are exhausted trying to be a photographer for everyone, and not going in a strong direction-buy this now! The transformation in the three photographers that participated, from their improvement in shooting to their amazing new websites, will inspire you so much. Do you want to transform your business? They grew in three months the amount it will take you three years to do on your own.

a Creativelive Student

THANK YOU Jasmine for this precious lessons, you teach us! only i re-start watching my course today and i already feel some new inspiration to take my business to next level, you talk a lot and that good energy always helps to put this motivation on. Still do a good work! CS