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Reintroduction to Photographers

I would love to reintroduce our photographers beginning with seattle's own nicky closer yeah pretend jason's hand is like neon yellow and it's like super funny looking e I wanted to do the same thing I wanted to give him the yellow shell but his her hand was here and his hand was hear what I want you teo is guide them I think it would be better if you said move your right hand brittany bend your arms a little bit yeah that's really, really nice and just a hint of a smile perfect you guys okay on the count of three I'm gonna have you open your eyes and look at me one two three okay, nicky good job. Thank you. Seriously great. It is so good to have you back for the final officer. Thank you so good to be here can't wait to learn more yeah it's gonna be a great day. Okay, well, I'm excited because this process has gone by so fast and I see that you have been using your time wisely because it's been kind of rainy in seattle to say the least every time I come here it's raining but I kind of ...

impressed because you are using your focus with portrait photography and when I talked to nikki she had said, well, I think that I'm using my time and energy the best way I can because she's posing women and then she saying it's teaching me how to pose a bride like on a wedding day so I would love to hear more about what you been doing right? So I didn't have any engagements are weddings booked in the last three weeks so I did do quite a bit of glamour and like you said, I'm finding that when imposing a woman and glamour it's so similar to posing a bride and we all know how important it is to be able to put a pose a bride so that she looks her best so yeah, I just I'm getting so much practice and I'm finding two of that when I'm shooting for my branding word I can't do that with just one woman with just one bride I think before I was thinking branding words with a couple but you've been shooting with your branding words for everything so yeah, I've been getting some really rate right just like that, I am definitely having fun now I love hearing this even more because these two lovely ladies that I'm showing in this photograph they're in the studio theo today and they have been there part of like a really awesome group of photographers who are meeting here in the seattle area and I think they're getting to know each other on a personal capacity as well as a professional capacity and I really do love seeing all the support between such a great photographers up here a big shout out to stacy and heather thank you guys now I heard that the conversation map worked really well for you last month what has anything transpired in the last month that you can use the conversation at death I've two more weddings and one of the weddings I booked on the phone using the conversation map just on the phone and I booked it on the spot so it was so awesome yeah it was great it has been so helpful good congratulations so since the beginning every start hominy winning's look I'm sorry I've looked for since the beginning so four weddings in three months okay good yeah yeah website that's going to be coming so right you know what? Okay now I want to know more about networking because I feel like you have been painting every time I look like on your facebook feed like you are painting the town red so tommy I decided it's really important teo be networking with other vendors in the business not just photographers but other you know, types of vendors and so I've been making lots of great connections for hopefully down the road for styled shoots and maybe the refer me tio good couple so I'm hopeful that that yeah, that will really help and then I'm leaving thiss week for w p p I to do even more networking and learn even tons more next week so yeah okay well I like talking about rigging and just everybody we're on the same pages later we're going to be talking about networking and tips that we can all use to apply and hope that we all grow collectively better at it and because I'm chief transgression of being socially awkward okay? I'm sorry you say one more thing I was gonna say that everyone out there who has been so awesome and just reaching out in supporting melissa and ryan and I as we go through this even with just little messages or comments on facebook we appreciate it so much and we want it we're already way I want to make sure that I'm paying it forward so I'm so happy for them I don't know what all obviously but I'm happy to answer questions about the process or anything just to make sure I just really appreciate the support I want to be able to make sure yeah that I'm helping others of it wasn't working see and on that note on that note we have to bring out of one another wonderful networker and love guys if you guys could help me welcome ryan greening my brain was a creative real creative fun really I want you to set them up I want you to talk to them we're at a church here in a small, awkward space figure out how to find your brand words bring just kind of lay that um okay, right on his arm like here and then look up at each other. Jason, how about you look right at me? Good. So now what I want you to do is I want you to repeat the same polls, but I want you to give them both in action. Gritty looking wait, who are you talking about bringing britney? Jason, what do you want me to do with your eyes when you look down at your father, take her out, give her one spin around quick, you got this? You got this that's good upbringing. You're doing great. Perfect. Every look is on the cheek right there. Good. The only thing would have changes as he was sending you didn't shoot any of the rotation you shot right, beginning rotation and introducing frank, I think you did great so much better than what we started with last month. Only thing talk more given the story. So it's, so good to have you that's really good. And I would like to know your new haircut. I think it looks really good he's restarting his hair dio I like I like it. I hear that you're making the most of your time in seattle. You shot an engagement session on sunday, did yeah, actually, it started off really rocky, because no because way went to discovery beach those of you in seattle and we were walking down the beach first and she slipped and she fell around but on the rocks rocky I e went to go help her and I fell I broke my filter on my land so it was really good break the ice okay well I'm glad there was another pun in there you get tired of getting now I have heard that you booked another wedding to did yeah it was on the phone eh use my conversation map from when I did it in the first restart it was actually easier on the folks that had it right there okay and I hear that I hear that you're doing some ladies going part time modeling right you and got new headshots I did yeah my friend kim kim jae martin ueno came is watching I can she we have four days after the last we start to get all the content together for our new website today and I needed new headshots really really bad so I called her up and I said you know are you free on sunday let's take pictures of each other and maybe shoot a little video of each other too that is amazing okay I love hearing that and I love hearing that when you're when the fires into your bomb it's really amazing what you can get done and if you are in need of headshots two there is a wonderful photographer ramos and shelling she's in the facebook restart group and she was also a past student from creative life and she's doing free headshots for people if you're going to be in las vegas so group of re starters are getting together so go into the face the restart group and best news is you'll get headshots to meet other people and then you can probably go get drinks and then you know form a little clique there in vegas so I think it's exciting now I know they are you're hooking up with other friends and doing good things with your friend carmen tell me about permits so carmen she has her own business and sacramento she's very familiar with photog meet up groups and since I don't really have a lot of knowledge on that process I kind of and bouncing ideas off of her and we started a little like restart sack valley group so I'm gonna host the first mixers at my house photographers like it can I say ceccarelli no he's not really no I love that idea and now I've also known that you've made a few changes because last time we spoke about pricing you've made a few changes to your pricing so tell me about tell us phyllis in so the last time I had like a black label you know just very standard names for my collections so I renamed the poem the redwood the pine and the green leaves just to kind of like way like that idea because I am liking this idea like it's good okay that's awesome. I also branded the numbers too so it's not like twenty one, ninety nine like okay, yeah I just feel like I know in marketing class like that's what they like you lower the price ninety nine so it seems a little cheaper ok correct me if I'm wrong no. So you so you were using so you were using grounded numbers like wasn't ok I wasn't using around numbers so then I ran the numbers okay, so you went from what to what? Nineteen, ninety nine, twenty one, eighty nine until two thousand twenty five hundred and you're at two thousand twenty five hundred right now. Yeah, okay that's what I prefer but that's just kind of what that's what I prefer let's just go teo like yeah, so then I was like, I definitely like it now I I'm going to leave here pressure okay, but enough I feel like I'm totally jeopardizing time because I really want to get our third and most fabulous. I heard she's going to dance for us later today I'm melissa nice to meet you what were you shooting for? Oh uh classic let's still just have this really traditional someone having space each other and then I'm gonna bring your faces in closer just barely touching I won't actually have you closer I listen if you're she's closing right she needs to make connection between her and jason because it also looks like she's just blinking and jason, I want to have you bring your face a little bit closer to her like you like her have him take one step this way so that you don't have to prop up her dress perfect one more guys talk to her about her hand it's getting stuck bring your hand down I'm gonna have to slowly bring it all right that good you should have been no, I just want to stop you and say good criers between last month and this month you just seem like a different photographer thank you striking these more pump it and this is good so rock it out it is so good to see you chairs it's good to be here. Okay, now tell me how things were going. I know life has been a little crazy. Yeah it's been super crazy on it it's gonna really get I have a big vendor open house is tomorrow so last week has been a little crazy hectic coffee, no sleeping so have not coming up, which I'm really excited about I had a really awesome meeting you playing with a couple or I use the conversation and enough I booked them yet or not but I haven't fingers crossed good they're in canada so I was like like destination wedding on so yes and she points to like canadia this's what I absolutely love about this is that if bullets were to go to candidate she has like an instant like dinner buddy you know, like going to a new city and kind of feels overwhelming to have dinner like on your own or not know of places so she can just call what name do you like who picked me up or where did I go your way? Vancouver, right? Yeah. Ok, so then I'm sure you have recommendations I mean can't every canadian super nice. So okay, now I am excited to show a photo that you just photographed so this was photographed actually within the last week and a half so tell me more about anymore, okay? I was in santa barbara last week for a big photography conference, okay? And so it was just awesome. I mean, they got to meet a ton of amazing photographers and do a ton of amazing and shoots and classes and it just my whole world good, good cirie out networking I now I have seen you come really far and I absolutely love it and I want to know more about your personal life now before people at home start wondering like why I'm prying I ask for permission to ask melissa this question because I really do feel like this show has been about honesty and it's been about candor, and I think a lot of times what we want to put out as professionals is everything's okay? Everything's okay got it together all the time. Perfect jazz hands on. Sometimes life doesn't work out so much like that, so okay, so don't cry cry heaven's in the audience, right, guys? So, um so my husband put his job a few months ago, which we were anticipating that because he wanted to pursue his dream. Um, take it. Okay, you want to pursue his dream, which was awesome for me because I've been pursuing my dream for so long, so e o okay, so who's job, what you anticipated for and we saved for, but things were just going slower than we thought. So for the first time ever, I'm kind of responsible to you bringing in some dough like I've always been a photographer because I loved it and never because I had to be or and so for the first time is like, I actually have to book stuff in order for my family. Till I stay out of debt. So there's a new, like pressure looming, which I think is good for me. I mean, it's really put a fire under my butt to be like out there and making some big choices and so it's good it's just been a hard adjustment, but he's living his dream, I'm of a mind like, I can't complain, right? And you guys are healthy and you guys have a happy family and you guys are still pursuing everything that people want and that's, what I think this process is about has been about, and I hope that brian is at a point where he can restart his life and that us to look back at this moment and realize that this was the catalyst that this was a turning point where you guys turned to each other and said, we choose happiness and we choose wild, reckless dreams instead of the red. So congrats! I'm really proud of you, and once you guys see melissa's new website, I think you guys were going to know that she's going to be raking in the dough on you, raking in the dough that leads me to marketing, which is not such a seamless transition. As I was saying, I really want melissa looking more, and I want researchers looking more generally.

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I watched this course live and it was just AMAZING !! Jasmine is a great teacher and I love her energy. She gives so much during this workshop, it's so worth it!! If you want to rebrand your business take this course, you'll need it!!