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SEO with Lawrence Chan



Lesson 26 of 28

SEO with Lawrence Chan


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SEO with Lawrence Chan

Instead of me talking about seo and pretending like I'm a guru I am really happy to extended invite to someone really does specialize in ceo lawrence chan is the author of pricing books as well as an s e o e book and recently published social media marketing for digital photographers and it is available on amazon dot com if you guys could please help me welcome lawrence chan are you lawrence? I feel like I just you know I wanted to really get into s o show me I wanted to get into asio and I realized that I am not in the position to do that whatsoever and so having lawrence as a guest really transpired within the past week and a half and he's such I know really he is such a good friend and I know that I can depend on him for everything it's so good to know on a personal level we have met for lunch what like a couple times we have known each other on very personal capacities and one time I had a couple questions about blogging and such ability and he in his own time met with me and he ju...

st spoke to me and shared information so freely as a friend and I wanted to invite him because I wanted him to talk to you freely as a friend as well and I would love to get a little bit of more of your background I mean here I am talking about how great he is and they haven't even get a chance to get him talk so how did you get into ceo seo ceo really interesting question because seo actually I stumbled upon it because at the time because as you know in los angeles and orange county there are lots of photographers who really really good so it was really difficult to compete with a lot of cheese but offers but the realm that I realized that no one was really tapping into I was online searches because I type it myself in a position of a bride or a client's where would I go first and you know for everything we do now if we have a question we go going simple is that so I said that's where I got to be on google so from then on I decided teo dissect the different parts of it learn about the components behind the ceo for a search engine optimization and then optimize my website so that I'm always first on search results so this is legit y'all we're gonna get into it now just to give you guys room and breathe ability so I understand that seo is slightly complex so if and he just talks about like we do we met during lunch to go to a few slides and he started talking and getting into his smart language and I was like home I like lawrence I'm probably going to stop you our photographers are probably going to stop you if you have questions but he's going to get into a lot of a lot of things, so if he's going to get into it at a later point in time, he'll say he's been get into later point in time but I want to make this a conversation I don't want this to make this so teacher cms here we go hold on guys so I'm gonna stop him too I'm going to stop him a lot of times and we're just going to have a conversation that's what I want restart to be so we're gonna breathe it on out so they are so yes please if you have questions, feel free to ask so we're gonna be talking about and when it comes to seo there are lots of components but I'm going to narrow it down to the top ten tips. So first off what does a ceo seo as we talked about earlier is rankings or optimizing your website so that's number one or somewhere on the first page because how often do we really go to the second third pages? So how do you get yourself up there and why is this important now social media allows you to have social engagement with existing clients, but how do you find new clients who are never heard of your website or you know I had this engagement with the existing clients so this is where seo can help you branch out into new locations new venues refines new pool of people so what I'm going to be doing is talking about three sections today the first section is about having quality contents the second thing is the structure of your websites lasting is creating powerful quality links so before we even begin the tip number one is to think like a client you have to put yourself in the position of your brides or your prospects whoever they may be now for as a wedding photographer think about this way have you watched the movie bride wars with half the kids I love them I could wash time I told you he's so fun to have lunch with if you remember in the movie what was the first thing that you have to have before they can hire a florist higher photographer higher cinematographer what's the first thing that venue before even have a corner you need a venue so unknowing that venue is the first thing you need after that then you'll look for photos were involving that venue therefore well we're going to put in term minds are these key words that people using so venue or location and craft and when I say craft I'm talking about whatever photography you may do so for example pet photography wedding portrait you name it so I just put up three examples there's sf ritz carlton wedding photographer, seattle pet photographer and in my portrait photographer but a lot of time he was like, okay, let's see where I rank and then you're gonna google yourself on these keywords unfortunately, those results are not really accurate because those results are actually skewed ghoul tries to personalize things just as how social media is more personal now so whenever you're logged into google there's cash there's your cookies and there's your history and your browsing everything and they're going to use all of the information to customize research results and unfortunately you're going to rank number one even though you're technically aren't so the key of doing that is to actually use something called private browsing or in this case for chrome it's called in cold needleman what you do is just going to call you know and it starts you off as if you're brown new browser for example as of a browser for your future clients. So in this case you type into us ever it's called away photographer and what comes up will be texas salts initially and there's lawrence yes there's me right under his cult so keep that in mind you have to you know the key words put yourself in position of your clients now unfortunately, if you constantly use location craft location craft you mean can you imagine how funky that would look on the block separates carlton way of talk for listen this wedding photographer listen this wedding photographer wedding photography I mean it's not personalizing them or it's gonna be really weird so how do you want to make it more personal mean it would look so much better feeling jasmine j d got married versus you know allahu waiting for talking where the top for you know I should have known that so instead of having all of that there are something there is something called plugging now depending on the system that you're the blogging platform that you're using work presses blogger there's infinite design and there's a whole number of them whatever it is just google up you know seo plugin and allows you to override that title so saying replacing it so on the block will be something nice and cute but on the googles purposes it's something very optimized so it would be sf ritz carlton wedding photographer and then the mask right layman's terms okay well I think it was like lawrence sometimes you talk wait so I'm going to talk like the elementary version so a plugin would ultimately just be somewhat of a mask for lack of better words that has a pretty title that is personalized because if you go back to episode one we want to personalize that block post not look like we're you know hungry wedding photographers even though that might be the case very so in a way, you're masking it, see telling google the key words, but outside looks nice and pretty now tip them were to be an idea giver. Now this is getting this is still maintaining good content. Now I ask everybody this personally, this happens to me all the time. How often do you walk into a store with intention to buying, say, a pair of pants? But next thing you know, you come out with a t shirt jacket and the scarf, and whether you have you don't see me walk out of target. Yes, you go of your batteries and you walk out with a lot more, you know? So in a way, put yourself in position of your clients again, be an idea, dea giger think about what they're going to be searching for or more importantly, what questions do they have now? These unmet questions unanswered questions is where you can create content for them. For example, for pet photographers, costume ideas for pets are for dogs, for cats, whatever for food photographers, tips for healthy eating, healthy lifestyle wedding photographers first look versus traditional walking down the aisle now the goal of this entire process is that you're right content for this, and you use this as an opportunity to showcase your beautiful photos. Now imagine if our bride now like, who should I do a first look? Or should I walk down the aisle and see my husband cried altar, and then, while I'm googling it, I find a website, and then I see those for both of them, like, oh, this is very cool, you know, I can compare, and they can use this opportunity to say I might keep this for tall, for in mind, but even more so sorry, and this is what I mean, I don't want to jump into the conversation, but because I want to give you guys a permission to jump into the conversation to you, this is what I'm gonna be doing. So if you are a pet photographer, I feel like creating good content or giving being an idea giver works better then because there's, very few brides who will put in should I do it first? Look, although it's happening more and more, but for instance, there could be people looking for pet costume ideas and as a pet owner, I might do that. And then I come across a website and I didn't no, that I even wanted pet photography. Right. And all of a sudden I look at these photos, and then I think I must have this pet photographer very much like the target idea, right? You go in for the batteries, you walk out with the lawn more now, I will say, though, that everything lauren to saying is very true because this first look isn't so new as it was three years ago, I unbeknownst to you having this conversation with lawrence, I blogged a first look article just whether or not people should do it and I put photos in it. And still to this day, I get a ton of hits on that particular post, and at the time three years ago, that post was linked from the very popular wedding for him, and he ended up booking weddings from that post simply by creating content with that nobody else was talking about at the time. So exactly what she said think about what questions they may have and what's interesting is that you could use google instant just typing key or I'm sorry google instant is when, you know, when you start in google, you start typing in keywords and start filling in for you that's google instant use that so wedding photography and then space and put eight and then I have all these suggestions for you. And that's, when you say, oh, you know, decorations needed photo booth ideas so then you're not even photographer you can say, should you have a photo booth and then you can show the fun clothe that's a good one? So the bottom line is you want to create these cool content, so then people confined you in other ways, aside from just location and craft. Now, at the same time, by doing all of this, you become an authority and the moment people started lying on you for information that's when the relationship begins now for me, I love watching rachel ray, I do not cook a single recipe from her, but I love her personality. So if anyone were to ask me lawrence, do you know of any, you know, cook quick cooking tips like rachel, right? Thirty minutes you'd be done that's what you want, you want to be the authority so that when even though let's, just say I'm not getting married, but I've been following this person I like I've become a fan of this person if my friends ask, do you know the way for tarver? Yes, ideo this person now that allows you to create something marking called top of mine awareness or first to mine now let's use some big name brands is a quick example mercedes benz what do you think about actually luxury but when it comes to vogel will you think about safety safety so when they think about wedding photography who should I think about jazz and star just put your name in there so that's obama should be otherwise try to use this opportunity to get some limelight and it's okay to be a top of mine awareness and the authority figures in there with this goes back to the things that we have been talking about right? We want a personalized personalize personalize now it's hard for people to connect with you on a personal level if all you're doing is posting your portfolio work right? Because they can say you're good photographer but if they're not having an opportunity to follow you end your life they won't you won't be top of mind you mind stop you right there next topic so tip number three personal of things I was warming tio I appreciate jasmine's preface personal updates are so important more than you just think in terms of cream transparent are allowing people to see a little bit of whatever you want them to see a part of your life because bond line we're human and we're social beings and people trust people that's just just how it is so be unique in your specific ways and you don't want teo ball you have to go back you have to tell the story oh, yes, I'm telling you, I like him so much and I know his keynote. This is an interesting story so well to me, it's interesting now for me, I recently left or not recently, but a while ago I left my photography team, so I decided when the branch off on my own and just for fun as an experiment, I create a website with zero wedding photos, but I used search engine optimization and sealed the heck out of that website got myself optimized many key words again, no wedding fuss. All I do is put photos of my food chipotle, mainly because I love to put him next on I put photos to travel and then a bribe within a very short time, like maybe a month and a half email me saying, laurence, I am and chipotle advocate to I love your photos. Do you have? Are you free on the state for beverly wilshire and it's, a nice hotel you off in l a it's in beverly hills, which it which it probably because of that relationship, we create this bridge bond this common ground, and they're just like, you know what? And then lastly, are you free to meet so I can see some of your work because I work on, you know, I did book the bright on we had a great time shooting wedding and it was a great thing so that was a good story, right? Good detour there you go, use your personal things because you don't want to bore people with one hundred percent shoot after a shoot after shoots of stories of people cannot relate with now if you were to say using that's, why use food a lot? Some people you know, demonized idea, but food is the universal language for everybody everybody lost not careful, so be interesting, but the bomb line question is how does this relate to now? Frequency is actually important now think about google's perspective their entire role is to dish out a lot of information to people who are searching and if you're not relevant, eh your block you haven't blogged for four months because it's winter time because you don't have a chute during wintertime, they're going to actually cut you off list. So you want to keep that blawg fresh blood once a week or something, even if it doesn't relate to wedding photography. So tip number four title check now we're going to get into a little bit more the structural things in the technical part of bear with me it's going to be it's there's a lot of visuals, some videos here, so title this is where a tile tellus you know when you go on google typing the keywords nowthis is using location and craft that first line where it's blue was sf ritz carlton wedding that's your title so this is where use either put it in your blood coast tylo or your you know plug in where you override it and put the cool google keyword in there that's where it's going to appear? There is a rule for it though there's only sixty characters limit including spaces after that it gets truncated I'm not sure if you can see it but it goes that that's the end of it tip number five used my description met a description is sort of like the title accepted peers right below the title on the search results so this is like the first part of your bog entry? Yes. Okay um if you have a plug ins, you could have to customize that I met a description the only rule to its one hundred sixty characters versus sixty characters including spaces anything beyond that is chunky with dot dot dot now if you don't customize it into plugin it's only it's going to use the first hundred sixty characters of your block post it's just gonna pull your first few words and put that out there can you give me a medic description just off the top of your head like if you were to shoot jack in jane's wedding san francisco ritz carlton what might be one hundred sixty characters? I mean we're not gonna count but like a good idea well, aside from using the key words that we talked about earlier in terms of a position or bribe location and craft think about adjectives that they might use vintage beautiful these air keywords that they like to use I mean regan arrigo sorry royalty luxury destination destination that's okay can you recommend a good we'll forward press the one I use is all in one asio so is that um joost which uses a different don't want to but I personally use all in one but yost is another one as well why always so when you're saying it's overriding the title are are masking it how does which part of I guess there's no let me just beat everybody to the punch real quick lawrence has been so gracious to give each of you guys up here on the stage his e book on ceos yes if you guys are in the studio audience and would like to get more information you can post questions on the restart group and they could show the answers or you khun by his e book directly from topiaries dot com he also gave one to give away to the studio audience and whitney is going to get it because you have been so gracious and such a giver in the restart group and in the facebook attendee group. I just thought you were the first person to come to mind because you've been such a giver. And congrats on the new site too. I'm getting a new car and get it. Put it down. Or now way. Have to make sure that he gets all of his ten tips. So okay, number six perma lick parmelee the same thing. You use the perma link using the key words you want to put it inside the family by default. Most websites are what they call dynamic links now that's the entire block system. Where have you seen links like these? Where it's question mark equals five five. Five is that human readable doesn't make sense to you. I'm gonna tell you anything about it except it's fivefive five. Now, if you were to use prim links, you can change the structure so that you can put key words in there. That's what you call human readable and that's. What google, yahoo being whatever you name it that they can read it. It's just as humans community now, for example, I might have a patio. Because we can't because we can't hear the question was whether or not you am lawrence edits that so for questions will make sure and razor piece I want people on line to see too but he's gonna get to that that's a very good question and I will do a wrap up now the rule for this is that again use the key words there is really no character limit as long as this sword fits in the google search result and the perma link in this case is the green part so it says lawrence town thought that thought and then they put the key word in their tip number seven images now images is a very powerful tool because it's visual people get to see it before they get to buy it so I'm just going to give you an example of how searches work normally speaking if you were to type in that separates carlton wedding photographer what comes up text but if we were to change it to just photos whoa what purposes it lots of photos there's my phone just drag pictures images that's what comes up and the rule is google will allow up to to search results for text photos or anything so always have at least two photos but if you have thirty photos on there you'll pick two at random so image walls again use keywords there is no character limit for setting up your photos now it has to be human readable so don't make it like I am g for image five six nine dodge a pg because that doesn't tell me anything so you want to actually put the key words in the file name itself so sf space rich called ten wedding plus photo always ended with photo that j p g and then when you upload it you know all night he put it in your title tag but you need to copy that onto your alltech because all means alternative because ghoul or search engines cannot see where the father is but you could tell the surgeon just this photo right here is what okay, I feel like I got lost in that want anybody else or is everybody smart? Okay, file names we gotta file name so we're going to file were neymar so it if we're sitting at the ritz carlton in san francisco sf space wedding or location so it's so sf space writ space carlton space wedding space usually within it their photo got it not photographer and not for toffee put photo okay there dash dash is air fine because when you upload it it's going to create dashes off for you now some people said that is a dash or underscore is there a difference? Good question, no difference okay so you got anything the answer was just so happy asked a good question so what about this all tag? Because I felt like a little a lot of us kind of got like, whoa, okay, so when you up a leaf, although teo say blogger or work press, they usually have a feel I feel a few text fields correct. So there's title there is description, there's all tag and then usually they fill in the title tag title tags and I don't want to again too much of this, but that's for describing links so links our two linked to say, jasmine story's website google won't know what that links about power to say. Title equals she's a wedding photographer that tell us google this link right here to judgment star's website signifies that she's away photographer okay, that's like links on crack you could get a book and learn more about that. I was wondering about meta data within the images. We use light room and you can put metadata keywords inside for each image. Does that apply to this for image rules on fourteen? Not that it's not important because, you know, for photographer is really great to have information, but to google it's not they only care about alta tech so same thing in a text field. Look for the owl type, I promise you it'll be there if you just pay attention put the key word in there, make sure you end it with photo you got to put that j p g there because that's the founding just put photos okay, so tip number eight pedro this is getting into links now paige rank or pr is the same thing as facebook's edge rank for e r so I know that's not funny e t o so pr is a short term for pedro and pay drank I mean, if I were to make a brand new website right now and I do all these great structural as your stuff doesn't mean that I'm going to be number one. So how do you make a computer? So you have to have not only good structure but also good lease or good pay drank pr in order to rank well, so what pr really means it's google juice the more you have, the better and more powerful he becomes and you're really ransom a scale from zero ten to ten are zero ten being lowest ten attending the highest an example of ten all ten google example zero ten brand new website I create right now so how you build that up is by getting links to your website, getting links from friends, getting things from your mom, whoever not all links of the same and I'll get into that in a little bit so links to your website help links with strong paid drinks helps even more so if you were to get ten zero all of ten website pr links to you yeah it helps you get one for allah ten website linked to you because you have to imagine to get from zero out and this isn't a rule I'm discussing to get from zero out ten to one out ten you need one thousand zero ten websites lincoln to you dying yeah to get from one autumn two to ten in the one thousand one hour ten linking two or one million zero ten now that's a lot of hard work and you can increase your pay drink by number means a siphon links like the age of your web site is very important so try to register even if you're not gonna use it now things related to the topic now if I were to have a wedding photography website having links from wedding photographers great having links um kitchen supply warehouse not so even if they have a high paid it doesn't mean that it doesn't help it just doesn't really late so it sort of helped me that much but you linking two other people on ly helps other people keep that in mind it doesn't really help you to link to people not I say you should or do things that you share but it doesn't really help other people I mean it helps others but not yourself no but the general of some is doing to others right? So if you want people linking back to you clinked people yes and how you do it is like after shooting a wedding linked to all the vendor is this you know the florist, the ceremony people officiant and they will reciprocate and this is how you tell pedro and this looks like a little secret because what they drink all you guys anyone know? No idea but I could find out on my show you how there's something called google tomorrow and you can install it just right under the toolbar right there you see there's a pay drink so you could tell furious dot com four out of ten it's not great but not bad doesn't start bloody sorry to use you it's also going to be so nervous but you go on facebook it's a nine out of ten now know anything about nine or ten would be great to have a link to me. Unfortunately not all links are the same. They have something called r l goes no follow our relevance because no father that's basically tiny code and the source that says I don't know who this website is and I'm linking to them but it means I'm not saying my google just because I don't know them because if you link to a website with negative elements something say like a bad website, I'm not goingto give examples if you do that in acting penalize issue and it couldn't talk you and remove you from search results because they owe your relate tio not so good stuff then you're all so if you don't know who the website your lincoln tio put that cold in there and it's in the bible or you could just look google how to do this it's very easy. Are you going to follow? And that tells me I don't know who they are, but the rule of thumb is don't link teo things that you don't know, okay, just like stranger danger. Yes, exactly. Okay, so tip number nine gather links. Gather as many links as you can. But the question is, why would a competitor? Because you want to be relevant with other for telephone? Why would competitors linked to me? To me, I believe a quote that says a rising tide lifts all boats which, you know, jasmine has been preaching the entire time we worked together. Create a network. Your network is your network, that whole deal use it. Everyone around you exchange links, because if you promote growth as a collective whole, you know, you guys were all rise together and all book and have successful businesses together, so chip number ten avoid what they call link farms this is what they called black hat or bad ceo they're fake ceiling no bad ways you don't want to do this now let's just say you want to link to all of your friends is like, oh, I have thirty five cohort here you know I'm gonna link to all my friends here but you don't want to create a single page and put everybody's links there that's just a red flag for google saying, oh, this person is just trying to create a link exchange here and oh yeah someone said no don't do that so linking rules you do not want to create a single page full links you want to actually create valuable content so create a block post interview people talk about your friends I had a chance to be with someone so at creative life blink and that's not to say though like if they were to do a block post and they linked to everybody here that's not to say that a one time turns gray ocean immediately penalize is is it is a re occurring thing that it becomes a red flag or would you just not recommend it? Because I thought it would be cool if everybody here would go home and start like linking to each other or is it a one time transgression is like x nay yes, it is as well as always it's more of a block post because post are considered different than a page, a page is a static thing, even though post is going to be there forever it's its value differently, it's read differently s o them going back home and blogging about this experience and linking to each other that will not penalize them? I don't think so. I cannot speak for google, okay, so it might be nice you guys go home, it would be really cool if you guys were into html all create each nail links and then copy and paste it and then under the group photo that we take later today you just go and then the google juice is shared, which is why if you have any night in the inclinations of creating a separate website for your blogged do so so it could be like jasmine star website dot com jasmine start block, dot com it's actually just start dot com okay, I've acquired that your yes and death star, right? And then you have those two websites thinking teo to each other. There was a concern external links, which is valuable because if you have internal lengths there's no point cause you're just promoting yourself linking to internal post not that doesn't help you to that does help you so how another two ways how you could do this to get more links guest block guess blogged for other photographers guess bog for brides because there are lots of bridal blog's out there guestbook telling tips from a perspective of the photographer what you should do the top five tips to prepare for your wedding day and submit to all the publishers there are lots of online publishing for your different markets and if you get them to link to you they have powerful good witches and that promotes your positioning and then overall awareness and search engines. Okay, so this now brings us teo q and a but don't remind okay don't remain out because I want to say that lawrence just two weeks ago got engaged on valentine's in paris yes, yes and so I'm hoping that I can use the tips in case he's looking for a wedding you would like to hear more about lawrence's tips he's a great guy you follow him at various dot com we're going to get into q and a now from online in studio and from our photographers but before that I would like him he flew all the way from rhode island right then he flew to sacramento then he comes up he's just travelling the world right now so I just want to say you awesome okay kanna, do you have any questions for us? Yes, we do thank you so much. We have folks that have been your longtime fans as well as well as people who are excited see you speak at w p p I correct that's correct right there you're talking next week monday four o'clock it's going to be on contents charging so sort of like the whole pet photos thing except times one hundred. Well, all right, let's have some questions where we got I think there's a question in the studio on perfect. Yeah, eso on my about me section on my website I list a bunch of my clients that are local fashion designers and I link to their websites on that now, is that something I just shouldn't link to them? I should just list them or should I not even list? Um on ly, if you're greedy about your google juice, then you don't make but personally I believe in sharing so do listed. Okay, so even though it's on the website yeah, okay? Because she was worried about like the link farm exactly. The link firm think that's what? I'm really one of the farms is something like a hundred things like tens. Okay, yeah that's the way he was like, yeah, good. Okay, so last week I switched to amanda hyper alloy dot com and amanda hyphen lloyd dot com slash blawg are you saying that I shouldn't do the slash block? I should do amanda lloyd block dot com so they can lead intermingle each other interlinked to each other that's a good question now there's a pro and con for this the pro is that you could they are too concerned to external links because if you link to each other, you're sending each other google juice even because they're deemed a separate websites now the khan but this advantage for this is that if you were to have an online blogger coming to you were sailing tina, you're splitting your pr into two different websites you want them to link to your blogged or to your website cheese one probably choose my website. Okay, well it's up to you but then you displayed in the okay thank you. I just have a question about commenting on blog's for re creating more basically because of no followed does it does that count if you are putting a girl into a block comment because I have noticed that sometimes if I come in on jazz is not that I don't love you want to comment, but I get some juice sometimes even just from commenting on other photographers blocks, every website is different and that's that's really dependent on the platform most platforms already added no follow tag to hold things mean to all commenters it's just problematic some of them they don't and some of them actually have plug ins that tell the block system do not have that do not add the no follow I want to link to my commenters I have that site I have that because I proof read all of my comments I don't need to insert a no like the no follow that stranger danger week I want people following each other through it so whitney's a great example she has been super supportive on multiple capacities and this just goes to show that one I do read all the comments and two I want you commenting on not just my block but on each other's block because that's what is going to encourage the community from member ryan produce? What if you what if I am bed youtube videos into my website? Is that good or bad? I've heard that video can improve your that's a cool question and I did not get into this but embedding does not help your because embedding is just what they call in the east you know it's called I frame it's like a little window thing in my website I'm going to make a little window to here so this would be my friend it's not it's only pulling information from their butts not actually linking teo you only increase your pay drank through a link however if your photographer since we don't most most of us don't have videos, you can create slide shows, youtube and vim. You are obviously very powerful in terms of their search engine power, so if you make a slideshow used the key words again, make a video, those videos can actually show up on search engines as well as text results and photos. So multiply your efforts everywhere later sees any smart like I'm just like, really smart me and alive. Susan kenneth, for the win, I think we have another, we'll take maybe one more question from the studio audience. Great, just a question about the meta tagging in that actual text of your block post. If you're putting that in, like through your plug in and it's masked, does it need to be in paragraph form? Or can it just be or does it do you lift about like an individual? Keywords? Good question, I do think you should sound somewhat cohesive. It shouldn't just be all forty were key word comma, keyword key word. It just doesn't sound right because it does show up on search engines and they will see it because it just sounds like a whole slew of keywords, but you want to pack as many keywords into that one hundred sixty characters as you can in her infant in form you d'oh. Ideally, you had said that google will well sometimes choose to images for you. How do you prevent that from google? Just choosing to random images to make sure that the images you want show up. Unfortunately, we have no control over google, so they will pay. Okay, I'm sorry. I thought you said there was a way to prevent that another way. You can get around that. Because sometimes I want to have a very specific photos to show. I put two photos that's it and I put a link to a gallery in your block you only put in two, but it's got okay, thanks, lawrence. No problems. I hear a lot of that's really good. I hope you guys enjoyed lawrence as much as I. I have the pleasure of you enjoying his company and his fiancee and you guys are in vegas. Make sure it's julie going good so you'll get to meet her there. If you guys are gonna be there, help me think.

Class Description


  • Develop and provide a consistent brand experience to your clients
  • Conduct streamlined client communication with confidence
  • Produce portfolio pieces that represent your brand
  • Launch an efficient marketing plan with the resources you have at hand
  • Revamp your pricing structure for maximum profitability


This is not your regular one-off workshop - this is a three month long relaunch of your photography business that will produce lasting change.

Join world-renowned photographer and business strategist Jasmine Star and the reSTARt community in a deep dive to transform your business. Learn how to inject your true self into your brand as an entrepreneur, armed with a toolkit of photography skills, formidable online presence, and a powerful business plan. This is not just watching - this is action: Jasmine walks you through the steps to run a successful photography studio and challenges you to answer the difficult questions along the way.


This class is for new photographers and professional photographers of all experience levels interested in launching or revamping their own business.


Jasmine Star guides entrepreneurs to build a brand and market it on social media. After quitting law school, she picked up a camera, built an internationally recognized business, and teaches others how to do the same. In addition to chasing wild dreams, Jasmine works with her husband and grumpy dog, and you'll likely find her walking her hometown streets of Newport Beach, California with a box of gluten free donuts. 

Connect with Jasmine online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Snapchat -> @thejasminestar


  1. Introduction to reSTARt

    Meet Jasmine Star and reSTARt’s three highlighted photographers: Nikki, Ryan, and Marissa. What will you accomplish through this course? What common struggles do photography entrepreneurs face and how will reSTARt arm you with the necessary tools and strategies?

  2. Client Email Communication

    Research shows the most important factors in getting hired by new clients. Jasmine dives into the business of photography and how to cater to your target market. Learn how to streamline your email communication with potential clients using effective templates, hear Jasmine’s feedback, and get your first assignment.

  3. Email Response Homework

    Review your improved client correspondence with the class as Jasmine answers live questions from the studio and web audience. How can you best showcase your personality via email? What’s an appropriate email length?

  4. What is a Brand?

    A brand is beyond a business name, logo, and business cards. What is your brand and how can you enrich the experiences you provide to your clients? Why is this important and what impact will this have on your business?

  5. Consultations: the Art of the Interview

    Phone and in-person interviews make or break a booking. The good news is you don’t need naturally stellar people skills to conduct a great interview. Learn how to approach client meetings with confidence and ease: learn how to decipher meeting patterns and plan for them, which questions to ask, how to respond to your client’s needs, and how to present your services in an authentic way. Receive your next assignment: a conversation map.

  6. Client Meeting Q&A

    Jasmine answers web and live questions regarding client meetings: how do you communicate with family members? How do you manage client communication within your team? What should you bring and how do you wrap it up?

  7. Branding

    How do you approach defining your brand? What are brand words and how may your type of photography affect them? Jasmine demonstrates how to shoot for your brand words with a clip of an actual shoot and models how to think through your branding action plan.

  8. Shooting Experience: Shooting for your Brand

    Professional photography goes far beyond the products you produce: learn how to ensure the best shooting experience for your clients, work with a stylist, and shoot for your brand. Jasmine, Nikki, Ryan, and Melissa provide you the rare opportunity to see a shoot in action with live feedback.

  9. Shoot Review and Q&A

    Reflect on the shoot with the class and prepare for your next assignment. Jasmine wraps up the first day by answering questions and addressing how to balance who you are and who you want to be as a professional photographer.

  1. Introduction and Day 1 Recap

    Class resumes and we learn the progress Nikki, Ryan, and Melissa have made over the past month. Jasmine reviews the steps you’ve taken to restart your own photography business and the focus of the next installment of classes.

  2. The Viewer Experience

    Why is the viewer experience essential to a successful business? How can you develop your online presence to reflect your brand and attract your target market? Receive your next assignment and create your client profile.

  3. Prospective Client Online Review

    Making your contact information available online does not guarantee bookings from prospective clients. Your website and blog are your online storefront; learn how to structure both to provide a smooth and consistent experience for your audience. Watch real critique of Nikki, Ryan, and Melissa’s websites.

  4. How to Strengthen Your Online Experience

    How can you build a high quality online presence that reflects who you are personally and professionally? Your next assignment is a photo safari - the first step to strengthening your online storefront.

  5. Website Design with Promise Tangeman

    Design guru Promise Tangeman shares the top three ways you can improve your online presence and advises on how to best work with graphic designers. Learn the necessary components for easy navigation and hear her feedback regarding Nikki, Ryan, and Melissa’s websites.

  6. Website Design Q&A

    Get your website makeover questions answered: how do you approach developing a style or look? How do you write content? What should your “About Me” section include? How can you do usability testing?

  7. Shooting Experience, Day 2

    Today’s shoot is drastically different - simple with limited props. Jasmine ups the ante and pressure, pushing the three photographers to make changes in real time. Watch and learn how to give specific directions, achieve intentional yet natural looking poses, create story through actions, and diversify your portfolio within the same pose.

  8. Pitfalls of Pricing

    Pull apart your business structure and analyze your pricing model. Learn the most common pitfalls of pricing and how to maximize your profitability in different packages. How do fixed costs and outsourcing factor in? Why aren’t you booking more weddings? Prepare for your next assignment.

  9. One on Ones and Q&A

    Jasmine responds class needs and answers one-on-one questions, covering coordinating shoots, business names, getting feedback from clients, charging sales tax, working overtime, balancing your personal and professional online presence, and more.

  1. Introduction: Change + Struggle

    The class reconvenes; Jasmine reviews what we’ve tackled together thus far and shares the progress the reSTARt community has made over the past month, from networking to new websites.

  2. Reintroduction to Photographers

    How have Nikki, Ryan, and Melissa implemented what they’ve learned in the past 30 days? What does it mean to transition from part-time to full-time?

  3. Marketing Strategies

    Traditional forms of marketing can be costly and not as accessible to small business owners. Jasmine teaches you how to use the marketing materials you already have at hand to execute an effective strategy that won’t drain your bank account. She shares what she did to maximize her profitability to what it is today.

  4. Marketing Q&A

    What factors should you consider in submitting weddings for publication? Do you blog every wedding? How do you work with cinematographers? What are the best marketing investments? Jasmine answers surfacing questions and we hear from past CreativeLive students regarding the right tools for them.

  5. Website Reveal with Promise Tangeman

    Promise is back in the studio with the big reveal: see how Nikki, Ryan, and Melissa’s websites have transformed to improve their online presence. Promise shares her tips on how to communicate with a designer during the revision process.

  6. Networking

    A lone wolf does not build a successful photography business. Whether you’re dedicated to wedding photography, portrait photography, or pet photography, networking with new people is essential. Jasmine shares her own struggles, her best networking tips, and a secretly filmed video.

  7. Social Media

    What advantages and disadvantages do different social media platforms provide and how do you best leverage them to grow your business? How do you network with industry connections and clients via social media? Jasmine demonstrates the power of effective social media strategy with real examples.

  8. SEO with Lawrence Chan

    Your domain name is your address, but prospective clients need to be guided to your business. Sit down with photographer and SEO (search engine optimization) whiz Lawrence Chan as he shares his top ten SEO tips to ensure you are on the first page of a prospective client’s internet search.

  9. Pricing Questions

    Jasmine answers a range of pricing questions. Business expenses go beyond just Photoshop, Lightroom, and equipment; how does a small business owner best track and manage expenses? How do you understand wedding and overall business profitability? Jasmine shares the final class assignment.

  10. Goodbyes and The Definition of Success

    The reSTARt community closes the course, yet the network and relationships continue. What are Jasmine and community members’ most important takeaways? Change isn’t always constant - what can you do if you don’t see changes in your expected timeline? What actions can you take right now?


a Creativelive Student

Jasmine Star is a "star". I was so inspired by her and her marketing. She has got her brand defined perfectly. She is a brilliant woman. The way she thinks about building a brand and never deviating from her vision is amazing. She is also very humble and her stories about growing up were so heartfelt. She is a true story of rags to riches. I came away with a ton of respect for her and a wealth of information. If you are exhausted trying to be a photographer for everyone, and not going in a strong direction-buy this now! The transformation in the three photographers that participated, from their improvement in shooting to their amazing new websites, will inspire you so much. Do you want to transform your business? They grew in three months the amount it will take you three years to do on your own.

a Creativelive Student

THANK YOU Jasmine for this precious lessons, you teach us! only i re-start watching my course today and i already feel some new inspiration to take my business to next level, you talk a lot and that good energy always helps to put this motivation on. Still do a good work! CS