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Shooting Experience, Day 2



Lesson 16 of 28

Shooting Experience, Day 2


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Shooting Experience, Day 2

So what I want to do as I want to take a couple minutes and explain how this chute will be different from the last shoot and the last year we spoke about specifically the shooting experience, I gave the students ten minutes to one define their brand words when we started that earlier in the day, if I could possibly in this time get nicky ryan and melissa to join me, I'm going to stand up and have a conversation with them because I don't want to talk about them because it makes me feel makes it a little snarky. I want to look at you in your face. Great, okay, so let's talk about what happened last week. So last week he spoke about shooting for your brand. We spoke about finding your brand words, and what we also spoke about were small improvements that you can make as you're shooting your clients to get them into your brand words. Now, I understand that last week we were kind of through a ton of stuff your way. There was a lot of things to think about, a lot of considerations to weigh. ...

There was also a studio audience watching every move that you did, including our online audience, so when I was kind of talking you through what you should do in regards to moving into a pose, in retrospect when I look back you know how we showed those snippets of you guys shooting what I noticed was the pattern of you hearing me and then continuing to do whatyou dio so and I and I don't I don't fault you for that I think you guys were in a very difficult situation so that was then this is the president if I am harder on you today it's with intention I'm going to stop you if I don't feel like you are moving them the way that you should know here's the thing I don't think that the way that I do it is the best way but in order for you to improve your way you need to be pushed into an entirely different direction you might not use any tips that I give you today and that's fine because it's going to help you define what you want your tips to be as you shoot so no that one I adore you guys I care for you I'm going to be rough with you if I see you're not doing what you're doing I'm going to challenge you and yell at you to talk to them it is so difficult but here's a little twist last week we had a beautiful set up stage right we had a staged engagement session with all these beautiful details and elements that they could work into it today we are working on a ten foot canvas and some for what I want this to dio right I'm not gonna make it easy, right? We're going to make you work for this. What I want you to do is to think about those awful hard times on a wedding day where you have had ten minutes and nothing but a blank wall at a church somewhere you're outside of the u s fee you're outside of the lions club and you're like, what am I going to dio if you can succeed in a beautiful style shoot the way he did last week and if you could succeed in literally an eight by eight square successfully shooting for your brand in ten minutes, this is a sign of you moving forward that's what we're going to do today I'm going to start off shooting ten minutes I want to turn the reins over to ryan who's going to shoot for ten minutes I'm talking through the ten minute process, I'm going to shoot a little bit, we're going live to nikki I'm going to shoot a little bit, we're going to go to melissa and we're going to kind of see how we start I'm shooting along with you guys and when I looked at this set I was it made my stomach a little queasy I'm not gonna lie, but we're gonna work through this together the goal is not for you, teo create mind blowing images the goal is for you to learn how to talk, how to move and had a shoot for your brand in an eight by eight square okay here's the thing one photo if you get one photo now here's the thing last last month you guys got engagement photos and some of them worked out really well for you. So you those are the things that I want you putting on your new website cause you all know the guys are getting the webs if you guys get one photo from the shoot and let's say you guys decide to do like a splash home page, right? This is what they come too, and you get one voter that you're so darn proud of from the shoot high fives all around if we don't get a single shot, nothing is lost, they're not paying you this is entirely a learning experience a huge net under you make all the mistakes now so you don't have to make them again in the future or make them period in the future cool okay, so I'm going to get introduced our models now some of you might be familiar with this absolutely gorgeous face this is britney, britney was my student how fortunes would bernie was my student and my past creative life course, and this is her boyfriend jason they're both morning she's a photographer and I just have to take a minute to tell bernie to your face how darn proud I am of you since the last cable of course she was with us for the getting published course which wasn't back last april since then how many times have you been published published four times I mean she went from before you published before know that had it been published she went through the class and so if you're interested in creating marketing in that capacity styled shoots she's been featured four times your work has gone bananas and in such a short amount of time and really just so darn proud of you so when we put the model with the model call out and she responded it was of course a natural thing for me to say absolutely want to keep us all in the c l family she looks beautiful and I think we'll have a lot of fun so again there's gonna be some complications but also a softball lob to you right? We're going to focus on moving into this poses you're going to tell your grandkids when you start we're going go right through the process so jd if you give me your camera I'm going to start ten minutes celeste is going tio to be telling me with a two minute warning I have two minutes and she'll do the same for you great someone have you step to the side, I'm going to have jason and britney here I'm going to see I actually should have had my camera um my camera ready beautiful so I'm going to say what I expect my photographers to say my brain ing words fun fresh and editorial now one point of clarification fresh for me is not a zit define for me is whenever I'm going to the same location, I'm trying to shoot it in a new way, so sometimes we feel like a little stagnant if you're always going and shooting weddings at the same venue fresh for me is to try to see in a new perspective shooting the same way editorial putting a little distance between my client's angular angularity between their poses and fun. So here, every time I start to shoot in this situation, if I'm in a church and I'm working in a really small area, I'm going to go to what I call my safe shot something nice and easy and flowy. So this beautiful bouquet I have worked with mackenzie powell, she is a florist here in seattle. I'm absolutely, positively smitten with her work. I think that she it's so darn talented, so I want to showcase the bouquet in a way that doesn't take away from jason nor did secret and britney have you guy's face each other now this is what I call my safe pose because right now I'm extraordinarily nervous shooting in front of everybody and I'm sure on their wedding day they're very, very nervous too, so I'm gonna come in close together jason wrap your arms around britney's waste just ever so slightly burning can you come behind and hold your bouquet here hold it with your back right hand and then drop your left hand here and always love this wedding ring they're not even engaged and you have a score just ring forever twenty one I'm going to test the lighting first right now just looking each other hangout and just ignore me for the moment you see where I am okay, well, we need change a couple things, okay? No, we're not there yet. Great. So I think that this is going to be where I want them to be. Great. So now that I'm where I'm gonna have britney and jason put your forehead, your nose is nice and close together beautiful, beautiful and take a deep breath. Now britney, drop your eyes down to the floor down a little bit more a little bit more a little bit more all the way to shift your shifter neck beautiful now, jason, can you come in wherever your lips land, wherever your lips and beautiful leaning and lightly kiss britney gorgeous, beautiful, beautiful. Take a deep breath. Relax, shoulders. Bernie can evil down in my hand here gorgeous. Now what I want you to do is look at each other and then on the count of three you're no look right where my hand is and jason, wherever your lips fall that's where I want to go but take a deep breath relax kind of just out the shoulders good, beautiful go back britney and looked down at my hand where it was jason lean into britney lean into bernie beautiful leading to her like she is now bring a girl good, good. So all that little tiny all that little tiny lean in changed her pose from this to this what gave her body a little bit more angles, which is what I want because she's a very petite girl. So I wantto definitely leverage those types of things now without changing where they are right now I'm going tio try to position a shot so that I could get just britney's face and then just jason's face in an eight by eight square. I'm going to try not to move there there positions too much. We go down to a one point to adjust my lighting from here because I have things in the background hangout brit okay good because I think the background I'm going to try to shoot wide open to blur out everything that I possibly can now bernie can you look down here in my hand beautiful I'm getting a little bit of spoilage and then bringing isaac here good now look out towards kenna good that's really good I'll bring you guys back here nice and then jason lean in and kiss her views that was actually really good. So what happens? I want to make sure that I'm actually shooting during those moments that I'm prepped for it because as he leaned in I think he might have got your her fake lashes and she laughed I could not say something that was really funny to get that natural reaction so yes yes yes, this world to bring you back out we'll have you guys relax is there any questions right now because as they're working through the tethering well there's always the hand job there are always questions and then there's always the age old uh what what gary using right now what was the lenses are perfect. That was great. I should have started with that. I used the cannon fire demark three if you would like a full review of that camera is on my block you could just go to the search icon kenan five mark three um my lens was a fifty millimeter one point two and just to take it a step further, approximately like, what do you want your settings right now? What are you looking at? One point too? Well, in the beginning, when I was shooting them at a distance, I was shooting at a two point eight and they were both looking at each other and they're roughly roughly the same height because britney has heels on, so if I'm focusing on her eyes and they're looking at each other, my point of focus will be on her. I when I was shooting just off a single photo of britney, I was shooting at a one point two, I believe my eyes, it was roughly three twenty and my shutter was somewhere in the ballpark of one twenty five I think, you know, we gotta ask questions, so now I'm gonna do is I'm going to go back and I'm going to adjust turn slightly this way turns likely, this returns the beautiful come in this way. So what I did was I got a single shot of britney, but what I have in the background is white. If I were to shoot jason this way, I would have a judge in the background, so I'm going to shoot him now so that I can crop it out, so come in class and close to each other bring it on, bring your hands up and actually do you think can you close your jacket step back? So why I'm having closes jacket is because as they get closer his jack it's going to get scrunched and you can't really fix that in photo shop nor do I want to want to talk about post processing in a second, so come in nice and close. Teo her jason good. Can you do me a favor and just take a deep breath at this moment and I'm gonna have you take one step this way. This is perfect. Great jane, come into her that's. Brilliant, good. Just I like the way that you fell into that if you fell into your hip that worked actually really well. Nice good it's nice and can you get your right hand to bring it up to britney's chin all that you could just died in on up like that good rina turchin that's good, beautiful, lighter gift guide her and forget like kiss you good, good, good, good, good, good and then britney eyes down here good and then I'm jason, bring your face in towards britt I lover your hand is score just take a deep breath britain lights kind of smile with your eyes god, I girl good, good, good beautiful hangout anyways twist towards me was twisted sister sisters now I'm twisting them within this space because I need to make sure that I'm cropping out things that I don't want in the background at all times so britney has this extraordinarily cool tattoo I think that this is going to be such a juxtaposition between I'm at one point two, four hundred of the second three twenty s o so what some point I'm going to want teo create a dipstick between a photo and then just a shot of her tattoo because I think it's totally untraditional and what do I want to the showcase in my future website untraditional brights so this is what I'm going to pose and leverage, okay? Um bernie, come out this way towards me jason turned to square your shoulders towards me nice and at this point you can undo your jacket if you like, you can be however you want and feel comfortable so this is entirely up to you. Thank you so much pretty have your bouquet in your left hand face the background, please. Perfect. Now what I'm gonna have you do is going to create an action and emotion for you to turn around so as you're here, I'm going to shoot and I'm gonna say britney and I want you to turn this way but I want you to have that perfect your hand with the dressing as you pull it I want it to come this way yes and you're conscious of your face you're conscious of your shoulders and just like a ballerina I want you to find the camera behind you and look at the entire time you're going to turn and you know look just like that hang out one second switch my settings now jason does not britney can you take one step to your left one thing to know when imposing my clients I want to use specificity I don't want to take one step can you do that it's take one step to the left move your right hand to her chest you want to guide them through the process so that you don't have to move them physically with as lead with move him physically with as least as least as possible as little as possible and jason take one step this way but you take one step to your left brilliant take a tiny step forward now I'm asking her to take a tiny bit forward because if I have to include the change of floor from the wood to the blue it's going to cost me time and post I want to see if I can crop in camera as much as possible take one more step towards the grid perfect we're going to see how this works. I might have to position her slightly indifference in a different way hang on one sec hang on let me get my settings where I want them to be able to do one shot that's a little bit different okay because I did a weird shot just because I want to do a weird shot now bright turn turn to me ballerina hey one more time oh darling oh darling now I'm going to have to photo shop atop atop a bit of the canvas because it doesn't go up all the way hang on bread now I want you to do it one more time turn it around turn it around turn it around at a girl if you default now britney do it again now what my fault jason wasn't connected to the photo my responsibility is to give jason the direction this will be the last post before I bring ryan and jason I want you looking at me for your shoulder's out a little bit more now what I'm seeing from the side is jason's shoulders parallel to the wall which means his back right shoulder has disappeared if I angle his body out slightly and then getting his right children which is what I want I want to see both sides of his arms that's great jason now pull pull up your shoulders a tiny bit nice and put your hand back your project great got his pastor wright burke work back where I wanted to be britney turn around a minute listen I'll cover girl gorgeous one more time but this time with a bouquet drop the bouquet so now I have two options actually look down look down it's okay hang on one second good no turn back and look at the canvas no spent it all the way around okay turn around towards a campus this time relax your left shoulder as you turn that a girl good turned hundred good zoom in a little bit closer I want you to turn and zoom but relax the smile as you do that turn and look at me one more time and smile with what you're doing is I'm gonna turn towards the camera what you're doing is this what I wanted to do was turn that soften the eyes soften the lips were good hang on one sec hang on one second on one sec beautiful what you discern good hang on you do that one more time turned smile with eyes good good now what I want to do I love this I want you to turn you fell into it look off to them and come back at me so one, two, three, four wait here we go good hang out one more time good here go you look over hey know what that means? Okay, now we're going to bring it on in ryan great judy if I could give this to you right now I'm going to be behind you okay, so if I get too close to you if you need more space totally feel free to tell me I'm going to stop you if I don't feel like you're doing what I want you to dio that's okay I feel like you're gonna stop me okay so I'm gonna give you a little bit of breathing time I want you to set them up I want you to talk to them I wanted to give them specific directions were at a church you're in a small awkward space now you have to kind of figure out how to find your brand words given what you have okay, so my brand words are making my brain hurt their creative fun and really created fund in real yes yeah, perfect slits okay, but get this um family that's okay yeah that's what it means any deserves a little bit okay, so I'm gonna have you guys get together like this is a fitting that that jacket just taylor yeah, really good. Um jason, I want you to put your hand on her waist, bring her into you nice and I'm braking just kind of lay that, um the bouquet right on his arm like here and then look up at each other who how about turned the stem? Yeah, that with perfect, perfect perfect um I want you to look at him you go and I like the forehead to forehead that's good that's good ok let me just going to do with just a couple tests just get my settings correct in here okay as ryan is fixing this one thing I want to point out is right and having a strap on and he had his camera resting and he's talking and engaging with britney and jason that I loved it when he was setting them up and saying yeah this is great then he picked up his camera and then he decided to figure out what his settings were to save time if you're in a pressure situation what you want to do is you want to pick up the camera and say great guys as he's talking and shooting he's taking his own test shots that will save him time and create a better relationship as the clients are just waiting for you behind the camera yeah thanks guys go ahead look each other good good good maybe little notes not goal well let's not gold good we love like snuggles there you go perfect so cool now but you look right at me good good good good good good good now what is britney? This breeze is great this is great what when britney's looking at jason her face is like this so make sure you give and I made the same mistake I gave bringing a pose and then I left jason often lift off him off to his own devices. So now what I want you to do is I want you to repeat the same pose but I want you to give them both in action both jason to look at you and then I want you to give me something to do okay and then you would work that goes into it cool. All right, so here's what you look at me and bringing what you could bring your head into jason just a little bit like and bring your forehead down just gonna face down and bring him out toward more towards me and just little bit more yeah, perfect little more little more little more good good for something do their eyes look britney pretty looking wait, who are you talking about bringing britney jason what do you want me to do with her eyes? Can you look down at your father's there? I don't get it. I you know, I might have said that sorry e u e o good that's awesome. Perfect. Okay, um beautiful crop a little bit. Yes. Um um jason, I want you to relax for a second season. What? You turned toward the window. You put your gun on button your jacket um put those hands in your pockets now as you're sitting at this pose, what word are you going to shoot for? Because what I'm sensing is going into a pose you feel comfortable with what I want you to do is shoot for one of your words okay um really what are we gonna have to do to make this photo real that's just a question move them into what you want to dio but thinking you're back of your mind you're gonna have to make it real okay I'm sweating too when I was shooting um so bringing I kind of want you to want to be like actors or something and walk up towards jason and can we drop the flowers absolutely I'll hold those perfect so if I know you've heard a first look so I'm gonna take advantage of that so I'm gonna pretend that this is like a first look and he's your groom obviously and good brighter and um jason you're gonna be looking straight at the window and once she comes up and touches you I want you to kind of be on his left side and I'm just gonna come up behind him and facing that take it I loved it take that idea further just kind of come up behind him and then what what does she do when she comes in behind him give us we've thank you yeah this's real good and jason you could turn back over yours shoulder looking towards the camera and look at her good good so okay, you ready? Britney okay, perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Jason you're looking toward the window. Go, brady, go! Good, good, good little squeeze perfect. Look back at her. Good. Perfect. You guys are looking at me looking at her good, good, good. Perfect was awesome. So strong, so much better than when we started off and we'll come up with real and you had them in that same pose. But what you did was you gave them a beginning a middle and an end because you started the thought and you said no urine go up to her and then you said you're going, you're going to go up to him and then you could give me a squeeze and jason, you're going to then look back at her. Everything from beginning to end was perfect because you gave him something to dio perfect. Perfect let's. Wait a couple more minutes, let's. Throw them into one more. Ok, the next word that you know, she thought he was real again if you want, but think consciously about what we're doing that's, you know, it's really hard to be creative in this space. Ok? Use my elements for creative shot. Perfect. If you know that, then let's just say let's, just focus now it made it easy, we went from three two two words that we could focus on at this particular time. Okay, hypothetically, this is a wedding and we're gonna take him out at some other point time then you focus on created for right now, we can't get too creative in this but in your mind. Okay, so perfect. How do you feel? How you feel spinning her, like, kind of grab around the waist and coming around a lot. Yeah, you could do that. Okay. If that doesn't work, you just feel free to bring your feet underneath, lifted up so you could get around you. So when you get this, get together right there. Perfect. And bringing maybe first of support. You can grab your rep your arms around his neckline. Yeah, perfect, actually. But you guys really, really close right there. That's. Really good. How about a little kiss for your quick? Perfect now, jason does. I'm just kidding. Good. Okay, jason, go ahead and just give her a picture of a giver once. Been around real quick. You got this? You got this that's. Good. Bring it. You're doing great. Perfect. Every little kiss on the cheek right there. Good. Awesome. Okay, good, good. Now, what word is this fun? Okay, thank you. You have a beginning a middle and and the only thing would have changes as he was spinning you didn't shoot any of the rotation you shot right beginning rotation and invitation which is the best places to shoot but sometimes in the mix of that if you got, like, a slightly blurry shot and they're kind of learning you turn it black and white I could be creative way brian I think you did great so much better than what we started with last month so much stronger I see master progression on lee think talk more give them the story I love it so congratulate think was great celeste, are we good to move on? Okay, I'm two minutes left great women that you want to do something to miss uh, sure. Have you ever dipped er before? Okay, I'm stopping this. We're not doing the death. Okay, fine. I'm sorry for what I'm calling him that on is your panicked and you're stressed and I've done that before too. But if you want to be riel and you wanna be creative the dip is not where it's at boot so let's rethink this you got a minute? I'm putting I'm going to call you out, right um where's your flowers oh, yes go britain just what she needs to come up I'm really here bernie I'm gonna have you start back there you got the dress is a good one perfect um I want you to just kind of walk up I think his arm and uh how is she linking his arm with your amazing with her with your left hand come up jason I want you to put your hand which hand both hands in your pockets just like that and then bernie all have you linc come up just drop your flowers over trigger right walk up like that left arm with his right arm and I will direct you using you think your arms no now you have your hands in your pockets left so now you're telling me what to do so now it's perfect hole I'll tell you when to go good good okay jason looking right at me good little smile good okay bringing come on up nice and slow good good jason like that arm good, good beautiful ok but look at me good, good decent look at britney good, good good good lot of aggression I know, right? I know it's it's tough work and stuff works great so running on schedule way come along way seriously seriously it was great so now I'm going to do when I get oh yeah europe with cannon please find some internet love honestly, my heart was beating so fast when he walked out there and I know there are so many people watching their hearts wherever that whatever country they were in was beating quickly as well yeah, I mean people are saying, gosh, it looks really hard I'm nervous for him but I would want to be in his shoes and so people and other people are saying that while it looks hard but thank you so much I'm so glad you're doing it it is really helpful for everybody that's watching online it is well, good job, good job cool so now I'm going to do is if I'm at a church or a space on dh I'm working with something as small and limited like this my first panic mode is to turn to my second shooter has been and life support jd and I tell him you must find me a prom somewhere and I'm specifically pulling a prop wherever I am that's going to match the theme of the wedding, I'm not going to be pulling in a contemporary chair if she has a vintage bright of a vintage bird cages everywhere. So in this particular case I looked around the studio too, for a couple things that we had and I'm just going to pull one thing and sometimes I feel like adding a chair will add dimension to what I otherwise could have had ms qu back britney I'm going to place this share here now. The beauty about this chair, if I'm not mistaken, is oh, no, it doesn't just getting, um, jason can a have you sit here if you can angle your body out slightly and I think I'm sorry, can you stand up? I think this chair does yeah, there was that you bit lower, great good, this is great, so I like his posture. If I like this last year in compliment the posture to encourage him that that's what I wanted to be, this is great, but at the same time, I might have you at some point in time, lean over. Can I see you lied to see if it'll work right now? Maybe not because it's the chairs too high, so I already know that, and I'm not behind my camera telling him or making these mistakes, so I'm going to try to do something a little bit editorial, I'm going to call on those magazines, and it looked at for the j crew catalogues where I have the bride in the groom. Now the main thing I'm gonna do is I'm going to tell my bride and groom. What I'm doing, I'm going to what I call set up the story, the story in my mind would be I'm looking at a j crew catalogue, so I'm going to need you to be a little bit more editorial, we're going to have fun, I want you to commit to me and not feel silly behind my camera, so yes, you're gonna have, like, you're gonna feel like your face is a little bit too serious, and I don't want to have angry eyes, I just want you to feel beautiful and totally bring it to me. I'm going to shoot a ton, you're not going to see the photos where I feel like you look awkward or you look unreal, so I'm gonna have you do britney and I'm gonna have you rest your left hand on jason shoulder, but I don't want the disappearing hand. What I want is slightly to the side, and I want you to create an angle with your body. I don't want you standing with your feet get here, I want you to distribute the rate, the weight to your right side and slightly lean have the tip of the chin slightly upward, and then we're going to coach you on from there, so also, okay, great, so I'm going to have to do quite a bit of I'm gonna try to do as much in camera cop cropping as possible, so this is gonna take a little bit more time to set up in camera but that's going to be okay? We're gonna get to where we want to be now what I'm seeing a lot of right now, which has nothing to do with them and everything to do with me is the old school westerns right where they pose and it's a c p a photo now what I need to do is now that I got them to where I want them I'm going to have to coach him in regards to what their faces are, so bring me what I want you to do is take a couple steps back that I want you to walk into the pose with jason jason instead of just looking me like that like, I don't want you to that right there see that right there is already exactly what causes you I'm not telling you anything different than what you're doing, but instead of just looking there like this, I kind of want you to bring it so you kind of judge the eyes a little bit for me, it kind of works every single time, so britney, you're going to come up to jason falling into that beautiful, beautiful, beautiful now I want you to interlock interlock your left arm beautiful you can kind of lean out lean out a little bit more beautiful that's why ultimately want you to end start from back walk up to him exactly because if I were to start her there and then all the sun and she has this cock cocked little angle so what I wanted to do is kind of come up to you again come up to jason again jason oh jason jason eyes now what I want to do is get the thirty five I'm going to take the bouquet now what I like in this particular poses that jason is sitting below me below my vantage point and britney can come down into jason so at this point I can put my came up and angle down at them and get a very different shot I'm gonna be shooting this at one point four bernie I want you back a little bit I'm going to meet her for where I want this to be and this is just gonna be my test shot great. So britney I want you to come into jason wrap your right arm around his waist and a lean down beautiful now instead of instead I realize that I have this the wrong way I don't want her coming to jason just into coming into her just in time you stand up there and have a sit down it looked awkward that she was coming in and cuddling her masculine not opposition are masking counterpart so now you do the same thing but jason's going to come into her mom bad so then jason I'm gonna move the dress to the side so that you can get in nice and close to her and then you could lift up the dress great so when I move that dress to the sides looking nice nice nice down in close to her so britney you're going to angle your face down here and why am I having a brainy angle her face down here one I think she has the radish profile I think she looked english I think it's so beautiful now she's in a cum so jason come down here and where's her light here if she turned that way well luckily for us with a white wall but sometimes we don't always have it's going to turn her towards the light source so jason coming down to britney wherever your let's land o beautiful hang on a sec slight smile breath beautiful good hang on one second doesn't come up beautiful now when you come back down teo britney I'm gonna talk you through a process so britney I want you to make sure that you're kind of keeping those eyes nice light and happy so jason come back down into her good squeezer nice and tight nice and tight nice and tight tighter tighter tighter, tighter, tighter good, good good good beautiful that is exactly exactly what I want whether or not I feel that it's fun editorial or fresh I'm leaning that is going to be more the fresh even though I haven't necessarily shot in this situation given an eight by eight square if this is all I have I have to shoot it a slightly different way I have two more minutes so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna get a single shot of just britney since she's already sitting so jason I'm gonna have you step out I'm gonna take the bouquet and if I can get the eighty four eighty five or I'll take the fifty whatever's easiest for you and in this situation any I'm gonna have you put your feet on your on the floor if possible you okay? Okay so what I want to dio for the coordinator is get a shot of the uk by itself and this is what we're gonna get into next week excuse me next month when we talk about organic marketing I want to make sure that I'm getting photos that I can give to other wedding industry vendors to promote their own services and the same time promoting mind great so eight by eight square now one thing that as you go through the process of shooting bouquets you will notice that some bouquets shoot photographs better face on and some bouquets photograph better slightly tipped I can tell given the organization of this if this bouquet was tipped up you're going to lose a lot of the english roses and he's beautiful scalloped two lives she's going to have to twist it slightly this way and then you want to relax all the way down beautiful tilt it slightly good good now this also this this photograph what was one of the things I wanted to do with my website? Attractive brides attract brides who had attention to detail that photograph I would love to put this what's on the screen now I would love to put this on my website and on the side use words to describe something about that client in an eight by eight square this is what I'm producing that can produce an image for my website produce an image for the forest I'm gonna scoot back a tiny bit now she's wearing she's wearing leopard print shoes guess what I'm going to dio not shoes the shoes because her I love her shoes level of love the shoes I think they're adorable I would wear a pair however the leopard print shoes and the bouquet don't go together so even though it worked it doesn't so me as a curator of my brand I need to make sure that no on a wedding day I would shoot the bride and her shoes but it's not a wedding day right now I'm just shooting for myself I shot a vertical short I'm gonna shoot a horizontal and that is going to be basically for the coordinator I'm doing it just from the waist down and then I'm going to incorporate her necklace and then just her lips because that's just quirky I can't do it from here but can you just look here at me a slight smile tilt your chin towards the window look all the way out the window actually turn your chin towards the window always nice to take a deep breath relax those shoulders a slight smile hang on a sec go down to one point two I'm going to shoot just a traditional uh bridal shot of britney hang on let me get my son is right but you can't do that hot stuff right now because you're so beautiful hang on their herds this is so is thinking beautiful good now what I want you to do is continue to look out the window and then look here at me beautiful now I want you to tilt your chin towards me good you just want a little bit more turn your chin all the way towards me so I can get a straight on foot of you look down here okay? Now I'm getting her eyes shot down all the way down all the way down and this is going to be for the person who designed her jewellery as well as the makeup artist great. So what I do shot in this section right now is I have promo shots for the florist. I have promo shots for the jeweller. I have probably shots for the makeup artist. Great. Now we're gonna move on. I believe it's nicki's turn you can rise up. I will move the chair unless thinking you'd like the chair I'm making you okay? Come on. Right here. Right over here before you start tonight, do I have to stick with this background when I shoot this way, you could shoot however you like. Okay, thanks. How are you? Hi, britney. And making a scene here. I love your website if you've not checked out our website yet yeah, you're dressed up in wedding feels extremely backwards. It's gorgeous. Did you get to pick it out with a pick and I got it from you. Go to our in portland it's gorgeous. I love the belt. Oh, that's from elizabeth collections. Oh, so you got style? You're thinking we're good. Okay, so I'm gonna give you face the window. So, britney, why don't you come stand right here and bring this shoulder towards me? Step this way about one more step. Okay, jason, you're going to come around behind britney, I'm gonna move this dress, okay, I'm gonna take your okay okay, so I love how you're holding your dress right now but if you could just hold it up a little bit higher and think kind of relax your hand's not so you're like gripping it for like death grip um just a little bit higher and you're gonna just pull up your dress a tiny bit okay and then jason you're gonna actually come up really nice and close in but you're gonna look towards jason's hand so I'm gonna have you um just yeah I just very okay nicky I'm gonna stop yep this is where you want them to end so given the action to move them and that wasn't what I wanted just okay. Okay. No, no okay, so this hand's gonna come down to a little bit more and you're gonna bring your shoulder up towards yet yep. And then pretend jason's hand is like neon yellow and it's like super funny look okay, I have to look over here, okay? I want her to smile that with my own and you're right, I would have been holding them in that position too long, right? Yeah. Ok let's have you put your hand in your pocket so nikki, I'm going to stop you sure I wanted to do the same thing I wanted to give him the yellow shell but his her hand was here and his hand was hear what I want you teo is guide them and then when you're talking to them you had jason and he said move your hand here I think it would be better if you said move your right hand up and have him doing exactly what he was doing what I wanted to do is I want you to have their arms down and then I want you to give them explanations toe move them into it and what you want is her looking back at his hand right so that's why you need to tell her to dio right? Okay, ok, so jason I'm gonna have you moved your left hand not all the way to the top of the shoulder. Yeah that's good and then britney you're just gonna gently grab your dress yet yeah just like that and bring your chin britney up just a little bit towards me and jason lean your head forehead in almost so that your touching but jason bring your chin towards me a little bit there you go. And now again super funny hand and look how funny your shoulder is, jason oh, my gosh is no, thank you. Okay, we're gonna dio something similar but you're both going to look at me and have your your heads pretend there's like a magnet in your head so that they're together and just like that and that shoulders still going to come up towards your chin brittany and brittany bend your arms a little bit yeah that's really, really nice and just a hint of a smile perfect you guys that's beautiful shoulder up just a little bit yet I love that look very nice okay, so nicky I want you to do it again but what I'm saying is you're getting them there and you're waiting and waiting and what I see is this works great but her shoulder when she cant like this everything just looked really tight I want you to do the same for because I see it it's so pretty but walk them into that I walked into your punchline I love the jokes we like what were my I'm so it's okay, you know I like it do whatever you need to do it but what's happening is they're here and they're waiting and you're waiting and then you say now we get the yellow hand and then I left all this down here isn't selling it right okay trying to see the camera and I did them from behind the camera can I switch positions and not do this position? I know I'm gonna make you work through the yes I know I told you to be a lot of you put the camera up so your hand your hand and we're gonna start with your hand down jason and then you're going to bring it up to her shoulder not on top of her shoulder of britney shoulder just close a little bit higher a little bit higher that great and then britain you're gonna grab your dress and pull it up just a tiny bit so there's a slight yep and then bring your heads together a little bit awesome. You guys look amazing and now a big smile gorgeous that looks making that looks better soft or other angles or soft I like it. I like it. Okay, good. Okay, now I'm gonna try and shoot for I guess chic so we're gonna have uh jason you're going to stand here and britney you're going to go all the way to the back of the wall. Okay, yeah, you can put both your hands in your pocket and just put all your weight on one leg. Jason yeah, just like that and britney you're gonna be walking when I say when I say you're gonna walked up towards jason you know, like you're coming up behind him to surprise them a little bit. When you walk with one foot in front of the other I know you're in a dress so it's not easy but one foot in front of the other and you're gonna bend your arm just a little bit okay? And if you, um if you need to look down because I know you're walking that's totally fine time out your full directions up to this point beautiful what is she doing when she gets to jason um or you just having her walk I would just have perfect yeah but well you know so let's just start you're going toe walk at an angle towards jason like you're coming behind them tio good say hello like him here babe okay good. Okay, so britney you can start walking now beautiful love it okay, now thatyou there stay there and you can link one arm through jason's arm yeah just like that and come up just a little bit more towards me and then now you're gonna bring your right hand up tio jason's shoulder yeah and you guys are going to snuggle up yeah snuggle up nice and close yes, that is beautiful you guys you're gonna look at each other again okay? I'm going to stop there because they're in in us stagnant position someone to redo it good for you good for you for stopping we're going to do um let me look okay, so next we're going to dio um we're going to do one with just just a more traditional because I want to do the romantic sort of um sort of pose where it's just so you're gonna come up I'm not gonna touch okay? So we're going to dio bring me your left hand is gonna go behind jason yeah and then you're gonna jason your right hand's gonna come around britney's waste yep and, um bring your hands just a little bit back so I don't see your fingers coming through and then britain your hand's going to go on jason's chest very nice and your hand your hand is going to come around in front of which hands waste your left hand yeah yeah and you're gonna you're gonna look at me and you're going to bring your heads together like you can't exact like there's a magnet and I'm good nicky and just a hint of a smile very nice let me see those pearly white very nice I keep looking at the back like I can actually see me well, way we'll have on this is gonna be your last post away from your post okay let's d'oh um I forgot I'm gonna shoot this way from my creative clothes ok, so jason you're gonna turn towards this way yeah, and britney come right over here a little bit more yeah, I actually don't even go there. Okay, now jason you're gonna go right in front of brittany I'm sorry your back is going to go to britney's just their job making okay right hand is going to come right up here but now if we had more time I would do it the other way or let's just turn around so I would want to showcase your ring so if you're on a lazy susan pretending you're just going to spend spin spin spin there we go okay now britney um yeah and you can put your hand in your pocket and you're just going to kind of gently rest your head yet come towards me just a little bit yeah and jason you're just going to kind of look down towards without moving your hand your head so much just kind of looked down at the direction of britney's bring there you go very nice now close your eyes britney yeah okay on the count of three I'm gonna have you open your eyes and look at me one two three beautiful ok I can't see you guys how do you feel great you know I got a good here's a big bm I haven't dated elections like from the first from last month progression progression progression this is really good melissa you're gonna be up in ten minutes nicki good job. Thank you. Seriously great. Thanks you guys you know that's not easy I'm like do this tio it's totally not that's totally not so yeah way can it's a party where she does like squid just let's just applaud bring me I'm going to take you right about here come out slightly this way turn out this way beautiful hang out there for one second I'm going to try something a bit different so what happens is we have stuff in the background wherever we are jason can you take a few steps towards britney and yes thank you so much now what's happening is that we have stuff in the background that I need to crop out which happens at churches a lot so I'm giving britney the bouquet but she's going that's going to be cropped out of the photo so jason turned slightly towards me put your hand in your pocket distribute the weight unevenly between your legs angle your shoulders more towards me nice britney you're gonna look back hang on one sec one second now what I want you to do is britney I want you to look back at relax it front shoulder relax that french hold a beautiful look down your bouquet britt look down a bouquet scored just now look back over jason good no look down it's ok jason come up to britney rheims around her skipper good squeeze I was around a big big big sweet alexa front shoulder britt I love it look backing at jason looking back at jason brett gorge good come back a little bit this way good and so what I'm doing is I'm going to move him away from the junk in the background I'm going to put a preexisting edifice within my frame to give it a voyeuristic appeal relax the shoulders britt bring the bouquet slightly out more my angle slightly bring it back into your waist now good now jason snuggle in teo brittni brittni looks back at jason just looking at each other he was just looking at your beautiful not closing your eyes jason just looking down now here's the thing this is what I don't want to do if I bring if I bring britney's face out too much and then she moves her eyes back to jason we get stink eye which is too much white in her eyes so instead of her turning her head all the way back jason needs to come in so she can fall into the line devices that I'm not getting too much white and losing her browns so jason come in come in to brett come into brett brett look down good jason looking into her jason can you relax a little step away from britney from hind step away now walk into her walk into her good to give her a nice big squeeze relaxing good nice britney slightly looking at your left shoulder and then jason turning in a breath good okay so now we're gonna do is we're gonna get you turning in this way turning towards each other coming in coming in tighter I'm gonna take you guys both one big step back britney okay here jason arms around her bernie eyes down it's okay relax that front shoulder so a lot of girls have a tendency to find a default body formation so it's either a girl will tense up her shoulders scrunch up both shoulders turned she ordered a girl finds out she has a good side that's what something you want to avoid is easy like a recurring pattern with a girl finding good side so relaxed that front shoulder brett beautiful so what's happening is now that I've found what I want to meet her for relax take a deep breath writ jason bring your face and lightly in towards britney and then bring it bring it a little bit more little bit more make knows contact jason and then britney bring your eyes here slight smile now looking over towards kenna hey good now bring it back towards me good great melissa are you ready? Rut hi guys. Hi, melissa. Nice to meet you. Wait to that school let's do a restaurant is really traditional someone have you guy's face each other getting real close but you you didn't pick up her address and get your feet under there just get all like get all up in there yes, exactly and I love them okay around his neck that's great and arms around each other's waists and bringing I'm actually I like your left arm or up towards his shoulder yeah, I want to bring your arm out closer. Yes. And then I'm gonna bring your faces in closer. Just barely touching. Stunning right there. Let me make sure I got my shot. The second guy's hold it. You guys look so good right now. Perfect. One more guys. I said one more, but I lied. You want to say they're actually move? You guys want to send you guys more in the thinking? Well, how was your meeting? How are you doing behind your camera? Do you like what you're seeing behind settings wise? Just checking in. It's not a rhetorical question. I'm sorry. I don't know. I just wanna make sure no good, you know, I gotta get good. No, thank you. I want to have you take. You're ok now and I'm gonna have you put order you shooting for oh, classic classic okay, have you take your brok into your left hand and I want you it doesn't drop it back here. I want to see your shoulder nice and so good and with okay, I want people to see it. So if you could turn yes, don colon on a meat dress. Okay, beautiful and jason, I won't have you bring your face a little bit closer to her, like you like her perfect just relax your shoulders feels good okay before you do this have him take one step this way so that you don't have to crop up her dress if you decide to prop floor to canvas so you guys take one big toe there let me get my back get it's there it there guys I love it one more shot talk to them a little bit how sorry you guys look amazing on faces closer one more time good love beautiful and when she does go forehead to forehead on this one oh my gosh britain and kill me right now don't you move a muscle this is sick and the best way melissa her arm has gone locked so make sure and give her a little that's ok that's ok that's ok hee listen tell you teo put a little kink in your elbow jews in the arm take a deep breath take a deep breath relax shoulders just making sure walking watching appendages but so far so great okay cool thank you um I'm gonna have britt and wanna have you looked out stay in this spot and have you look out towards the window and I want jason I want to be looking at me but I still want you living in towards her just a little bit and then britney with your bring the flowers towards me again one more time and then yep yeah perfect jason flight smile give something for britney to do with her face melissa thing actually have you closer listen if you're she's closing right she needs to make connection between her and jason because it also looks like she's just blinking okay this's so much I want you to look towards you look down towards britney on this one and close your eyes on this one ah you guys are killing me right now okay stay right here I'm gonna take the bouquet I'll take it for you I'm back in just a second problem okay so I'm gonna have you guys hold hands so I'm sorry face based me completely and hold the hand together I'm shooting for chic right now just so you know thank you thank you I just want to stop you and say the prior's between last month and this month you just seem like a different photographer think you're striking me as more confident this is good so rocket out you go so I love the bouquet down and then towards me yes ok so this whole thing I'm gonna have you guys shift over just like a foot good. Okay, so jason right hand in your pocket I love the way on the one leg you must be included now you're hanging out with sickle opposite leg there we go frames both their bodies perfect okay, I'm gonna have you guys look at me right now straight face take a deep breath and one just a second once I get my settings are right and deep breath perfect guys come in real close talk him in sorry you guys are doing great I'm just mesmerized by your image right now perfect okay, I counted I think eight or nine frames and they didn't change their face when you come back here and I don't want you to have them look at each other look to the right so that's something so that you're doing fine your portfolio in this same imposing position okay, cool. So I'm gonna have on this first one I'm gonna have you guys look at each other on this one already you change your angle and you change your face formacion good job and you didn't change anything that they were doing brilliant I want a big smile on this one so good perfect we'll take this up a notch what can they do right here to change this pose what can they do think think think I wanna have ok? Yes ok bernie, I wanna have you actually nuzzle into jason on his shoulder just don't take your makeup off on us if you can but I saw your hand go back to where we were melissa get back on your knees to where you were now they're both looking at you right? That was one now they're both again each other that's too britt coming closer to jason the way that you were beautiful this's three nothing has changed about thiss looking at us, looking at each other, guys looking to their lean in and lightly put your noses together. Ah, didn't change their fever mission. We got three different poses to report on the new soft kiss. No lipstick, though. That was perfect, you know, do the thing that you wanted to do. Okay, so stay right there. But I want you, teo. Britney, if you can just nuzzle in with your face yet look at me on this one on the first one. Perfect guys. That is ridiculous. Youthful. And when I have on this one, jason, I'm gonna have you actually looked towards the window. Britney slight smile. Good. Talking to love it's. Good o m j k home. I'm serious. They're like tight rope. Quick, beautiful. Good. Small change. Can you go back to that exact pulls? One small change, most to get to where you are. Wherever you're people hurt me, get your right hand and intertwined it around his left elbow. There we go. See if that works for jason. Can you put your hand in your pocket? A slight little joe then you get it both ways and get a seat in total in what you like? Okay let's shoot this year and see whichever one you prefer at the end of the day but a small change can really improve your portfolio and this will take a three second diversion perfect alright, perfect I slight smile britney love that one what's jason doing give jason jason you're looking great I love it I want to take the flowers when it stay right here. Come on roll have you I want you guys to stay. I won't have you hold hands again I'm gonna have to pick up your dress so, jason, you're going to be kind of anchored. You're good, but for you I want you, teo. Yeah? So you know with the thing and the huh? And okay, suddenly all right, let's, let me make sure I'm I'm good to go. All right, go ahead and give it a good turn, missy. Real quick. Then try this one more time and I want a slight smile on this one is going to kind of playful. Okay, we'll cook that's straight again. Uh, perfect that's a perfect face. I love that you guys look awesome one times one more posed to diversify you do your thing, do your thing no, no, no get back down to where you were because I want you to have options in your football at the end of day you're ready to shoot britney pick up your dress in both your hands jason your hand you're perfect now britney, pick up both your your dresses and twirl the way that melissa student a little bit closer to jason because connecting no swirled address a little tiny bit there he goes now we have both appendages moving melissa imposed you get to choose which ones you prefer perfect. Great. Now we have one minute we were rocking so I'm gonna have you stand in front of jason so you guys wanna snuggle and real good so I wanna have arms jason with both arms around her and I want your face is to be on the same plane so I need to bring your face and I want you to brittany I want you to take your right arm and I'm gonna have you ok? This is how I talk about les you know someone who would be crazy but like the lion king when they're like nestle the two lines like nestle together you with me on this one I want you guys and doesn't like right perfect guy that's stunning just like me beautiful and soft kisses right there jason, talk to bernie butterfingers unless you like what she's doing actually I love actually bringing can you reach back towards the back of his head? Completely swatches hair a little bit love it one more on this late because you're gorgeous talk to her about her hand it's getting stuck bring your hand down I'm gonna have to slowly bring it they're good you should have been back top of his head and slowly bring it down towards in shit again good grid darrell you lost eleven thank you no thank you I think we're calling the shoot there are we good? Feel good great good job thank you. Huge progress huge I want to turn this over to canada and susan in a second but I want to personally think britney and jason for driving always morgan keeping it within the creative life family and so generously giving to the photography communities you guys were seriously so wonderful. Thank you literally. Thank you so so so much and getting into a dress before your wedding I hope your mom doesn't kill me. Okay, so, kenna, do you have any questions or we're gonna go straight into a break? Well, what would you like to do let's take about five minutes of questions shoot related? It was if there was any questions in regards to that and then we're going to quickly move on just so we stay on track for the great okay so you have one good okay, so tina, we who's from mantova can canada if you could, what? What are some action words that you would say to the couple if you want them to be having fun or it's kind of it's so hard to relay to other people you know your idea of funds race kind of wondering like what? What how do you s o I get for me the suggestion would be to start point number one find find photographs in magazine or other things that you like and then what you're going to do is you're going look at that pose and then you're going to dissect it how did they get into that post? Where is the light source? Where is his hands? Where are her hands? Where are her hips? In relation to his hips where are their shoulders in relation to each other? Once you first identify what the end result of that photo will be, then you must think to yourself what is the action plan leading them up to that if then it's going to become a fun photo? So if I'm thinking about what that photo will become, I need to think of an action plan one she must be standing three feet away from him two she will walk into him at a slight angle three his hands will be here for I'm going to instruct him to turn his his shoulders towards her, and then we'll have them pressed their faces in together and as repressing their faces in together. I'm saying great, gregory lovett don't clean teeth, I love it, vogel bluff I say don't think teeth, chances are and this just came to me, I don't say don't clean teeth all the time, but chances are they're going to laugh at each other, and already their bodies will be in the position that I want them to be with a natural left in the process of that. So starting at the end, working backwards and then practicing the way that you interact with clients in order to solicit a fun or laughing photo, okay? And absar who's abigail from austin has a similar question, and I think this is the kind of what I was trying to ask you before because I got a little bit okay. Jasmine, do you recommend ever sharing a branding word you're shooting for your subjects so they get a sense of feel the feel that you're going for? Or is that an internal word for you? Behind the camera? Only that's a great question and it's entirely up to the photographer if they retire if the photographer wants. They want to get really creative photo I don't think the photographer needs to say so one of my words my website and my brand is creative so I'm gonna get a creative photo you can tell your clients what I wanted to I want to see something really created the sun is behind you this beautiful architecture in the background so kind of seeding words in through their mind is totally thought it was totally fine if I was going to say oh, I think that this would be really fun then we set them up into a fun photo so they're kind of anticipatory but entirely it's the photographer from el shots when I get nervous I tend to spazz a little and I give orders to my clients is there a tip that you might have for this to catch yourself? I don't want to overwhelm them while shooting oh my god. Okay, coming from captain commando I totally get it. I do not ever want to come across is like sergeant jasmine like do this do this do this. So I even had conversations with jd about internalizing how I am sounding before I actually say it so it could be move your right hand here your left hand hair feel like using positive adjectives as they move their hand, so instead of saying, can you move your ring finger wringer like, oh, I love your ring, can you move your beautiful left hand to his right shoulder? I'm loving, what's going on awesome know, turn your head. Oh, you're pretty, your hair's looking great right now, but the sun is right behind it. Can you take one step back? Oh, I'm absolutely loving what's going on. Great now lean your shoulders and hips to hips, hips to hips. So kind of that, at least for me, has helped me soft and what? I'm encouraging them to you by using positive descriptors before commands.

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    Meet Jasmine Star and reSTARt’s three highlighted photographers: Nikki, Ryan, and Marissa. What will you accomplish through this course? What common struggles do photography entrepreneurs face and how will reSTARt arm you with the necessary tools and strategies?

  2. Client Email Communication

    Research shows the most important factors in getting hired by new clients. Jasmine dives into the business of photography and how to cater to your target market. Learn how to streamline your email communication with potential clients using effective templates, hear Jasmine’s feedback, and get your first assignment.

  3. Email Response Homework

    Review your improved client correspondence with the class as Jasmine answers live questions from the studio and web audience. How can you best showcase your personality via email? What’s an appropriate email length?

  4. What is a Brand?

    A brand is beyond a business name, logo, and business cards. What is your brand and how can you enrich the experiences you provide to your clients? Why is this important and what impact will this have on your business?

  5. Consultations: the Art of the Interview

    Phone and in-person interviews make or break a booking. The good news is you don’t need naturally stellar people skills to conduct a great interview. Learn how to approach client meetings with confidence and ease: learn how to decipher meeting patterns and plan for them, which questions to ask, how to respond to your client’s needs, and how to present your services in an authentic way. Receive your next assignment: a conversation map.

  6. Client Meeting Q&A

    Jasmine answers web and live questions regarding client meetings: how do you communicate with family members? How do you manage client communication within your team? What should you bring and how do you wrap it up?

  7. Branding

    How do you approach defining your brand? What are brand words and how may your type of photography affect them? Jasmine demonstrates how to shoot for your brand words with a clip of an actual shoot and models how to think through your branding action plan.

  8. Shooting Experience: Shooting for your Brand

    Professional photography goes far beyond the products you produce: learn how to ensure the best shooting experience for your clients, work with a stylist, and shoot for your brand. Jasmine, Nikki, Ryan, and Melissa provide you the rare opportunity to see a shoot in action with live feedback.

  9. Shoot Review and Q&A

    Reflect on the shoot with the class and prepare for your next assignment. Jasmine wraps up the first day by answering questions and addressing how to balance who you are and who you want to be as a professional photographer.

  1. Introduction and Day 1 Recap

    Class resumes and we learn the progress Nikki, Ryan, and Melissa have made over the past month. Jasmine reviews the steps you’ve taken to restart your own photography business and the focus of the next installment of classes.

  2. The Viewer Experience

    Why is the viewer experience essential to a successful business? How can you develop your online presence to reflect your brand and attract your target market? Receive your next assignment and create your client profile.

  3. Prospective Client Online Review

    Making your contact information available online does not guarantee bookings from prospective clients. Your website and blog are your online storefront; learn how to structure both to provide a smooth and consistent experience for your audience. Watch real critique of Nikki, Ryan, and Melissa’s websites.

  4. How to Strengthen Your Online Experience

    How can you build a high quality online presence that reflects who you are personally and professionally? Your next assignment is a photo safari - the first step to strengthening your online storefront.

  5. Website Design with Promise Tangeman

    Design guru Promise Tangeman shares the top three ways you can improve your online presence and advises on how to best work with graphic designers. Learn the necessary components for easy navigation and hear her feedback regarding Nikki, Ryan, and Melissa’s websites.

  6. Website Design Q&A

    Get your website makeover questions answered: how do you approach developing a style or look? How do you write content? What should your “About Me” section include? How can you do usability testing?

  7. Shooting Experience, Day 2

    Today’s shoot is drastically different - simple with limited props. Jasmine ups the ante and pressure, pushing the three photographers to make changes in real time. Watch and learn how to give specific directions, achieve intentional yet natural looking poses, create story through actions, and diversify your portfolio within the same pose.

  8. Pitfalls of Pricing

    Pull apart your business structure and analyze your pricing model. Learn the most common pitfalls of pricing and how to maximize your profitability in different packages. How do fixed costs and outsourcing factor in? Why aren’t you booking more weddings? Prepare for your next assignment.

  9. One on Ones and Q&A

    Jasmine responds class needs and answers one-on-one questions, covering coordinating shoots, business names, getting feedback from clients, charging sales tax, working overtime, balancing your personal and professional online presence, and more.

  1. Introduction: Change + Struggle

    The class reconvenes; Jasmine reviews what we’ve tackled together thus far and shares the progress the reSTARt community has made over the past month, from networking to new websites.

  2. Reintroduction to Photographers

    How have Nikki, Ryan, and Melissa implemented what they’ve learned in the past 30 days? What does it mean to transition from part-time to full-time?

  3. Marketing Strategies

    Traditional forms of marketing can be costly and not as accessible to small business owners. Jasmine teaches you how to use the marketing materials you already have at hand to execute an effective strategy that won’t drain your bank account. She shares what she did to maximize her profitability to what it is today.

  4. Marketing Q&A

    What factors should you consider in submitting weddings for publication? Do you blog every wedding? How do you work with cinematographers? What are the best marketing investments? Jasmine answers surfacing questions and we hear from past CreativeLive students regarding the right tools for them.

  5. Website Reveal with Promise Tangeman

    Promise is back in the studio with the big reveal: see how Nikki, Ryan, and Melissa’s websites have transformed to improve their online presence. Promise shares her tips on how to communicate with a designer during the revision process.

  6. Networking

    A lone wolf does not build a successful photography business. Whether you’re dedicated to wedding photography, portrait photography, or pet photography, networking with new people is essential. Jasmine shares her own struggles, her best networking tips, and a secretly filmed video.

  7. Social Media

    What advantages and disadvantages do different social media platforms provide and how do you best leverage them to grow your business? How do you network with industry connections and clients via social media? Jasmine demonstrates the power of effective social media strategy with real examples.

  8. SEO with Lawrence Chan

    Your domain name is your address, but prospective clients need to be guided to your business. Sit down with photographer and SEO (search engine optimization) whiz Lawrence Chan as he shares his top ten SEO tips to ensure you are on the first page of a prospective client’s internet search.

  9. Pricing Questions

    Jasmine answers a range of pricing questions. Business expenses go beyond just Photoshop, Lightroom, and equipment; how does a small business owner best track and manage expenses? How do you understand wedding and overall business profitability? Jasmine shares the final class assignment.

  10. Goodbyes and The Definition of Success

    The reSTARt community closes the course, yet the network and relationships continue. What are Jasmine and community members’ most important takeaways? Change isn’t always constant - what can you do if you don’t see changes in your expected timeline? What actions can you take right now?


a Creativelive Student

Jasmine Star is a "star". I was so inspired by her and her marketing. She has got her brand defined perfectly. She is a brilliant woman. The way she thinks about building a brand and never deviating from her vision is amazing. She is also very humble and her stories about growing up were so heartfelt. She is a true story of rags to riches. I came away with a ton of respect for her and a wealth of information. If you are exhausted trying to be a photographer for everyone, and not going in a strong direction-buy this now! The transformation in the three photographers that participated, from their improvement in shooting to their amazing new websites, will inspire you so much. Do you want to transform your business? They grew in three months the amount it will take you three years to do on your own.

a Creativelive Student

THANK YOU Jasmine for this precious lessons, you teach us! only i re-start watching my course today and i already feel some new inspiration to take my business to next level, you talk a lot and that good energy always helps to put this motivation on. Still do a good work! CS