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What is a Brand?

Part of the makeover process is to understand how to build a brand, so I'm going to ask today what is a brand? The brand is a set of expectations, memories and stories and relationships that taken together account for consumers decision to choose once overs over another, and this is defined by seth gordon. Now, if we take all these ideas, this idea of stories memories, the way people are talking about how you service them on their wedding day. If you're taking all of that, I would combine that I would call that the experience, and seth gordon also says experiences, but we're going to use this word experience as a tie through the rest of the day. Now, if we take all these ideas and we call it the experience, but it would be the culmination of everything, it will be your interaction with a client from start to finish and how that client goes beyond and talks about you. I want teo take a few seconds to talk about what a brand is, not because there's a common misnomers ofwhat we think bran...

ds are so just to clarify a brand is not a logo, it is not a website, it is not business cards is not paper goods, and it is not your facebook page, these pieces will help build the brand. Yes, the business card make may make somebody feel a certain way, which is part of the experience, but the business card and or the logo in and of itself is not the brand they are just pieces to the components of the brand. Now, I believe that this is great news because if you don't have the best website and you don't have the best business cards, but you are determined to create a good experience for your clients, then you're well working, you're well on your way to building a good brand, so take solace in that. So what type of experiences do wedding photographers provide? Theoretically, we can all offer the same types of services shooting proofing things of that nature, but anything that you can do in advance to enrich experience. In addition, teo is going to be beneficial today, I'll be focusing on three experiences, and these aren't to say that these are the most important experiences I'm just wanting you to think differently about the experiences you provide. What can you be doing to allow people to walk away after their wedding photography interaction and think? I want to tell my friends about what somebody did for me what my photographer did for me now we went through first just now, the communication experience. And we dismantled and we reconstructed how we want to interact with our clients now this will be the theme of the makeover process a lot of deconstructing and then a lot of rebuilding so that we can rethink how we're doing things we're going to now move on to the client experience and will be ending the day with the shooting experience next month on february thirteenth we're going to be talking about the online experience and this will be broken into different sections will be focusing on the web site on a blawg on social media and then we're also going to be breaking down pricing I will deconstruct pricing models were going to see where we stand I don't believe that there is a right or wrong pricing model but there's definitely a right or wrong pricing model for you you need to figure out what that iss in march we are going to be revealing the business makeover we're going to be showcasing a lot of things that have changed and we're going to talk about ways to market and network your new brand so moving on okay well thank you there's one person who is so excited about what's going on thank you ryan thank you ever enough like he's like a way into the next section the next section we're going to be focusing on the client experience there are only two ways that perspective clients are viewing my work primarily it'll be through my website and or my block. Now, on each of these sites there is so much personal information about me, I'm going to force people to have an opinion. This goes back to this notion remember the three things that people that newly married couples are valuing the topping ninety four percent eighty seven percent said they valued what was it ninety seven? Thank you they valued personality. So on my block and on my website, I'm in fusing it was so much of my personality that my goal is to do one of two things with it. My goal is to attract the clients that I want or to repel clients who do not want me. I have come to appoint my business where I understand my photography is not for everybody. My personality is not for everybody and I'm okay with that, and the thing that I want to encourage other photographers is to fully be you em, brace yourself with your idiosyncrasies, embrace yourself your flaws, because somebody will look at that and think I'm that same way. I don't think you need to be perfect. I just need to think that you need to find other people just is weird as you are that's really what I believe and will value that their idiosyncrasies and courts will allow you to communicate a little bit better. Now, once a prospective client reaches out, I need to make sure that every aspect of our experience leads excuse me of every action of every interaction leads to an experience it started off with email. I want to make sure that my brightest feeling something and one of the things I want her to feel is that I'm paying attention to the details, and I'm finding ways to service her in a way that she needs. Now, after we've corresponded via email by this time, they already have my collections, they know how much I charge if they wanted to meet with me, that would most likely be the next step. Sometimes I have clients who will send me a retainer sight unseen and that's fine. They have done so much research that they're okay with that. I am, too, if a client would like to meet it's, usually happening in one of two ways via skype or I'm eating at my studio now since this meeting is our first live interaction, I think it's important to further the way that clients are feeling about you when they interact with you for the first time.

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This January, join Jasmine Star for a different type of workshop. It's not just a couple days -- this is a three month course. We'll be meeting once a month for three months, on January 9, February 13, and March 6. Over that time, we'll turn businesses inside out, transform, and restart for the new year. You'll rework your online presence, find ways to improve your photography skills, and learn how to successfully run a branded photography studio.



I watched this course live and it was just AMAZING !! Jasmine is a great teacher and I love her energy. She gives so much during this workshop, it's so worth it!! If you want to rebrand your business take this course, you'll need it!!