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Retouching for Exterior Architectural Photography

Mike Kelley

Retouching for Exterior Architectural Photography

Mike Kelley

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Class Description

Making exterior architectural images look great takes special skills, and award-winning photographer Mike Kelley has them. In this class, Mike will share his tried-and-true methods for retouching exterior images of world-class architectural subjects, both for international architecture firms and commercial clients. You’ll learn to navigate your way through complicated retouching situations using a combination of exposure merges, sky replacements, perspective corrections, masking and more. 

Adobe Lightroom CC 2015

Ratings and Reviews

user 4a6ee8

I think this is a good course to gain a better understanding of how to shoot on-location more efficiently, while learning a few tips and tricks in post-processing to make your image shine. I would have liked to see the edits of the photos be more of a portfolio hero shot rather than a photo in a series of photographs that are delivered to a client. I found that my best learning tool from this course came from how to properly replace a sky without doing damage to the original photograph.

Christian A

A quick course that flows well. Not overly indepth but provides some good tips and some things to think about and be aware of. Good class for anybody who is looking to improve or brush up on their architecture photography. The purists will likely hate it but for the digital artist this will be useful.

Roy Bisschops

It's a nice and clear course, with good explanations from Mike. But at the same time it's aimed at photographers starting in the field of architectural photography. I expected a tutorial with some more challenging situations, but instead it contains two photos dealing with masking out unwanted objects and replacing a sky. So if you're starting out, go ahead and buy the course. If you've got experience with photoshop masks and replacing a sky, don't bother.

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