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Sales, Sales, Sales.

Tamara Lackey

Sales, Sales, Sales.

Tamara Lackey

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Day 1


9:00 am - Problems with Sales


9:15 am - What is a Salesperson?


9:45 am - You and Your Sales


10:45 am - Why People Buy


11:15 am - Who People Love to Buy From


12:00 pm - Building Rapport and Trust with Clients


1:30 pm - The Sales Process


Class Description

People love to buy ... but people hate to be sold to. If this is true for you, too, why would you ever want to be perceived as a salesperson? Most of us don't.

This course not only covers the nuts and bolts of achieving great sales but goes far beyond, with the intention of priming you to consistently sell your work for what it's truly worth - and to create even better relationships with clients who will appreciate a better experience. If you own your own small business, you are in a 100% sales commission job. Tamara Lackey has worked in a 100%-commission based sales role for 15 years, achieving remarkable success in sales before she ever picked up a camera professionally. 

Tamara will show you exactly how she maintains a consistently high sales average in multiple genres, sharing how to conquer fear of criticism and self-doubt to make the entire process significantly more enjoyable and she will showcase detailed evaluations of each in-studio audience member's sales sessions to show what works, what doesn't, and how you may be killing your sales!

Class Materials

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Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

Fantastic course by a fantastic photographer and tutor. I would wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to anyone who is either; A) Established but currently seeking help to push their sales on, and also; B) Anyone who is at the beginning of their photography business, looking for insight and guidance at successful sales practice. Tamara is a smart and wonderfully engaging tutor. The sessions are informative, and thought provoking, but are presented in a nice relaxed, sincere and often fun manner. As i write this review - CL are having a sale, but even at full price, it's a bit of a no brainer. Just buy it, you'll not regret it. There is alot of valuable information here. Thank you Creative Live and Tamara Lackey. I'm a fan of you both!

a Creativelive Student

Awesome! I cannot believe this wonderful course is so inexpensive. Halfway through watching the downloads, I had a record sales session that more than paid for this course. Every photographer should buy this! Thank you Tamara!


This is a must see workshop. It sets the bar for right motivation in sales and business. I had never formally studied sales and I am so pleased that I got to hear Tamara's excellent and insightful understanding of how to sell without being the sales person that no one likes. As she so aptly put, 'we all love to buy but we hate to be sold to' FIVE STARS. Thanks Tamara!

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