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Scratch DJ Academy presents: DJ Fundamentals

Lesson 12 of 13

Beatmatching Practice Part 1

DJ Hapa

Scratch DJ Academy presents: DJ Fundamentals

DJ Hapa

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Lesson Info

12. Beatmatching Practice Part 1

Lesson Info

Beatmatching Practice Part 1

What I have to to you guys, come on up here first. Um, let me have one of you get set up on this side when you won. Will take over my space here, we've got marshall. Logan, uh, you'll jump on this when put those on, sir, let me find the beat. Okay, so this is your little boy. You see that red thought that's the mark that you bring it back to you? Oh, yeah, yeah. Sorry. Blowing you out here. Uh, that's a cross. Fader, my volume is right there. Uh, um, ok, cool. So that's yours and then you're going to take over my set up here in a second. I'm gonna play this one beats going to the same beat. So your matching up to it, I'm mashing up to it. I'm gonna have you keep yours in the headphones for right now so the way I'm going to do that is by arming your head phone. So that's this one, um, do you want to on the turntable? Okay, try that first. And then, um all right. And then for this time, all right? So I'm gonna start this off when I want you to do again, air scratch to this try and get th...

e timing him for the for you guys that are standing by we'll try and get this time is that we're all dropping in at the same time so it basically taking the same thing and repeating it over and over and over and over again and it will keep rolling if you miss it will keep going so just wait till the next one if you miss it okay here we go um to to get hands on write distract three two three four and forward forward forward forward two three for bringing back two three four three to three four forward bring back to three for three two three four forward forward forward forward trump back to three four three two three four forward forward forward forward not that almost two three two three four forward forward forward forward drop someone one three two three, four forward forward forward forward drop more that's right that's right three two, three four forward forward forward forward drop better bring it back three two three, four forward forward forward, forward drop bring it back three two three four forward bower forward forward drop good. Bring it back. Three two, three four forward forward forward forward dropped almost three two three four forward forward forward board two three two three four forward, forward, forward almost so don't bring it don't bring it back so far stay a little bit closer to that red dot three, two, three, four forward, forward, forward! Better better cares a difference bringing back do three, three, two, three, four forward, forward, forward boom there you go. You hear that? Cool! Nice back. Keep going! Three, two, three, four forward, forward, forward, forward you got to come back to the first to the first point every time so, uh three, two, three, four forward, forward, forward, forward drunk two, three, three, two, three, four forward, forward, forward, forward, drop three, two, three, four forward, forward, forward, forward! Almost almost took cool. Awesome. All right, how did you heard that line up a couple of times, right? A couple times and for you, it's important that okay, so here's one thing that's important, you're not goingto keep going down the track you're on lee really using the first four beats of the track that you're bringing in the one that's playing is going to play all the way through. So it's going to be whatever it's three minute length or whatever that would be right? And like what you're doing is you're just using that first four beats of the one that you're using and drop then you were winding it back to the beginning of that the very, very first beat and then again it's practising it over and over and over and over again so let me have you guys start working your guy's way in um so we'll rotate in come on down this way guys jump on in here and for for people at home if you find an instrumental and you're able to use that instrumental a couple of things to look for in the instrumental like try to find it very, very basic beat if using a very basic beat the more basic the better um and then number two is make sure that you've got two of the exact same record so using if using vinyl or using cds or something like that make sure that they're two of the exact same record using software make sure it's the exact same file just on both decks um and then that way you're taking all of the guesswork out of it. The other thing that make sure is that your pitch is set to zero so all of your your pitch should be set to zero it shouldn't shouldn't be spent a portion of the slow down um cool you wanna jump in here? Um those guys on there you go you want to use this, you want to use the vinyl okay? So on the vinyl you're gonna have to be extra careful to make sure that you're pulling back and you're not skipping a groove that's the only the only added piece here so this white line is lined up to the very beginning on leigh in the beginning of that song though so like that's the one again and look at where that's at right so so that white line silence and then there's the one so if if you can't find it maybe uh rewind it all the way back into you hear silence and then you'll be able to find the one cool so just be very careful of your hands um switch you there yes, but just be when you were winding winding the center do you want to use the record or do you want it? Okay, let me and now you're using actual saraya um so we have set up here so cute to you that you will be when this guy's straight up and down that's the one uh she they're cool uh let's do this. You guys ready? Yeah, air scratch and, you know, actually one of the things that may be helpful we'll do this a couple of rounds it might be helpful. This is what I was saying to record yourself because if you record yourself when you when you play it back, you'll be able to hear the times that you nailed it on the times you didn't you know instantly like those times that you know that you heard it it sounded like the heavens opened up right? It was like oh my god this is on so you'll hear it instantly but it isn't a bad idea to then go back and be like, wow out of twenty times I was on five of the times you know I was on twelve times you know so like you'll notice he'll start to get better and better kind of keep track of like how good you're getting and how much more accurate you're getting so good exercise almost do every every time you start practicing it said like start with an exercise like this its called ones on one's dropping the one on the one cool um me switch around with you here uh cool you're good um I'm pulling into first we'll start this off and then I'm gonna have you guys bring it in so one two three divorces two two three four three two three four forward forward forward forward drop too bring it back yet three two three four polish forward forward forward a little bit of a push back three two three four forward forward forward forward that's actually better because you know I'm looking at it realized two three two three four forward forward forward forward truck nice bring it back to you three two three four forward forward forward forward drop bring it back to three for three two three four forward forward forward old truck almost bring it back to you so it's now skipped out you don't have to bring back very far remember you're only playing for beats nice there you go bring you back three two, three, four forward forward forward forward up nice good. Bring it back to three four three two three four forward forward forward forward drops bring it back. Three two three, four forward forward forward forward nice bring it back. Three two three, four forward forward forward forward drop bring it back! Three two three, four forward forward forward forward drug good. Bring it back three to three forks forward. Forward forward forward drug forward board nice bring it back forward! Forward! Forward truck right. Oh, so you're getting that though you getting the one on there that's good that's good. And you guys just make sure when you guys are make sure when you guys are practicing that you guys are hearing those snares lineup okay? You guys got it. You guys got it down here high five men. Nice. Nice, nice step one. Okay, so step one the when you guys do this it's really important that you you get them to get lined up as always, you get in a couple of times like you're making progress, right? Um couple of those things to remember though is watch your fingers so some of you are starting to kind of do this a little bit on what's gonna happen when you release it it's not gonna be on because you're trying to release it with your fingers the arm motion is going to give you a lot more consistency so that when it drops in it's on um it's going to take some getting used to like and obviously we've got cj's up here we've also got turntables you know find what use what you've got at home obviously and really try your best to like get that to get lined up all right eyes everybody okay with the ones on one's alright sweet so we're gonna move on tio the next piece of actually you know what let me bring you guys that one more time we have you guys used the way have you guys use the turntables this time around uh switch and actually um yeah there you go all right actually I think I can have yeah yeah that works ok cool so here go ahead and put those on so the beginning of this scratch man is there facing straight up and down so your hand should be here okay? So minutes to three for bringing it back to you you're not gonna have to rewind very much at all right? Because it's only those four beats um it's with you um same thing with yours if you can see so you're gonna hear the silence and then that one and that's that white dot that's like lined up there okay so um you see I'm gonna start with you here I'm right so let's do this ready here we go two three two three four forward forward forward forward truck back to three two three four forward forward forward forward drop to be for three two three four forward forward forward forward almost almost bring it back to three three two three four forward forward forward forward drop three two three four forward forward forward forward drop okay three two three four one two three four and drop almost yeah almost back three two three four one two three, four and yeah that's what you here bring it back okay, keep going three that's right forward forward forward forward drop forward forward forward forward shop almost just make sure all right so I think that is the one to three two three four forward forward forward forward yeah nice good bringing back three two three four forward forward forward forward truck three two three four one two three four entra okay, that time you work back all the way one, two, three, four and drop forward forward forward forward drop gone too on three you can here we go forward, forward forward forward for the listen with one ear okay, three, two, three, four forward, forward, forward, forward truck more more, more three two three four forward forward forward forward drop more three two three four forward forward forward forward there you go a little bit of a push but you got it okay cool cool let's have you guys stop nice job over there how's it going easier on the easier on the turntable you find yeah what do you guys think? What what is more well you guys only used the turntable you didn't use this I have a little bit experience of the turntables beforehand so it's a different touch it's a different field because it's this is actually moving and this one's not have like a belt to worry about you know the yeah you have a force that's actually kind of helping you pushing this there's no movement yes so you have to create that um cool awesome. So the next time let me have you guys take a seat we'll quick and then I'm gonna go through then the next step the next step would be to like I'm going to set one off so I'm gonna set one purposely off when I drop it in it'll start to trail off so I'm going to start with um we'll start with the turntable and um I'm going to start by putting it too slow so I'm gonna pitch this down just a little bit about this much pitch it down so if I bring this in on the one where's my rubber bands I lost him um if I bring this in on the one that the one will line up because I brought in on the one the two will start teo kind of lineup the three will start to fall off a bit the four will start to fall off a bit more over time you'll hear it start to fall off even more um and depending on how off it is the sooner if it's closer it's gonna hold longer and then start to fall off overtime if it's this far away though it's if it's significantly far away you'll be able to tell really soon that this is not the right temple but the first thing that I'm going to do is instead of changing this this tempo I'm gonna use my hand to adjust it this is all about touch now this is all about your feel for the record so let me show you what I'm talking about um and actually if you guys want I don't think you guys are in the way if you guys stand right here right they're not in the way if they stand kind of right here to see my hands cool so come a little closer so you can see my hands um yeah I guess you could see him in the screen too a bit um okay so is gonna play I'll do it outside of the head. Bone's first three two three four they're on now there are no longer I let this go the far off they're gonna be and in fact at some point eventually it'll find its way back in some way but it will be off phrase wise it's too much it's crazy so here's a couple of things one is the way I want you guys to practices that everything that comes off the speaker should be matched should sound good and if you get into that habit of doing that um it'll make it a lot easier than we start like really wanted to play out and like just having that habit if there's anything that's off that's what the headphones are for so even when you practice at home I know guys that because they practise at home they do everything than without headphones and they do it all off the main speaker well there's a couple things wrong with that one you're not training your ear and then number two you are also not practicing the way that it actually would be in real life because you wouldn't be monitoring off of the main in order in real life you'd have to monitor off the headphones in real life, so don't you should always practice the way that it's actually going to be like when it comes time to do it? Uh eso um I am going to use my headphones and you'll see me make adjustments I'm essentially going to push this thing back on if for some reason I lose it and I can't find it anymore what should I do? Bingo bingo bingo bingo yes do not sit here trying to like oh, I think it's I'm not sure and now you're trying to make adjustments like whenever you're lost to go back to your point of reference it's just like driving right if you get off the wrong turning now you're lost and now you're off some side street what should you do? Go back to the yeah exactly go back to that point of reference where it made sense before you started to get lost and then figure it out from there same thing here so go back to the very top of it and figure it out from there um do not sit here trying to like, you know, chase it like that I'm going to try and keep it on as always, I can you'll see, though, is that if I take my hand off the record, what will end up happening it'll come off again at some point, right? So I'm gonna have to keep riding this record. This is what this exercise is for the exercise is to really get your touchdown in my brain there is some sort of graph that exists that says if the snares air this far apart move the record this much tow line them up if the snares air this far apart move the record this much to line them up I can't just download that and give that to you like this is something that you guys air like this is you're going to have to fill in that chart and it's going to come from experience and come from this exercise so um again set to zero this one is set off uh here we go three two three four forward, forward fall off and pick it up no if I let my hand off I pushed it too much let my hand off and came back yeah now you notice what I'm doing to help myself is I'm using my body toe help tell me exactly where that snare is matching where it should be so here is one another myth that I'm going teo dispel right now which is you're technically not hearing two things at once you're technically hearing one thing in your queue and you're trying to match up what you're hearing toe what your body is moving too so if you do this whom without moving if I were to try and beat match like this in a chair sitting down with no movement it would be much more difficult than if I use my body toe lock in the master beat and what I'm doing is I'm hearing this record and trying to get it to be on so if I sit here and I don't move it's going to be way way more difficult then if I'm using my body tow line these things up your body will know you ever be on have you ever been on like a treadmill and you're listening to music and you're on the treadmill the and your right's in face of music right like your body wants to align with what your fear is hearing and if you're not aligned you noticed that too right like over time you just like well, wait wait this is not natural like I'm running at this pace but my I'm hearing this beat so what ends up happening is your body syncs up to your ear in that way and you can do the reverse also well you can get then your ear what you're hearing in your ear too then move your body to then sink this with the rest of your body use your body as the ultimate like metrodome and it will be much easier that way so move as much as you can um to be able to keep this I have a couple of students that have kind of picked us up from them one was that they kind of got into this almost this like rocking motion of like when the snares would hit to like really like exaggerate their body making this movement so that you're catching this beat as it's coming along the snare hits like right there and you're trying to like really force your body to like being sink now if I get lost stop go back to the top go back to the very first one drop it in again try and keep it on cool uh questions with what I was doing real quick what I did here was I put my finger in the record and now I'm riding the record right now I'm not putting any force on the record and my fingers just along for the ride when it's time to speed it up I'm putting a little bit more ford here that went a little bit more force in it and if I do it again this another part of this is it won't be as noticeable if I'm doing it on in time so here let me trust again one more time wait for the one and by the way all this is supposed to be done in the headphones like you're like you're not making it in this way push it too much right? Okay, so you're trying to keep that on um don't try this and the two of you jump in come on in jumping you guys okay, um try these tried on that one try that okay, so you're down cool you're good there uh yep cute up there right you're trying to sing up to him but you are all in your headphones anyway so he's in his headphones to all we're hearing is what's coming off the master cool cool um all right so let me pitch you down a little bit um here we go yep so here because we're on so out of what I can do is let me cue this up there will be the one and this one remember now we're playing more than just the first four beats you're letting this go on you're trying to ride it as long as you possibly can when it starts to fall off too much bring it back to the top we can start again so in that case you might have to re cute if you hit one it'll cue back to the first beat here we go way back so any of these will drop in and then try and ride it as long as you can e gonna speed up a little bit fall back there goes speed up a little bit every morning they go make sure sure they go so make sure you're moving to because that will help you out a lot yeah uh um yeah if there's a I just need a patch cable after that yeah so instead of just pushing it like this try and that's where you're gonna get a little bit more control yeah that's the only difference with like that pushing if they want to bring a cat patch way. There you go. Better. Better, though. This's tough that's a tough exercising yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Let it let it fall back. Yeah. That's right. Go back to tokyo. Yeah, that works. There you go. Nice. They go over more. Yeah, yeah. There you go. Nice. Nice, nice. Nice. Now you notice. Did you guys notice when dean martian got into this, like, sort of grew and started really moving to it? Like you couldn't hear what I was hearing and what he was here. But it's, it definitely was like lining up when you're doing that and that's because you allowed your body to them. Did it feel different? Yeah, yeah. You're in a whole another zone, like you blacked out for a second. Yeah. Now you, uh, it was definitely there. And a big part of that is the piece of, like, being able to really connect it up.

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Learn how to DJ with DJ Hapa of Scratch DJ Academy. This class will set you up with everything you need to know to get your start as a DJ.

DJing is more than counting beats and waving your hands in the air, it is about skillfully bringing together songs to create an experience. In DJ Fundamentals you’ll learn about the theory behind music and the basics of manual beatmatching and scratching. Hapa will introduce you to the gear essential to a DJ set including hardware, software and the functions and features to look for. You’ll learn about breaking down music and analyzing arrangement – skills you can use for DJing and producing remixes or original work.

If you are brand new to DJing or you’ve been at it for a while, this course will give you a solid foundation you can build on no matter which genre or style you prefer.


Arik Cohen

I’ve always wanted to be a DJ and dabbled with gear and software since I was a kid. But as a result I never got really good at it. So I finally decided to give the subject it’s proper respect and study it. Boy am I glad I did. This guy is a terrific instructor. Just enough theory to give you a solid foundation, just enough practice to get you to work on your skills. I’m half way through the material and I’m loving every minute of it. I learned in one video more than I had learned my entire life watching random YouTube videos and talking to others. I would definitely recommend it to any DJ, new or experienced that want to get their fundamentals down cold.


It's great to learn from a master such as DJ Hapa, the course content is the perfect blend of comprehensive content and practical demonstrations. I've learnt a wealth of valuable information! Thank you Creativelive and DJ Hapa for an excellent course

N Ho

Great intro to DJ-ing, covering gear, building blocks of music, beat matching, and lots of little stories about his experience. Also touches on what to think about depending on what kind of DJ you want to be and how that might change the type of gear you're after. As a classically trained musician, I also find his notation for phrases, beats, etc a lot more simple and intuitive than traditional theory. Thanks, great course.