Sell Your First 1000 Books


Sell Your First 1000 Books


Class Description

Self-publishing has turned authors and photographers into business owners. In this new era of publishing, you are your own startup and your book is your product. In this workshop, self-published author and book marketing expert Tim Grahl will teach you how to help your book find its audience.

Book sales depend not only on the quality of your work, but also on the strength of your marketing. You will learn how to develop a strategic outreach plan to engage your current audience and introduce yourself to the right new communities. Tim will also show you how to develop a reliable email list, use content to drive sales, and negotiate with publishers.

Whether you’re publishing a novel or a coffee table book of lush images, Tim will give you the marketing playbook your talent deserves.


Sonja Dewing

Loved it! A lot of great tips on what needs to be on your author page, even some helpful plugins for WordPress! Love the extras. Well worth it.

a Creativelive Student

I took Tara Gentile and Tim Grahl's classes on and I followed their recommendations religiously. Between them, they took all the mystery out of writing and getting my book to market. It still took me four months and a dozen revisions, but I was never unsure about what I needed to do next. I could write a long article about narrating and sound engineering a version for, but I finally figured that out on my own. Now I am a published author. Yeah!!!