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Selling On Social: A Complete Guide

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The Facebook Recovery System

Mei Pak

Selling On Social: A Complete Guide

Mei Pak

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4. The Facebook Recovery System

Lesson Info

The Facebook Recovery System

The facebook recovery system that's kind of cut off a little bit there, but it says the facebook recovery system and this is really cool I know some of you guys for watching me in the audience we actually did a workshop on this a couple of weeks ago and it was it is amazing some of my students from the workshop has all have already implemented this the the system that I'm going to teach you here and in two days someone told me they doubled their engagement on and in a couple of days another person told me they were already starting to make sales from their facebook page just because they posted their product and they're not even doing any of the selling on social media. They basically had a link to their etc shop and they oh, they had a sale from that or they got a really big commission so that anything really proud but like this works okay? And I did this for my own facebook page to and I'll show you a little bit of kind of my results with this, but what the system is, it is basically...

a short term campaign for kind of reviving a dead facebook page, so if you kind of let your facebook page kind of die and the engagement if you're like one percent or zero percent engagement, this is a great system for increasing that engagement up to a point where you're ready to start doing social media sales the main goal with the system is you want to improve its going to help you improve your engagement rate so that more of your fans are senior posts so that when you actually have something to sell you have as many eyeballs as you can looking at that sale so as I mentioned before, the number of people who see your posts is larger than the number of people who are engaging with you right? So if you have ten people who are liking your posts there's going to be off a bigger number of people who have actually seen it so just keep that in mind but if you're wondering how to calculate your engagement rate it's the number of people engaged and you confined this number in your view insights couple of slides back you know I showed you how on your cover profile there's um the three little dots on the bottom right corner click on that and then go to view insights and then you divide that number by the number of fans you have multiplied by one hundred to get that percentage rate so here's an example of the page what this will look like um the people engage is going to be on the right box right there so take that number forty six hundred thirty five and then divide that blight by thirty four a thousand so even from this, you can see it's going to be a little bit more than ten percent of an engagement ring, so let's, see so some of my results when I was doing this system, what I basically did before I started selling on social media in two thousand fourteen, I took a couple of months to do the system first before I started doing social media sales, so it was hard work for sure it was stretching my comfort zones. Honestly, I'll talk a little bit about why that wass but it was also really focused hard work for one to two months, but then it gets a lot easier. So that's the good news there is light at the end of the tunnel and before I had implemented the system on my own facebook page, I was getting somewhere between one to five percent engagement rate s o this is probably where you guys are at about that ranged as well. While I was doing the system, I thought my engagement might go up to his highest forty six percent. So remember, the number of people who are senior posts is larger than the number of people engaged with you, right? So I had almost fifty percent of people engage with my page at at that point when I was doing the system. And I can guarantee you more people than fifty percent worse actually seeing my post, so I was reaching far more people at this point. So once I stop doing this campaign as aggressively right now, kind of I'm hovering around the ten to twenty eight percent engagement rate, and I don't spend any money on boost posts or things like that. I don't really. Besides spending money on paige likes, I don't spend money on getting my engagement out there on trying to get my post seen by my fans. So that's the beauty of this system. So the facebook recovery system there are three parts to this and part one will talk about your posting schedule. So if you have been posting once a day or if you've been posting once a week or once every two days, you have to change that. You're going tio start posting multiple times a day, and I'm going to give you a complete breakdown of what you what I would recommend for you to do and just keep in mind like all of this is a guide I recommend for you to do this because it worked for me, maybe. Something else will work for you better so, you know, take what you have here as a guide as a template and a framework, and then see how you can work your own personality in your own business into this. So what I want you to do is start building a content or photo library off all of these behind the scenes post of your studio of yourself, working of kind of works in progress, you know, take pictures of your supplies, take pictures of your messy desk, and I want you to aim for posting four times a day, and I know that's like calling out that so much that's four times a day like that. So much content, right? Don't worry when I spell this out to you, it's not going to be a cz scary or as crazy as it sounds, the more the better, but just trying to aim for four to start and if you're worried about that, wow, four posts my fans are goingto unlike my page because they're going to be overwhelmed. Well, the first, my first point is that not all of your fans are going to see all of the four posts because, you know, going back to the algorithm, not everyone senior posts, right, so don't worry about that. But the second point to is that if your fans are frustrated and they don't want to see your stuff anymore, those aren't the people who are going to buy from you anyway. So who cares if the unsubscribe er if they stopped liking your page, right, you're better off without them. So what you're going to do on top of that on top of taking pictures of your behind the scenes of your works in progress, you're also going to become a curator and you're going to start sharing other people's content, and I'll talk more about this in a little bit, but what I want you to do is to schedule all of these posts in advance so your life is going to be a lot easier. You're going to be more efficient and you're going to streamline the process so four times a day, I don't want you to be sitting on facebook for time city posting on the fly you know you're going to be saving a lot more time if you can schedule these out in advance maybe once a week schedule the next eight, seven days on an advance or what I used to do when I was starting out with the system every morning, what I would do is I would go up to my studio and then I would take pictures of my products, and then I would start posting the four posts for that day but here's the thing when you're building your content photo library when I really recommend for you to do two is to batch taking photos of your stuff so what I used to do was every morning I would take just one photo and then the next morning I wake up to take another one photo and it was just training so then I got a little bit sorter on and so a couple of weeks down the road and I start like why don't I just take more photos of this so spend a little bit more time in your studio if every morning you can take ten photos and if you can do that for two weeks by the end of that two weeks you will have enough content for one hundred forty days and that will make a little bit more sense when I explain how that translates one hundred forty days into hundred forty post so posting four times a day this is what it's going to look like for you okay so and you can kind of mix us up a little bit in terms of timing and I'll talk a little a bit more about that but one of those posts is going to be you know the photo that you take in your studio behind the scenes take a photo of the work in progress take a photo of some of your supplies another post that you're going to have is other people's content we're actually gonna have two of those in fact, and then your last post is just a straight up kind of a bind me, here's, what I have for sale, this is my product in the best picture that I can have for it, like kind of, you know, one of those photos in a white background, so in terms of timing, because the first and the fourth r actually directly related to your to your own brand and your own business, I would go back and look into your view insights and see pick four times throughout the day that your fans are most engaged with you there's going to be that one time that your fans are most engaged with you that's the peak? Choose that and make that your product photo your actual sales photo and then the second best time make that you're behind the scenes work and then the two last times, which are going to be not as active as the first two that can be other people's content. So part two of the facebook recovery system is building community. This is pretty simple, so we're going to fly through this really quickly, but basically what I want you to do then is to respond to all the comments that you get within twelve to twenty four hours and this is not optional. You absolutely have to do this. I've seen so many posts where I've been seeing so many pages where of a fan has commented, like a week ago and, you know, they had might have a question or maybe if it's just to comment and the owner of the page hasn't replied to that person. The reason this is important for building community is because you want your fans to know that you're a real person, you're there to acknowledge them, you're there to kind of get become friends with them, you don't get to know them, they want to feel like you're there to listen and that you're there for them, even if it's just to say thank you. So this is where I see most people they're like. Well, they said something nice, but I don't have to come into it just say thank you. And if you can't say thank you, you don't have the time to say thank you. Just put a smiley face that's over simple right there's no excuse why you shouldn't do it. So the reason we're doing this is when people become familiar and when they get in the habit that when they get used to your page being a great place for them to comment like, you know, wow, you leave a comment on someone's page, the least thing you would expect would be like, yeah, you know, they're there to professional, they're a big company, they're not going to respond to someone like me when you actually comment and respond to them they're going to make them feel special. They're gonna want to keep coming back to your facebook page to leave comments and to interact with you because they know you're there toe listen, you're there to see their comment. So what this is going to encourage is your they're going to get in the habit of commenting mohr on your facebook page, and that in itself will increase their engagement rate. Okay, part three engagement ads, so before we freak out about doing advertising on, you know, boosting posts and things like that, don't worry you don't have to do ads forever it's just all part of this short term system, whether you spend one or two months or three months doing the system, you're just going to be doing ads throughout this period. And it's, you know the analogy that I want to use your it's, kind of, like bicycling, bicycling up a hill? If you let your facebook page dying, your engagement's really low, the last thing I want for you to do is spend all of that time taking photos of your products, curating content, posting four times a day on ly for no one to see your posts, because if you're getting one percent engagement rate, no one's going to steer posts, and then all of your effort would be gone down the drain. So it's, kind of like bicycling up the hill, it's going to take a little bit of energy and effort to get past that hill, but once you're past that it's going to be a breeze, it's going to be a lot easier, so what's going to happen is when you team up engagement ads with the great content that you're posting four times the day your fans are going to start becoming more engaged with you, and then once they're engaged with you, they're essentially telling facebook, hey, I like this person's business paid. Show me more of it. So when you, you can eventually turn off these ads, you can wean off doing advertising, and your fans have already signaled to facebook because they've liked in comment and shared they signaled to facebook to say, I like this business page, show me more of it, so once you take down those ads, they're still going to keep senior posts, so at that point you can rely more on your organic, great content to get that that organic reach an engagement. So what I want you to do in terms of engagement ads, you know, you're posting four times a day at the end of every week, I want you to go into your news feed or going to view in sites, and I want you to check on which one of which ones of the post that you have created, so not other people's content, I want you to pick one of the posts that you created and turn that into an ad. Basically, um, you want to identify the post that has gotten the highest number of engagements basically, and I'll talk a little bit more about why we do that in a little bit, but there is a little bit of a gray area between doing boost posts and engagement ants, so boost post is really simple, right on your news feed itself, you have your post there, and at the bottom of that you have the little blue button that says boost posts right on your facebook page um, and that's easy to do, and it used to be that with facebook, the targeting wasn't as specific when you do boost post like that. So it used to be that when you did that you're spending a lot of money for not ah lot back, and for that reason, doing engagement as like actually taking that post and turning it into an end is a little bit more of a lengthy process. I'll walk you through that, but that used to be the better system right now because boost post has changed so that you do have a lot of targeting options when you actually go in and do that it's unclear to me that it is not the best way I mean they're kind of equal, so what I want you to do is kind of test them out. I've heard that with boost post you will end up spending more money than you need, teo and with engagement ads, you do save money if you were to do, you know, boost post via engagement ads, so really test it out for yourself, so I'm going to teach you you know how to do both post, but I'm going to teach you how to do engagement at's, just so you have that information in your head it's really easy to do, so I'm just gonna show you really quickly. But a basic rundown of how you do that is you're going to go to manage ads, so you're logged in it's your personal profile at the top right corner there, there's you know where you normally go to log out, click on that bottom arrow and then there's manage as that will come up and then you're going to create an ad and then you're going to select booster posts and then you're going to choose page post engagement. At that point, you're going to be able to choose from all of the post that you have in your facebook page and it's going to tell you how many likes and comments and sheriff's each posts has gotten, and then you're going to choose the one that has gotten the highest amount of engagement, and the reason we do that is because it's kind of a track record, right? You're seeing that your fans are already engaging with this, so it must be a great photo or something about the photo really clicks with your people. So it's a good idea to take that ad with the highest engagement and turn that into an ad, because that ensures that you're getting the most bang for your buck, right? It doesn't make sense to you. Tried to boost something off a picture that maybe doesn't look really get great didn't really get great engagement um that means you're just not going to get as much likes and shares and comments from the money that you're spending so a big thing here is that I want youto only target this add to your fans don't target them to your friends of fans just your fans what this is going to do is it's going to also lower your cost in terms of advertising because facebook knows these people are already fans of your page it's going to be cheaper teo target them basically and the reason why we don't want toe target friends of fans or anyone beyond your facebook page is because if you have a friend of a fan like in your posts there's no way for you to really reach out to that same person again so they're never going to see your page again so you would have just spent money on that like without really any long term benefits the budget that I want you to set at five dollars a day is a perfect number on do that first three to five days so when you really think about it if you're doing this every week for say, four times a month that would only add up to about sixty to one hundred dollars a month sixty dollars if you want to do three days you no it's not bad when you think about the grand scheme of things, right? So it's. Not terrible, but what's also nice about facebook. Is it's not going to spend all of your five dollars, sometimes it well, but sometimes will spend more like three dollars or four dollars. So this is not a fixed budget.

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Sell to your customers where they already spend their time – on social media!

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