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Segment 1 - Why Senior Photography

Lesson 3 from: Senior Portraits: Create the Ultimate Experience

Leslie Kerrigan

Segment 1 - Why Senior Photography

Lesson 3 from: Senior Portraits: Create the Ultimate Experience

Leslie Kerrigan

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3. Segment 1 - Why Senior Photography


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Day 1


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Bonus Video: Concept Shoot


Segment 1 - Why Senior Photography


Segment 2 - Getting Started & Research Your Market


Segment 3 - How to Get Started Q&A


Segment 4 - Branding: Your Ideal Client


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Segment 29 - How to Build Your Collections


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Segment 33 - Senior Rep Program Q&A


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Segment 34 - Marketing Tool: Concept Shoot Part 1


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Lesson Info

Segment 1 - Why Senior Photography

welcome. I'm super excited that you guys are here. I kind of can't believe that I'm here. That is like pinching myself, But we're gonna have a great time. We're gonna get to know one another. We're gonna hear from the live audience. We are just gonna hang out. So I got my girls here in the audience. Super excited on. We're just gonna talk. All things, senior portrait photography. So we've got a ton of stuff to cover of the next three day everything having to do with your photography and the senior portrait experience and anything and everything in between. So we've got some great things planned from some live shoots videos. All of that. Good stuff, Some interviews with some some other folks out there. So we've got a lot of stuff to cover each day. But today we are going to cover a lot of things. Information wise today. Day one is a lot of information. We're going to go over. Why? Senior photography. Why? You know why doesn't interest you? How did it Why did it interest me? How did I ge...

t started? Um, how to get into senior photography once you figure out that's kind of what you want to do. So how do you do it? How do you go from shooting everything to just shooting seniors? Branding How to research your market? Who is your ideal client? Uh, what to offer your clients to provide them the ultimate experience. What will help you stand out amongst the other photographers? Because I'm sure everybody here could say there's a 1,000,000 photographers in your town, right? Right. So there's ways around that. There's ways to stand out how toe educate your clients. How Teoh, How to build relationships with your clients on how to create a style closet, which I'm super excited about because I love to shop everything to Dio and I figured out a way to incorporate that into my photography, which is nothing ever. Okay, so all that to say that we are just going to jump right in and get started with today's topics. I want to first tell you a little bit about Mayo. Kenna told you. You know that I have seen urology and that I have Lesley Herring and photography. But how did I How did I get there? Um, as you tell. I'm from the South from the accent. Hopefully, you can understand me, and you won't have to have subtitles on line. Pretty sure I'll say some Southern phrase that nobody will understand that. OK, anyway, I am from a small town in South Carolina, but I live in Greenville, South Carolina, which is a little bit bigger of a town where I'm recently from I started photography like probably. I'm guessing most of you where maybe you had kids. Maybe you wanted photos of them that piqued your interest. You started learning MAWR and doing more, and that's exactly what happened to me. And my story is not really that original. But it's, you know, it's what happened. I remember when I first started, I sat at my mother in Law's house with her laptop was just like googling and like, just like addicted to finding out everything I could about photography teaching myself and researching and all this stuff. That's that's where I started. I shot everything. Seniors, families. Heck, I shot pits if they asked me to. You know, anything and everything at the beginning, because I thought, Well, a that's what you're supposed to do and be I needed the experience And so anything that called I would I would do. But through that kind of figured out that Okay, I'm better This I like this better when it came to wedding photography, a love wedding photography, the story you tell. But I have kids and I don't want to be away from them every single Saturday for 8 10 hours a day. They're a basketball or football or baseball, and it's always on Saturday. So if I was at a wedding, I'd have to leave the game or I'd have to, you know, do this. That and the other. So I figured that wasn't for me. Um, newborns Precious. Not my forte. I'm not even sure I like my own Children when they were newborns, because they cried and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. So, yeah, not my forte. I don't have the patience for it. I think it's awesome. And that's something that you can do. Go for it. But little by little, I started figuring out that I mess really well with seniors like I just hang out with, um I hear all the time. Leslie, you're just one of the girls. Um, I don't have girls and two boys. So hanging out with seniors gives me my girly fix a little bit so that, you know, that's kind of how I started narrowing down what I wanted to photograph. And, um, and I think a lot of us have to start that way. We all have to experiment with all of the different genres and really just hone in on what you love the most. Or if you love all of them, do all of them. It's your business. That's the great thing about this. You can do whatever it is you want to do. For many seniors was the most important thing. Every now and then, I will still photograph families, and I do photograph a lot of my seniors families, which is awesome, which is a great thing to get into because, you know, moms maybe want a family photo for their kid goes off to college. So that plays into senior food hardly really well. And if you do like weddings that plays into that, too, because eventually they will be getting married. And if you live in the South, it's quicker than girls get married at 22 so it's not that far after they've been a senior. But anyway, so for me, that's kind of how I got into it or how I started. So what is the why? Why do I like it? Why do White of seniors? You know, where they my passion? Um, again, it's because I really feel like I mesh well with, um I mean, I could give you a surfaced and author of, Oh, Well, they like to have their photo taken and that's true. They do they like to have their photo taken. You are not having to chase them or, like, deal with crying or temper tantrums or any of that. And girls, especially the have their photo taken right. They look a fashion magazines and stuff like that. So that is, That's an easy answer for me to say. But if I did dug a little deeper, figure out that I just I love that age group. I love talking to them. I love giving him advice. I love, too. I pretend like I'm there que older sister, when really I'm probably more like their mother. I won't tell you exactly how old I am, but but I mean, I really just really love to hang out with them. I love the fashion aspect of it, obviously, because we've already touched on that a little bit. Um, and again, they really love to have their photo taken. Just I love building the relationship with them. I feel like that's my key genre that I could really build a relationship with. I mean, I get text every day from my past clients asking me what, where they're going, toe rush or you know, this, that the other or telling me about their boyfriends Or, you know, they comment on what I'm wearing way continue. That bond is not just take their photos and go. So we'll talk a lot about that. Yeah. So what are you wearing? Of course, I had to buy something new for creative life. Uh um, And again, my passion is shopping. Like you wanna go shopping? Your But anyway, this is a shot. Bop is the dress. So shot bob dot com The shoes I got from piperlime dot com. The necklace is J crew. What else do I have on J crew bracelets? And I think this is Macy's or somewhere. Watch. Yeah. Kendra Scott hearing shout out to my girls that gave me these misty Amy, Courtney, Britney They gave me these Its present. I just think it's cool. It's cool that it's actually intentional as well that it's what you love, but also what people talked about, what people ask about it. We'll see throughout the course. But it's also this is what you bring into offering to your girl. So yeah, I get that out. Yeah, I know my comment all the time. Oh, my God. You're so cute. Or you have this in the other and I love it. So it is a passion of mine. I mean, it's you can't have fun, right? Anyway, OK, so I've told you a little bit about the y for me, but I'd love to hear the y from all of you out there in the live audience on especially you girls here in studio audience. You know, why live senior photography for you? Why have you either gotten into it already or why you want to get into It s so we're gonna take this time to introduce all the girls here in studio audience. We're gonna go around and have them say their name their business names If you get that out there where you are located and why Senior photography. So we're gonna start with you. Lindsey. I'm Lindsey Lyons of Lindsey Lyons. Photography Very creative. And I am in Portland, Oregon, and you kind of stoned me. Answer. I love I just like hanging out with seniors. And I always laugh because I'll be talking about them to someone, and I'll say, Oh, my friend. And I'm like, I was like to when they, I mean, they were like to when I was in high school were not e I e. I know. So it's just fun. I just have fun hanging out with them, and they like having their pictures taken. And it's just so much fun. So good. Hi, I'm Joe Kara, and I'm from Jules, a life photography I Scott in the seniors because I hang out at my kids activities. They're younger, but they're older kids around, and people find out what do you do? See your photos and, well, why not? You know, And so I did it and I was like, Oh, my gosh, they know their left from the right way. A slight head tilt is Think they watch America's next top model. How amazing It is fun and like, want their photo taking. So that's totally different to chasing and begging and pleading. It's like they want to be there. I want to be their kids. I'm six in 10 60 10 girls, girls, go ahead your turn. I'm Lauren Bentley with Lauren belly photography l a Bentley dot com and I started because I just I really like the milestone aspect of it the history, the documentation of where they are right now and really being able to be a part of that, I think is really, really fun. Gift gift. Teoh. Yeah, Be ableto document that give their parents because they want to remember their little girl before she went off to college. Yeah, I think that's awesome. That's one thing I just really love about it. And I want to get more into that. Okay. Hi. I'm Angela with Ansley. Best photography actually made my business after my daughter. That's thinking, yeah, inches, two years old, but I actually kind of my stories very similar years. I started out with shooting families and I've done weddings and I love weddings. with well, but because I have a little girl, I just kind of started gravitating towards senior photography. And there's just so much fun to be around and all the girls that I've shot, like he said, I end up being friends with them, and I do feel like I'm like their big sister because I don't wanna be there. Mom, I It's just so much fun and like you said, they're they wanna have fun. They want their photos taken. I love buying like I love fashion and setting fashion, and they're just so much fun to be around. And like you said, it's such a huge part of a big thing in their life. I just think it's you know, when my daughter was that age, I want something, you know. I try to document all like the big milestones, and that's a huge miles. It feels like just yesterday that by running in without get there taking exactly so it is he and it's just so great for them to have something that's all about them and I two documents, just special time in their life. I'm gonna jumpstart it in with some of what the folks are saying that there's a lot of people are in those chat rooms on and talking about why they got into senior photography, Joni says. Each ship session is so different, I can get more creative with senior. Oh, definitely. And to be honest, it's a lot more fun than weddings. I like Thea Bility to be creative and use people's unique personalities in what you're doing, and we're gonna be talking a lot about that. Gen. Vasquez Photography is a regular here, talks about the excitement that they have. They're about to graduate from high school again. Really big milestone time, Fred Weezer says. I like working with seniors because they get so excited about being center of the attention for a day, mostly girls, but the guys do, too. They have fun, they're having fun. And that makes it a fun experience for him as a photographer. And thank you, Fred for representing. We know that there are a lot of male photographers out there who do seniors as well as the difference is, we're gonna be talking about photographing boys as well as girls because there are nuanced differences, so keep those coming in terms of why senior photography, so we'll go ahead over to you if you could stand up. I'm terror Reiners, a terrorist rhetorically from Billings, Montana So kind of the rural state over there. I I actually specialize in feminine portraiture right now with the more mature because I want them to feel confident, feel beautiful and give that back to them. And so now I'm trying Teoh, add seniors into the mix because I really want to bring that piece. It's such a vulnerable time, right? And I want young women to feel that confident and going off. Yeah, you're going off to college. So just more than imagery, but But that growth carrying, that's awesome. Yeah, they definitely a lot of girls air, you know, self conscious or nervous about having their photos taken. So if you can put them at ease and make them feel comfortable on Beautiful, that is That's golden right there. You know that? That's awful. Okay, going. I am too. Maya Koven from two Mayakoba photography. I live in Humble, a small suburb from Houston, Texas. By day, I am a middle school teacher on dso for me going to see your photography, I just actually grew up with them. Eso eyes such a big milestone for them again. And so, you know, just watching them grow up and just still being there with them, you know, helping them pick out the outfits, doing their makeup with them and just really being a positive role model for them. Because sometimes I get so lost into other things. And so it is still being around him to be able to mentor them through my singing photography. That's that's why I am singing. Seeing photographer. Do you ever photograph middle school girls? I do. Okay, Yeah, because that's a great age. And then eventually they'll be years. That's a great way toe. You know, turn your uniqueness, which is that you're a middle school teacher into a business. I think because, like I say, I mean, actually started out the first girls I've ever photographed. We're in 10th grade, but then they became singers and trying to me So you can start a Merlin getting ready, right? And so I just took a job as a high school teacher. Now, good work. Do you have any sort of restrictions? I know sometimes teachers. Well, I know one photographer Amber Fox Shadow Chamber. I don't know that she she's a teacher, but I don't think they let her photograph her own students. They're not my students. And more so. Okay, once they've graduated once, they're not. Once they were in middle school, then I could go ahead and photographed them because they were in high school. Okay. Gotcha. Gotcha. But now that you're a high school teacher, he has I haven't found all that. I will work that out. But I will just have to market to another. Yeah, well, not not in the same district anymore, so I can go back to those. Good. Okay. Yeah, that worked. So all of my students, like I started out with them in eighth grade. And so, like, last year with my first year them graduating high school. And so now I'm gonna emails from I'm like, I think you taught my son. It's amazing. Yeah. Yeah, that is awesome. And to be able to see them grow, right, that's really awesome. Because I do know whenever I did family, if they were repeat families, it was awesome to see the kid grow up a little bit. And you felt like you knew him, you felt like kind of part of the family. That's that's also yeah, I just wanted to jump in and give a shout out to Vash, who is also from humble. I asked fashion as you, but also small town and you're from a small town. That's one of the things that we hear all the time. Whether whatever the genre of photography is is how do I do this in a small town? So all your small towners, we're going to talk about that because it was like, That is you, Kelly. So we can keep going. LJ Shepherd photography and I'm a in Bellingham, Washington's like hour and half north. Um, similar story. I kind of started with kids babies, and I have two Children of my own and seniors or such a nice break. I don't have to change diapers and do any of that, but also just making these girls feel beautiful and amazing. And when I'm on a session and I show the girl the very first back of the camera, shot in the gas like crying, it's the most amazing feeling about, and I just want to continue that totally yeah, it is awesome to show them, and then it's a great thing to show them throughout the session, so they know they're doing it right. I do think sometimes singers get like Oh my gosh, I'm doing this right or, you know, they don't want to look awkward. They don't want feel awkward. So to be ableto you know, interspersed that throughout your session. And really, that helps build their confidence. It helps them know they're doing it right, and they're looking good that you're doing a great job. So, yeah, that's also do you have any more? We have so many, which is awesome. Everybody who's in the chat rooms telling their stories. I love that we're hearing some of them, but also you guys can keep sharing. We have cool crew. Who says seniors have started to be comfortable with who they are, but they still have many ambitions about the future. There you're capturing this moment in their life of unknowns, of passions, of fearlessness, anticipation of what to come. So again, that beautiful moment in life. We have M. C P. Who says I'm the photographer for my son's high school marching band of about students. So most of the pictures or candid shots of them at football games. But it's time, you know, you can turn that and write a business, which is right, right? Just like yeah, and she's getting right in front of her target market for maybe a different reason, but they're gonna think of her first. That's right. And we've got hospital who was shooting sports for a local newspaper. So same thing where those opportunities where you can interact with your potential clients and I know we're gonna be talking about branding in the next election and get how to get out there. So So a lot of people were seeing a lot of those same themes as well as people who are going from wedding photography to senior photography. It's great. A lot of people are connecting with a lot of the scenarios that you all have. That is why we have you here, because you are representing a lot of the folks at home, so very cool to hear and establish what we're doing here. And it's it's very invigorating to here why people love this particular genre. Yeah, and do what you're passionate about. 10 years of what you're passionate about. That's where you need to focus your business. So it sounds like a lot of people are passionate out there as well as you guys, so I think that's also

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