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Segment 22 - Social Media & HS Seniors

Lesson 24 from: Senior Portraits: Create the Ultimate Experience

Leslie Kerrigan

Segment 22 - Social Media & HS Seniors

Lesson 24 from: Senior Portraits: Create the Ultimate Experience

Leslie Kerrigan

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24. Segment 22 - Social Media & HS Seniors


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Segment 22 - Social Media & HS Seniors


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Segment 22 - Social Media & HS Seniors

social media with teenagers must have right. It is the way to communicate with them. They are not really utilizing email all that much. They're using social media and they're using text messages. So we are going to get into how to navigate. And you don't utilize social media to attract teens. This statistic is, um, really just let you know that all of the teens, our own social media, the most of them surveyed by statist a dot com, 30% said that Instagram was their most important social media outlet, followed by Twitter and then followed by Facebook. So I know there's a big debate out there about whether teens are still on Facebook. I definitely think it's maybe not as popular with them, but I do think they still use Facebook, so I don't think is anything we should give up. Yet Instagram is awesome because it is a quick and easy way to see a photo and attract your audience. So I think that's probably why they're liking that one a little bit more because it's quick, easy Facebook posts y...

ou have to read, and they don't have time for that. Who has time to read nowadays. I mean, come on. But anyway, so that is You know how that plays out. I think you really, honestly almost have to be a full time social media guru when it comes to seniors and marketing eso Ah, lot of times I think people think we just take pretty pictures and we're done. But there's a whole side of this business that is just a important as the photos we produce. And that is especially with seniors, social media. So it is a constant thing you have to keep up with. You have to make sure that you are keeping up with the trends connecting with them through this outlet and so forth. So ah, couple of things to think about when you're talking about social media. When posting to Instagram, you can connect obviously your instagram posts to Facebook and Twitter. That will save you a ton of time. I always you have the option. You don't have to choose it, but I always shoes Facebook and Twitter. So everything I post on instagram is there too. That way, I don't have to go to each of those sites supposed, so that is important to make sure that you are doing all of that. So it saves you time but gets you out there and more places also connect your Facebook and Twitter account. So if you are posting on Facebook, it also tweets what you posted and vice versa that you can do through Facebook app. Um, through Facebook. There's a way that you can use the Twitter app to connect and vice versa. You do both of them can Facebook to Twitter, Twitter to Facebook's. If you choose to tweet, it's going to show up on Facebook and vice versa. It's just a time saving tool in order to get everything you need on social media. I mean, who has time to go to each one of these outlets? There's a 1,000,000 of them. Probably. I don't have time to get all of them, so that saves me time. Another thing is to connect your blawg Teoh Facebook WordPress blog's have you know Adam's that you can do and connect it that way. Network Blawg is a way that you can do that as well, so that you're making it easy. You're making it super easy. If they're looking at Facebook and then by default they might see it on Twitter because you've already connected your Facebook to Twitter, then you don't have to remember to go put that link out there on the block C. Neurology is connected that way, so I don't have to actually go on Facebook and say, Hey, go look at this block post today I know I blawg and then it automatically puts it on there on making it easy and having it come up and show up in somebody's face makes them click on it. If they have to think to go to www dot c neurology dot com. You know they're not going to do it, so have it show up and have it just one click. They don't have to think about it. They can just see it right Then they're in their feed, said That's important. Make sure your website and your blawg has all of your social media links. You want them. If they find you via your website, you want them to then be able to connect with you on social media. So had those Icahn's those you know, the bird for Twitter. The camera for Instagram had those in a place that they can immediately see it. Don't have it hidden at the bottom or anything like that. You want them to be able to click? Follow click follow. Simple, simple, simple and fast on Ben, you know, ask your clients for their social media links. We talked about that questionnaire. That is what I try to find out as much as possible. All their social media links because I want to follow them. Comes in really handy when you're trying to recruit senior models. Because maybe you follow them for a little while and see what kind of interaction they have again. You gotta you gotta protect your brand. So making sure they're not being mean all social media or doing anything like that. So you want to follow them, you want to see also, you can learn a lot from following teens on social media. See what they're into. Um, you can learn a lot, so make sure you ask them and you follow them. I know. I mentioned earlier when you're sitting there at the hair makeup and you're chatting with them, you know, for some reason you haven't gotten a chance to follow them yet. You can say By the way, I know you told me this on your question here. But what's your instagram? Let me let me pull that out really quick. So then I can take a quick snapshot. And who doesn't want their photo on Instagram as a teenager? They want it. So you you say, Hey, I'm gonna take one of you in the process of air makeup. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Put that on their tag. Me. So those are some social media things. What are the best things to post? What do you post? There's a ton of different things you can post. I like to post a little bit about the actual process and then a little bit about me. Personally, I feel like trying to make a connection with them and not always trying to sell sell sell to them with my post is the best balance. If you think about maybe other, please people that you follow even anthropology, for example, they don't always post anthropology is having a sale today. Maybe they post look at what this cute girl had on today, and you kind of get more connected with them that way. So think about it in that in those terms don't always be posted about, you know, the special you have running or something like that. Post something that they can just I find it interesting and mix it in with some more business, see type things. But some examples behind the scene photos. I think all teenagers are very interested in what the process is before they book you. So if you're posting behind the scene photos and they're seeing their friends having a good time seeing that they are, you know, doing something fun that is going to attract them, and social media is the best place for that posted on Instagram. They can see that and think, Oh, I need to call and get my senior photo taken. It's all about being in front of them to remind them that hate you're out there and you are you taking photos and they need to call you in. Book sneak peeks are always good. Um, you know, there's a couple of different trains of thought when it comes to sneak peeks. Maybe you don't want to show anything because you want them to see everything in the ordering session on day. I understand that because you want that gut reaction when they first see that photo. But I generally put a sneak peek up maybe the day before the ordering session and only put one up because that way they can get excited about the ordering session. But I'm not given too much away before the ordering session, so that's a good way to think about it. Just think of a number, stay consistent with that and decide on a time that you're gonna post it. I don't necessarily want it a week or two before the ordering session because I don't want them looking at that photo. And then by the time the ordering session comes around, maybe they've decided they don't like it or older. Here was not exactly the way they wanted or whatever. So I think a day gives them excitement that doesn't make them like go crazy. Pleasure not giving away the digital files. If you're just posting one and you've got your logo on there, you know they are going to buy the digitals. You're not harming that sale, if you will. Boarding sessions photos. I love it when I mean not that I really want moms to cry, but I do like it to see that emotion so I might snap a picture of them looking at there, looking at the photos and going are making you know great face or crying or, you know, whatever their emotion is, I feel like that's important. Plus it also educate your client on the fact that you do ordering sessions, and that's where they're going to see their photos. So that's a great thing to post videos of you during a session. Now I will say that Sarah, our guest in just a few minutes, she did a guest post on this so we can talk to her a little bit more about that where she started using video on Instagram Teoh, you know, show mawr interaction and things like that rather than just a picture. So we'll talk to her a little bit more about that on Ben, You know what to wear items snap. A picture of a senior that's dressed in awesome outfit used to say, Guys, look how cute this is perfect for her senior session or mentioned. This may be on day one. Go to your boutique snapping cute outfit on a mannequin or just laying on a couch and take a picture of that and say, Hey, girls, somebody, this This would be a great outfit for somebody to wear first in your session, you get something new into your style claws. Take a photo of it and say, Oh, look what just came in in my style closet. Who wants to wear it? Book your session now type thing. So those are always fun things to do on social media and then available dates are always good. Like if you feel like you're booking up, you want to let people know. Hey, only have a few more dates left in September and you'll probably get a few bookings out of it. And if you've already booked up for the fall, you might want to post now that you're booked up for the fall so people can start calling for spring, and then you don't have to worry about a costume, I'm gonna get any sessions in the spring. You've already got your calendar books. All of these things think, created things that you composed, you know, I post them what to wear stuff that I wear that is not direct marketing it is just letting them know a little bit about me and who I am. Every now and then, I will post the personal things of like me and my kids. But I don't overwhelm them with that kind of stuff, because again, that's not really what they're looking for. But they do. I think they do want to get to know me, and that's who I am. So I don't mind mixing a tiny bit in there. Some people might would tell you not to. But I think you know, most of the senior girls end up being my baby sitters anyway, so they love seeing the pictures of my boys. So, you know, I mix that in there sometimes. So I think that's important basically the best thing to post their things that help your clients feel connected and get a glimpse of you and your personality and your business. So think about it that way. I would much rather spend money with somebody that I feel connected to than a stranger, and that's how I shop. And, you know, I go back to, you know, I usually shop at the same stores. They make me feel a certain way. You know now, with bloggers and social media, I kind of get a glimpse into who those who else shops there. And I feel Oh yea, that girls kind of like me. We could go shopping together. Whatever. I get a glimpse into that lifestyle, if you will, and I think that's just is important for senior marketing. I think they get a glimpse into who you are. They start to build that relationship even further even before they pick up the phone to call you. They've kind of gotten an idea of your personality, and again it goes back to building that that relationship in making that experience what you want them to have. So I think those air those air important don't just post things for that. Don't really tell them who you are. Use Facebook when you post. Similarly to the way, use Instagram because again they don't really want to take the time to read some wordy post. So always pair picture with some short um, lines of text that just get to the point. I think that attracts teens the most. They have a short attention span, and they've got a lot going on. And so you want to grab their attention? We've always heard that a picture's worth 1000 words, right? So that is why a picture with a few words is gonna make the biggest impact. Choose pictures that will make the biggest impact and really showcase your style. One that you react to will be one that they react to. So sometimes I do. These concepts shoots and they are of outfits that maybe you are a little more out there than what a normal senior would wear. But it is an impact. And so they will go. Oh, my gosh, that's gorgeous. You know, domain, even that picture right there with the glitter jacket. Most girls don't wear that that that picture attracts girls all the time because it is something different, unique. So just pick those that really showcase your style when you're posting on social media because you want it to speak volumes and as little Texas possible What? Maybe it is just a just a photo. So now, earlier you were asking me about how you get them, Teoh, you know, do the non smiley Look. This is an example of where I had her closed her eyes and accounted it off. And that's the first shot is since she opened her eyes a side note. But that reminded me of that. So and she I mean, she was a pro, but steal it was a very natural. Open her eyes. And that was her look. Okay, so she doesn't look mad or anything like that. It's just very natural. So just reiterate that. Okay, So I went through that kind of fastest because I know I want to take some time with Sarah and I want to take some time with the team panel, so I don't know if we have her online. If we want to ask some questions for me before we talk to Sarah, just social media wise, Do you have any social media questions? And we definitely We have definitely have questions, But Dzhokhar? Yeah? Are you posting? Yeah. That's another thing you wanna post where you post enough, but you don't want to be annoying. You want to be in their food, feed food all day long, over and over and over again. You don't wanna be that annoying person. So, you know, pick, I would I would post every day, if you can. Maybe not on the weekends, but I would post, you know, maybe in the morning, one day, maybe in the afternoon. Another day just picked different times to pose. So it's not like post after post after post there. Definitely. You can go on Google and find all kinds of research about the best times of day to post. They probably shouldn't have their phone when they're in school. So, you know, maybe posting at that time is not right, but they dio Yeah, and it depends. I mean, when we all look a Internet and Facebook and stuff, it's a different time than probably when they do it. So research that and figure out that. But I just proposed occasionally. I just I don't think I would ever post post after post after post. So as long as you space it out, you know you're in there face, but not like annoying type thing. Yeah,

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