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How to Find Short Term Opportunities

Lesson 27 from: SEO Fundamentals: The Ultimate Framework

Cleo Kirkland

How to Find Short Term Opportunities

Lesson 27 from: SEO Fundamentals: The Ultimate Framework

Cleo Kirkland

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27. How to Find Short Term Opportunities


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How to Find Short Term Opportunities

So first up is link Roundups. Link Roundup is when you reach out to a bunch of experts, ask them to contribute to your piece of content and then when you publish your piece, it's your hope that they're going to link to you, let's say for instance, we wanted to create an ultimate guide to preventing strep throat for kids And we reached out to 30 doctors to contribute to our piece. It's our hope that when we publish this article, those doctors will then link to our article. More often than not, they'll just share it on twitter or facebook or something like that. That's also valuable, but it's not a link. So just keep that in mind. Resource pages, this works really well when you are in a small niche and you already have authority. So it's health dot org may fit this mold. And if we create the ultimate guide on preventing strep throat, it's possible other people want to link to us. But that's because we're authority already. If we were safe, for instance, a regular company selling a produc...

t and we didn't have authority, we didn't have a lot of mentions, other publishers would be less likely to link out to us. Then you have broken link building, which happens in two different ways. One way, which I don't think works well where one site is linking to another site and for whatever reason that link is broke and then you go to reach out to the first site and say, hey, I have similar content linked to me instead. I've never actually had that work for me. So if somebody else, how'd that work for them? Tell me about how you've scaled this to create a lot of link building opportunities. But the second way that I found works a lot is when one website is linking to your website and for whatever reason that link is broken, maybe your page no longer works or the way the website was linking out to your site was incorrect. Then you go reach out to the web master, tell them about this problem and they'll probably correct it. And here's a way to find those kind of opportunities for your own site. Just go to hfs, You see back links here new, lost broken. So these are all the links that are broken and then you can go through this list here, you can see 4565. This is the first place I start because I have so much control over that. Let's see if we can find an example. So these are cannot resolve host that's a server problem doesn't exactly fit. But this one of 44. So this page is linking to this page which then redirects to this page. But then our crawler is saying that this end link doesn't exist and that is right. It does not exist. So we could try to figure out what page it's supposed to link to and then since we own this site we can redirect this link to the actual page or we can reach out to the Web master and tell them about this. There's a lot of ways to solve this, but that's how you find broken links and then then you have to find their contact information and reach out to them, which I'll show you later on, other strategies, guest posting, and so guest posting can work really well if you're in a certain niche and you're great at writing. So I'll show you how to find those kind of opportunities. So I use this query called right for us, so entitled right for us and then put in your keyword. And so this is supposed to come up with people who are interested in having you write for their site. You may not always get the best results at first. So you something very specific like this may not work as well, but let's try kids health in general. And look what comes up. We have a site that seems like a perfect fit for us and there's many sites here. And so next I would go and look at the writing requirements to write for these companies. Sometimes they will let anyone right for them. Any company. Other times you have to be a freelancer yourself and you go to the contact page will give you information on how you write for them and then you have a lot of other link building ideas. So sponsored posts, technically this is against google's guidelines. If you're building links through sponsored posts, you're supposed to No, no. Follow those links claiming unlinked mentions. I think that's again, just reaching out to web masters, people who are linking, who are mentioning your site and telling them, hey, you should link to us as well. This works well. If given the context of the article, you have a really good target for the link. If it's just to the homepage, it may not make sense. But if you have a guide that is relevant to their article, then that would make sense. Blog commenting shouldn't work anymore. It was popular back in the day and a lot of people use spam. This kind of method, same thing with form commenting and then all these other links, including directory links. It's really hard to know if they work Now, I'll mention a popular one used by vendors, it's called the Skyscraper method. So if you work with freelancer or an S ceo link building vendor, they'll create one big mega post, One big page and then they'll use their contacts to link to that page, will reach out to their contacts and say, hey, you were looking for something like this, right? Linked to our page and this can work really well, but it's fairly limited because you're, it's just a very limited strategy and it takes a lot of outreach and those are the top strategies that that I use when doing link building and the last last thing I'll say about link building is that you can find all these different link building types of services on fiber. The way you find them is go to digital marketing, S. C. O. And then click off page SEO and this will show you all the different link building services on fiber. You can see that's close to 7000 services. What you want to look for is you you definitely don't want to have anyone who's offering a private blog network. You can see here PBM that's what that means. That's something that will get you in trouble in google and to filter out some of the lesser quality freelancers, you can filter by pro services by budget or time and that should give you a better service provider. If you don't see this particular kind of link building that you'd like help with. For instance, if you're looking for someone to help you with broken link building, you can also just search for that broken as it comes up right there and you can see close to 250 people offer that service. So maybe you don't need your own HFS account, you can just hire someone on Fiverr who has one and we'll do broken link building for you. And last thing I should say about any of this is that when you find a seller that you like contact them, ask them for samples. Um ask them for samples, contact the seller here of their work and then use the link audit process to see if the links that they're creating are driving value for the companies that they're working for. Always ask for samples always over communicate. And it's really easy to do this when you're using fiber. Um So yeah, that's it for link building.

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