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Suitable Textiles for Quilting


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Suitable Textiles for Quilting

So suitable textiles really anything goes I know that a lot of traditional quote makers wouldn't combine certain fabrics but just remember that baby quote I didn't know what I was doing and I combined everything shirts any kind of dress shirt I love using men's dress shirts especially if you have a space in your quilt that needs a white fabric you confined on then stretcher that has a woven texture in it that's white but with the texture it's beautiful so any of those would work I've made corollary are excuse me I've made genes into quilt there's a really, really durable cults and I love the fact that those would work for you know a male or a female they're really interesting andi I have a quote here that was made from just to show that you can literally make it out of anything here's a quote made out of ski jackets with pockets so this is actually in a book that's coming out very seen by cheryl are kissin and she teaches several classes here on creative live but this was the challenge...

was what are the cookie ideas that the people in your life tell you that you should make a quote from and make that quilt and my husband said you should make a quote out of ski jackets and so that's what I did so that will be in that book but you can really use just about anything if you use sweaters, sweater knits are even t shirts I would recommend using if usable stabilizer and there's actually a great class on crave live by brian gilliland on making t shirt quotes and she does talk about how if you use if usable stabilizer behind them that it takes the stretch of it that doesn't make it easier to sew with on my baby quote, I didn't know that, but it's still turned out ok aa lot of times will get you know m bredar pieces I love to cut the embroidery pieces out and used them and quote blocks you can applicator on you can sew them into a block curtains sheets are great for the backs of quilts because they're large and again, you know, really seasoned quilters may discourage because of the thread count maybe don't use a sheet I've never had a problem using a sheet so I would encourage you and flannel sheets are super super cozy on the backs of quotes, wool coats and linings I recently made a quilt from this is wool and so the story behind this win is that another instance of people giving me things? My friend was helping another friend move into a new house and they unearthed seven boxes of what look like traveling salesman sample cases filled with swatches that look like this with these fabrics on there and what do they do they give them to me because they don't really know what to do with them, and I actually didn't know what to do with them to begin with, so I thought about it for a little while, and then it doesn't really say there were so many swatches that didn't really have a fiber content, so I didn't know what they were going to do. So I used the methods that I'll talk about today to treat them and get them ready. And then they became this quote here, so it's just wolf's watches, but because we treated them and clean them the way I'm going to show you today, we can you can wash it in the washing machine and then there's flamel on the back have any of you ever done quilt, sir? Thought about it with unusual textiles? Or do you have collections of things that you could see in a quilt? Yes, making what's going to be a wall hanging quill out of my great uncle notes rolled a war to boxer shorts. Wow! By the most unusual fabric I've played around that's really cool? Yeah, he saved all those. Are they? Are they did they designate, like world war two or anything special on them, no, but there's just like you know, a stamp and the inside of the waistband, and he was in the coast guard, and so we assume that they're from when he served in world war two. Yeah, but they'll make a cool quilt. Yeah, and then brutally so my grandmother had a huge collection of vintage tablecloth, and when she passed away, my mom gave me handed down a bunch of them. But I don't really use tablecloth in my day to day life, so it would be really cool to make them into a quote or something that I would use and see all the time, right? And are they printed with patterns on them? Some are printed, and some have pretty intricate, like embroidery and designs all over them. So, yeah, because a lot of the vintage table class that are printed, they that color holds up really well. It must have been the type of of incan printing process, but you can wash, stays really bright. Yeah, we'll make a beautiful quilt.

Class Description

A handmade quilt is inherently replete with meaning – making one from reused textiles only enhances that richness. In Sewing Clothes into Quilts, you’ll learn techniques for incorporating significant and repurposed textiles into your quilts.

Blair Stocker is the creative mind behind the blog Wise Craft. In this class, she’ll share her love of turning everyday objects into new and meaningful things by teaching simple quilting techniques. You’ll learn about:

  • Choosing and preparing repurposed textiles
  • Planning a quilt design
  • Constructing and piecing a quilt top together
  • Joining and binding quilt layers

You’ll get inspired, as Blair teaches easy techniques you can use to make a beautifully designed quilt from items you already have around the house. You’ll learn how to clean and prep the fabric along with a variety of ways for joining the layers together.

Sewing Clothes into Quilts will teach you everything you need to know to make a simple, yet beautiful quilt from upcycled materials.