Glamour Posing Techniques


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Shape Shift Posing Techniques for Glamour Photography

The right pose can transform a mediocre image into a gorgeous photo. Learn the basics of posing from seasoned portrait photographer Lou Freeman in this 90-minute jam-packed workshop. You will learn everything from glamour to fashion poses, including the right ways to position your subjects in reclining, sitting, and standing poses. In addition to understanding the human form, Lou will show you how to effectively communicate with your subject to ensure you get the pose you want.



  • <p>I wasn&#39;t very impressed. She took a dancer/model who would look good and moved her around. Most of the poses would not work with a real woman and many looked silly. I am glad I did not pay very much for this video.</p>
  • Lindsey Adler is much better. This class was definitely better than Lou's lighting class. There was some information that was useful, but you can get that in other classes. It was really hard stomaching the "this girl had big hips so I" and they were all thin models. Made me think "Whatever!"
  • I did not learn much from this class. Using a model that is a dancer and strikingly beautiful did not allow an opportunity to watch Lou develop poses. I also found the editing frustrating. Too often the camera was focused on a slide while Lou was demonstrating something or the camera was focused on Lou while she was telling us to look at what the model was doing.