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Sharing, Publishing, and Archiving in Lightroom Desktop

Lesson 5 of 7

Connecting with Lightroom Classic and Mobile Devices

Jared Platt

Sharing, Publishing, and Archiving in Lightroom Desktop

Jared Platt

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5. Connecting with Lightroom Classic and Mobile Devices

Lesson Info

Connecting with Lightroom Classic and Mobile Devices

Not only do you have the ability inside of light room desktop to share specific albums out toe websites and share your images directly to people via J pegs or connections those kind of things, you also are sharing constantly your images to yourself. And that's the one thing. That's the thing I love the most about light rooms ecosystem is that we're constantly sharing our images with all of our devices. So light room desktop can actually share the images in light from desktop to one other computer, so you can have two computers running light room desktop, and they will always have the same images on both of them. So you could have a desktop and a laptop, and both would have all of the same images on him. Plus, you can have an unlimited number of ipads and phones and any kind of mobile device that carries light room as well. And all of those images air also here on these, and so I'm sharing them all the time because this the ecosystem is constantly connected to every one of my devices. I...

n fact, it's even connected toe light from classic, so everything inside of light room desktop that you put in here is going to go up into the cloud and then it's gonna come down into light room Classic. Now I'm gonna show you exactly where it comes in Tow, Light room Classic. So I'm e gotta quit light room desktop because you never want to actually have light from desktop in light from classic running at the same time they can. They can fight a little bit there like they're like brothers that don't like each other too much, and so don't ever have him open at the same time. So I'm gonna go to Light Room Classic, an inside of light room classic. There's one place where all new images go, So any image that I've uploaded. So for instance, I added this morning, I I added a bunch of images of HD ours and Pan owes into light room desktop, and those images have been sent up to the cloud. And then they returned back down from the cloud into the collection that I've made for them. And so you'll see that I have a collection here that is called CL hdr Pano, and that that collection right there has been synchronized so you can see that all the same images that I added to light room desk talk have been added into this, uh, what we call a collection in light room Classic. Now, if it's something new, a brand new collection that you added inside of light room desktop that is always going to come into a very specific area. Inside of your collections, you will find a collection called From Light Room Mobile and any new collection or album that comes from any of the versions of Light Room other than light room Classic will always come into this from light Room Mobile folder. It will also, if you want to know where the physical location of those images are, it will come into a folder, usually on your hard drive. And in my case, that folder is called Light Room CC and thats where the actual physical images get downloaded in tow light room, and it's the full 100% raw image coming down. So whatever, got put in tow, light room on my IPad on my desk, on lightning desktop or on my phone all went to the cloud and came down physically to this location and that location is set by going to the light room preferences and going into the light room sink area and choosing the location where those images air supposed to reside. So I've chosen to put it in my Pictures folder in the light room Sesay folder, but you can choose any place. It could be an external drive. It could be an internal drive wherever you want it to be. I have it in. It's an internal drive simply because I am on a laptop and it moves around with me. If I had a desktop, I would actually just put that folder on my working drive where all of my photos exist. But since I'm on a laptop and I'm moving around, I put it on internal drive. So that is where everything comes when it shares images from light room, desktop to light room classic. The point being that light room is sharing images all the time. Toe all of your devices, so wherever you happen to be, whether you're working in lighter desktop where you're working in light from classic or on your IPad or a phone or of a non android device, you can see all of the images all the time, and you can then share them out to the world. The beauty of having them on your phone as well is that you can also share directly from light room on your phone out to say Instagram, and we actually covered that in the light room mobile section of our class. So just go back and watch that that session about sharing directly to Instagram from your phone.

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  • Find and filter images with Sensei
  • Share your albums on the web
  • Connect with Lightroom Classic and mobile devices
  • Archive your images for storage
  • Print through Photoshop


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