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Print through Photoshop

Lesson 3 from: Sharing, Publishing, and Archiving in Lightroom Desktop

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

3. Print through Photoshop

Lesson Info

Print through Photoshop

the other way that you're going to share images to people from light room desktop is either through printing so making prints, and obviously you can. As we've shown here, you can go to any of these connection points. So, like White House custom color, you can see that I've already printed three things through White House. The White House custom color through this portal so you can print to a professional printer through the portal. That's very possible. But if you want to print to your local printer, so if I wanted to print this image to my local printer, I actually have to go to photo shop to do that. I can't do that here inside of light room in light room. Classic. There's an actual develop module or a print module to do that, whereas here, if you go to the file menu, you can see that there's there's not even a print dialog option. There's not a link for that now that that might change at some point, but it's definitely not here now, and so what I need to do is edit it in photo shop,...

so I would just simply click on edit and Photoshopped and once it opens up in photo shop and this is just a smart preview, So I'm just going to use the smart preview. Um, it's it's telling me that the originals not there, but I can use the smart preview. And by the way, a smart preview can be printed up to about 11 by 14 without any problems. Um, eight by 10 you'll never know the difference. And so I can take this image and I can then go file and go to the print dialog box here, and that's where I'll print from. So if you're in a ah light room desktop and you want to print, you have to take it to photo shop. Or you could take it to maybe a cannon printing software or something like that. But, uh, typically, you would just go to photo shop to do it. I kind of wish that they would give us some kind of a printing option on that, Um, and hopefully someday it will. But remember, light room desktop is still growing. It's still a growing program, so that's one way that you would share. Images is through printing

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