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Shoot: Boudoir Sue Style

so I'm gonna pack three really big selling looks into this little section here this is my genre would wear so we were talking about boudoir business this morning on when we're talking about our marketing strengths and weaknesses where you know you were talking about dividing good wearing beauty but I was more about incorporating at all but still making it look a little bit more fashion or glamour than the classic style of good wear I don't know why I guess it's just may I it's I love the boudoir genre but I never saw it in new zealand or australia until I came to america and so it really exploded here by the time I had seen it I was already quite set in my ways with my glamour brand so I didn't really take on to the boudoir jonah even though I mean photographing woman in their underwear so this is a really neat little tip that I want to show you so I have a keynote timo and I'm also going to show you the reference life because I want you to see the difference between it looked how it l...

ooks photograph this is how you can pose it and this is really easy this is what I call the one eighty the case of the one eighty is so many people stand in front of in front of a client and we've got shaner and her gorgeous little outfit they stand in front of them and they bang away twenty images without moving and the one thing I want to teach people is you move one eighty they moved one eighty okay so it goes like this for me let's say we're on a flat ish wall and you're about the which is going to pretend it's a solid walker's it's just a demo I'm going to come around this side fears because I want to be able to move one hundred eighty degrees around china okay I want to look at the light that's hitting here here which looks absolutely beautiful by the way come back towards me and come back in here that's it I want to see this light here and then I want to come around here at the one idea I want to shoot here on every angle on the way around until I'm shooting here into the backlight okay so it works beautifully on white wall but quite honestly if I'm going to be shooting this side on the back light I'm gonna have to have lots of reflected light because she's now turned away from the only light source in the room okay but it's significantly changes the mood off the image when they go from light to the face to the back light but what I'm trying to get is a full rotation in my posing so when I say a one hundred eighty degrees I mean I'm gonna walk one hundred eighty degrees around my client so the next time you're posing a client no matter where they are I want you to look a tiffany and a hundred and eighty degrees follow her all the way get a chin to follow you because we want to reset the chin to the camorra everywhere we go and every time I sit around I watch her body line change and I watched her post change now sometimes you can't move one hundred eighty degrees that would be because the background would be too small and if you start to move around something jumps up on that side or you go to move this way and it jumps up on that side so when you can't move one hundred eighty degrees shaner moves one hundred eighty degrees right that's the whole point in learning to move people is when you can't get around them they move so on this demo on the screen on the keynote I'm going the keynote so you can see this is what I got back to the first one so the very first one I met one hundred eighty degrees jamie here and she's in this position here so her hand is touching her bottom she's up on her toe and this hence fled and working this way and I'm getting here push all of her white back into him bam so let's kick back there at your back that's it without tipping your head back and then I bring the chin around I take the shot right there and I'm using my zoom lens so I'm using the in and out as well as the going around my neck shot straightaway before I move is I pull back so she's in exactly the same pose but by simply zooming out a little bit I get more body line coming in so straightaway I haven't even stab don't move around too yet then the next post comes in and all I get to do is touch the bottom of here a brass trip so remember all the touch points we don't touch the briefs we don't touch the belly but we can't touch down all the side and we can touch the bottom underneath the bra because it's a really beautiful soft line that means we're slowly starting to bring hands up into the frame now she I still haven't moved the next shot comes in and she's back down long pose and then I start coming around again so keep me moving forward mike from here I still haven't moved I've gotta elbows up here so I'm just changing out the position so just tune your body towards me a little bit more good gil push your bombeck lots of shape into there but don't tip your head back straightaway I'm taking another shot then I'm looking down the body line look at the significant difference when she looks down her own body line okay now I don't do the looking away I do the looking down it's when you look down your own body line those are my two eye lines one is to the camera that way which is body language and the other one is down the body line I don't do looking out this way because it doesn't make sense to me for a fashion shoot or a boudoir shoot it it's fitting but for me the two eye lines are this is may in my body language and this is my body they belong only in those two airlines so I still haven't moved and so go again and I still haven't moved because now all I've done is now I'm working this hand up again this wall and relaxing these fingers forward and never cross the tummy that's it hand down always elbows and that's it and I'm just leaning against the war using the hand here okay so I'm always trying to bring hands up into the frame to fill it next shot I bring the other hand up like I'm talking about one hundred eighty degrees and I actually haven't moved yet so obviously I'm clicking away changing hands this comes up to the outside just relax his hand down that's a chain around me now working that shoulder forward and then the next shot I come around up and I'm touching the here still haven't moved so shane and put your hand up into you here this way that's all I'm doing I'm changing the body language by using hands she's still working her hips back and then I look down the line still haven't moved eyes down the line so I think I'm it how many shots there I've probably taken six and I still haven't started to walk around here yet okay nick shot okay as I start to turn I take a step here the first thing I do is let this hand dropped down okay let this hand come out to the shoulder here and I get here too in her body towards may towards may yet that's okay kicking your booty out nice come upon to toe and then the next shot I came around all I did was zoom in okay it didn't change the shot at all and I took her hand down because I don't want good to it his hands like a neck shot I take uh take the hand back up and I tune it horizontally so I've taken one step on the one eighty and I'm still nine shots in okay nick shot I take one step and I'm in front of here now so now I'm in front of here and I'm swapping her body line so who needs pointing away from me now who needs going in this way a cake this hand goes down to the fire like that don't turn away from me too much and this hand comes up onto this top line here sit sweets that the college taj that's it long chin forward okay now I take another step and I'm here I keep exactly the same pose and I just make it arch your back more that's it arch it back that's it so don't just push your bum back like watch everything that could go then I get chin come with me and I'm slowly just moving her around nick sharpe I take one more step here and I'm going to get you to recline on the wall so this hand goes down this hand goes down and I want you to drop your shoulders down that way ok straight away now my life has changed because my light sources now hitting me from this way then I come around one more time next shot mike and I do exactly the same shot but closer next shot and I'm closer even still because I really want to take that close up shot next shot I come one more step around and I can now see the other window which was where I started out on my one eighty in is that the last one okay so if you look at the keynote now so tune like don't look at us posing but go to the keynote I want youto just watch this keynote unfold and tim's of one hundred eighty degrees so as we work the keynote it's going to go one two three four look I'm at the end now now work your way backwards one two three four five six seven eight nineteen live in twelve then ain't fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty grand two two three three twenty three so all of this is twenty three shots on the one eighty and they you can make them look different you could come and you could go out you can get more of a back like you can get more of a front like you can add accessories but all I'm saying to you is in one hundred eighty degrees you can do that full rotation around here and I think it really really works I'll put that in the pdf for different bodies and I call that shooting on the one hundred and eighty okay so I want you to practice it is photographers I want you to start really practicing one thing I want you to stop practicing getting your model client to lean against the wall and I want you to practice walking around them at one hundred eighty degrees until you see different light everywhere you go then when you can't turn them one hundred eighty degrees when you can't turn one hundred eighty grace you tune them one hundred eighty so let's show you how to do that so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put shane you're in here and I'm going to do a shot that I call the two two shot now for me this is not so much lingerie this one really for may is about um if I go to the two shot mike uh this one is about being a mixture of kind of good wine and cute c I don't know I see this hole I just absolutely loved the siri's it's something I have done in my shoots for a long long on time I really just use a bodice and a lot of girls can turn up with this outfit works really really well so I'm going to show you how I do this all right yesterday when I was I'm working the couture manual and I was getting the girls to flow with this goods this is kind of similar to that I'm going to sit up shorter movement so when you see it it's not you think everybody was moving fast this is kind of this is exactly how I did this shoot this month so what I did was the top lift image I do something really cute like this right get you to tune your body this way take a step into the light a little bit more that sets daily shaina ok what I want you to dio don't be too worried about that it's all good okay is I want you to hold your skirt at the back at the bottom yeah and I want you to do that okay so it's about a small movement so what I don't want is the hand to do that okay so I kind of do a couple of practices with them where I go I want you to set your feet so right up front you tow I want you to kick your bum out as far as it goes on I want you to write this so to me don't go and look with your head down look down there and just I mean I just want you to go like flick like your flash it that's it so it's kind of more like from the front you kind of just going and you showing me a little like you okay so I wanted to be cheeky like that and I want the movement to just be really sure I want you to look at the camera and just do that flick okay and I want that looks they're so I want that little okay and all I do is I wait for it I do a little bit of a practice okay which we've done condom let's see if we could get it going and then now tonight you just went on this okay I want you today remember that so remember it's like that and chin goes to the you do shoulder shoulder works and you give me that cute little smoke looking down cute little smirk lips together prepare now go okay you just went like there and three hit back I want you to prepare your chin and shoulder and the only thing that moves is that kick their good gil can't you just gonna go but I won't need it I don't want you to do this I want you to give me that ok it's a little cute mouth like a kiss it's like there okay it's just a small movement and prepare the chin and shoulder because you're not going to move anything but the becky is good go forthem this time I want you to give me a little bit more booty with it okay don't move your chin and shoulder go okay what happened to the little kiss e I want chin shoulder booty kiss go you got it okay and as soon as I see it I know I've got it so you can go back to the tether so what I'm doing now is I'm going to create lots of little movements like that this one here I want you to tune side onto me I want you to just bounce on your toast like that and I want you to work the skit here the case that helps kids okay and I want you to flick it and I want you to look down your body line this way okay and I want you to not be steady I want you to kick your booty back so you must have a lot to shape into your body the case and kick it back that's the one don't make ice down like there and then shake it up a little bit it didn't come out to give me a shake look at your shoulder to shoulder to may and lots of shaving your booty go look at me okay slow down okay I want to make sure when you're doing movements like this when you're getting people to move I don't want movement that is consistent like this because that's what people do they washing machine okay and they just sit there and they'll just keep during a stiff movement I want you to create the mood of where the shot's gonna end up so I want to make sure that even though the skirts being moved she's gonna end up here so she can just flick towards me one moves instead of going like this okay I wanted just a guy I push your hips back other way away from me so you're this way and you're going to go that way to me like that so one movement that's it do that okay but at the same time with shorter chin down I could go and go okay don't go I want you just to go like it has to be a little flick it's it just give me that flick chin shoulder kiss go okay from there I want you to just this is what I did for this one I love this one bring your foot up here tune around bring this foot up mirror may good girl I want you to bring your hands here here so just let your dancing let's set certain there that's it I want this hand to go a little bit higher I want you to tune your body towards me this way that's the one okay now what I want you to do is swap your feet out and just kick back okay but you got to give me a match boom and there is you can flick it okay and it has to be like your dancing okay so what's happening is while you're working on your hips your hands or doing this so it's gotta look like it's a it's a dance move okay right if you can't do that I want you to try this I want you to turn around hold this good yeah that's it and I want you to flick there not just to me so tune halfway stop inflict that way that's it but you need to connect everything and look down little movements little movements little movements that's it okay stay there and go okay now look down that to go okay from there just slow down your movements like don't go like this with your hands okay don't go like that I just want you to do little flicks that's the one can you keep me faster let give me a little flick like flick it more okay kick your bum back and do that and then looked down into that all right from there let's do another one let's just do movements okay from here I want you to tune this way we'll put some beer in here we're not gonna put the fan in here because I'm just gonna protein we are I would put the gear in here and I would just go like this and just go and just jump like this and not very high that it stay there all right work your shoulder and always when ever I worked the shoulder I do aesthetic shot like this I always stop and take a few static shots because I always think they look so good tiny little damp work the shore ago and give you that little kiss that was too high jump you took off like a just a little tiny little tiny little tiny little don't do that again okay from there don't tip your head back to shoulder so stay straight bring a chain around see how had the shot is to get it's not easy you gotta make them work for it though look it's one of the hardest things to do is doubting making people dance and ends you've got to remember this they're not doing a dance okay they're just doing a moving post that's very short so if it takes me eight shots to get the shot that I want I'll keep doing it that siri's of jamie that I showed you before those six images off here in her tutu we took nearly fifty okay because she keep jumping too high or I would tell her to flick a hit back and she would flick you hear beckoned here would cross over you know there is a really high edith rate on dancing shots into twos and throwing fabric there's also a higher rate on blowing here because as soon as you put the fan and the here text one straight here to come up and over and you've now did but so let's just go through some movement she can practice one of them is you can already set the mood here just like we were on the sort of gland the dress and you can use your body line here and flipped the dresser hold the skirt lets it so lift up nice and tall through and they can shoulders put your chin forward and down and work it there that's it and if they don't move in the way that you want them to do aesthetic movement like this okay lift up nice and tall through your neck and shoulders long chin forward and just work the shoulder forward I cannot up forward yet that to go do static shots like this and blow the fans straight into the skirt ok just get a fan up into their wake this wet the fans straight into it and get the movement that way okay so do whatever you have to do to get some movement in that fabric also you can go this way sideways and just flick the skirt like that so nothing else moves but I've just got to get some just gonna get some expression in the connection so it's got to be like that it's got to be cute it's got to be rocking so you don't have to get them to move match just get them to flick it up also a really good one is a very slow side to side which we started to do with alexi's today site decide is when we're going this way and kick around that's it and then this way ok and so make sure when you do this you're not talking your bum in but you're going out it's a kick out that way that's a go and kick out that way now do that again keep going don't stop kick out there right keep doing it with them mirror them to keep that connection going now flik that's good up at the back as you look over it may take a little smith that's it little smith good girl okay make it a spanish you can make it last make them laugh make them jump make them spin around do whatever you can make them feel absolutely ridiculous most people do because it's one of those things that you know if you're not a dancer puts a or a professional dancer you always kind of feel like you're being awkward uh do it side to side do we spend another one that works tune away from the camera and just flick back in one movement okay so you turn your body to the back you take a step towards me and you just flick ends that way and it kind of creates this forty five that's it do it again good gil don't move that's exactly right try and hit them right as they hit you in the front so from so I'm from back on if they've gotta scoot to throw just tune and flick but makes you the movement stay still so make sure they're not just spinning and keep spinning so go backwards and go turn towards may and flick also I look at it like this I look at it like it's a salsa movement okay so I kind of look at it like it's that bet movement or that sort of flamenco you when you're trying to get that big skirt going that they tend and then hit that pose there and I'm always trying to get the volume of this good now remember if you can't get them to throw this good and move because it's a really hard thing to do you get your assistant to throw this good and you just get them to move all right um if you can't get the two to toe work you get the post dedic and just put the ear into the tutu but it is better if you can get them to jump twist or turn all right so from there what I want you to do is we're gonna go white sheet so you guys go this way you got there okay I'm going to show you on the keynote something else can I have the cane at mine this one here absolutely funny the bottom bottom corner um this was it got to the point where I said to you I teach people when they're jumping and dancing if they're not doing you know if they're not doing it right or they start to look stupid and they feel stupid doing it if they're dancing in there and there and I go no do it again I go no do it again I they know they're not getting it right I laugh with them or I teach them about it and they crack up laughing those are always the most candid beautiful shots this is what I call the bed shop um it's the shot that I first talk with my gorgeous friend casey she just absolutely rock the shot I saw it it's a very similar shot to a jennifer aniston shot that was in vanity fear many years ago and I saw it and I thought back then I'm going teo you know log that shot in my mind in one day I'm going to re create it so when you create a shot that's kind of iconic for your brand you end up ultimately doing it more than once so I created this shot here and then I started to do different visions of it so it's always shooting into the backlight it's always white on white it's always on a bid or a couch going back into the light and it's pretty much to something I repeat over and over again multiple times in so many girls ask for the shot it's one of the hardest shots to shoot and I'll explain how I do it so basically this is simone a studio here so you saw how that samonas little window and she's got two polystyrene blocks so all of this is the girl comes out and it should either be on a bid and ottoman or a soft box like this she rep your client in a sheet because it's really really important that you wrecked them in the sheet also I don't let my clients walk around with no clothes on I let them always walk around the studio either in a robe or a sheet I'm not interested in making him feel uncomfortable then you lie them down and then you can move the sheet around so I get them to lie this way so when I shot this siri's here in simona studio so that's here getting ready and then we go down we're shooting into the backlight two big white reflectors going back to our model and basically with is gonna change up some hand positions right because we want variations to cell variations so she's out of the sheet here and she's actually in her slip okay so I choose this one over the sheep I really like it and I take it into photo shop now shooting the backlight is really hard you can see in the top right corner of the shot that the reason that it's hard is because you were trying to expose for the face with no natural light source to the face so the light from the window is coming straight onto the poly boards bouncing back to her face you're exposing for her face and then pushing it almost two stops and camera okay I shoot this a little over you're in danger if you don't shoot roar you're in danger of ruining the shot immediately because this shot here will fleer on any hot spots now roar saves a multitude of sins when you're pushing the digital camera in the hot light like there but it is not invincible and so two things one is if I have to I will photoshopped that top right corner in order to achieve that okay I will if it's really hot bracket a shot so I bring a break it down so I bring the exposure down so that I can get a darker exposure so I don't blow out the background and I will hit swap in a background in order to get the shot if I have to I haven't done that for years actually um once I upgraded my camera to the five d mac too I never had to rig re composite any background at all it is just it's amazing in the five team max three absolutely incredible I don't need thio complicit but that option is there and that's my shot also from this angle or from this sorry this stage I can put treatments on my shops that make my shot different so I can put a color shift in like a yellow blue that lifts it right up and that color shift just gives it that really sort of beautiful glow and then I can put more density in and go d separated I can take it into a black and white but either way this image totally works okay so this is kind of a mixture algo bet quids off um the sheet bid shot and then I just did it in a slip but this sheet shot uh it's one that I get asked for all the time what I like about it it's sixty without showing off anybody it's more glamour it's more here and make up and if you think about it who does it remind you ofthe marilyn monroe her best shots is when she's on the white beard and she has been shot and she's just doing her maryland thing and she's got a blunt here and it's just she could move her body that girl and move her expressions and he'd photograph to so many ways on that white beard and they're just him most I think her most iconic shots yeah so we're going to shoot you array okay definitely yeah that one works for me so I'm gonna tell you how to do it so basically what I do is I haven't ottoman I always try and get a bid or an ottoman I always put a pillow under here because the idea is I want to see her body but if it's flat I see too much so I want to come back to this shot here back to my original casey shot where I was actually using the pillow I'm actually using the pillows and casey's sharp toe hide her boobs in the front okay so for the purpose of being a public viewing in a family show I'm not going to take the sheet off china but what I did with casey is once I set down on the front here I couldn't see her bam from the front because I was sitting down on the floor so what I do is I just turn the body upside weighs more so that this hip comes up and then I bring this ni forward so that the booty jumps up and really what I do is I just pull it down like that and I always shoot this an underwear okay never shoot this naked because I don't they don't need to be naked case he was actually wearing it g string in the shot and I just moved in on photo shop um I just find it girls will pose easier and underway then if they've got no underwear on they don't you know street tell the league because it's too uncomfortable and also just for them it's a beautiful teaser shot look I'm naked and bid but it shows nothing about the body and then I sit about here I've got two obviously shoot this in the back light and this sort of shot is that kind of quintessential really sixty better look sharp that are like perfect okay from here two things I do first one of them is I bring the chin all the way around the shoulder shoulder all the way around don't move and I shoot this into the back like this way don't move shane and it's beautiful okay soon as I do that I can bring this handout so want to start moving around I don't move too much here this one's more about the shape of the body bring the elbow out to hear you're back night jeremy that's it and bring this hand up onto the pillow now yeah that's it they're soft hands so about tune away from me with your hands that's it don't may now working at shorter and a little bit more and I'm about hitch and ford and down you know what um every time I have taken the shot of a girl every single time they met a were I take it the white shape the white background the white light it sells if rates single time um I just think it's sixty without being you know it's just perfect it's beautiful I love it simplicity I love its beauty I like the fact that the makeup looks good I like the fact that I can bring this salvo in and I can touch up to the face so I can start including beauty hands and with that shoulder for don't move and two may I just think it's beautiful in its simplicity um it's one of those shots that you could bring both hands down you're not gonna have a big um siri's off because you can't change it up too much unless you can get above them and around them so that they can roll around and laugh a little bit and make it fun um it's not a big siri's shot and don't get too down here like this because then she becomes all beard and nobody so I'll just show you something so just make sure all she did was not to arms ford there's nothing in there and I want to see something so I want to say pull up just a little a bit more okay this side of a of the woman's body is so beautiful that side piece and it looks really gorgeous right down you can just have the bomb poking up um if you just lift up nice and tall good girl stay there I would rather have this side with the side boob um I think side boob looks really good everybody likes a bit of side boob everybody likes it on the side it just works great so I would if if it wasn't for creative life right now I would take the pillows and push them down under her boobs to bring her boobs forward so that they were sitting up on the pillow more say um yeah all right so from here I want to bring this hand up right let's just from here just tip into their all right just going to get into a comfortable position and here I am it's gonna mix up a few of these hands coming out of the bed just put your elbow don't move this hand cause it's amazing bring your elbow up and over this pillow to may yeah said lift up yeah lift up lift it away from me a bit more and just bring it down this way you know when you move people's hands around just move around and try different stuff I don't like that so just bring it straight down no not towards me always out the head girl now open your chest up there so open your hand up to here lift up really really tall that's the one and now bring it in this way just try different things have a look at them if you don't like the way they move their hands change it you can change everything imparts bring you here forward with this hand that's it that's it now put your fingertips in your here and lean back this way let this hand go down like find what shape you really like in her body and just keep floating around until you find it once you find it take a whole beautiful siri's of shots and they move on so this is my white beard shut just make sure if you're shooting wide on white we've got a nice strong light source coming from here today we got no light behind us we've got two little white pieces of cardboard and yet the exposure to your face is just about near perfect we've got a bit of hot spot hitting her sheep here but that's not enough to lose it in the roar window when you open it and finish up if they are comfortable so distract you shit around you just em out if they're comfortable there's a few other things that you could do in this position that make this image really beautiful you could get here to sit up um so that's sort of sitting shot wrecked in the sheet with the back open so you can open the back right down to that sort of back line sitting on the white bid I've looking his shoulder would look beautiful you could do anything like that just move her around before you move her off the bed and try and get it least remember before we go out of a composition we try and get at least five sellable poses a case that we try and move at least five times before we get her off the bed and you know just work with people they take a bit of time to get away from me this way keep going shane up drop this hand down on the inside that's it like just find what it isjust bring me some light ladies find the angle find their thing and um like I said before if you can't move around them make them move and I just think to myself you have the opportunity to photograph on an ottoman or a beard you know she can lie down sit down reclined look over her back shoulder you've been practicing those moves you know it works it's a sixty shot so make it happen and lots of practice with this one because it really looks great alright next shot I want you to put the braun do you have a breath is it um yep you need to go and put it on so I'll talk to them about what's gonna unfold next I'm like anything when I do it long enough I get bored and I start to make stuff up I've been doing that for twenty three years

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