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Shoot: Glam the Dress, Black (Alex)

what I did wass I changed her outfit because it seems when you're building a phony oh oh sorry when you're building a opposing men you'll get a bit boring when you're in the same outfit so I'm going to keep changing it up because every time I change up outfit I change a backdrop every time I change the backdrop it inspires me to start doing different looks even though the poses are fundamentally the same so I always start off static and when I say steady come this right like oh put your back here when I say I start esthetic I always mean still I never start going and stop moving a client quickly I'm always gonna start here I want to open up this space here don't move and I want you to bring your chin all the way around to me this way I want you just to drop listen to hear rachel you're gonna come here yeah you could just sit down there up and down if you can and I just want you to lift up thank you perfect okay I just want you to put your albert back to the wall alex and don't let go o...

f that that's a girl have affected the world alright starting in my wall shots in all the way around we want this to look a little bit more to it so it come down okay what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna tune my angles all nice and square and when I say square it's going to take that out because that's just a little detail shop oh sorry hang on me to take that one off the counter chin all the way around to me this way what I do is when I take a detail shop away around you go turn down relax those eyes good girl when I take the more fashion style shots I shoot square up to the body always I mean I'm quite square anyway because I'm more of a fashion style of portrait but basically the whole point of the magazine shoot is that we're either crossing the shoulder or we're just making it open up the body so it's nice and square so no matter where I take this shoulder from here I bring the chin all the way back so it's more fashion model than portrait okay and always I need you you're giving me a little sweet eyes like this and now you're in the black outfit I want you to give me that fierce that's it relax your mouth bring your chin around don't move now drop your bottom lip alex it's just stop chin down a little bit more and then I'm doing more fashion style crops so when I do more chin up I want to do her mohr looking sort of more supermodel than not ok I want that bastard and I want the soapbox and what I want to do is go back to this back wall and go straight into like a kava girl pose for me so I want you to use you can just put it up on two ways to keep it there that's it so we're keeping this scared up nice and close and I just want you to lift up long through your neck and shoulders that's a girl you must lift up tall and then bring your chin ford's stop don't move that's exactly right and now what I want you to do is you're a little bit like this alex I need you to drop your alibis okay you need to go square to may to turn towards may that's it a little bit more and just get attack your skirt up to here and that needs to be tighter ok don't know can you stay I'll just do with a love that you can change her look just by changing the look in her eyes well you know it's something it's such a fool it's such a different look when I'm doing something portrait drop your shoulders bringing chin back nick nick nick that's it back back back that's a stadium when I'm doing a portrait I want her to be more smiling in the ice when I'm doing something a little bit more fashion I wanted to look more fashion so I need you to pull back with your chin so the chin is a little bit of a higher fashion line than a portrait does so if you can bring your chin down just to tickle just a tickle there it is right there it's still and I'm shooting nice and low now bring it down I can stop just this excess here don't move okay now just relax at mouth then I'm more about being in here so I want to try and create it a little bit of a cover shot that looks like it's on the cover of something and then before I get out of cover shot I start moving into this way stop I can't really fierce shoulder movement so it's a movement that you wouldn't normally do in portrait no no yeah okay stay there and I'm more likely to come down to this one here so that's that rolling shoulder move that you always see morals do they collapse forward in their body and they roll the shoulders forward and then the chance it's nice and high it's really gorgeous from he I always grab on the black fabric the layer from the top of this dress because it always works up and over the shoulders so first thing I'd do is sort of just take one layer I just peel it out now there's about five layers okay I'm both answer back to the waist yeah is about five players on this tool so it just was simple styling like that it wraps around the shoulders to come back in two ways like here and now come and tight around your waist so just like that you start creating that really tapered fish and waste okay soon as you get that tape of fission waste it's more here to back this way alex not don't move your body so just move your chin and lift up tour so you're going like this and you're bringing you your nick down I want you to lift your chin high elbows back that's it and I want you to just straight and you'll hit up to me and just chin down a little bit more there that's the one and this is where I'd put some beer in here here now you can't hear me when the ear goes in so I'm not really talking to her anything important that you have to hear other than chin fourteen down alex ten fourteen down alex ten forty often before I blow the here in this sort of fierce cover girl look I bring it all forward like this because it makes a difference in how it flows lift up nice and tall bring your chin down engaged to me here stop giving him light rachel more more semi give me some light rachel's gonna come into here that you're not may come around that's it the lift up tall alex tall tall told me lift up here could be oh I want to make that kava go look at the difference in here here from here she taped her waist she's got that nice rep around his shoulders but as soon as I lift her up and step blowing here into there she starts going into that real sort of cover girl look right and it looks really really great ideas like boom they hear just pops up serious photographs definitely have a much older sensitive yeah because it's the black it's ah a little bit more mobley so we're pulling out some model poses its a little lists princess style little sweetheart when you feed around here and what I want you don't take your hand out a bunch of this out put your legs apart and push down with your hands that's it so nice here lots of volume and let's ten years to do um right up onto your toe okay with those toads so what I want you to do now alexis bring this angle in here so tune your body this way it come towards me all right what I do here is I'm gonna open up here here so that you can see this shoulder working let's make sure we're top I'm gonna open with that make sure I get that nice line there using that shoulder I wanted appoint her toes right up onto point totals hires you can even show a little bit of me and with the right to give me some light chin around this way it worked that shoulder fits perfect chin around to may two here you go right from there you go a little bit more rights were coming that pose looks incredible with the tools stopped flowing all over it I love it turn down ten down to dan stark you go alright from here I can do pretty much any of my fashion cordially sort of poses here what I do need to do is get a second box and so I can stay get the knees um I can't change take this foot off and push this one across and bring it to the other way so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna give it to heights to needs and then I can work here legs together so bring your on knees together right up onto your toes okay soon as I bring her up onto a toast leagues just looks so long right your suit is it pops out now I want you to sit forward onto that chill that's the ones that just took forward into it now this hand on claw could kill and bring this in and work this chain around that way that's when so I'm gonna do another fan blow now tall up here a year ago he just grew another six inches and point those toes for me alex you're gonna make those toes in those leagues work for me perfect don't move always a little bit of a break in the front on and give me some light when you turn around to me bring you shoulder with it okay stop bring your chin around to may stop bring your shoulder with it stop lift up lift up tool bring your chin forward work your shoulder in stop fan judy see elements really liked the pose a lot with toes bring your chin this way okay put this hands through here slided on throw come towards me a little bit more don't move bring the showed it in we always have a break in this fun town that girl stop bring the chin back that's it and bring your shoulder to make the chin not the other way around don't move don't move that's definitely has a magazine feel look yeah yeah chin down down okay from here I want you to stand up to the second offices rebecca west photo says love this looks bringing out her sexiness without the smooth okay so what I wanna do is I want you to bring your knee up alex that's it so I wanted to be up like that I got it yeah let me see that big so yep point that toe towards me and really gorgeous long pointed that's the one makes your legs look so long set up so sit back down and I want you to come forward and just have this name like may yet this it okay hug it out that's it nice and close good gil now the salvo goes across stadia and your anchors around her shoulder I need a reflector need your chin back this way I need you to point your toe to may nice and long lift up tall alex lift up really tall considered chin down that sorry chin this way that gorgeous okay just cover that leg with a bit virtual just so you can one layer so I can still see it it's just not so bright just lift up the back that's the one all right chin around may and that nice fierce look that's the one good girl don't move give me some ears to me so before you put some beer in there I'm gonna change this up and then I'm going to put their hands down here to this side don't move work that foot work that toe with that knee stop stay there big smile alex turned down ten down okay stop lift up I want you to do this you can't be symmetrical to me I want you to point your toes stay working on your body left this hell of a work that leg for may take your right on back a little stop ten stop lift okay chin slowly there iss relax it mouth good girl you guys okay from there I want you to tune this way ok their idea bring chin all the way around and that set more good girl stay the relics okay chin all the way around the one time for me to talk with alex look at me turn around turn around keep coming around the one working here stay there jack yeah it's kind of contrast ing in the way it's always like a fashion light just waiting for the anti leather one moment waiting by the sea nearly there yeah on my world everybody has big here in some way ok still got knighted sorry my bed rene loves how you see the detail in every frame okay don't I'm reading the black suit from using the light to separate the blacks what I'm really doing is um is the light is just doing its own thing on their back on their black backdrops that's almost sitting in a dark gray which I really like but I think all I'm focused on is getting that reflected back to her faith she's actually sitting in quite a contrast to position because we're so far away from the direction of the sand that it's giving her quite a dark line around the outside of the face from here here shallow and even the victors not sort of lighting her flat so it's just giving her a real fish and type look but just with natural light so it's quite neat how this is happening I would go and I'm shooting you'll see nice and low because it's the secret to taking anything that looks fashion anything that looks fashion is nice and low well you know what I mean so see how it just looks like fashion lights is you know it's just not that sort of contrast field so it's that's where I'm sitting the difference is I see a lot of people shooting up here like this and that to me is portrait okay that's not on the counter that one this to me work that shoulder give me some fan it's what I call fashion so I would rather create that look there then create that downwards portrait angle and that downward to portray angle to me is just too I don't know it just it doesn't look right it doesn't look fashion enough to me okay um I've stood here up I set her on a cheer and I set her down I started against that wall there so I pretty much just moved here down that backdrop as I went through that flo pose so this will be a really good manual for you to work through and she's starting to be a little bit more portugal to let's just quickly see if we can throw around the top layer of her dress so stand up rachel you beckons yes yes sue emily home says I love how suit isn't trigger happy you're so deliberating that's wonderful yeah you know um thank you for that because I also get that I can be quite forceful so I do have to be careful when I'm focused when I'm concentrating that I don't get stuck in the bank to directional because if somebody is not getting something right I repeat it or if they're movers so if I find them wiggling I'll say sit still lift up and they wiggle and I go sit still lift up and then they wiggle and argo sit still I start standing a little bit school teacher you know sit still because I kind of get into my shooting mode and I start seeing poses unfold and I'm sitting poses and they're wiggling around and it gets really annoying for me and I kind of think sit still so stop being quite directional and then people kind of I have to be very aware that I'm not going to you know do you ever get a ruler and just slapping I will want to get a lawless again so the idea here was that too found this amazing fabric here they have absolutely no idea what this so let's just put that over the shoulders okay just low over the arms try not to bring anything too far up over the shoulders in case it doesn't look too eighties glamour but I see what works you know at the end of the day I could do something like this and we took such a cool fashion type shot of here way did this with the cream so let's change it up a little bit more way could put it up here way kids make it look a little bit more like a fascinator I always want fabrics that I can just twist I want a style I always keep clips in here okay stop stop stop because look at this sooner she see something now to him that way and see this thing okay so soon as you start to think that our fault that's kind of to me where I want to be like I'm just going there I'm going to pin that very very fashion and if you stop and just don't try to do it just stop and do something like that you just make it work I'll bring it around and finish it off with a hand down I'll bring it around and finish that up actually these pieces always seems so complicated just looking in the photos but they're actually very simple really easy going back okay stop I want you to put your hand here now whatever I do I can't put her on a portrait pose now because she's looking to affection so I like the light down here so it's going to hani's ok I also like the fact that when people are on their knees they consistently leagues and I want the hand to come around the body like this and I want that really freshen this year's can you see that she dropped into it yourself and right there over listen I'm gonna shoot this quite love okay from here I need you to come around to me your whole body I think you dropped this hand down stop don't feel bring your chin around and that's the one bringing around down optimus what this showed forward more more more okay I want to sit down ok because I like the light even lower I want you to go back into their state from this life right there I want you to set up a really tall and I want you to bring this elbow back in now yeah just to albert like that and this hell but here I want to lift your chin too may don't move okay and it's all about creating this here chin around this waist up okay all I want to do is keep creating that look that kava girl looks I just want to keep tapering the way so I want to keep shooting her low give me a slight tip this way that's it okay stay there the koran says she really knows how to make a woman look amazing in a very simple way to get this get this way this way this way stop and his dog small space keep going keep going kick I stop don't move and now turn around turn around that's the best shots around turn around start around and down down lift up the back again alex you need to put this hand out here that's the one I need you length and then chin pok don't move the reflect that if it's perfect right there okay I want you to keep going around keep going keep going stop chin down you know essentially she's in a position right now which is very a disclaimer and she's in a position she's in an outfit there that potentially would have been in my studio in the late eighties and I just think that equates to that sort of late nineties fashion that was studying to become quite edgy for compete to our portraiture but she doesn't look like eighties glamour so you know if you can make that work then obviously that's the ideal um I want to keep your fest later on but who here has gone to I want to hear out that's one on one side I want here out in big like it wass but um on the other side stay there just stay at one of them but just sensational crazy cool fascinator is awesome love the hairpiece indeed john says you're the master of mirroring and it's his ah ha moment yeah yeah okay two in towards may that's the one answer that nice and tall and cross the somme over in the front so they bring this one back but just cross this one ford ijust wanted in alberta act right in good girl there it is nice and long that's it and straight up to me the election now that's the one stay that long chin forward and down down down stop okay I would throw did have a five just a one minute throw so let's take this out girls it's to a one minute throw and then we can move on what's our counter at for l could tio um court to a manual seventy poses could stand up ok so the only fabric way don't really have anything yeah that's right we're about to lose that we're gonna make sure these dresses are on a little tighter shauna lo fi says it's almost victorian it's time leff by mistake when what was it it's almost victorian it's timeless and then rebecca west photo said there's a lovely synchronicity between suze creativity and alex is embodying it yep yep cates reading and shawna lafi says alex is going to love her shots they are job dropping I like her smile after seeing you look amazing alex I can't hope I want you to help us get fist so I want it bunched up girls so just give me a match um brinkley's kansas skirt's kind of starting to lose its shape a little bit so we screwed up and I want you to do something very similar with the rolling shoulder but this time like this side to side it's good flick working your shoulder towards may yet and I want youto move it letter I want you to keep working your shoulder I need a reflector so I'm gonna shut it down I'm gonna turn on the fan and I'm just gonna do some quick fire shooting like I did so rachel's going to stay up here and so it's going to be fast and it's gonna be fan so you're not gonna hear me I'm just gonna keep telling her to connect his shoulder to the front keep moving I'm just going to keep encouraging here okay from the go move alex smooth don't pull your elbows out of the back I just want you to flick it out like this the case looking out across it over not up in front of you just after the side that movie feet move your feet good younger girl look down movie hand alex keep moving with those shoulders to may slow down remember bring it around look at me that's it go going maybe hands love chin down turned down look down thank you katie photo twenty two says alex smile is amazing dump alex jump out and thank you so much alex it's got seventy shots you got seventy shops here so that everyone can start leaning including you because you're a photographer aren't you so you can go home and study all season to your shots and they start doing them on your clients

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