Shoot: Portrait Couture, Gold (Kate)


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Shoot: Portrait Couture, Gold (Kate)

I've got Kate in something just so simple, just like that, some of it like brushed out of here, made it a bit bigger. She's put more of a nude pink lip on. And we've changed her dress into just sequins with nude. We've gone from black to green and let's see if I can't do something very similar with a 180, but just keep it a little bit different in the posing so she's still standing, just to show you that I can even get more difference just from standing up like this. Simi just, take this wall, Rachel I need you, and you come in here. So what I want you to do first is I want you to take a step towards me and I want to you to just to lean on this wall. I want you to just drop this hand, put this hand up to your thigh, life it up, long chin. This is where I start with everybody. Nice and steady but I want to be fashioned so the difference between the portrait is she's not going to be sliding down the wall to me. It's gonna be the opposite. The chin goes there and I want you to life up and...

I want that fierce fashion face. Rachel can I have some light? And a camera. Do you want, (mumbles)? No, not at all. Now that we're doing more fashion couture it's the opposite. This is where I'm down here. So I need the chin to come down towards me, stop! And Simi I need bigger hair. Now that to me, you give her bigger hair and I'm gonna explain something. The difference between a fashion shot and a portrait shot is that portrait shot is about getting the hourglass and going back. The fashion shot is about creating that. The problem with creating that lower angle is that if they are not really lean, you're going to thicken them up. 'Cause nobody shoots lean from below. Okay, so the leaner your client is, the lower you can shoot. But the curvier they are, the higher you have to go. So this is where you compromise one thing, pose for Photoshop. So if I, you look how small her arms are, if I get too low here and thicken her arms up, I will compromise the Photoshop in here, in order to get a cover girl shot that looks really fashioned to me. Now if I want real fashion, I want beautiful big hair and if I had a girl with short hair or even like Kina's-length hair. So Kina has not short hair but she's below the ear, I would still give Kina volume around her face and I would bring her curls up into her cheeks. So to me, it's about getting that look there where it's just about having that bigger volume. So, even your length Kina still and short hair, I would just introduce big earrings or a big flower on the neck or a big scarf on the neck. So it introduces something that's like boof! Like really make that work. You see for you, you suit scarf so much, you suit it when your hair frills out, you suit that volume and you suit anything around your neck and face. So, straightaway for you, I would put scarves on you or massive earrings or I would illustrate how square your shoulders are by making your neck longer and use your short hair. Okay, so it doesn't have to be big hair, long hair to be big hair. Just have to be around framing the face. Right, time's up! That's great Sim. That helps a lot. Okay, so now what I want you to do is bring that chin around there, that's the one! I'm gonna redo that for you because I wanna bring it into here. You just have a helmet. We don't ever want a helmet. That's it. Chin around. Relax your mouth Kate, good girl! So really drop it down. Chin around a bit more. Chin up half an inch. Stop! And I just think that that fashion line is more here. Now you watch me just tuck this arm and I'll just show you a little secret here. The other day, last night, don't move don't move. When we were posing curves, I told the girls to lean against the wall and she's holding it so you're not gonna fall. Lean and I want it to roll towards me. Now keep your hand there. Roll towards me on the wall. So what I've done is I've rolled Kate's arm right there and now I'm gonna pull her away here to create more space. Watch the difference between her arm and body slim down on this look. And chin down a little touch. Drop that bottom lip Kate. And there it is there. Okay. So here is her more fashioned look with just a little bit of a sort of pop in her elbow. You pop that out right there and just watch that change up. So, that's gonna be quite quick. While you're doing that, I'm going to stand up. Can you see that difference? Okay, does her arm look slimmer? Okay, hands go back against the wall and bum goes, ah no. Actually you can just kick it back like that. So, I want you to arch me back, good girl. I wanna see something through here some light through here and I want this out by down a little wee bit and I want your chin to be hard square over your shoulder. So that's it. Muah, muah, stop. But I don't want it tip down like portrait I want it up and model and I want your shoulder to work up as well. Stop! As soon as her shoulder works up she looks more fashioned. So we're down here now and bring your chin around to the wall now. That's a girl right there. Check that out! Damn! Look at this! (Kate laughing) That's fierce. That's unbelievable. Okay from here you're going to touch the wall with your hands. You're going to lean forward with your body. We did this with Rose. You're gonna crush your shoulder away from me. That's a girl. I'm gonna open up this big hair, like this. And then what I'm gonna do just to mix it up and make it look a little bit more fashioned, then portrait work it, work it. Stay there. Chin up. That's it. Good girl. Beautiful work Kate. I want you to bring this hand out. I want you to come into the face. Up and under. That's it. And I want you to bring it up to here. I want you to bring your elbow forward. I want you to cup out. So, heel palm in, heel palm in and fingertips out. That's it. I want you to bring your chin all the way hardcore around this way. That's it. As far as it goes until it hits. Until you're cramping. Okay long knee, lift up Kate with that shoulder fall darling. You're not talking on the phone so we need to have it out. No talking on the phone people. You know I said all the time. Work the shoulder forward. It's more, that's it. You're there. 'Cause you're touching and when you're touching it looks real. So you're now at 93 poses. Woohoo! Okay and I'm loving this. Let's go here. I did this with Camille. Stop. Just to the top of your hairline. So just, so your fingertips are there. I want your backhand up and over to there. I want your thumb tucked in here. So, I can't see that, that's it. I want your chin around and I want you to lift your hands off. That's the one. I want you to go this and kick your bootie back as far as you can. Chin around to me. Now, stop. And we're here. And lift your hands up a little higher. Good girl. There you go. I want you to come back. I want you to do your elbow. Hmm. When the hair's long enough and I can bring that arm up. When the hair's long enough that I can cover armpits, I'm gonna try and bring the hands until here. That's it. So, I want you to be more here. That's the one. Now I want this hand to be more here. Good girl. And I want it to be lower and I want this hand to be lower too. That's the one. I want you to make me believe it. That's it. I believe that. That's great. Don't move. I want you to turn your body this way and I want you to look up, nah! That way there, good girl. Stop. Can you see Kate's expression is returning to supermodel every single time? Every time I touch her she just goes straight back into this. So I just see this look and I just see this shape and it's just working for me. I probably, if I had a little bit more time, would put Simi in here with hair. But I'm not going to. If that arm looks couturteous to me, which I think it does, I'm gonna do this and touch the wall. Slide down. Come closer to the wall. Okay so touch the wall a little higher. In. That's it and just let this hand fall lower. This hand goes onto the outside of your hip, that's it. I believe that. If she can make me believe it with the pose and I can believe it. Your hand slides down the wall towards me here. Okay, no. Not believing that. So it's alright. Put it down. I don't tell here I'm not gonna believe it though when she's my client. I just got, okay. Just take your hand down, drop the shoulder. That's the one and just stay straight up and down to me with your chin and with your, that's it. Okay, I just wanna do something around a long chin. Down. This is a shot I'm always telling people to take. I'm always like please take this shot and sell it to every single client. Every single client. Sorry I shot that too high. Chin down. Let me do that again. Every single woman wants this shot here. Okay. That's the covergirl shot that they just absolutely love. What I did was I shot that too high and I bubble headed her because she's lean and her upper body is small, I bubble headed. Chin around. Okay this is the shot, I don't actually probably need a reflector Rach. Just for this one. I'm just gonna try without. This is the shot that I want you to all do for your clients. Chin down, chin down, chin down. It's here. Okay, it's to the top of the hairline. Beautiful! Alright smile. It's from the top of the hairline sort of to the bottom of or about the breastline and it's that shot that you get off your face just like that in perfect hair and makeup that is absolutely beautiful and it looks magnificent shot. Can we clear this area quickly? How long have I got? We still have another six minutes till noon. Okay. Six minutes. What's my number? 97 poses. Woo! You guys have got such a groovy portrait couture posing menu here. I wanna see some amazing portrait couture shots coming out of you. For the contest. Yes! Okay, what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna use the idea that portrait is not perfect. Portrait is perfect, but fashion is not. So I'm just gonna get in and use how organic this brick is and see if it works. Every now and then light like this looks amazing. So come in here. I'm just gonna bounce in. We've got a pipe, we've got a port. Don't hit your feet. Okay, so right there. Go back into that step. Okay and I just want you to stay there. I want you just to put your hands behind you. That's a girl. I want you to kick back and I'm gonna open you up through here. That's the one. I want you to drop your chin down. Every now and then when you see light and it's just perfect light, eating here, okay. Okay, every now and then, when you see light and you just have to grab it it's right there and I think this is pretty cool. Straighten your head out to me, okay. Lift your chin up to me now. I just wanna see what I get in here. That's the one. Okay from there I want you to turn your body this way, that's it. And I want you to cave in. So let this hand come forward. Watch that now behind you okay. And it's just right there. There's the one. I just want you to bring your chin around to me now. Don't move. Love that, good girl. Okay, I'm gonna pull you out. (woman mumbles) Well you know, it's sometimes that I just look at there and I say look at that glow! come and sit down. And I'm just gonna finish here. So sit down and just put your back against the wall. Alright and I need a reflector Rachel so you can come and sit down on the floor right in front of her. Of course the first thing I do with Kate is go and stand her straight up on the backlight. I cannot shoot enough backlight. If I could shoot that backlight, ahh! Just drives me crazy, I love it so much. But I'm not gonna do that with everybody. That's perfect Simi, I like that. That's a girl. Last series of shots to finish off our little couture PDF. Little couture PDF? Big couture PDF. I want you to bring this elbow in. I want you to bring this arm forward. That's it. Don't tuck your hand in though. Swap them over. That's a girl. I want you to slide this one back, this one, anti one, that's it. And I want you to curve in. Okay it's about the curve. She's gonna look more like a model, if she's got the curve. Okay. Yes please. To her not me. That's it. Beautiful. And chin around to me now. Good girl. I'm gonna get a bit of carpet in the background. Okay, I want model face. So, I want a curve in. I want a slide up, I want a chin here, yup. And chin down a bit. Down, down, down, down. You're there. Gorgeous! And just for Kate's dad, chin all the way around. Look at me Kate. Straighten up your back just a little bit more. And beautiful big smile, go! Okay from there, bring your bum away from the wall, lean back against the wall. (coughing) Excuse me. Okay what I want you to do is cross over that shoulder. That's it. Bring your elbow back in a little wee bit more. That's the one, got it. Okay, I'm gonna use that brick wall. So just gonna come onto here. And chin all the way around Kate. Nicely done. And then, I'm gonna swap places with you Tiffany. I want you to turn towards me. What's my count? Stay there. Give me time. Okay, am I running out of time? You've got one minute and 102 poses. Elbow here. Okay slide down. That's the one. And maybe just leave this hand raised against there. That's the one. Long, drop it down and let this hand come out. Lift up really tall and just fall back into there. Get me some light. That doesn't work for me. Okay so into here, bring this knee up that's it. And just bring to this hand here and I want you just to sweep the bottom of your hand here, that's it. Put this down. Cross the shoulder over. No, yeah okay, okay. You just did that, that was beautiful. Sweep across. Lift up tall, work that shoulder forward, that's it. Sweep across. That's it. Give me some light. Okay I'm just picking out that color in the backdrop but you get it. It's absolutely perfect in terms of how you're posing. Stay there. Give me the neckline, that's the one. Work this shoulder, more, more. Don't move. Give me some light and there that's a tiff. You can put your's down Rachel, don't need it. Okay. (woman mumbles) Oh yeah, I'm always sort of, it doesn't really matter where I am compromised though as long as I get my shot. You spring your hands together, not this way. Yeah that's the one. Bring your chin this way. Give me some light. In front of me Rachel coz I'm gonna absorb light. Bend that elbow very very gently. Bring your chin all the way around. There it is. Okay. What I want you to do now is sit up nice and tall. Just bring your right hand out, this one and bring it into your chin, this one and just till here. Elbow goes down against your breastline and just turn your hands out this way so you're there, okay. Work the shoulder forward. That's a girl right there. And bring your chin around to me now. Stop. Beautiful. Okay, more chin. So that's the one. Take this hand out from inside your hair. Put it up into your hair on the side, work it all the way around here. That's it. Fold in. Nice and close. Good girl. Lots of curve, lots of curve. Stay there. Chin down. Last shot. Simi, come and get me some hair at the back. Don't move. I just want a big shakeout right up through the back. Don't move, don't move. That last one was perfect, very elegant. Yeah. Okay, don't move. Okay chin around, give me a slight tip in. Don't, that's it, that's it. Okay, and I'm gonna shake that one. Chin up. Really fierce face, good girl. Stay there. Chin, right there, right there. Drop that bottom lip Kate and just give me those eyes That you've been doing, Did I get to a 100? Oh you passed a 100. Way past. (clapping) 109! Woo!

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