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Sue Bryce Photoshop Workflow 1

hi everyone here we're blending just a little bit of clone I've always got my stamp on one hundred my flower on about twenty or thirty I find it much easier to blamed on a nice soft brash so a nice feathered ej and I try not to make my face look too big on the screen if you're not blending her distance you teamed two blamed smaller amounts and I think it takes fifty times longer so I wanted just to an initial blamed just so I can sell to my client whenever I have a young skin like this without sort of wrinkles or shadows too badly around the face I'm always going to just take the pimples first so I just clone off around the sort of dark spots around the face and then I do a gentle blend it around ten percent flo and one hundred percent o pe sitting on my clone stamp just to bring all the shadows in and I just kind of just do a nice soft land all the way around I work on awakened tablet because I can't reattach on a mouse and I do this clowning it around send a team to city I did this k...

ind earning lots of small dots as opposed to sweeps if you find you're sweeping or dragging you team to create lots of real soft spots try and leave this much rials skin pigment as much real skin tarnish your canniness and his mom sort of I'm peyton in the skin as you can we don't want to just soften everything out I don't use any retouching software on the face just because I want to have full control over how I retouched to the face so you can use retouching software to the face if you want to but I just find it's a little bit too obvious I was dodge in the eye always dodge the turn anywhere between teen and thirty percent don't dodge to the outer corners just make sure you dodge around the iris it lifts the iop and looks absolutely fantastic so there's our before and after if you feel like you've gone too far event when you're retouching even when you read touching this fast you can just go back in europe a city and you can either use your history brush to take it back or you can drop your original image bag and just drop your pay city down my next image is a beauty image strike from camera the school has very very very very good skin and really I'm going to keep it too only the little pats of whose skin that I feel I need to be retouched I don't want to sort of clone over the whole face what I'm going to do here is just take tiny little bits go up into this eye shadow again I'm claiming it thirty percent I've got a nice soft fitted each I work my way from the lightest areas down so around that no syria down around it like pat here under the eye and then up into that little shitter up under the eye so very gently just tapping up and just blending really slowly and gently happened to they do not remove the bottom eyelid on this little shadow under the mouth makes a significant difference is does this whole shadow around the nose I find if you soften those it just makes the nose look slimmer and it is just a shadow that most people don't like on your face I would apply the portrait software you know to this part of the body to save me bleeding because I don't really blamed on any skin on the body anymore but because his skin is wise flawless and was going to give a tiny little whip around this only gonna take me a minute and a half for this entire image and then I'm going to make sure that I put a dodge and being into those eyes so always lift through the dodging boone in the eyes and remember that that little wait line up on the inside of the eyes where the airliner goes even for a natural makeup like this does look excellent little wee bit boonton so I think it just really makes the eyes stand out and makes them really pop so I put a little dodge around the iris I go to my bin I get in my bed and I use it my boner anywhere from ten to thirty percent and I also boone in these little eyelash for tears and I said small brush still the same feather brush I like to put a nice little defined line around the iris because it really jumps the eye out and what I do here is just a nice it'll draw around there just to darken it in to make it look gorgeous when it doesn't look like I'm doing a lot but from but at the end you just watch the eyes just absolutely pop out at you and I yeah draws you right up into her expression this image here she had a tan which can be a little bit of a pain sometimes the fake ten they can get a little bit dark and pigmented but because again she's young skin and she doesn't really need any retouching through the body I'll just go and take little areas that I don't like the little areas there's a few dogs here make sure I blamed the shadow through here just keep it nice and simple I'm always blending again thirty percent are flow so just keeping it quick and I just kept through make sure I put a nice being in there so that there's no lines come up to here remember my goal is to try and keep my retouching in under two minutes so if I can do prepare all of my images and under two minutes then I'm producing a nice fast turnaround time not spending my life on a shop so I'm only thinking now even though it looks like I'm dragging I mean she just tapping up and down on her neckline I'm going from that light is part of kitchen out so I blend in that little shed around there and then I'm gonna come up on this line tipped out tap tap miss keep my dad going nice and gently just going to give it a quick brush over I want to remove any shadows on her face that make it look like this she's got more lines on her face that she does my simpson pole always come down through the bridge of the narrative that softens the brow and you take that on the shadow that joins the eyebrows sometimes there's a little shadow that joins the eyebrows makes it look like a mono brow and it's not it's actually just a shape of the face and it can get a little dark shadow up onto that cheek take that color up and I soft all the way around so a minute to do a circle away around your face nice and gentle tap your keep it simple always face around the same size on the screen always my brush around the same size so that we're doing lots of lots of quick white blending and there's a little line here on her forehead is gonna blend into that so I just go take their tip right into that line until I bring it through and then it's no longer something that you look it okay then one fall off that perfect became this one hiss at one minute to intensive care now have a nice easy tipped to the face without overdoing it I'm pretty easy to pull back if you feel like you don't march always come around I always have a look through the body and I'll make sure there's no little tags make sure there's nothing pegging out things like that that one was going to come up into the armpit uh the armpit is a little bit I hide out pits I height I'm showing them with an photograph so I always retouch them and when I got here so what I've done is I'm just going to look at this hole and her eyebrow her eyebrows are quite even I have a couple of choices to make here one of them is I can trim down the top of this eyebrow and I can re touch up the other side of that eyebrow I can fill in the other eyebrow to match so I have a couple of choices I can climb or aiken been in but sometimes neither clone nor beating in can make here or eyebrow here look really so what I'm gonna do is I'm going less oh I've filled in this eyebrow because this eyebrows beautiful shape and I'm going to our flip it so I'm going to copy and pace and then just free transform and then I'm going to flip it and then I'm just going to line it up because I always want to use really a here because I'm transplanting her right eyebrow because she had some issues with your eyebrow and I'm just going to make it a little bit darker and then I'm with him a race tool so just with my e for a race nice small brush it about twenty percent I'm just gonna erase that age so I'm just going to fit him other eyebrow on top of the end and I'm just going to erase it back this is not something I would really do until my client has asked me for it unless they had a round malfunction at the shooting and said could you fix my eyebrow so I'm always copy paste using re ally brown making sure I got real eyebrow here and here in there so that it's not something that looks out official now it's done when I'm happy with that I embrace it back remember there's no such thing as it was exactly perfect eyebrows so we just want to make it look real and make it look not noticeably filled in so I'd say get did the art when I'm happy I'm going to flatten that and then I'm just going to use my bed and tour and I'm sorry my clone stamp and I'm just going to fill that in like try do that shudder and and I'm teo ham's gonna hit this top of this makeup line so I watched the tub that make up line and it's going to come back here on I haven't quite got it some right on the dock in the lights I'm going to take a little bit from the dag little bit from the line until I put them together yeah happy with that and then I go to my dodge tool oh just get to come in here first what I'm going to do is I'm just cloning through making sure there's no gaps in her eyelashes uh go to my dodge just put a little twentynine twenty percent dodge around her iris in the bottom of her irish just I kind of just do a sweep sweep then I got my bends my band toll and uh just gonna flick up through the lashes so I was going to make sure you film delicious actually used my boon tour like mascara and so I'm creating just a little bit of uh sort of like a little bit of a false eyelash and I just got into their nice small brush to do that and then I feel in this line here which is the wet line for the eyeliner so that's the line that everybody blinks off while you photographing them when they get a bit hardcore sweetie I fill in the areas that this because it makes the make up look beautiful and I just make sure I define that beautiful black line that beautiful width line from those less shoes simple perfect we're on the iris here because it makes the eyes pop looks absolutely fabulous ugo done beautiful love that and you're matt this image here I shot straight with absolutely no front light so the only light source is coming from behind here and as she was actually walking off the beard I saw this shot because she's actually leaning on both reflectors and I saw the shot and I held made your hold a pose here now even for elaine body like hiss when their side wrinkles like that we don't want to see any side wrinkles or anything like that because people don't like it so I just climbed them through so exactly the same as what I've bean doing on the face where a twenty percent I'm just cleaning up into that line just to remove it then when I do it's just kind of come down there make sure that that's painted beautifully okay now I still feel like this is poking out of the back and I do sort of gauge whether or not if it's going to draw my attention down there so I less so and I copy and paste and then I right click warp and I was going to bring that little line and because now it's no longer a point that you look at I'd rather just take a little I call them nothing or a little roll or whatever it is and just remove it I always want to remove something that I think the girls went like I go up to my clone stamp and a twenty percent I just kind up into their eye shadow because she didn't have a reflector in front of here so obviously there's going to be shadows the face make sure I hit around the nose line because it just looks so much better when you do take that little shadow around the mouth that's called poppet mouth so you don't want it to drag the mouth down so it's really easy to hit that and then I always had that little shadow under the lip under the on the chin because I think it looks really good same again up and down the nose highlight and then I work my way around the forehead so the forehead looks good but not flat so do not work too far to the outside of the forehead around the hairline because you don't want to flatten out the face uh I don't think she needs any retouching software on her body she has absolutely beautiful skin so I just go around in any but that bother me I'll take that and I'm very happy with that right good look up there and then I want teo work my I highlight so straight away to my dodge tool made twenty percent as little dodge just to lift the eye up through there perfect it's a little pop in the eye when I can't dodge it when the isa really dag I go to my brush tour and I goto white at zero one percent flow and I just put a little highlight brush through but it's a very subtle here we have the twins it's a great sharp it's I'm just opening it in raw now I actually did the twins sitting on a box with the league's killed up around each other was a very very difficult pose to do because they are young inflexible but it's quite a hard one to rip the kate so if you do have two young girls differently with it again we're on young skin today the section so it's pretty easy just to take anything that stands out like a million people people always ask me if I remove malls I try not to eva I do light in them though if they have really strong but I trying t even remove them at least the makeup covers them so a very basic blame just re pimples only just three large spots that you can on teenage skin come over here and then blamed that little shed idea because they will hollow around the nose now taken over to this side these girls have again such floor skin and we don't want to lose the actual skin petain's sir I'll just take nice small little taps and blend them through and any shadows up under the eyes like that will take down always around the noise and then I go up through my forehead line make sure I clear out that forehead icefall a skin I then after I finished that have a look for the face and I want to just make sure I've got a good blend under this I still a little bit back to may nice fast again I wan thirty percent flow twenty or thirty it's all I ever stay on every now nineteen sixty if I'm working on a background I just keep it will really simple down onto the neckline quick bring their big brush soften that e I can use a little bit of gentle sweeping when I'm on the body just never on the face I don't want to sweep on the face make my brush a good beginning just beamed into this line here perfect but keeping it klein just to the top because we want to grill hey went to fall then when I pull back I make sure I do it just a general blamed on any area that I feel is still holding shadow and I do come down onto ten lines um using my crimes damn just nice and simple just tape all the way down make your breast smaller and clonal the way down to make sure that their clients damn follows you and turn up to um go into any lines just soften those sort of dots out near him there I actually crop this image um sort more square and I shot it to be cropped so the idea wass that as I was photographing the imogene you look beautiful cropped so I took it to about here um I realized when I got here that I had not pulled back far enough from the camera so I actually have now some cropping room at the top pierre and I just extended the background again with photo shop just really simply oh I wanted to make it a nice large square campus to certain looked really contemporary and I was very happy with that I also put this image into black and white it's some one of my favorite images in my studio the twins of so beautiful just the way they were wrecked around each other and they're togetherness when if I remove straight hears I used the healing tool shortcut for healing till a j so I just hit the j and I go through and I will move straight here so I'm not actually that big on removing straight hears I don't know if they bother me like this stick up otherwise I'd issues my client stamp on about sixty percent I'll just come up and was cloned dal interest um straight he is but I don't actually get to stack on removing straight hears I just don't see the point and list off obviously they bother me and I'm happy with that all right this next one beautiful image again young skin so so easy photographing these um teenagers with the young skin they have such beautiful skin even though they might have pimples the rest of the skin is beautiful so once you remove the bits that you don't like it so eighty something like this when this light through the here I have to decide whether it's a distraction not night I always kind of make that call on whether it's kind of about me or not on dh then I just went through my main dots of course I don't want to be blaming the whole face because I want her to still look like here's your skin so I'm just going to go through and just hit any dots that I don't like again I'm cloning nice and easy thirty percent on the flo she asked working my way through the dots first just to even out his kin time yeah here through the bottom of the chin line you come up to him before I start doing a larger blend and blending up through that shadow I'm just going to take those darts can I go bigger here here and then I come down onto this line's really there's only about three dots on her forehead that bother me this little brow here the shade and this is what I have to remove because this this can't look like a mono brow from a distance this isjust the shadow that comes up under the forehead and when you haven't got a good reflector because we're outside with no effective right now in the shop so I'm just going to clown down from and up from him nice and down from her forehead till it meets in the middle and just take that little line which is a horizontal line off the bridge of her night at the top I'm going to come up and to the shadow on the cheek so I blamed that cheek out nicely then I'm going to come up into the shelters around the knives so first of all I took the dots and now I'm just doing a general blamed and keeping it simple we're going to make sure I keep it smooth but don't overdo it because it's really fast over doing it from here on in there all right so there's too little stray here's coming in through here I'm gonna use my healing tool so it's going to go down the trick here is a nice tiny brush the width of the here you can do a nice tiny little brush and just remove those here remember the healing tool can be fast and it can also be a bit fickle so you have to watch it make sure that you're on that you getting right down that he line released wait for it to process and sometimes you have to do it twice and if it fails you if you're crossing a line um then obviously sometimes it doesn't work so you just have to go to the client stamp and but prematch removed any here so fast right through the eyebrow let's see if this works because it's very hard to cross the line on the healing toll but it's going to let me do it but I think I'm good man I'm just kinda wish what sweep along with hard perfect too easy police photo shop so easy ah hey used to take us about teen minutes for the paint brush one to hear if not more beautiful I don't want to do too much on this image remember my client wants to view it so I don't want to spend hours and hours on end not also want them to look as good as possible when they see them but without wasting their time on doing too much I just go straight for the stray here using my healing stamp still I'm just going to go down draw down here little guy white friends perfect to stay a little bit there I'll do twice and then they know but they're finished that off goes all the way down I shot this image right on sunset it was getting dark for some was actually behind here it's shut a little bit under exposed but it's good enough black in the dark's too keep it down nice instead of grand g I decided right from the beginning when I shot this image that it was going to be I'm going to take the highlights right down and make it a kind of dark and gutsy and both color and black and white I couldn't decide on the final process of color or black and white I'm gonna climb around here again I'm climbing at the scene nice and easy just going for my highlights out and just blending tap tap tap round there don't flatten out the face so don't remove the highlight to otherwise the chin becomes very flat and we start those in the shape of the faith too quickly that's come up to here I want to remove those pimples I want to remove her dark spots but I don't want to remove if rickles or that little natural sort of fickle bridge on who knows so just really gently kind through there just take take what's necessary don't take too much man's good my little hair three here in another one coming this way then and just happened to here take that and perfect you sent it into black and white

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Women want to feel as beautiful as Sue Bryce makes them look in her portraits. Join this award winning photographer as she teaches you the tools of the trade for modern glamour photography. Watch real shoots as Sue shows you step-by-step how to celebrate the timeless beauty of women.

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