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Video Fusion, Seniors, and Marketing

I don't do work shots huh if I get asked to speak often does a one and a half hour keynote and I get so many e mails to do workshops and and I just I have got so many shoots to do that I don't really have time to do workshops so when I come here I feel like I have to try and concentrate that as much as I can into the days that you give me to share with you live on the internet so I try and um hand over us much as I can and it's matches I know that you're asking for when you e mailed me and tell me I want to know this and I want to know this and I think about where people are struggling and where I want him to be better so my last day today I've picked inasmuch as I physically can't pick in in in the last day with me and um then I'm gonna after I hand that I that I get to go out and party with these guys and relax for the first night this week so I wanted to share with you something that I've just done this month uh did a beautiful senior chute for this girl anna now we don't have a sen...

ior's market in australia or new zealand we it's just not a photography genre uh we've tried many times over he over the twenty years to launch a senior's market the way you guys haven't seen his market so essentially it's quite unique that your country has genre of photography that really no other country has and a lot of photographers photograph seniors so I have a quite a unique brand in the sense that like I said yesterday my brand is very attractive to teenage girls so the seniors market for mae has always been an easy sell but we don't call them seniors we just call them teenagers so I've always marketed to girls day out and gone to the teenager to get the mother and daughter shoot the mother and daughter shoot is the most lucrative shoot in my studio so I always go I always really entice that young girl so that she brings maman so when I apply what I do with teenagers to the seniors market in america here and for anybody else in the rest of the world who doesn't have a senior's market who is just looking at the mother and daughter market or how do you hook the teenager because the teenager ultimately drives the consumer who is the mom who has got the money but it's the teenager that can make mom pretty much doing by anything so I hooked that teenager with my brand and she hooks mom for me and I know I can get their teenager so for the states this is about seniors for the rest of the world this is about the mother and daughter so we're going to do that this morning um I'm going to talk a little bit more about power marketing real fast so what I want to do is I just want to throw is many marketing ideas at you as I can in the shortest amount of time that you can actually go on apply in the next month to your business and I want you to pick up and run with any of these suggestions that I throw at you and then we can discuss them really quickly I want to talk about how I did the shoot and why it's so beautiful and so for me and what I loved about it and I got a little bit of a behind the scenes shots to show you um I want to talk to you again about hayley bartholomew who I mentioned every single time I speak because she's the one that does these videos for me and I think she is the future of photography and moving image and it's coming it's coming slowly but it is coming so embrace it now because it is a very strong viral marketing tool um and then I want a power market and then we'll go to break and then I've got I'm really awesome mother and daughter map shoot for you so this is the shape that I make most of my money it crosses to demographics it gives me multiple referrals because the girl between the age of fifteen and nineteen has multiple girlfriends that wants to do what she does and the mother and daughter relationship currently in this social market is a huge a huge easy mac get to market to and a huge spend because they enjoy the process so much so I want to teach you how to grab hold of that and had a really make money from it I don't see a lot of people crossing that demographic general when their marketing may thine tio go for the young girls that a midway they kind of go for that younger twenties and you're going for a demographic that his least money I go for the younger girls again I got sort of a cross that fifteen to twenty five and get mum to come in so I opened up a whole second demographic so this chute here I did with enough you have to lend something about a client in order to understand the shoot so when I described my shoots on my block I want to tell you enough about anna to keep any personal but I also want to tell enough about to you that you understand his story because we're telling stories with images and on my block you know I waffle on on my block and that one long rolling sentence of may which is how I talk so I write like a talk but I don't remember ever saying I had a degree in writing or anything like that so you know you get it basically anna comes in for the shoot she's seventeen years old and she's ranked fourth in the world so it's like anna you know let's talk to you for five minutes and find out something interesting about you what's your favorite thing to do I ran every day you run yes I'm training for the next olympics you're training for the next olympics ranked fourth in the world currently under eighteen over fifteen hundred meters old goose bumps wow this young woman is a little girl with big big plans so I looked at his chute I said okay I got a picture on uh message on ticks of what she looks like that she selfie and she's got long beautiful here she's the girl that is not a girl and not yet a woman so I think this is a quintessential senior chute for me this is something that I think she's crossing over in between I want to be a supermodel but I'm not siccing her out in any way shape or form I also want mom and dad who are paying for the shoot because she does not work in his income to feel very comfortable with what they're buying so I want to cross that genre like I talked about yesterday between being a girl not a girl and not yet a woman so as I started to photograph this beautiful shoot prepare for the shoot I realized I needed haley to come and shoot a behind the scenes video off her and haley is just police a storyteller at the highest level because she can she can see stories and moving form and then cut them together and there are so many great little filmmakers and editors out there now that is just really coming into their own and grab hold of them and work with them you know because this is such a powerful media toe so I tell you about this show haley bartholomew is a kid's photographer mostly she's from brisbane in australia and I first saw her work when she started to do beautiful advertising for dinky dinky at dot com that amazing australian kids photographer bob you'll absolutely incredible she did a video for them and then I started to see her work and I ran here and ask to the shoots of bonus video for me which he did and I loved it and it's still on my website in that video for me is just I still consent to it and watch it every day I love it that much uh when I asked haley to come back to do in a shoot um the interesting thing about hayley is haley his genre that is exactly the opposite to mine so she's all about speed hype laughter running action children I'm all about slow control post election mouth don't move lived up blow here we couldn't be polar opposites I don't think we couldn't even be polar opposite in our personalities when you meet us you're gonna laugh help polar opposite we are and here genre speak so loud to me even though I can't do it don't do it don't want to do it and I she doesn't even look at by because we just wear earth we're just on a different track and yet I saw their opportunity is she understood samonas mom's story because she's my mother too she understood the girl's waking up in the morning playing and being a mom and then I took it into the studio to my zone so haley did her story and I did my story my story was in the glamour studio making over some minor and then I put it back to her family and seemed to home again that's hailey strength that soo's strength now as filmmakers or image makers we want to play to our strengths right so I played that well so with this one I decided if she's not a girl but not yet a woman then hayley will get her playful crazy side her kid's side and I'll pull out the woman so haley will capture the little girl in here and trust may a seventeen year old is a little girl okay she's she's a little girl inside she's laughs a lot talks a lot dances a lot this stupid a lot and there's always that moment if you remember girls when you're seventeen I don't know if the boy's experience something like this but this that moment where you want to scream and be stupid and people give you that look you know that that grow up look you know you get that and you'll be out in public and you're too loud or you're having too much fun and you around that age group in all of a sudden it's that you know and you kind of stop thinking I'm not a kid anymore so this was really significant to may I talk to haley aboutthe shoot now haley does this incredible thing we she she storyboards and she doesn't shoot list so we write the storyboard and she comes back she goes what do you think of this I go I like this I like this I throw some ideas at here we mix it up we write a story that is like pitching a movie we're gonna shoot it like this we're gonna shoot it like this but there's no story so miners was get up get out of bed you know this is just a capture of ena who enter is so it's not like telling a little story is just capturing all of it so then what we started to do was we decided that she needed to be in different outfits she needed to be riding but mostly she needed to be running because she's a runner I wanted here in a beautiful dress but I wanted here inflect boots then you know I wanted to get across that look where she said she's at that age appropriateness we put haley on the back of a bike we pushed her around but the best part about it is watching hayley run all day after a fourth ranked in the world over fifteen hundred readers because we made this young girl run up and downstairs like we made her do steers over and over again and haley was behind you every step of the way except for any could run those steers twenty times and she wasn't even puffing she come down and she'd go fun wait so the idea was we wanted teo tell this little story about this girl and we ran up and down stairs we ran up and down alleyways we ran up and down hills we made her run up and down hills where we lay down and we just absolutely had so much fun shooting this girl and I would like to share that video with you today poor haley got a lot of exercise running around after after this girl and uh we finished the day out just on sense it uh it was one of the most beautiful experiences to watch the sun go down we were frazzled and we've been working all day it was ah you know cold in winter and anna gave it everything she had and so this is her little story that's what it takes to make me smile wait so we didn't get a very good audio in here I have the internet got it but basically that song was written by the same girl from triple scope the same girl that wrote the song force minus video mending blade hole and absolutely amazing vocus from in somewhere from l a I just want to give some shout outs on the internet we clapped here but k shell says goose bumps all over great job sue and haley beautiful omg how stunning magnificent tears welling up and you just this is the first time anyone has seen this grace yes world premiere it iss and you know what um the lyrics of the song is I'm just a little girl with great big plans and I just I want to hold the whole wide world in my hands and it just to me it just sums her up I'm gonna run right up this hill I'm gonna lend to belly dance you know I'm no matter what I dont just going to take a chance all right for may um oh hang on I'm gonna start it off I'm gonna go back bounce back there um I really want teo show you in a chute actually and mike if you could bring up in a shoe because I really want to show you how who shoot unfolded um through that day and this stills that she ended up getting in what she loved um for may advertising this is gonna be easy because I feel like it's a uh it's a connection that is so easy to who she is and what she does so is the shoot unfolded I would stop the video you know videoing in every single little location we ran up a hill we went around the corner we went up to the park we shot against a wall we shot into the sun and then we went down to anneli way and then we finished across the alleyway up on a hill right on scented so I planned her outfits around you know as we were going through those four locations that were all very easy to bounce too and we wanted those big steers so that she could run up and down them the bike is actually my bike I I have a beautiful big incident by cold sama so she was riding my bike and we got two changed once and then change teo again so the changes were very very subtle when you barely noticed them we added streamers and flowers and we just wanted to make it as fun as possible and at the end of the day you can see haley coming out in the video in soo come out of the chute because it's definitely across off both of us wouldn't you say yeah quite amazing what I love about this I think also is uh I just feel like I captured her age really well yeah any questions about that ship what kind of camera did she seem like she was video taping with a farty mato forty three yeah yeah so she had you'll see and one of the behind the scenes shots you know and she had the um no sorry some kind of wheel right yeah it's such an interesting it's not a steadicam because it's not balanced it's actually really just gives her amazing opportunity to do different shots but you can't push and pull focus because you have to have two hands on the wheel although you can scoop down and go out pie and do all sorts of stuff with it so she has a few different rigs like that I actually thought what I want to do is bring hailey bartholomew to creative live so that she can teach you how to shoot a show reel yourself and eat it when and put it on youtube so I'm going to do that I'm gonna bring hailey baffling me tio creative alive at the end of january and I'm going to get here to show you how to shoot on your camera a show reel that you can then it it and using your viral marketing and create a story and do it because she is a genius is telling a simple story so beautifully and um yeah I'm really really excited about that so these in a shoot you can see a couple of changes I just want to point out the grease in the jacket there in is wearing in the front uh her own the staff the little apricot scarf is hiss the little black outfit that she got into is from my shooting wardrobe because I just wanted to for a little moment take her into something a little bit more grown up and then we took you're back into a beautiful little dress and the sequence when she was running through the alleyway where I edit the flowers and shot into the sun flare and that little top hat was a two dollar top hit from the from the hot dollar store so it didn't have to be about expensive props or anything like that it was just about fun and just making that just a beautiful siri's I showed and every single one of those images and she didn't take any out and hearing him I'm just went we love them all sy I felt you know that it was a really good really good tonight really good shoot to show really enjoyed it absolutely amazing beautiful big canvas at the back and I wish you all the best that little girl has big plans and I really hope she goes for the next olympics all right now what I thought I would like to do is I would like to show you what I shoot in terms of just an everyday shoot that I would do to show my client I'm not gonna talk about selling I'm gonna go back to marketing okay because I want to come back to some ideas that we can market all of your businesses right now so if we could just see lauren shoot up here what I did with lauren shoot is I shot I challenged myself to shoot lauren shoot mostly horizontally because I also captured video now fusion video is not a product yet because the public don't identified as a product but trust me once these videos go out in our advertising and they realized what we're doing once the public identified as a product then it will become something that people want once a product is market driven we have to supply it because people are going all I've seen super isis website she does these videos could you do like a video of my children and then all of a sudden you're crossing genres into fusion so I want to be in early adapter and innovator so I want to start shooting fusion now until it becomes a product but in the meantime I'm using the fusion to advertise myself on every level because I wanted to go borrow I want my my band with to be huge so I came up with a couple of concepts on how I could use video I started to shoot live before shots so they've got no makeup on you locked down the camera on a tripod they sit down on a tear they sit up tall you put the camera at the top of the head and you'd just shoot a three to four second clip of them sort of looking straight at the camera and everyone has that shy and sure I've got no here make up I'm in a ponytail and then I would bring them back after the makeover and sit them down and they're here make it would be done in a whole different girl sits in that chair and next thing they're sitting down and you could get them nice and tall sitting through the pot's chin forward and kept your little five second video just of them in there after shot you khun dropped both of those movies that comes straight out of the back your camera on to final cut pro you can lay in the sun lender dot com you can drop them onto a timeline a timeline means that when it plays it goes along the timeline and place it in a linear the way you captured it then what happens is you can put a transition in between that fade them together really slowly so if they have reasonably still or in slow motion and you transition those images together they go from there before shot to the after shot in one little transition and that transition might take eight seconds but it's to me what I call alive before and after so imagine then that you can create a slide show of the shoot so this is I'm trying to teach you something with no video skill imagine then you just drop in a slide show of the top three images of the shoot and you put that on youtube and people get a visual before and after go into the shoot that you have created and that's almost watching a live video so if you're not there yet on the video thing if you're not there yet and in terms of not being able to afford video because of video like haley's can be five to eight thousand dollars for someone who level and she works for her money did you know after seeing who do two videos I told her she should be ten thousand plus I have never seen anybody work so hard for a shoot I will also say this I have no idea what this makes me emotional but I'm gonna say it anyway after watching her shoot I sat down and I looked at her and I said in twenty years I don't get that excited by watching other photographers I died I've seen it all it's like well yeah you're good you have a high hit right whatever you know cool that's awesome props to you I have respect for you but I'm talking about that feeling when you sit behind a photographer and and they're knocking out a shoot and it's making you go oh my god she does that for me I have never set behind anyone not in fifteen years and being then impressed so to bring her here and watch you shoot a show reel for you I'm just yeah it just makes me but the best part is I get to tie in my client's in my story with her incredible nous and that excites the hell out of me so ways to tie in a chute would be I did it before and after of lauren I did a live before and after our transition the before and after and then I did some beautiful little catches just in between a mixture of behind the sanes and through my lens is a very big difference between shooting something behind the scenes so seeing the photographer and the assistant and then shooting it from where you are actually taking the still and I can mix it together is a fusion video and that might not be a sellable product yet well beats coming but that is a great marketing tool great for my website great for youtube and something you could do right now correct yeah so just before we go on to the break I just want about to couple of more ideas to you in one of them is is before I finished sorry before I view my images so before I take them to the sales level back to where I'm seeing my beautiful shots I'm loading them off my client is leaving the studio okay I've seen goodbye we've hit a coffee whatever I'm doing I call this the entice image ok I just want to throw this out there some people I really really can't get the heat around this some people get the hit around it immediately so it's just a nice idea this is what I've been doing what I do is I learned off my images I do the whole chill out after you have you shoot you're a little bit wound up and I pick the my favorite image just straight out of straight off there off the sort of grid I'm looking at the images on my computer and I go bang and I know when I shot it that that was going towards where I really wanted to nail it so for me that shot there upon the wall that beautiful big campus that obviously was gonna be the shot that I sold teo that I seem sorry to enter because I just pulled that straight up out of it emit straight up out of here image bank and I put it straight into photo shop now this took me two minutes I opened this image and find a shop I retouch it okay and then I load it into a file called gorgeous I have this file on the iphone that I call gorgeous and everybody I've shot in the last six months is in this gorgeous file and this just one shot of them and what what it does is two things when I'm out and about and I haven't got cards or I'm on the fly I'm at the gym wherever I am I might be out on the fly but I'm never without my cell phone okay I even sleep with myself and close by so you know that we are attached like nobody's business so that gallery called gorgeous is on my iphone and it's right there for you to see it any time you strike up a conversation with me I'm like I'm a photographer here I not only have relevant work I have really work so not just the best off my base but every client and the best shot I have so I have a good cross section of ages demographics and I have a relevant and and contemporary gallery on my phone that's good to go not just work I took twenty years ago but the beast off that I'm doing right now and they flick through this gallery now this gallery has two hundred fifty image isn't it now so it is so impressive this gallery in terms of it being ah hi hit right that people just sit the different our and then they passed my phone on and it didn't come it comes up dinner my my friends actually get sick of me doing it because they just like hey guys might get hold of that gorgeous gallery it'll be all like well we're going to do a shoot with you so anyway it's what it's all about so entice may is about the one thing that people are when they leave your studio they are a little bit tired from being worked so hard and stretching imposing the hungry because being with you for three and a half hours so they need to go on a date and they're a little bit nervous because they don't know if you actually got what they wanted and they really excited because we really excite them now the biggest mistake that people make is that they is the do I show people the back of the camera okay and yes I do show the back of the camera but I only want to show you the back of the camera twice once or twice sometimes I don't show the bigger the camera because I want them to get a glimpse that I'm getting what they getting but it has to be really good so that they feel comfortable now instead of showing the back of the camera now remember sometimes you opposing someone that doesn't like something about themselves like a double chin or a jowl or a scar now if you show them the back of the camera what are they going to look at with square they're gonna look at the thing they don't like no matter how good the shot is but when I finished the image I take the beast one straight off working on photo shop I photo shop it two minutes loaded onto my gorgeous file so I update my gorgeous file and then I seemed it on my phone to my client who's driving home okay now two things happen right now firstly the ticks message me or call me immediately and because it's been photoshopped finished and I've chosen this image is my favorite they're always like all wow I cannot believe that you have given me this image I crop that image two by three seventy two dp ice that's nice and small it's not gonna be printed and even if it is it's a digital file okay I give this image on nineteen nine casino the times sometimes not I always have that one percent don't ninety nine percent of the time they're images on facebook by the time I come back from my lunch break and it's not on my facebook with a water mac it's on via facebook with a tag to may now is it better for me to advertise a client shoot or the client to advertise may yes because a client referral comes in one times one hundred times stronger than me saying look what I just did so what I then do is I bounced that my client bounces that back to me and by the time I come back for lunch I can have anywhere from one to five people on my mailbox going I want to do a shoot I just saw kate shoot and I'm gonna do into and what it does is you giving something away to them straight away now people always say what if they don't buy anything and the yugo if they don't buy any other images because they got a two by three seventy two dp I they were never going to buy from you they just went maybe they just wanted the experience I don't know what maybe they didn't like their images enough to buy from you there's lots of reasons people don't buy but the truth is is for those of you that advertise it for the ninety nine percent that put it on facebook you just got free marketing and advertising and it cost you only what you were going to do anyway okay so yes there is always a person that won't buy that the law of averages and that's what we do in business we have the non biased with the buyers way balance said average but that entice image and I call it the entice image you are welcome to call it the entire image here is the problem with it okay there's a little bit of a problem with the entice image one is when I get too busy I stopped doing the entice image now my referrals quadruple when I do the entice image so if I get too busy to see in this image I miss out on four more shoots for free okay secondly if you know someone that's being photographed by me you know they got an entice image so when you don't get in entice image and you know that it's coming you go I never got an entice image and I lead them down so if you're gonna commit to this you commit to it with every single client everybody has a smartphone an android finer stupid phone that takes pictures now everybody has something that they can cross that media and if they can't have it on their phone you can email it to them small small enough to facebook media but it is such a great way to shia and entice other people and it's a great way to give something instantly to your client and they just flipped out over it right right so that's just something that works for may I photographed this beautiful woman melissa brown I hope you're watching I know you probably are from sydney and if not you'll be watching on the re watch melissa rang me up and she said I want to do the whole experience with you I want to rent a warehouse I want to do the chute I've got these beautiful album I've got this beautiful outfits all picked out and I enjoyed shooting here immensely when I went home from the shoot uh she was like I just can't wait I can't wait I can't wait so I sit down to do an entice image and I actually seem to two I c into these two images and melissa was a mixture of one of those clients that just had just a huge huge love for what I do and enjoyed her shoots so much that these sort of clients when you meet people that you really connect with I call them evangelists they just support your business so I match this woman not only shouted out me on her facebook and every media that she had her husband did her friends did and who connection around me did and it became one little free shot just just became something incredibly viral her husband friended me on facebook he bounces comments on my facebook page about his hot wife you know she bought thirty beautiful images in her image box and she changes out her profile shot on facebook and every time she does she tags me in the change and I love it because his chute was just magnificent so that costs me nothing it cost me nothing but the gift of giving her that enticement and it really just got me so much work and now I try and do it all the time so where I fail is if I get too busy and I stopped doing it and I paid the price for it so if you can put this into your service I want you to do this right now yeah

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