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Shooting Creative Portraits With Props

Lesson 3 of 8

Shoot: Using Reflector as a Background

Joshua Kissi

Shooting Creative Portraits With Props

Joshua Kissi

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Lesson Info

3. Shoot: Using Reflector as a Background

Lesson Info

Shoot: Using Reflector as a Background

For the next one, I'm gonna do the example with the reflector, just 'cause this is a really nice red. It's gonna look great on her skin. So, let me see how that looks? Gold or silver? Gold, please. Yeah, sitting just like that. Pretty much, it gives that effect, which is a textured background. Again, if you have a reflector, you could do any type of reflector while you're shooting people, and just be like, hold on, I have an idea. And you're gonna literally look like a genius, 'cause, like, I just thought of this right now. You just say that every time, and people will believe you, so that's good. Let's try the silver one, I wanna see how that looks. (mumbles) I have the perfect model. And this is how it looks with the silver texture as well. Close your eyes. Lemme see... (camera snaps) Yeah, that's super cool. And you could combine, like, let's say we wanna keep the reflector, as well as add a prism to it. It's really, come on... (camera snaps) Face this way a little bit. Yes. Again...

, there's different ways to just kinda tell stories through images, so that's fun. Does anybody in the audience want to volunteer themselves to be victimized through photography? Oh, absolutely. Let's get her here. Thank you, Karen, appreciate it. Awesome, awesome. So, let's use the gold background. You could totally have a seat there. You nervous? Yeah. (all laugh) It's cool. Okay, awesome, so you just look this way. And bring it a little bit, yup, and a little bit closer, yup. Your heart is beating though, that's good. That means you're alive. (laughs) Okay, lemme try that. (camera snaps) Again, this is another reflector portrait. We can bring down the exposure, but that's totally fine. You could kinda see... You could look straight at me, yup. Give me a nice, bright smile that you have. (laughs) (camera snaps) Yeah, again, it's just another way to create texture. I picked the gold because your hair, as well, has streaks of gold as well, and blonde, so it was just a nice way to complement it. Let's do the silver real quick, please? Thanks. And, of course, once you change from gold to silver, you have a cooler effect, so that's just something to keep in mind of while you're shooting as well. Let me use one of the prisms. But this is just a way to give context to photos, as well. The artist that I've shot previously, they just wanted something moody but still fun, so this is a nice way to do that. Okay. (mumbles) (camera snaps) Awesome, so there's just various ways of combining the prism with the reflector. It's pretty straightforward. I think the funnest part is coming up with new ways to use props, and... Nice. (camera snaps) And depending how you move the reflector, depending on the light source, it could get more and more interesting, or dynamic. (camera snaps) So, again, that was like combined with the prism.

Class Description

Photographers are always looking for new and innovative ways to add a little spice to their portraits and stand out in a crowded field. But sometimes, all you really need is a well-chosen, well-placed prop to transform your image into something special. Photographer and entrepreneur Joshua Kissi will show you how to use props to create the mood, emotion, and texture you’re looking for.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use props wisely without overdoing it.
  • Utilize prisms and reflectors to add special effects to your imagery.
  • Change the dynamic of your portrait by adding a vase of flowers or piece of furniture.

If you’ve been wanting to add more props to your shoots but weren’t sure how to do it, this course will help you incorporate them with style and impact.



I loved watching him in his element. Can't wait to put these ideas into practice. Please bring him back!


Good class. Bring him back for a class on his editing.

Whitney Welshimer