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Wrap Up

Lesson 6 from: Shooting for Mobile Photography

Pei Ketron

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Lesson Info

6. Wrap Up

Lesson Info

Wrap Up

Okay so we really packed a lot into today's class. We had our models in a couple different locations so that I could really showcase different features of shooting on the phone. I talked a little bit about lighting and depth of field, posing for portraiture and then we talked about some of the most important compositional elements to think about when compositing your imagines. We played a little bit with perspective. Because the iPhone has such a deep depth of field, we were really able to get some cool effects. And then we wrapped up by taking the models into the studio, shooting on a DSLR, and just adding a little spice into our shoot for today. I hope you enjoyed what you saw. If you're interested in following me on Instagram, I'm @pketron.

Ratings and Reviews

Daniel Williams

I enjoyed this class and found it helpful. I'm primarily a DSLR shooter, but want to up my game for those times that I want to use my mobile phone either to shoot silently or to take advantage of photographic moments on those occasions that I'm not carrying my DSLR. Pei uses an iPhone, throughout, however, many of her recommendations apply to newer top level Android phones, such as the Samsung Note 9, as well. Pei demonstrates Portrait mode in the iPhone for a shallow depth of field vs. the native iPhone for wider shots. And, for wide angle photography, she uses a "Moment" cellphone case with a "Moment" wide angle lens attached. I've just added both accessories to my "gotta have" list. In addition, she teaches some basics on lighting, posing, composition, rule of thirds, and depth of field. Pei effectively demonstrates the use of burst mode to capture fleeting moments and exposure compensation to counter harsh light, as well. Professional photographers will already be familiar with the photography concepts taught. However, mobile phone photographers and beginning photographers who want to capture beautiful pics anywhere and anytime may find this course beneficial. It's short, about 40 minutes, total, and so priced a bit high, in my opinion. However, has GREAT sales--especially on weekends. Watch for it on sale and it's a worthwhile purchase. For future mobile photography classes, I'd ask for a more in-depth presentation of iPhone camera settings and features. And, as an Android phone user, I'd love to see a top Android phone or two used and explained, as well. Thank you Pei and thank you I enjoyed this class. I watched it twice and picked up useful tips, both times! Daniel Williams, Santa Fe, NM

Maryanne Evans

Nice lesson. I picked up some good tips

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