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Simple Email Marketing for Makers


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Challenge: Set Up Your Welcome Auto Responder

So I have another challenge for you guys 'cause again I want this to be super super actionable for you. So your challenge now you set up your list is I want you to set up your welcome email. It should not take you very long. I want you to go in there set up that auto responder and then subscribe yourself to the list to make sure it's working properly. And if you've got all that good to go then you can just go out and start promoting your list like crazy. Now I know that the biggest questions are still unanswered. Right? (laughs) How frequently we're actually supposed to be emailing our list and what the heck are we supposed to be sending them? So that's what we're gonna cover in the next lesson. We're gonna look at frequency. We're gonna look at types of emails that you should be sending. And I'm actually gonna show you guys examples. You're gonna see what these look like from actual campaigns that I've sent out. We're gonna look at how to write subject line that get people to open you...

r emails. And a few other fun things in there as well.

Class Description

Email can be one of the most powerful tools to market your business, connect with your customers and—most importantly—make sales!
You have your email list, but what do you do now?
Simple Email Marketing for Makers will give you the confidence to write, design and build an effective email that will drive people to your online store to purchase products.

Megan will take you step-by-step through her process of creating compelling and product-focused emails that will get more click-throughs and steer interested customers to your website.

In this class you will learn to do the following:

  • Get your email marketing set up the right way, using the right software
  • Turn social media followers into email subscribers
  • Develop the ideal email frequency for your specific business
  • Use email to cultivate customer loyalty

If you feel stressed about how to reach your customers via email, or it’s taking you too long to write and create an email, then Simple Email Marketing for Makers will solve all your email marketing woes.

Don’t Fear the Send!