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Simple Email Marketing for Makers

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Class Introduction

Megan Auman

Simple Email Marketing for Makers

Megan Auman

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Let me know if this sounds like you. You know that you should be using email marketing to grow your business, right? You're probably here because somewhere along the way somebody said well you should have an email list, right? I wanna make sure our studio audience is awake. Let's get some nods. Someone was like, you need an email marketing list. But maybe you're confused by all of the options and the conflicting information. You've got a little bit of analysis paralysis. Is there anyone who's like well, I'm still trying to pick a platform or I don't know or like what's the best thing. I see a couple nods here. Some of you are like, I don't know what to do, so I'm just gonna do nothing. Or maybe you're waiting until your list gets bigger to start using it. Does anyone feel list shame? Yeah, Annette's like yup me. Yeah, this is big one that I see because you hang out on the Internet and you see these people, info marketers, sorry, I love you guys, I love info marketers. I'm not gonna lie...

, I'm also one, but you hear these people talking about these massive lists and you're like, well I don't have that, so my list must be worthless. You feel that way. Or you're like, well I have a few people, but I can't send it out 'cause it's not enough people. It's not gonna make a difference. The other thing, and maybe this sounds like you too, is that you don't know what you're supposed to be emailing your list about. Who feels like I just have no clue what I'm supposed to be sending? Yeah, I see a lot of hands raise in our studio audience and I think you guys in the online audience are probably nodding along too. And probably more than that, you have this feeling like you don't want to bother people. You're like I don't wanna bother them. I don't wanna harass people, so you don't email your list or you don't email your list nearly enough. Or maybe you're just thinking I don't have time for email marketing. And again, I've go so much on my plate, how am I supposed to fit this one in too? I see that Tonya's nodding her head a little bit. Like how am I supposed to get this one in too? And part of that is probably because it takes way too long to put together an email. Who spends like hours putting together an email? I see a couple like guilty nods. It's taking you forever. First, you don't have time. If it takes you three hours to put it together. I don't have three hours a week to put together an email to my list. So we're gonna fix that problem too. We're gonna get those emails done really quick and out the door. So I wanna talk about why I created this class. So real quick let's cut to the point. Email marketing makes money. If you are trying to sell your products, if you're trying to sell what you make, this is where the money is. You've probably heard info marketers say there's money in your list. Really, there's money in actually doing the actions of email marketing. So email marketing is significantly more effective than social media marketing. Significantly more effective. And I'm gonna show you guys a couple of examples of just how much more effective it is. And that means it's a much better use of your time. So if you can even just take a little bit of that time that you're spending on social media marketing, right. How many of you guys are spending time on some platform, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, whatever it is? And don't get me wrong, I love Instagram and Pinterest, let's be real about that. I will skip the other ones. Like those are important, but if you can just take a little bit of that time and channel it into your email marketing, you're gonna see significantly bigger results. The other reason I created this class is because I wanna clear up the myths and misinformation that hold you back, 'cause here's the deal. Email marketing is different for a business that sells physical products. Like I said, I love all my info marketer friends. Info marketing is so important, but it's different. It is different for what we're trying to do than what someone who's trying to sell information or an eCourse is trying to do. And that's really why I created this class because I want you to see first hand the strategies that someone who actually has a product based business uses. I'm gonna spend this class giving you guys actual examples from my own jewelry business and show you what works to actually drive product sales and that's really why I created this class. So if you've never been on a CreativeLive class with me before, I love audience interaction. It is my absolute favorite thing. So if you are watching this class live, I definitely want to hear from you. I want you guys to share in the chat. And if you're watching this class sometime in the future, you can always connect with me on Twitter, on Instagram, I'm at meganauman. So whether you're watching this in the present, if you're in the present, engage in the chat. If you are in the future, you can always hit me up on social media, but I wanna hear from you guys as you're working through this class. And we're gonna get to our online audience in a minute, but I'm gonna start with our in studio audience 'cause I wanna know why you guys are here. I wanna know what brought you to this class this morning. I'm gonna pick on Annette first. So why are you here? And you guys can jump in on the chat online while we're talking to our in studio group. I have a small email list that's slowly growing, but yes, I don't know what to say. I go to write something and I feel like, the same thing, I don't wanna bother people, I don't wanna hassle them. So I wanna know what to send them 'cause you know. Yeah, I mean, it's a big thing. I have a similar problem. I just don't know what to say. I mean, I'll come up with an idea for one week, but then the next week I just I'm like well, I don't wanna say the same thing. (laughing) I'm gonna give you a little sneak preview. Most people don't remember what you emailed out last week, so you can reuse content a lot more often than you think. But we'll get to that a little bit later. I'm in the process of launching a website and so I just feel like I have nothing to say 'cause I have nothing posted yet. See, you actually have like a fun job because you get to build up anticipation and get people on the list before you launch, which is a really fun game to play. I think it's a combination of not knowing what to say and then also frequency. Should it be weekly? Should it be monthly? Yeah, we're gonna get to that one. And just a spoiler alert, monthly, not often enough. So we'll come back to that. I am emailing my list regularly, but I want to make it more effective. Awesome. I want to know how to build my email list. How do I get people on my list? Yeah, see we are absolutely gonna be talking about that in this class as well. What have we seen from our online audience? Yeah, we have people chiming in online. Jim Spells says I have a small list of 12 people, but I struggle with what content to send to them and when I should send it. A work of cart says hoping to get some marketing tips for my news letters. Shawn is joining us who's a photographer. Gail is watching. She says I sell romantic and feminine jewelry and hair adornments that are vintage inspired. I have created a sales funnel offering discounts and I've tried some free downloads and nothing seems to be growing my mailing list, so I'm looking for some tips on that. Oh, perfect. Yeah, so that's a person who I can tell was paying attention to an info marketer and that stuff doesn't always work for products. In fact, it doesn't work for products a lot of the time and we're gonna talk about that. The other one, and I thank you guys so much, keep chiming in online, but the other one that I wanna hit on is, we are also in this class going to banish the word newsletter from your vocabulary. We are not writing newsletters because that is exactly why it's taking you too long and why you feel like you're bothering people. So we're gonna come back to that in a little bit. So by the end of this class, you are going to set up your email list, if you don't already have one and you're gonna set up an auto-responder that starts engaging your subscribers right away. So I know some of you have an email list. Who has an auto-responder set up to go out when people subscribe? Good, okay. So some of you do. Alright, so those of you who don't have an auto-responder, I'm actually going to show you how to do that. We're gonna do a step-by-step tutorial in (mumbles) that shows you how to get that auto-responder up and running 'cause I know that's a little confusing for people. You're gonna learn strategies for getting your website visitors and your social media followers to join your mailing list. You're going to develop a stock set of email types to send to your list and you're gonna create a calendar of future email topics, so that you're not gonna have that like I don't know what I'm supposed to be sending problem anymore. You're gonna know how to craft an effective subject line that actually gets people to open. We're gonna overcome the fears and doubts that keep you from using email marketing to its full potential. I want you guys to make a lot of money and that's what we're gonna talk about is how to use your email list and your email marketing to actually make you more money. Sound good? Everyone wanta to make more money, right? Yeah, that's why you're all here. But I'm not sugar coat it. I know why you're all here, it's to make more money and we're gonna work on that.

Class Description

Email can be one of the most powerful tools to market your business, connect with your customers and—most importantly—make sales!
You have your email list, but what do you do now?
Simple Email Marketing for Makers will give you the confidence to write, design and build an effective email that will drive people to your online store to purchase products.

Megan will take you step-by-step through her process of creating compelling and product-focused emails that will get more click-throughs and steer interested customers to your website.

In this class you will learn to do the following:

  • Get your email marketing set up the right way, using the right software
  • Turn social media followers into email subscribers
  • Develop the ideal email frequency for your specific business
  • Use email to cultivate customer loyalty

If you feel stressed about how to reach your customers via email, or it’s taking you too long to write and create an email, then Simple Email Marketing for Makers will solve all your email marketing woes.

Don’t Fear the Send!



What a great class. It's easy to watch thanks to the bite-size classes (in some of your other courses, segments are too long) and Megan's almost every sentence is packed with easily actionable, immediately implementable tips. She knows what she's talking about and delivers it with super likeable confidence. And I learnt SO MUCH invaluable stuff. Super recommend this class to all creative makers that desire to connect with their audience and sell sell sell


This class is amazing! Megan is fantastic! She really relates information in such a way to give you a real understanding of the subject and breaks down each step. I took pages of notes to implement right away. She really motivates and gets you excited about growing and building your business! Thanks so much Megan!

a Creativelive Student

I've been emailing my list weekly consistently for more than a year, and I still took away a ton of great information! I learned so much that will help me plan more quickly, get the emails written faster, and - best of all - make them more effective at converting into sales. Thanks so much, Megan!