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Simple Email Marketing for Makers

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Getting Your Email List Set Up the Right Way

Megan Auman

Simple Email Marketing for Makers

Megan Auman

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6. Getting Your Email List Set Up the Right Way

Lesson Info

Getting Your Email List Set Up the Right Way

Then let's talk about getting your email list set up the right way. First off, there are laws that govern email marketing. This is not something that you can just do willy-nilly, because if you aren't aware, you could be breaking the law. I wanna make sure that you guys know the biggest things, so that you're legal, right? We don't want our emails to get blocked because we're doing something wrong. First off, never add someone to your email list without their permission. That is totally illegal. I have to tell you guys a little pet peeve of mine. Through my Designing an MBA website, through the email address that I use, every so often an email will start showing up, because somebody saw one of my classes, or was on my website, and just added my email to their list. Not only is that illegal, it's so freaking annoying, right? If you're worried about bothering people, this is how to bother people. Don't do it! You need to have their permission. It's the law. The other thing that's the law...

, there we go, is that you must give people an option to unsubscribe with every email. You need a link in there that gives them the option to click it and move off your list. Also the law, and we're gonna talk about how to make that happen. The other thing is that you must include your physical address in your emails. I know this trips people up, because they're like, I don't wanna put my real address on there, because somebody's gonna come and rob me. Okay, first of all, if you're concerned about that, go get a P.O. box. Put on the big girl pants and pretend you're a real business for two seconds and go get the P.O. box. Or just put your address in there, it's fine. But you have to include it, it is the law. They want to know if these are coming from a real person, not, I guess, a robot that lives in outer space. You have to include your physical address. The way to make sure that your are compliant with all of these laws is to use an email service provider to house your list. Now, I thought that at this point, this was a given, and in the last class I taught someone was like, she was like, I had no idea that you didn't just keep a list of things and then dump them into your Gmail and send an email. Do not do that, okay? That is not what we're talking about here. What we're talking about is using an email service provider, a company that will make sure that you are in compliance with all these laws, to house your list. There are many, here are a few. Here's the deal, we're gonna go back to that analysis paralysis piece. It really doesn't matter at all, because you can move your list at any time. So if you try a service provider and you hate them, it's cool. You export your list, you go sign up for another account, you close the one at the old place. It's really not that big of a deal. The other thing is I wanna go back and just remind you guys to pay attention to the source when you hear, oh, you must be on this list. There was something that happened a couple years ago where it seemed like very info marketer in the world was like, I hate all these other ones, you gotta go to ConvertKit. You gotta go to ConvertKit because they let you put specific opt-ins on every single blog post, and blah blah blah blah blah. Yeah, if you're in info marketer, that's probably good advice, but just because they're saying you should do it doesn't mean that you should, right? Take any of that advice with a grain of salt. That being said, I'm gonna give you a piece of advice. If you are not using an email provider, if you're using an email service provider, whether it's on this list of not, I don't care, if you're using one and you're happy with it, cool. Stick with it, not a problem. If you don't have one, or if you don't love the one you have, just pick MailChimp. I'm gonna save you hours of research, 'cause again, it really doesn't matter. Just pick MailChimp. I can actually say this as someone who did not start on MailChimp. I started somewhere else and I ended up moving to MailChimp. The two reasons that I always tell makers to go with MailChimp, one, they're free to start. Until your list gets to a certain size, they're totally free. How no-risk is that, right? And quite frankly, once they're not free, I am happy to give them my money every month, because it's so little in comparison to what my email marketing actually makes me. The other reason that I really like MailChimp is because they have great integration with Shopify. Is anyone using Shopify for their online store? A couple people. If you're using Shopify for your online store, MailChimp goes together, they play so nicely together. It's so easy, it's like magic. Right there, those are two reasons I love MailChimp. Again, it really doesn't matter, and in fact, it doesn't matter so much that we're literally keeping this pick the right email provider segment super short, because it just doesn't matter. Does anyone have questions? Or is anyone feeling like they are not committed and need help on that one? Got a quick question. Yeah. Not directly related to the services, but when you mentioned getting the consent for people, Work of Cart wanted to clarify something. When someone purchases something from your website, is that considered permission to add them to your list, or is there some way to tie that in to a purchase that they've made? Yes, that is a great question. Legally, you cannot just add them because they made a purchase. Another one of the reasons that I love MailChimp is because you can set it up so that during the checkout process in Shopify, they can check a box that says they want to receive marketing, and then that adds them to your list. We're gonna go way more into detail about that a little later in the class, but that's a great question. The general rule of thumb is you cannot add someone just because they bought from you. I know for people selling on Etsy this is tricky one, because you can't let them check a box, right? We're gonna talk about some ways to work around that too, but you can't just add previous customers. Great question.

Class Description

Email can be one of the most powerful tools to market your business, connect with your customers and—most importantly—make sales!
You have your email list, but what do you do now?
Simple Email Marketing for Makers will give you the confidence to write, design and build an effective email that will drive people to your online store to purchase products.

Megan will take you step-by-step through her process of creating compelling and product-focused emails that will get more click-throughs and steer interested customers to your website.

In this class you will learn to do the following:

  • Get your email marketing set up the right way, using the right software
  • Turn social media followers into email subscribers
  • Develop the ideal email frequency for your specific business
  • Use email to cultivate customer loyalty

If you feel stressed about how to reach your customers via email, or it’s taking you too long to write and create an email, then Simple Email Marketing for Makers will solve all your email marketing woes.

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What a great class. It's easy to watch thanks to the bite-size classes (in some of your other courses, segments are too long) and Megan's almost every sentence is packed with easily actionable, immediately implementable tips. She knows what she's talking about and delivers it with super likeable confidence. And I learnt SO MUCH invaluable stuff. Super recommend this class to all creative makers that desire to connect with their audience and sell sell sell


This class is amazing! Megan is fantastic! She really relates information in such a way to give you a real understanding of the subject and breaks down each step. I took pages of notes to implement right away. She really motivates and gets you excited about growing and building your business! Thanks so much Megan!

a Creativelive Student

I've been emailing my list weekly consistently for more than a year, and I still took away a ton of great information! I learned so much that will help me plan more quickly, get the emails written faster, and - best of all - make them more effective at converting into sales. Thanks so much, Megan!