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Social Media Assets with Adobe InDesign

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Class Introduction - Project Overview

Khara Plicanic

Social Media Assets with Adobe InDesign

Khara Plicanic

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1. Class Introduction - Project Overview


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Lesson Info

Class Introduction - Project Overview

Yeah, so today we're going to be getting social and designing all of these great assets while learning the basics of InDesign. And by the end of this, you'll be able to really step up your game and you'll have a handy new skill for building layout and design pieces. And InDesign is the professional tool for that. So let's take a look at what we're gonna be building. We are going to be building part of this collection. We won't have time to build all of it, you will get all of it though. This whole thing comes as the bonus materials, so you'll get the actual finished files. But we'll walk through a few of these and create them together. So, this whole concept is for a fictitious succulent company. So I have a thing for all these little plants. And I still manage to kill them, even though they supposedly are for people who are bad with plants. So, (laughs) that's kind of funny. But that's who we're building this for, so it's an imaginary plant company, and they wanted to up their social ...

game. So we're helping them out by creating this collection of InDesign templates. And we're gonna be creating three different types of posts, a quote post, an announcement post, and some testimonial posts. And of course, there's, I mean you can create any kind of post, but that's just what we're gonna do as our example. So we'll be creating those three different kinds, and then I'll kinda show you how you would fill this all out into one collection. And then, what we're gonna do is create a new document, which is gonna be something along these lines. So it'll be a document with multiple pages, and each page will represent a different social media platform and their various specifications and sizes. So it won't look like this graphic, that's just (laughs) my slide. But it will have a page that's sized for Instagram, a page that's for Facebook, and for Pinterest, and for Twitter. And of course, if there's any other platforms that you would like to post to, you will know by the end of this how to create that page size to accommodate whatever platform you want to. Let's take a look at the bonus materials. Of course, if you've taken any of my classes, you know that I love to make really beautiful and helpful, hopefully, bonus materials. So in this case, you would get links to all the different backgrounds and design elements that we're using, as well as the fonts, so the different fonts that we'll be using, as well as some really great resources. So there is this always-updated social media file where you can always have the current specs of any social platform. And it's sort of a crowdsourced thing, and it's always updated, so I'll send you a link to that. You'll also get little guides and cheat sheets for different platforms including Pinterest, a guide, a link to the Etsy image guide, a link to the Youtube art guide, as well as various Facebook art specification. So basically, if you had never taken this class and didn't do any of this, and you were like, oh I just need, like, an image for Facebook, well it's not as simple as just Googling, what Facebook image size. There's so many different sizes, and it depends if it's gonna be like a feed image or a cover image or a timeline cover, they're all just different. So those links will walk you through those changes. Okay, so that's all the different bonus items, plus you will also get the InDesign color swatch collection, so you can follow along with all the exact same colors. If you dig them as much as I do, you might want that. And of course, this is how you reach me, so I love to hear from people and know what you're making and know how it went for you, so you can come say hi as well. Alright!

Class Description

Social media might seem like a big free-for-all at times, but if you’re a business person, you need to make sure that everything you post on your social platforms is in keeping with your overall brand. This course will help you figure out your unique online style and ensure you always look your best when interacting in the social sphere.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a color theme with swatches that match your brand.

  • Design a quote post with grids and shapes that you can modify and re-version.

  • Make a social media template for all the different platforms. 

Adobe InDesign CC 2018


Tomas Verver

Nice short course (played on double speed) to make some Socia Media Assets in Adobe InDesign. I use Photoshop more for these kind of purpose. It's not a complete Adobe Course, nor a complete Sociale Media Design course. As part of the subscrition its a fun small/mini course.