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9 Wrap-Up

Thank you. I was exceptional. Everybody on the chat room is really grateful to lead guitar says what it what would it be called if they put all this together in one product? Easy grammy, which is it's interesting trade market right now because you're going, I mean, and I walk out of here easy, grammy. I'm going straight to the lawyers, make sure you own it, but I think that's just a testament tio, how comprehensive this is as a tool for a musician anywhere they are in their expertise from somebody who's just starting out who's, not musical really at all and doesn't have that craft of guitar, plane or piano plane those you know, the three aps together, you could really build something and get your ideas out there at least really at a high quality demo level and for somebody who's super advanced people in the chat room were saying a lot of easy drummer two drums are on hit radio like radio hits and that's our point, because the more advanced you get, the more you know how hard it is to d...

o this stuff and the less you want to do it. I mean, everybody goes through that phase, I think in any career would like, I'm excited to work, and then you grow up wow so I want to work if there's a short cut like why would I want to walk somewhere that's why god made cars right so we get in the car and we go it's great why would you want to spend a thousand dollars a day when you could spend twenty minutes that's true but I would say this that's a great point but I would also say if you are one of the unique and very few people that get the opportunity to work with a major studio and a major artist in a major producer and the money's not an issue and if you don't take that opportunity you're just not smart take that opportunity is not gonna be there forever we're going to keep innovating and doing this stuff but those to your point those windows are getting fewer and far between studios are changing their business model things were different hopefully this will help aid that transition so that the quality and quantity of music just keeps going absolutely well thanks again so much for my pleasure it's been a pleasure having you here at creative block for the last few days and billa's well thanks for your help in the chat room and answering questions that thanks to each one of you virginian and watching and being part of this course so with that I think I think that's we're good so we will catch you guys on any of our upcoming creative, live courses. We have a number of great courses coming up your creative life. So make sure you check the music and audio course page. And we will see you guys soon.

Class Description

EZdrummer 2 is the second generation of the world’s leading drum production software, adding a host of new features focused on making it an indispensable songwriting tool and breaking down the technical barriers between you and your creative vision.

In this one day event hosted by Toontrack’s North American President Rikk Currence, you’ll learn how to make the most of EZdrummer 2’s groundbreaking new features: it’s remodeled interface, it’s all-new mixer and effects chains, and how to create and modify grooves.

At the end of this class, you’ll have all the tools you need to create realistic, versatile drum parts to fit any song.