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Edit Place Dial and Modifying Grooves

We have a song structure and it's cool and again there are a number of different strong structures here which would lead me to share with you. Yes, you can create your own selling structure and save it as well. So as a writer, if you're someone it's writing consistent styles and types of music and you kind of, you know your go to thing, you can save that template and load it every single time you want to start working, but we're just getting started so one of the really cool things and we'll use this kind of template here is you, khun change this anyway want to sew like here's a film? I like that phil and I want to use that felt right here coming out of the intro. So now simple enough and again, I know it's kind of hard to see a little bit so it's going to conform to where you want it. I mean, if I dig this chorus, right, I mean let's, move my cursor over here, right? But maybe I want to try a different course, all right simple just dragged that down, change it out didn't like that und...

o it simple enough right again, the idea is less time thinking about the process and more time involved in the process, but depressed let's talk about probably the most intuitive feature and the coolest customization feature that easy drummer too has to offer, and this is where it makes song writing a whole other experience. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to get rid of this this whole thing here killed my looping I'm going to take the groove original group that everybody has clearly commented on and love so much and we're going to come back to the beginning and I'm gonna loop all this stuff it's I talk you through this stuff because I love you, I just want you to know right now, internet, I'm just talking you through it all because I love you not because I don't think you're smart enough to do it all on your own just because I love you, so we're going to loop this groove and now we're going to talk about what we call our at it play style function so let's remember our groove? We've always decided as a company I'm going to close a song creator that the music is what matters, and since we were sort of innovators to track when it comes to drum, many in the first place way kept thinking, you know, the experience of writing music has changed drastically over the years were like I get on my soapbox is an old man like when I was your age we didn't even have guitars with strings, no, but there was a time and not too long ago, and this still happens to some degree, mostly but it's not as common as it used to be where everybody would get in a room and you would share ideas and you would write the drummer would be there that the band bands these things where people get together and play music and just look it up on wikipedia, and they would get together and they would make decisions together, and one of the things that was unique about that experience was communicating in real time with the idea part of that experience is lost when you work with static grooves or loops to some extent, because it's not always like there's, no feedback it's like that's, the groove and you play to it. So the team in sweden a tune tracks said, would it be cool if we could invent something that didn't ever exist before? That basically allows you the end user to talk to your drummer in real time in half and make the changes and who's going to say no to that? So nobody said no, and then it was like, well, that's that's a tall order, but we did that. So easy drummer two we have a function called edit play style and it's pretty revolutionary it's groundbreaking were the only program that has it remember we had at first I'm just going to say it now so that five months from now when everybody else scrambles to get their flags already down sorry and it's really cool so you've got your groove you come down into your song track and you double click on your proof that there's a couple different ways to get there you could come in here and you could end it play style right? You could just selected from thing, but I'm going to double click my groove and what happens is your screen changes so what you see in this screen is the visual representation of what's going on in your many groove it's like you've just stepped into the groove so when we play it you see exactly what happened, what instruments are being played, how they're being played so on and so forth so what's really cool about this is that when you think about a middie groove it's a pre recorded entity now again just to back up to so we're all clear middie is ones and zeros right it's musical it's it's proprietary information that allows things that talk machines and musical instruments to talk and it's a it's a format that we capture performance and there's no audio recorded there but generally speaking it has been when you wanna work with editing your midi right in any format, whether it's, piano, maybe or draw many you go into your digital audio workstation and you go into the piano roll on, you start to drag notes around and changing last. These and it's, just not fun. Edit play style lets you walk basically into your groove, it's a three d representation of what's going on and start to change things that are there, and even things that aren't there. So let's, start with some basic things. You see, we have a dialogue here called the power hand, and the power hand ultimately represents the drummers lead instrument. So if you're right handed drummer it's, your high at hand, left handed, so we thought it would be cool, because one of the most common functions of piecing different many groups together is that a drummer, traditionally through different song structures, will change to different instruments. With that lead hand, it's, not always just high hat, and one of the daunting tasks again is making that sound realistic. So what if you could just do that in real time? Why he plays so what's player group let's? Change that to the right let's, change it to the crash and change it to the top, change it back to the higher so basically, we just had a communication with the german was like, you know what? No, try it over here, no tribal, and you're listening to it and making decisions in real time based on what you're doing. So the other thing that's cool is within the power hand, you have access to all the different articulations available for that instrument. So right now, we've got the drummer playing the tight edge of the high hat if we wanted to, we could have him sloshing around, and then that would also lend itself to if you drag it somewhere else. Right now, we want the belt way kind of like where we're at right still comes back. You have all these options available to you as a writer, ok, very cool, right? So you'll notice that as we're moving things, by the way, our way of indicating to you so you remember what instrument you're working on is to give it the orange halo, so just notice right here you've also got a selected instrument drop down, you can actually come in here, and you could select everything playing and you'll see that all lights up orange, you can come down here, and you'll also notice that the things that are active in your groove have this green bar in front of them, this kind of green blocks, so you know what's currently going on, you just select all the times all the crashes you have a couple of options, or if you just click it, you'll go directly to just that. Trump so that's pretty cool, but what if we could take it a step further? So we have another dialogue here called opening hit and opening hit does exactly what you think it does. One of the most common requests for mitt is you've got this many all looped what if there's no symbols, you gotta go on draw symbol and you don't anymore, you can just simply turn on opening hit and now you have an opening hit at the beginning of your proof where he didn't have before and opening hit doesn't have to stay there either it could go to any other instrument and you have control over their articulation as well and what's great is if your group has an opening hit and you hate it, just turn it off simple enough, really simple effective tools for customizing the groove, but let's go let's kind of work with the snare drum a little bit, so one of the cool things is the velocity sensitivity that we have within the groove, so again normally if you if you're used to working in a dog, you would go in your piano roll editor, you grab your little diamond or triangle at the bottom and drag it up or drag it down based on what you think it was here we actually have a velocity now built in that you can apply to the entire kit or just the instrument. So for instance, let's, take one of these tom's and kind of tuned this group down a little bit so we're playing like this guy bring it down a little bit so it's not as annoying, just kind of subtle now what's really cool is if you select everything, so if you go in here, you select all playing when you bring the group velocity down. This is a really unique tune track kind of development remember how we talked about velocity and one of the problems or challenges being that sometimes when you use your own samples or some people it's just one sample that they make really loud really quiet and that doesn't give you the most realistic performance if you tell a drummer right if you drummers playing like he tends to do and you tell him to play quieter or get softer one of the things you'll notice that happens physically in a drummer it's kind of like closes his body up it's you kind of see him and he gets angry because don't tell the driver to play choir that's a horrible thing do so picture the scout if we had a and icon for the scout would be ideal, but just, you know he gets quieter. I want you to listen to what happens when when we tell our easy drummer to get quieter. It's pretty mind boggling, so here's the groove as we have it where everything's selected and we're like hey get quieter the entire sound said that on everything has changed is that we didn't just take those same loud samples and making quarter that guy's scared that mom's going to come in and tell him to shut up now and conversely, it's like ok, go for dave rollo there it is everything's at one twenty seven so as if the velocity wasn't crazy enough one of the really cool functions of at a place that is the ability to change the performance. Now remember, we use the power hand with like a try this try that and that's cool but that's just the power hand that's the drummers lead instrument what if we want him to try different kick drum patterns? Oh let's, do this let's highlight the kick drum and let's play our groove simple enough, right? We know we're just boom the amount now which applies to whatever instrument is currently highlighted is going to force the drummer to play in the next logical musical progression so let's see what happens way had picked drum and you see the drama make this face yeah so how is this humanly possible? Uh the short answer is voodoo, which generally just wraps it all up for everybody at home he said food cool but the long answer is science so the guy's a two track on the design team andare programmers developed an algorithm and that algorithm scans the midi and it decides in this particular musical situation based on all the immediate skins what the drummer most likely will do next in this scenario. So as you're talking to your software, you're literally changing the way that it's performing and playing and it's the combination of all those things that now makes every midi groove limitless it's however you feel it or wanted to be and what's really cool is the more many you have of that algorithm is cruelly scanning in the more options become available so really is almost like a reward I mean for the people that support our products, obviously trying to everything we can form, but when you've invested in a product now that product becomes more and more valuable every time you actually select something to do so as a writer, you don't have to it's frustrating talking two drummers we all know like as a drummer I even notes like a can you do is well, can you do more and that doesn't mean anything to us ever just stop telling us can we do because we don't want to do more of that or we'd be doing it already so this gives you that option to just selected the entire kit or the actual instrument that you want itself so you can back this off you can use the kind of clickers back it all the way out back to normal and then for instance let's say we didn't want to kick, so check this out so we can always go back into all playing and do the same thing it's subtle but you hear these things start to happen and now we have a much more interesting right and then you can come in and work with the velocity on the toms they're not so overpowering and then maybe you like the group and you just want more of that time way started with something really robotic and like and now we have something that you could use but it gets better this is that whole part of the spiel were fowler romp appeal I go to the rotisserie chicken thing I'm like a look how quick it wass so you have this groove that you would never have had without these tools you've gotten into the mind of the drummer you're talking to your drummer and you say the one thing that it's missing rick is tam marine o m odin check it out so go back to your group and come over to these pads from our original page there are great out power button what's that's, a tan marine and the tangerine or shaker and handclaps not the hand claps for the shaker but the tampering in this instance is susceptible to all the controls as well so you can change the velocity you just gotta make sure it's highlighted you think the guy running the show would know that but you can change the last you could change the performance and as you're doing this it's all being written to the midian your timeline so you can save that and then you can use it later you can drag it to desktop ported in a folder you can go back to where you want to go but ultimately you can go into the edit, play style function and have I mean the only thing I can really call it is its communication with your drummer. You can literally sit down and talk to the drummer and say, hey, listen, try this try that and the will calm happy accidents the chances of coming up with that group of any other way through someone recording it are slim to none so what we're talking about the high hat I think it's it's really important to high we're not talking about the high hat at all we're talking about the tangerine, which is what I meant to say while we're talking about the tangerine and mitty I think this is an important factor the design team attune track is really, really, really educated in the way the physical instruments respond to human interaction again that's why we go in and we record ridiculous amounts of velocity and sound files for the instruments but the tamarin is no different. So if you know anything about programming which many of you made some of you may not a typical tamarin pattern moving back and forth as the jingles move it's what we would call a sixteenth no matter or at age notes of best and that's a really difficult thing to mimic in the many world because you're drawing in just single notes there's this whole space thing that's happening right in between and it's the pre head is what our guys have narrowed it down to. So are designed guys forties drummer too and the percussion instruments that are involved when and then when we did the sampling of the tampa rain he's actually created a special many note for that what we call pre hit that makes the tamarin jingles appear in your mind is they're moving back and forth so when I when you go so you can exit at a place style so it's player group if we go to our mixer and we just solo the tangerine that's maybe that's, not audio so that's pretty impressive and there's percussion ambience for when you don't have enough percussion in the room, which is a common tale in pop music today I like that song and so I found out there wasn't enough percussion in the room so and again to bring it back to the mixture. Now you have control over this amazing groove it's like you're there, you're in the room there's an experience that's happening that's organic and what's really cool too is the song track is anchored to every page throughout all the tab so no matter where you are, no matter what you're working on, you have access to at a place down just by double clicking, sir, um what you just did was isolate the temporary yes, sir. You can take that and put it into something, luke, that that isolation into the actually the song that you're making it the bottom for any of the instruments? Or is that just for it? I mean, just we're hearing purposes um, like when you isolate in tempering, can you put bring that isolation into the bead you just say you could everything go yeah I could go into this group here right and I could copy it just like we did the other groups and then let's say that I have another mini groove here I don't but let's pretend I do I would just pace the tamarin part straight into that many groups that have the same thing ok or if I wanted to pace it over other I mean it's late again it's like this vicious like you once you started with a groove and you start to edit it all of the performances everything can be copy paste that applied but no so yeah you could ultimately anything you've created in at a place style you can copy it and drag it to another groove and ultimately you could do this to so an easier work around so we've got everything we like let's go in here let's copy this and then let's make a duplicate I'm gonna drag my cursor here and then he's gonna pace paste everything so you have the whole groove there now I didn't have to do that I could have just pasted the high hat pattern but something else you could do is let's come into this group because we want this to be different we're building a song and we all know that great songs have dynamics so in this particular group way go back into that place style and we turn the tangerine off and now it's a shaker and let's go in and bring tom not his philly and we'll make the snare a little more complicated. So now what's with the whole thing and you can hear the transition between the two, which is nice and you could just always go in and click here and we needed an opening head there that's what we want. So at an opening hints of that second group on then to your point let's say after that were like let's just go crazy nothing but tampering shaker so we come in here we copy this let's come over back here, grab our cursor, let's paste just the tampering bad. Oh, my zeus is if that wasn't enough. Then we come over here and we copy this and then we're like, you know what tambourines great, but tamarin and shaker. Now we're talking hit records that's what's going down and you loop that. And then as if that's not bad enough you could go in added place style and of course you could edit their velocities and their performances and you could really take it two level in minutes. I mean, we're going a little bit slower because we're not really in a workflow situation, right and the kind of the power of this feature I don't want to really be lost anyone we joke around, but I mean, this was unheard of to do this even in april of this year before he's number two came out literally meant going to your doll and working with the keyboard layout as we'll show you later and drawing things in and hoping it was writing and it was a very complicated, convoluted process we haven't even left easy drummer too, yet we're still just we're still having ideas and we're saving everything and then what's even better is we go backto some of the kind of the tools from our first session were like that's a cool groove I'm really inspired by that groove I wonder what that group would sound like, you know in the vintage let's go lo fi tape and you load a different kid and play the same group and now everything is different that's the part you want that's your breakdown that's the casey breakdown right? How do you turn to drive up and it's uncanny how organic and rheal the experience becomes now what you're seeing, though, is the marriage of all those things we talked about the first time we have the great sound with all the detail put in the processing and then I don't you know anyone that's ever played electronic drums can tell you it's not necessarily as easy as trying to capture juve's your acoustic it so you have these world class drummers that we hired to come in and we have them play these groups and there's that difference but what you're getting is the ability to communicate with your software right? We talked early but I really even hesitate to call itself where it's a tool it's an instrument at this point time you really as a writer or producer have access to things that aren't available anywhere else now of course you know, a year from now will be a bill everybody will have it but remember we were there first so loveless just a little bit more is all I'm saying questions we have a question about I know it's called easy drummer for but for tougher time signature seven eight time, you know, like odd time signatures is that all built into you see, the cma prague rock handle just told me now is a dream theater and what is it? No, I'll look it up, I like it. You know what that's a great question. Now there are some solutions that we have for odd time signatures the easiest way to have a time signature groove would be to have it played that way originally and we do have some many packs that are nothing but odd time signatures actually, we have a couple like in our avatar you can see that we've got some four four there's some sixty eight and sixty it's not that odd but as you go through it monster mini pack too you'll see five, four, six, eight, seven, eight, nine, eight, eleven eight so we try and address that as frequently as we can the challenge with odd meters from a drummer's perspective is that like seven eight, which is a fairly common on meter even that isn't played by most drummers the same way when they all play it so trying to get in the mind of the drummer that wants to seven eight groove is kind of like which version of so what's cool though is now with you out of place style function we just showed you you can take that groove and go in and you can change it and layer it to be the groove you're looking for so there are many packs that that feature those groups and you can go in actually you could see that time signatures one of the filters that we have so if you've got odd grooves you can go in and select by time signature it'll filter out anything but the time signature looking for you anything else got his his screen name is g dub, so she job no, I like it how's everybody doing I just threw a lot of use that digest tryingto all hugged me at once and it's hard but you'll get over there is a question about mini in the mini files it are there like rudimentary regimental rudimentary that's the word I'm looking for do we have made like sterols and just basic stuff like that is that in there too yes so arm it is unique in the fact that the many ultimately is designed by our guys at the office and generally suits the need of the actual library for instance that were so like frances you wouldn't do the national library and then have the drummer coming to a bunch of double bass stuff that doesn't make a lot of sense so we have libraries in it it's easier and I apologize because it's easier for us inside of contractors were very familiar with our many to know where there is rudiments so we have a new easy ex expansion kid called claustrophobic and what's really cool about claustrophobic and actually deserves its own little moment here I'm going to go to drums I'm gonna pull claustrophobic the basic kit and it's crazy looking kid so the idea behind claustrophobic was it was kind of like a sound designers electronic musicians dream it's very very very cool very you know every single one of these pads on the drum cat has a whole list of things you can add to it I mean it's it's basically elektronik drumming and trumping in its best and it has some of the coolest presets I don't have anybody familiar with richard devine but he's like a sound design genius he's amazing and if you actually go in a claustrophobic the original easy mixture one he has a whole thing of presets and this is really for like a lot of modern music if you listen to some of the so when you see that you're like that's awesome in the mideast probably awesome too it is but would you believe that that's actually the medi pack that you think that has the snare drum ornaments in it which is kind of cool? So if you go to your browser and you I know that you can just go down too claustrophobic there's the cocktail kid of course watch that'll be the one pack that I don't haven't started claustrophobic and then you can go in and there's all kinds of different stuff the rudiments are in one of these files here so there's not a pac that's just rudiments, but we do have them recorded and I'm not going to scroll through these because that would be unprofessional of me as I've been very professional this entire time, I'm not going to blow it for you, buddy no, but they're in there and that's pretty cool so you will have some basic rudiments stuff like ralphs and triple struggles but I think two with rudiments and I may be wrong, but I'll throw this in there if you're looking for simple transitions like trump said lie kind of build and swells a lot of the many packs have that stuff and actually when you search one of the things you can look at is if it's a phil if it's an ending like we went back into the song creator you see that we've got like endings will play it's a very abrupt slam your head against the table ending but it's an ending and each one is a little bit different will bring up it's not authorized this is what happens by the way when you don't have ah many pack on easy expect authorized is actually good thing for you guys see so if you have something you can authorize an offline or you could log in and continue I'm not going to do either because I don't care enough to do it but when you see this this warning to make sure that you understand that we also recently updated our website at the same time we were released easy number two we did a big new website rollout so sometimes things in the inter world to get a little screwy and maybe you authorize something or you had something and now it's moved and this just needs to check it but in any instance we have more many then you probably will know what to do with and if there's something specific you're looking for that browse web shot many function when you're in search is a great way to find it if you don't have it, anyone else so the many pack is that you have they cover every jonrowe and culture of music is, well, that's a great question. Is there a culture specifically you're looking for? I mean, like eastern european turkey, turkish music, different styles from different cultures? Sure, that's that is a great question, predominantly. Most of the mini is specified by the genre, so when you kind of go through this list here of, for instance, easy exes and you see the drum kit from el matt also elektronik, it pretty much speaks for itself, the funds going tohave funk. We have some things that kind of transcend boundaries, one of those like latin percussion because clearly there's more than just latin percussion of different types of percussion, but as faras otherworldly rhythms and crazy kind of odd times because we don't have a really deep reservoir of that yet. But the good news is, if you have many like that, you could simply just drag it in ok and that's something else, too, about the added play style function where you actually click into the mini that works with anybody's many so if you have drum many files that are tuned track and you drag him in at a place that same thing you'll have control over everything and you can sort of create what it is you're looking for there so you can do the tap to find with that too like finishes crazy budapest uh something like that did you just say a crazy budapest yeah something you know that you could drag into the tap to find to see what would be compatible yeah now you could do that you can drag that in the tap to find remember it's only going to search the tune track many because it's the only maybe that's tag that so yeah if you have a crazy be certainly the working tapped to find it will look for things that meet up with it but it's it's it won't be the other way around it won't show up in tap to find if that makes sense right? Because not tact exactly but now the phrase crazy budapest be will be ricocheting around my brain all day I like it that might be your new nickname cbb that's crazy budapest be was my boy we had a question from kyle one they need to touch on legal like so for example he says if I'm making music for a show into the drums is it road royalty free? Yes you don't pay us anything you buy the program you buy the midi and you get yours, make as much music as you can get it out there hit records you've heard easy drummer and superior drummer mohr times and you probably know there is no licensing as faras you paying us royalties or anything like that. Now there is when you actually install the software like all software there's what we call in a way it's technical lawyer stuff, whatever it's an end user license agreement and what that means is that you're not going to use our drum samples or are sounds to make other drum samples or other drum sounds and sell them that's totally illegal for everybody but most music at this particular point time that's made in virtual instruments and that's the difference? I mean, if it were audio loops that were recorded or things that were very specific, it might be different, but you're basically what we're giving you is a session drummer and the best drum recording studio you can get for one hundred forty nine dollars, ninety nine cents, right? You can't even get a good microwave for less than that and we're giving it to you so that you can use it and we want we wish more people would let us know about their success stories I mean clearly to track has a very broad and deep artist roster, but we would love to hear on our facebook page twitter all our social media we love it when people make music and post videos we always try to stay current with that because we believe that it's an inspiring tool and we really we feel like we've succeeded when people are inspired I mean it's the best way to put it so yeah definitely use it to make his much crazy music as you can for yourself, your job for whatever you're going to do cbs gave me all kinds of giving out has, um, encouragement I think he's I think we sold the money's drummer too, so a couple of kind of things as we wind down here just to recap because it is a lot so the idea is very simple it's one part great sound one part flexibility and then every single option we could think of tow let you figure out what the group is going to be and that was really the only limitation of easy drummer one is you had a media group that was the groove and you drag it to your dog and then you could change it around if you wanted to but man that's just a lot of work and we all know that that process of going mentally as a writer or someone that's a producer, for instance, you write a great song and you're excited and then you like I got to finish it like now I got to go into the dawn now I got armed right now I gotta sing and said I'm going to do all this other stuff it's not always the most encouraging process because in your mind that I gotta work with software now I got to remember how to not do or this do or save that air and it's different with this product so there's a couple of things too about the song track we should make sure you understand so we've got our song here simple enough this is our song we grab it with the last so we can drag it to the death top boom it's its own complete many file we can save it like we showed you earlier in the folder in your own file folder we could export this as audio so if we wanted to use it as a drum loop under something which you're probably worked really good for you could come into this drop down menu you go to track and you see you've got some options so you could export it is in many file or you could export it as a wave file so this will spit out is a twenty four bit stereo wave so you could just have the audio and you could play over it with your guitar are dropping and approaches or do whatever he wanted to do let me go back. Sorry in this menu and again there's a number off menu options that are also basically just redundant. Right click options that some people like to use the menu. Some people don't have a mouse and they want to drop down box. So aa lot of these things like juan ties or change tempo, this is an important one. Change tempo. We could select the whole thing here. Great. And if we wanted to be double time, we could go into change tempo and make a double time. This should be interesting. Is that the cbd? Is that the crazy budapest? Beware time and it's very, very relaxing. The same thing. You can go and then you could undo that. Of course we got our levels of london and you could see the midian. Everything changed in real time. Okay? On dh then you could do the same thing. It's kind of, you know, half tempo. You, khun, you can change the song parts if we wanted to just take this piece here and this is more for us than anything. And make sure that people knew. We thought there was a pre course again it's that visual idea of that's a lot of how art is made is visually so. People always ask, and this is good to kind of address ahead of time, so when we save it, when we export this out as an audio file let's say we're not going to save it is maybe it's going todo can you multi out the audio meaning can you get the kick? Is its own track and yes and no, and the reason people ask this from us, in case you don't know, is in superior drum or two, we have a function that allows you to bounce all of it toe audio in real time, so not only are you bouncing every track individually, but you're bouncing all the bleeds and all the ambiance and everything so that's a really cool feature in superior to but I would remind you that's also, why it's superior to so an easy drummer? The workaround for that is really simple. If you wanted to bounce things out channel by channel, it'll take a few minutes longer what you just solo that channel, then you bounce the audio out and all you have is that channel simple enough now again, most people aren't looking for that type of flexibility out of a song writing program, but it's there, if you wanted to work around for everything, we just didn't include multi out. Balancing support because of all the things we could add it's felt like a better idea to work on the added place style feature than that that's something we can always look at later the end of play style features kind of a game changer as we like to call it so in this menu as well again is just a lot of repeats of you could set the loop area you can dump it into the song creator all the things that you could do with the right click you could pretty much doing the drop down menu as well. So it's really interesting time to be a songwriter because this opens a world of opportunity in the world of plausibility that you didn't necessarily have before and for us as a company we realize that song writing is there's like no morality and somewhere there's no right or wrong it's just this is your process this is how you do it and some people literally they sit down and they type a whole beat out or they like the steps sequencing where they record straight in and that's that that's their process we've tried to to accommodate as many of the common and well known processes as we can because we wanted to not be applicable just a rock guys and you know this is kind of a good still reminder we love the metal community the mental community kind of tune track of I have had this beautiful marriage but it's not just for metal artists and we don't want to present that either we don't want everything everyone to think that it's just for guys that sit at home with guitars and right heavy music those guys love our stuff but it's because I think at its core easy drummer to really represents the next generation of software intuitiveness again, I just showed you a whole step and I'm talking to a drummer that doesn't exist that can play things that weren't recorded in his original performance play them well and then allow you to change them all in pursuit of the holy grail of crazy budapest beats I mean, where else can you do that? No, where else is the answer? We got a question about bit depth I am sam I am wants to know are the sample sixteen bit only an easy drummer like there were an easy for an easy number to like they were uneasy drummer so I'm looking at all these guys because I knew this question was going to come on prepared for this is a good question and it beckons a number of other conversations so the short answer is this the sound engine, the design for easter matures new it's built on remnants and really cool features of the superior sound engine so that being said let me start off the answer with yes, easy drummer two can play samples up to twenty four bits it's just that simple now if you're asking if every sample that's in easy drummer too is twenty four bits, the answer is no and there's a number of reasons for that most of them are scientific, but some of them are very practical. For instance, if we recorded a library for easy drummer in the past, that a particular bit depth not doing any conversion to make it twenty four bit just so that you feel good that it's twenty four bit, which would be the only purpose deserved keeps the program fluid, keeps it running quickly keeps it moving straight again part of easy drummers brilliance is the fact that it's very, very low cpu and you can work with things in real time without bogging down your system. The minute you start using twenty four bit is the measuring standard, meaning everything has to be twenty four bit that's a misnomer because bit depth has a lot to do with the noise floor during the recording process. Now I don't wear a lab coat in my regular full time job. I don't know if you knew that about me and I know that there is a science to the way that bit up this calculated the good news is is the people that do make this decision for tune track do you wear lab coats and actually have credentials, like theoretical physicists to back that lab coat up? So when we make a recording decision, it's been scrutinized, and the bit deaths can actually berry berry. They can vary or bury, whichever part of the country or from. But depending on the project and the instruments recorded and where they were recorded, it could be anywhere from twelve to eighteen to twenty. It's, whatever. But he's, a drummer, too, is completely prepared, ready, capable and able to play back twenty four bit depth.

Class Description

EZdrummer 2 is the second generation of the world’s leading drum production software, adding a host of new features focused on making it an indispensable songwriting tool and breaking down the technical barriers between you and your creative vision.

In this one day event hosted by Toontrack’s North American President Rikk Currence, you’ll learn how to make the most of EZdrummer 2’s groundbreaking new features: it’s remodeled interface, it’s all-new mixer and effects chains, and how to create and modify grooves.

At the end of this class, you’ll have all the tools you need to create realistic, versatile drum parts to fit any song.