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Songwriting with EZdrummer 2


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EZDrummer 2 Basics Part 1

Welcome everyone into my creative live class on song, writing with easy drummer, too. And for those of you that may be familiar with tune track and may be familiar with easy drummer too clearly you'll know that we've done a number of videos. We've done a number of sort of marketing pieces around using the program, but today is going to be a lot different the the folks at creative live have given us a really cool opportunity and a really long window to kind of exercise that opportunity and really get deep into the program and show you not on lee kind of the bells and whistles and everything that works within the program about how you can use it to make music. So today is really about not just learning about easy drummer too, but how you can practically apply it to the craft of writing music and that's that's a pretty important thing to us a two track, so we're really excited about that. I just want to give everyone sort of a breakdown of where we're going to head for the day. I know you...

guys are taking time out of your day, so I want to know what you can expect this morning in our first session, we're going to talk about the nuts and bolts of the core product is a drummer to what is it how it works? Why it's really cool in our second session, we're going to talk about some of the expanded song writing features and how you can use those to craft to create the perfect groove then I know we're going to take a lunch break then we're gonna come back and we're going to talk about real world song writing applications were actually going try and write a song in real time here are creative live, which I don't think they've ever done which is going to be kind of nerve racking and cool at the same time and then we're going to kind of finish it up by introducing a couple of easy drummer two's sibling programs so tune track is a software developer has a number of song writing and creative tools and in the fourth session not only are we going to be continuing to work with these drummer too we're going to talk a little bit about easy keys were and talk a little bit about easy mixed two and everybody's favorite beat station so it's it's going to be an amazing course? I'm really looking forward to it we have a long day with lots of information ahead, so by all means while I'm working or babbling about anything please hit drew up with any and all questions you may have about anything and he will relay them to me and, well, we'll try and keep things answered in real time as much as we can, just so that you don't have to wait for answers to your precious precious questions. So let's, kind of dive in and let's start off with a few basic things. The first thing I want to do is it just sort of two points that will sort of govern the day we're talking about a software program called easy drummer, too, so the first step to understanding the program would be to purchase easy drummer, too. If you haven't purchased easy drummer too, and you're using this is sort of your barometer as to whether or not you should that's actually pretty good call, because you're going to learn a lot about it today. If you're looking for a place to purchase easy drummer, too, you can always search the internet for the greatest deal is your favorite retail or our website? There are a number of places available, but we say that because a software manufacturer is incredibly important to us to remind people to buy the software you use. I know it's a public service announcement we know piracy is bad, everybody gets it, but there wouldn't be an easy drummer, too, if people didn't buy the drummer one. And we can't continue to innovate and try and make tools and help you make your music more efficiently and more effectively if we're out of business, and that doesn't just go for us, that goes for anyone. So if there's one public service announcement that I get today it's just by the software used because it's worth it support the people that help support your music, it's a great thing, onda second thing is, I want to walk you through this process just so you're aware of where we're already at, so obviously I worked for to attract so as you may have suspected, I have the software and it's loaded on my mac book, so I just want to kind of give you respect we're working with, because a lot of times in these demonstrations, people start to look at how the software is working in the environment, it's being shown and it's not comparable to what they have, maybe you have a pc, maybe have a newer mac book. I want to sort of give you my spec just so you know where we're at and what we're going to be using all day, so I'm using a two thousand ten I know I'm up there model mac book pro within I seven processor on there's, eight gigs of ram in this in this particular man the pro I'm also still running mac ten point eight point five I'm still a mountain lion I haven't gone the maverick shed because I don't really have a good reason I just I'm lazy I haven't and what we're going to be doing for the first couple of sessions is we're going to be using easy drummer to and what we call stand alone mode and that means that you could just open the program in your computer on your desk top just by itself with nothing else the second half of our sessions today we're going to be opening easy drummer too in a dog or a digital audio workstation and the doll we're gonna be using for all the examples today's pro tools were using pro tools eleven because it's something I'm really familiar with it something I used in my personal life and professional life so as we move into that area later they all sort of remind you of these things but for right now if you're following along at home or want to sort of try some of this stuff out you have easy drummer too we've just opened easy drummer too and we're right here on the screen in the opening page so far so good I think everyone's with me right audience you look thrilled these poor guys offering look it's going to be good trust me okay? So let's just sort of dive in and let's talk about easy drummer to a little philosophically for a moment, obviously there's a two in the title, so there was an easy drummer won. Most of you may know this, and some of you may not. The original easy drummer program was released in two thousand six that's eight years ago, it was kind of hit the market, and the idea was very simple for our company. We had a program of sort of our first program, our first professional program back in the late nineties, the early two thousand's called superior drummer, and the purpose of that program was to create a production aid and tool for really, really getting deep into your drum programming and your drum needs. From a software standpoint, the idea came about while we were recording for the follow up to superior drummer so superior number two, the idea came about to our design team. Hey, wouldn't it be great if we could take all of the really complicated aspects of working with software and all the really complicated aspects of recording drums and give that to the end user and something very usable, something that was very professional but also very easy to use? And back in two thousand six, one software again, it seems like we've been using software forever, but we haven't that's a long time ago in software years and it was really, really, really difficult for musicians to find software that didn't require a massive learning curve, if you can think back to what you may have been doing musically in two thousand six, there were plenty of software titles, but every single one was its own sort of compartmentalized universe, with its own key commands and infrastructure and nasa prerequisites and and that's a little daunting, because we all know that the creative process, the song writing process, is generally organic. It's really something beautiful that you really want to sort of be in tune with, and when you have to break that moment and go right, click all shift text that's nobody wants to do that so easy drummer, too, as the follow up, too easy drummer really set out to sort of blur the lines between software and just intuitive tool, and we think we've done that. You guys will be the final judge, but we really feel that the program itself helps facilitate that creative process, and hopefully, throughout the course of the day today, we're going to show you why we feel that way and how it can work for your own music so easy drummer, too, was launched on may sixth of this year, it's almost eight years, to the day after the original launch of easy drummer one it's been incredibly successful thanks to you and all of our retail partners and supporters we wouldn't be here without you, so we're very grateful and them I think that's probably all you need to know before I started actually talking about the program as you're looking at your watches like when is he going to get to the software already? It's cool we're going to get there don't worry ok, so let's go to the screen and we've opened easy drummer too and stand alone mode on on the mac book and one of the first things everybody generally does is tapped the drums because that's the fun aspect of easy drummer too and what you're looking at as a redesigned user interface now if you are one of the many users of easy drummer one clearly you see that this is ah much broader, much more expanded user interface and you also notice that the program in general seems to have a lot more functionality built in just kind of a quick overview and we're going to go through everything in detail but just so you know, we're always going toe work from left to right like we read, so we start and you noticed we have different tabs and we're going to go over each one of these tabs in detail, but the tabs were are design teams idea to help delineate your workflow again when you're being creative sometimes it helps to be ableto have one place to focus and know that that one place is doing one thing to aid your creative process, so we have the drums tab with the browsers tab with the search tab, all these tabs going to make much more sense as we move forward. In our first session this morning, we're going to concentrate on the drums tab and the mixture tab, and then in our second session, we're gonna work with the browse and search tab, so it's going to be kind of a really cool process here as we move forward. If we keep going past the tabs, you see, we have a drop down menu, and in this drop down menu, this is our kit selection menu. This enables you to basically go into any of the tune track libraries that you may have already or have purchased for easy drummer, too, so easy drummer to itself ships with two libraries and their unique tz drummer, too. And when it's called these drummer to modern library, which is what we have loaded and the other one's called the easy drummer to vintage library, which will look at a little bit later, and if you come all the way over to the right, you see this little tab that's, his menu and what's funny about this tab. Is it's one of the coolest tabs in easy drummer, too? Just because it's so full of information and I know almost every musician that uses software never goes to the menu tab for anything because they think boring. It's, not it's, not part of the process, but it's, true and he's number two, we've got some really cool things. Obviously, you can find out all the the current updated system information for easy drummer the operation manual, which, as a novel concept, always good to read if you're going to try and use something, and it is a good read it's laid out very intuitively, I I want you to really sort of contemplate is a user taking an opportunity to look through it. It's a it's, a good read now sound libraries this is really cool. This particular drop down function corresponds to every single sound library that I have loaded. So, for instance, right now were in the modern library in this particular drop down menu, you will see a couple of things. You will see a description off the library, so if you click on that, it'll give you a small little window that opens and you have an instrument list and information about the engineer in the studio, so basically gere tech like you get to find out what we did and how we did it a little look under the scenes, but if you go back to that something else really useful is it has the middie layout, so when you click on that what you're going to get is an illustration of a keyboard very similar to the one I have here and it's going to show you where we've mapped all of the middie no numbers, so it would be really easy for me to presume everybody understands what I just said and even as I say it, it sounds like cling on let's talk about just for a second here why this is cool many note numbers correspond to the instruments in a virtual instrument, so for instance, an easy drummer to each note on this keyboard corresponds to where we have put an actual sample so for instance, but come all the way down here here we've obviously placed the kick drum right there, then we move forward with snare we've got different snare articulations and it's mapped or the notes are place that's what mapping means is we've just placed the notes all across this keyboard, so this this a little snippet of information is really helpful when you're starting to wanna program things yourself or when you're working with trying to find a particular sound in any library, so every library may have similar note placement, but they all have their own unique maps, and the reason they have their own unique maps is because every drum library we record has different instruments. Certainly, for the most part, there's always a kick drum and a snare drum and some tom's but maybe there's more symbols, maybe there's an additional snare, there could be additional percussion. We actually have a library, that's, all percussion, so the maps completely different. So this is just a great place to know to be able to find out where everything is at for you, the user. When your programming online support this takes you to our support portal, you're having a problem things a crashing, blowing up you're not a happy camper. You click on this and it'll take you online to our support form. Where you can actually find answers may be people that have had the same problem, or you could try an interface with our support team check for updates, which brings up a great point software users, my brother and my friends, my loved ones up date your software regularly, frequently set a time every month where all you do in your studios have a maintenance day, where you update all of your software, keep it current, we are constantly releasing updates, bug fixes, patches, things that help the software work better or even become more intuitive we're getting user suggestions and adding things and it's not just us it's every software manufacturer so make just market day on your counter make it a maintenance issue update your software constantly and also when you first purchase and download your version of easy drummer to you also want to update your software before you even open for the first time you want to open the most recent version so when you actually get any software obviously we're talking about easy drummer too but this goes for anything always check to see if there's an update again our programmers and software engineers are working constantly to make the experience for you as good as it can take advantage of this reminder it'll take you to your account if there's an updated I'll tell you what it is you could download and install it and things will always remain current itt's a good habit to get into okay I'm put the soapbox wayne keep going allow many program change this is a cool function that would allow an external maybe device to scroll through different function changes in these drummer too it's complicated but it's super cool and we're going to talk about it a little later so I just don't get deep in it now many channel obviously this is going to correspond with that as well many channels that you're receiving we're sending out of we'll talk about that in depth new and easy drummer too it's an expanded a drum support so for all of you drummers out there that loved not use easy drummer because I'm a drummer, I do it for real well buying eke it and use it for real now because this is one of the coolest new sort of sort of added upgrades these drummer too you can actually go into the bedroom function by manufacturers so for instance, right now I have none because we don't have any drum kit in place, but if I had an alisa's kid, a rolling kit or yamaha kit it's basically going to adapt to the most common parameters of those brains and allow your experience to be really kind of seamless it's very nice not mode this's work it's really sort of geeky if you wanted to be circular linear you want to go in and have a little bit of control over how your knobs responded I know how important that is in the music making process non response top of the list but it's there if you want to use it, you can load your projects, things you save everything else is pretty self explainable explanatory and rebuild database I'm going to show you in the second segment so I don't want to do it right now but it's also a cool feature so again, who knew the menu, it's sze like indiana jones kind of adventure you go in, you don't know what you're going to find, so check your menu regularly, folks, so back to the cool stuff. So we're looking at the user instruments interface, and we also notice that in addition to kind of new graphics, we've added a couple of new pads. So in the original easy drummer, we didn't have what we call a one shot had we did not have a shaker pad or tampering pad, and now we do so what's really cool is we're trying to bring in some elements a lot of requested features, things that people are asking for saying, hey, it would be great if you could do this when you have eight years between releases, you can really pay attention what people want and really try and bring everything in now. It's tough there's a balancing act it's easy drummer so you can't bring everything and otherwise it's not easy drummer anymore. So there's this really kind of fine line and keeping it organic and useful and really tryingto to meet everybody's needs, and we think we've got kind of a nice balance so far, and then you notice at the bottom. We have what we call our song track now the song track is really cool and it's it's probably the biggest most obvious addition to the drummer program and it allows you to work with your many your grooves and song creation in ways you couldn't before with the original easy drummer the original easy drummer function is pretty much a plug and you could work with it and stand alone mode and you could work with loops and grooves but there was really no way to start constructing we're saving what you were creating without using a dollar driving and drop into your desktop with easy drummer too you can literally start to build your drum performance right in the software, finalize it, get everything tweak the way you want to and exported has won many tracker audio track which we're gonna talk about as well. So one of my favorite parts about this page and talking about this page is answering sort of this underlying question about you know the original easy drummer came out in two thousand six you didn't release these german toodle two thousand fourteen that is a huge window how has the program the originals drummer been able to stay so relevant? Why do people still like it? So I mean that's an old software program two thousand six if there's anyone out there watching this that is still using any other program from two thousand six used I want you to send it to drew because I want to know one other software from two thousand six is still living on someone system that they use every day, and the answer to that question is the design team and our engineers to track never stopped giving back to the user base, so the beauty of this page is this is the page where you meet the drum set and there's a number of ways to approach writing music. Now, if your drummer, your first inclination is to start clicking boxes to see what drums are and see how they sound, or measure up to the real thing, or if you're a producer and you have sort of a relationship with specific drums, you start to look to see if we have samples or models of those drums. But if you're not, if you're not one of those people, and you just someone that wants to write a song, maybe, you know what kind of a kit your favorite artist plays, or maybe there's, something genre specific that you really look for from a drum set that you identify with his being a building block, and this is that that screen we're all of that sort of magic happens, so what you have here, what you're looking at, this, this kid we have loaded is our basic modern kit from the drummer to core library like I said, it's pretty self explanatory you have a picture of all the drums and you'll notice that you have this little circle triangle combo on ever the instrument and if you click on that you get what we call our instrument properties menu so what's cool about this is first of all you'll see that it's highlighted its orange so you always know what instrument you're working on and then the sound you're hearing is also highlighted in gray so that is a seventeen inch sebi in a x explosion fast crash and I want to point out explosion spelled phonetically with an axe so you know it's amazing extreme so but that's what that drum is that symbol in this instance now in addition to that you see the library that it actually corresponds to and you have a couple of controls so there's a lot of tools here just in this drop down many that don't exist really as conveniently or as creatively is they do here in any other software so let's take a listen to the house really cool you can kind of find out information about this symbol so we know what the symbol is and we see that we have some other options we'll get to that in a minute the first thing we can do is we have a pad here and it's called the velocity pad something very important about song writing with virtual instruments in general is they have a serious understanding of what velocity is and how it affects the overall performance so without boring anyone or getting too complicated velocity would ultimately be the measurable impact off the human experience on an instrument right someone plays the piano or strums a guitar or hits a crash symbol there's force there's physics there's something involved that dictates toe what level of sound of the instrument responds and that in its simplest form is velocity so you can imagine on a scale of zero to one twenty seven being the highest that's your velocity range if everything is always at one twenty seven that's normally not the drummer you want to play with just saying that's not the guy that's what the musician in general between that scale is a great sort of multitude of sound and inspiration so with this pad this velocity pad you can actually audition the lowest velocities all the way up to the highest velocities simply just by dragging along it extreme right there so you get an idea for what that instruments capable of and then you can translate that to where it might work for you sonically and your song writing process now and that's on every instrument so that's very cool now if I change this symbol out right now we know where extreme but we change it to this crash same thing then I get the velocity pad for that instrument, and this is just kind of helps you audition things and put together ideal scenarios. We have a couple of other knobs, we have a pre mixer volume, so what that means is very simple. It's really cool. We have a mixer page which was shown in a minute, but this basically this knob, what it's doing is lowering the volume of the particular instrument it's assigned to before the instrument goes to the mixer, seeing the mixture you can always bring things up and down as a group, but this is actually changing the level being sent to the mixer to be affected later, which is kind of nice. So, for instance, this will be very common or prevalent, maybe have a groove that you're working on and there's one crash symbol that just really seems louder, like the drummer really loves hitting that symbol on your group. You could simply just back the volume off a little bit if you wanted to hear so that by the time it gets to the mixer it's not as loud in the mixer, then you'd have another set of controls when you're actually working in the mixer, which is kind of nice and again that's for every instrument in the kit. We don't turn it all the way down we also have a pitch now, which is kind of cool so you can hit the symbol and even loathe so and of course as you figured out, it goes as high as you'd like a cz well, now this is really interesting too, because it gets into a very common song writing practice of pitching instruments to be in the key or the tambor or tune of the melody instruments, which we're gonna talk about a little later as well. So another cool feature aside from being able to swap out all of the symbols that were recorded in this kid so that's what you're seeing here again he's drummer to modern kit and then here's all the symbols that were recorded in this session for this kid, which is nice easy drummer to actually introduces a new feature for us that allows you to go into any of your library ease and select instruments from any of the other recordings. So for instance, if I wanted to go into our jazz library on point in the eighteen inch pie city fast crash that we use there that's what I could do and you couldn't do that needs a drummer one so literally every library you have now is compatible with one another you can build dream kids based on all the expansion libraries you have which as fate would have it is a great segway into easy drummer to expansion libraries so let's close this window let's go back to our drop down menu so every single one of these represents what we call an easy ex expansion as we showed you there's the little thing in the menu where you can see where they were recorded, what they were used so on and so forth and this is the secret to easy drummers success over all of that time period for instance the drum kit from hell very aptly titled recorded by daniel burke strain and tomas ok the drummer from the sugar or you know flint funkmaster klein and job oh clyde stubblefield on jobless starks from james brown fame recorded the sound kitchen in national tennessee latin percussion recorded to the studio that I forget forgive me in sweden metal done by our friends and audio hammer down in florida I mean, every single one of these libraries doesn't just represent different drums but it's a new studio it's a new producer it's a new miking and production technique it's a new vision of the way that sound works so there are instruments out there in the software world that basically career skewing to just buying another instrument you know, we could easily say, hey, we're just going to go record some pearl drums you don't have pearl drum that that's not what we do we work with producers who make records, we don't work with producers that do sample libraries, we go to people that actually make hit records and work with artists for living and say, you guys have sort of the rial spiel on how drums work let's get some drums so let's, let's do what you would do. So for instance, I'll pull up metal because it's really cool so you can pull up the metal kit and you'll see everything kind of switch I mean there's, lava folk, it's really? What other virtual instrument gives you a lot of a crevice? Seriously, and you're not going to buy it. Okay, okay, but different drums for a different perspective more since symbol with tattoos, people you can't make this stuff up it's all there. It doesn't get any more metal than this. Which is why it's basically metal exclamation point is the name of the z x, but what's cool about that and people kind of chuckle look, oh, you know that's it's not cheesy because not everybody understands how drum work drums work. Not everybody understands how different sizes or what different studios air mike's mean, so when you are songwriter and you want to write metal music, you look for the kit called medal and it makes your life a lot easier one of the other cool features that easy drummer one users are going to appreciate about all their easy access. For instance, let's pull up the nashville easy ex very popular easy access. All of the graphic interface is for all of our existing libraries have been updated to work with an easy drummer, too, that updates free it's in your account, the tune track dot com and also happens is a part of of the software, so you really can't go wrong, so you have kind of the new, expanded three d hyper cool graphic, but one of the other really cool features off the expanded easy ex libraries is easy drummer two's mixer is similar to easy drummers in the fact that it's a mixer and you have multiple output options, there's a number of things, we're going to talk about a minute, but one of the things we've added are some built in effects, and I need to be very clear on how this works and why it works this way, so I'm going to kind of go through this just a little bit slower in a little bit more articulated, if you will. So, for instance, we've just pulled up the national easy acts now the national easy axe isn't new. It's existed since probably two thousand seven it's a very, very popular easy access recorded at the sound kitchen with chuck ainley andheri stenson amazing human beings amazing sounding instrument and as you can imagine, most folks here in america would you say national they think music city usa so it's a sound it's a very particular sound when you purchase the original easy acts for easy drummer one you had the original easy drummer one mixer presets that would affect the way the mixer channels were configured on the mixer page you still have those you haven't lost those and that was important to us as well anyone that had easy drummer one we didn't want you to sacrifice or lose anything you were used to we just wanted to add to it but what you see here is that in addition to the original mixer presets you have what we call a drummer to presets and these air unique to easy drummer too and that they reconfigure the way the drum kit sounds at the mixer position so for instance, let's just pull up top forty all right? So it's going to load and then we're going to go to our mixer page and you'll notice that we have our mixer channels and we've got a couple of things we have a reverb and a mike bleed so I'm gonna go into the browser real quick and I'm going to just play a group and simply by grabbing the novel, you can see what channel in the mixer it's going to effect so I could turn all the bleed up. Well, I control the bleed out in the overheads, which is kind of nice pre delay is gonna affect the river channel, right? We go off here, the river, go up the river, come down so it's really cool about that is what we've done is to track has another products called easy mixed two and easy mixed two's claim to fame is that it's really this sort of pre configured signal chains designed by world renowned producers with high end effects so that you can basically just find something that works for your music in real time and not have to worry about loading a million plug ins? And we're going to talk about it a little later. There's ah version basically of easy mixed to that happens behind the scenes here. So what are sound design team did? Was this they said ok, in top forty music, for instance, with the national kid in this pre set, we would want the snare drum to sound like this things that we would want this to be compatible with that genre, how do we accomplish that through effects? Then they go in and they ultimately create all of these little instances that you can't see that happen behind the scenes and that's why it's so cool that when you actually click on one of the effect knobs, you see what channel you're affecting, you don't have to guess where the effect is going to be. You can see where the work's been done behind the scenes and then alter your sound. So that was the top forty kit. If we were to go back into nashville pulled dry spell, you see things change again, you have a different set of options available. If we go back, that grew very different kit way turn the delay up, but we see that's affecting all those overhead lead trouble you get, you get the idea, so the process for us was very simple. It was how do we take something that people love, which is the mixer and that works really efficiently and make it a little bit better? How do we put a little bit more production value in your song writing process? Because we all know the great sound is inspiring, and sometimes a specific sound could be very inspiring whether it's a drum tone, guitar tones, keyboards, it's, the sound. Sometimes that pulls the song out, and we didn't want that to be an obstacle for the easy drummer to user again, we wanted them to be able to open the program. And be ableto work with their drums to completion in the program so the best thing about what we're calling these easy drummer to presets is that they're free we updated all of the existing easy axe libraries all twenty one libraries that existed before he's drummer too we just updated him for free so I someone that already owns the library not only do we just change your graphic user interface for free but we also just gave you a new sound set of tools to use for free which is pretty cool and all of the easy drummer too libraries will continue to have these easy drummer presets now for those of you watching that are vested in these e drummer too and plan on growing within and working within the moving with it as we go obviously we're going continue to release easy ex libraries I should let you know though and I think that this is a good time to kind of bring it up just so that we've touched on it we're no longer going to be creating easy ex libraries that fit the easy drummer one format so the easy ex libraries that exist now all work with these drummer one and they all will continue to work but the new generation of easy drummer to libraries have unique features and sound sets and things that aren't backwards compatible so if you're kind of on the fence if you're originally the drum he's a drummer user and you're thinking should I upgrade it's probably if you want to stay with the line and you want to stay with all of the things we're going to do it all the innovations it's not a bad idea to consider upgrading and really starting to take advantage of all these things we've added fair enough questions concerns comments we have a question if you're using easy mix is it doubling up effects is from karl be online is it doubling up effects that have been included in easy drummer to know okay no carl so easy mix too is working as its own universe with its own engine behind the scenes and easy armour too has its own version or remnants of that engine the two world's never collide and for instance you cannot open easy mixed to inside of easy drummer the easy drummer to presets are confined to the version of the you know the easy mixed two engine it's in easy drummer so they're totally different worlds they don't ever overlap I noticed in the mixer there when you ah went to the second preset than the decay knob came up where do those live if I wantto can you just go in and add whatever you want any time or is it are they specific to those presets and you can't there specifically said so for instance you have cq box let's say you open another pre set in modern actually, we're national. So what? Come down initial so we opened basic brushes it's there, but it's in a different capacity, you couldn't just go and drag it and added the presets air configured and designed specifically with a particular sound. Okay, so the only thing that you have control over are the two knobs, anything that affects channels it's a great question, actually cool that's it crickets, anyone? One question. So what they expect about this extension packs, but the expansion pack bundles what's the difference between the essential drums, maybe six pack and the songwriters drum collection. Okay, well, it's different many so that's a great question, actually, so to track has always used many drum performances as sort of the foundation for the actual product, so if you're the original easter, everyone uses, obviously you're familiar with our browser page, which we sort of just carried over more on that in a minute. But what we're doing here is using a middie groove, and the question is so as the company's a manufacturer, obviously, we continue to produce many libraries that are compatible with our software, and every once in a while we bundled libraries together, so we'll release the library individually, and then we'll take four, five libraries and put them together because we think maybe they'll sue the creative need, so the question was, is the essential drum six pack bundle and the songwriters bundle basically the same thing and they're not what they are is combinations there bundles, but they take different titles from our many libel and put them together so you can save some money as an end user and ultimately have a very specified type of groups that you're doing with select the songwriters bundle is from our songwriters pact is for songwriter many packs and then there's two songwriter phil packs. So we've put the four songwriter packs group acts together it's a bundle and the essential many six pack bono is basically, stylistically, a selection of what we feel if you're just gonna be writing general music would be some great, you know, song writing grooves from different genres all put together and that's its own bundle, so the bundles are different in that they just combined sing your titles. You always want to go to tune track dot com or to your favorite retailer's web page and make sure you just read the breakout of what's in the bundle before you buy a bundle just so that you're not doubling up on your own mini so that you don't buy the same library twice.

Class Description

EZdrummer 2 is the second generation of the world’s leading drum production software, adding a host of new features focused on making it an indispensable songwriting tool and breaking down the technical barriers between you and your creative vision.

In this one day event hosted by Toontrack’s North American President Rikk Currence, you’ll learn how to make the most of EZdrummer 2’s groundbreaking new features: it’s remodeled interface, it’s all-new mixer and effects chains, and how to create and modify grooves.

At the end of this class, you’ll have all the tools you need to create realistic, versatile drum parts to fit any song.