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EZDrummer 2 Basics Part 2

I'm going to actually take us back to a different kit that comes with these drummer too let's pull up the vintage kid and then let's talk a little bit more about two tracks drum philosophy and then let's start to talk about the mixer a little bit more so one of the unique opportunities we have is a manufacturer is to try and solve problems that exist for riel songwriters and again all of the one shot hand clap you can never have enough handclaps shaker timbering they seem like really simple ideas and they seem like well you don't really need to innovate there but until you start to get e mails and you interact with all these writers and people in the real world that use our software you know people that have real jobs that go home wanna write music as not only an expression or people that are trying to make it in the industry and just all kinds of people at different walks in their song writing career it is a unique and it's a really incredible opportunity to try and solve problems one...

of the problems that we find is generally speaking and and I mean this in the nicest way if you're lehman songwriter or if you're someone that's just in the basic kind of starting phase of of writing music you can get preoccupied with the instrument more than the sound and ultimately there's a disconnect because not everybody knows what a seventy three strat sounds like not everybody knows what you know a vintage lead with this, like it sounds like so, as is a company, we try to de mystify the sound by being very genre driven and also by working with producers that know how to get the most definitive or best sound from that genre. So, for instance, the two libraries that ship with these drummer to the modern library and the vintage library were recorded. A british growth studios, which is in london, england on day were recorded by chuck ainley, who is a grammy award winning amazingly well rounded producer. That's worked with some of the greatest artist in the world, including dire straits. Andi actually, british grove is owned by dire straits guitarist mark knopfler, so world class recording studio and when putting together easy drummer to one of the objectives was to make it as versatile as possible and that's that's objective versatility is always objective to so what you see here is with the two libraries, the modern library and the vintage library. If we were to go back into our instrument properties menu there's a feature that I haven't showed you yet for a reason, we're going to show it now and it's the kit feature, and when you click on this, what you see is that you can have a couple of things happen you can load an empty kids, which would mean all the drums are going to get great out and you could select individual component drums to put together for yourself or you could actually load either of the two kids you see there's two there's, a default ludwig sixties kit and the ludwig vista like it in this particular library you can load those kids in their entirety and start to work with them sounds just like a vista like it so what's really cool about that is if we were to go back to the modern library we support the basic can do the same thing in the kits election you'll see we have a dw kit, which is the default ah gretch kit and a yamaha nine thousand syrians kid so here's what's cool about those three drum sets is any student of modern music and let's by modern I mean let's say the last thirty years from the seventies eighties nineties realizes that those three drum sets represent the most recorded drum instruments in the history of recorded music. The gretch kit in many permutations from round magic it's from the sixties all the way up to modern gretch maple kits that are made today at the yamaha recording customers in the nine thousand series, which is the predecessor to the recording custom and the dw collectors said these air drum kits that have made appearances in different way shape performed on countless records so when you have a drummer too and you have the modern library you have the three standard most recorded drum sets in the history of recorded music which is a great starting place plus you have these vintage kids so obviously vintage kits it's a it's a little bit different because there's such a swing with vintage drones but two of the most popular recorded vintage kids would be a sixties version ludwig kit a club date kit maybe or some other sort of amalgamation of ludwig drums or the vista like it which is the clear bonham made him famous they've been used by countless people they both have very unique sounds very unique sort of functions and they serve a creative role musically that's very different from one another so as a songwriter you're already starting out with you just have these a drummer too you don't have anything else you have a great selection of five different kits and then some ancillary symbols and snare drums and other things that you can add to sort of get your creative juices flowing very nice and then again as we mentioned as you add easy ex libraries whether you're writing americana because its genre driven looks fake towels which is a great preset it's good with a fake putting tells on the drums now it's nice right sexy or you go down to latin percussion, you pull bland percussion, which is very unique in that aziz. The name suggests you can never have enough chimes, folks. It's not something that could never happen. Drum. I mean, these are really unique and very specific instruments. One of my favorite expansion libraries, eyes twisted kit. Many of you might be familiar with this, but this is a completely unique sort of found sound. That's a dude in a minute, his sample come up, you can slap him on the chest. He makes noise, it's nice. But you have a number of things thiss poor guy it's. Funny, because I have that shirt. And now that I'm looking at and I'm wondering if this is their way of getting back at me somehow guy didn't always have the shirt on, find this odd, we have to look into it. But what you have is something that changes the way you look at what you're doing creatively. It's cool that the graphics are there and it's amazing that you have these options. But then you go to these drop down menus and see that ok, so you can add a butcher block that's pretty cool. I mean, there are a number of things that this is applicability for not everybody is writing songs for people to listen to that will be radio songs or record songs some people doing commercial work some people are doing things for film post fully so we didn't want easy drummer to to just be this okay you're a guy that writes pop rock music this is for you we're trying to cover as many bases as possible and that is the beauty again of thes e x expansion library are any of you guys he's a drummer users journeys of german users do you have a favorite easy x or expansion pack that use I haven't seen medal at all the one that you showed earlier with lava but I use drum kit from hell a lot drunk it from hell is kind of so you're used to what it looks like it needs a number one it's like I have it in these number two is what we do yeah and task flames if we've learned anything it's the flames and lava this metal that's what works that's how it goes down so we have again a number of updates and the number of things what's great about the metal kits to you as you look at it they sound brilliant but it's you pull up this ridiculous here let's pull up the metal kit again because I love the dichotomy was just pulled the lava and like you still have a hand clap and a shaker and you're tim never changes because we know that hand claps of metal that's the new big thing mark my words a levee if you're teaching a class next week and you don't show them how to put hand claps and metal it's no point, no point I just gave you the new big thing you're welcome so let's keep going I think we've kind of got a handle on the libraries in the expansion packs unless I'm missing anything do you have any questions? No one's everybody's good I seem like there was a question about d c future partnerships with pearl roland yamaha with loaded presence in their e kids that's a great question that don't happen what's funny is I'm going to say that's a great question before every question, even if it's a horrible question that's a great question way have some partnerships and we have worked for some people in the past and not to go too far off tangent. But as we talked about the drone capability of of easy drummer too, things are changing for that segment of the industry rapidly for everybody and it's becoming easier to trigger things in manufactured or developing products that are really, really quick and really, really can deliver the experience of playing I mean, if you talk to any drummer, I'm a drummer if you talk to anyone about the dream experience, we're always a little reticent because like any secondary expense, it's not like playing real drums, so trying to get us closer that is possible. Lots of manufacturers have have really put some great leaps and bounds out there, so you talk about pearl, which was wanting him. We worked very closely with pearl on the development of their red box format and there true track play heads, which are amazing, and if you haven't checked it out, you should go check it out because it's really, really cool, and they have a very unique way on allowing the drummer to keep you know, one of the things about elektronik trump is they get smaller and space as a player is a big deal when you're drummer, so being able to put the true track head on a pearl drum and trigger sounds from your computer ah, module that's a cool thing, because that space relationship is there, you don't have to change the way you play rolling in yamaha mean, all these guys have come light years with their products, and as far as working directly with them to attract generally, the company always starts every conversation with weed. We don't say no until we say no, so if you're out there roland in yamaha on everyone else watching this is you should be and you'd like to to go a little bit farther you certainly know how to get ahold of all of us will be more than happy to talk to you, but for us what we did have control over was how our software interacted with the things that were already out in the marketplace so again just go to that drum and it's not deep it's not you can't go in like in superior drummer, for instance, and tweak velocity layers and there's no there's, no serious depth to it remember it's easy drummer too, so the idea is that you could go on for instance, a lot of drum players play church on sunday morning it's a great vehicle for the drum probably more churches, especially in america than anyone heavy drum kits. Now you could go and you could take world class recording sessions from studios all over the world and use them in eureka can't sunday morning so it's kind of a great little tool that we've included just so that everybody feels like they have an opportunity to use the program we didn't just want it to be for guitar players or keyboard players, not for drummers we want drummers to really be a part of the easy number two world as well, rick on the chat room and fearing face said metal machine please. Metal machine, but I'm going to talk about it. Here comes it's coming up oh, my lord, I know, right? Just when you thought we couldn't get any more metal. So metal machine is a fan favorite tune truck fan favorite and actually, if you talk to most of us at the office we all sort of love this this particular easy access to give you a couple on and there's a reason way love all our are easy exit like children, but we're not your parents, so we don't have to lie to you about loving your brother less way really like this easy x the reason we like it is because first of all, we worked with andy steep who's, an amazing producer and he did a phenomenal job and john tempesta, drummer for rob zombie he's done some stuff with testament he's great players but we went tio pence and studios in california, which is a legendary room, and we recorded this trump set the way you would like old school kind of metal drums I mean, andy has a very clear vision and john's a great player and it was a great instrument selection. As you go down you look through, you have lots of snare drums, lots of things you can actually choose fourteen by twenty six stainless steel kick drum it's it's kind of a brilliant, brilliant kind of thing and it came out, I think at the right time, there's really cool in the mixer, there's a river of channel so you can sort of let's play this group again or however you like it, but it's there on that is not something that producers always do. A lot of times, the producer again is trying to think of the end user and they're saying a lot of people like to add reverb later they do their own river, but any you know, deeded the recording with reverb. Jim it's just really cool really call the way around in the updated graphics are just amazing, because why wouldn't they be? And it's what's great is with to track the arts and the way we configure the products is true to who we are. Our art department and the people we work with are just amazing, and this looks like this because the box looks like the box does so if you haven't gone and looked at the actual box for metal machine attune track, dot com that's an experience all in itself, this will make a much more sense, but from a user standpoint, it's, a very, very popular library and again not just metal users there's you know when you record a drum set this big itjust warns many options during the recording there's lots of drums, there's lots of symbols there's lots of tom's and some guys feel very comfortable in a writing and production capacity having all those options so that's really cool that was metal machine a dissertation by recurrence from to track yeah, anything else? We had a question can you switch from is you said you could choose your different drum kids you switch to brush is coming clean about suing the metal killed first of all, why would you want to switch to brushes? Second question, can you? This is a great question remember when I said about how I'm going to say it's a great question. So here is how easy drummer two works with alternate striking like so mallets and brushes we record them sometimes we don't record them all the time it's up to the producer so for instance, unfortunately, we did not do a brushed version of the metal machine kit as hard as that is to believe. But if you come into you'll even see we have a preset forward in nashville obviously in national made sense for us to record some things that may have some brushes and you've got your brush articulation you can see in the actual articulation sticks no stairs sticks brushes we even recorded with fingers in national so it depends on the producer it's not available across every easy ex consistently however here's what we're going to do because this is we're gonna minds blown are we ready? Let's go back in the metal machine we're going to open up the metal machine kit and what you can do now is now we can go into the national kit and let's borrow their brushes on snare drum let's make it happen let's go international we'll select that oh my lord now we've got metal with rushes through the river channel very subtle or we could do fingers having metal with fingers which is nice as well so that's kind of the cool thing about easy drummer too is that you can combine these drums that were recorded at different times in different places for like a really weird sounds like brushes in the medal kid but just to be clear when the producer says hey I think this kid will sound great with brushes amounts will weigh, recorded and try and put those articulations in it's not available on every library and a quick scroll through of the actual instrument list to see what's there well really define quickly for you what's available once not and generally speaking to we try to be really good about unique things like that in our descriptions on the website and on the box so if you're not sure it never hurts to ask, we've got in the support portal there's a you can ask kind of presale questions before you buy anything or you get with your retailer make sure you check because I hate for you to buy something thinking it had alternate striking tools in there and it didn't so that's kind of the long deluded answer and a metal kit with brushes you're welcome so let's go back tio this vintage kit and we're going to put on a priest called glam delay, but why wouldn't you want you saw that existed? Who wouldn't want that to be a part of their son? So if we go to the mixer page in your original easy drummer user, a lot of things look vaguely familiar so clearly what we're managing here on the mixer page is the signal from the instruments, so I'm going to go into the browser and I'm going to pick a groove here I'm gonna play it, ok? So the first thing I'm going to do is I could turn the master volume down in the song you just bringing his drummer choose volume down, but as you can hear it's doing its thing, it's got a very specific sound and there's a channel that corresponds to the way that this particular drums that was recorded tv channel for the kick drum the snare drum your overhead microphones, which you're going to capture everything in the room and then an ambient channel. Now, you'll notice is you go through here, you have three to excuse me, mano channels, and then you have to stereo channel it's, because obviously, when you're capturing the overhead, using two microphones and the ambiance could actually be up to four, five microphones just all brought in on one particular channel. So you have control over it just to give you an idea of what this sounds like. I'm going to go ahead and play that prove again and then just going we could sell those things. Ok? You hear there's some bleed obviously, because that's how it works when you record things, go to stare overheads. Now you can see when I move this fader that the delay channels being affected as well meaning the overheads air feeding into that delay channel. So you know where they're going. They need the ambiance channel, which is just your rooms now what's great about this is obviously is this group is playing. You can use any combination of this you want. You could have the kick in the snare and and the ambiance on, even within the priest sent you can create your own sound sculpting. But for our practical points of purposes you'll also notice before I go to our practical points of purposes that we have a mixer channel that's set up for the one shot the shaker in the tam marine should they exist in your track I want to talk more about that in the next segment but they're always there ready to go you have a drop down menu where you can change to the audience perspective versus the drummers perspective so drummers get this immediately so the drummers perspective of a band is always he's sitting behind the band how that ever happened where the drummers at the back of the band I still don't know to this day but whatever so when the drummers playing his perspective would be that the high hat in most if he's a right handed drummer the high hat would be here and his drums would work clockwise that's the drummers perspective the audience perspective would be flipped because the high hat would be on that side for the audience looking on and you can change that perspective here and the drop down then you go to the audience perspective and you'll notice that all of the channels sort of flip which is a nice thing to have you can select all channels you could reset the mixer to where things were originally it's a pretty basic script of menus let's stay with the drummers perspective because it's the right perspective on this set of controls is clearly specific to the priest that we selected so again remember, we're making hits glam delay school hadn't played with this a little bit and see what we've got. Um, delay time. If you don't know how the late times work, maybe don't work with this button, but now it's, like you're playing in a really large room, you could turn that all the way off the bleed, as we showed earlier to see the bleed up when the bleed is up on the kick drum, you're hearing the snare drum heads as I turn it down, we've pulled all the snare bleed out, which is nice and can't be nice if you're just trying to isolate kicking snare stuff, you keep a little in, you could dial it, and however you like on the q t overheads, we can make him bright let's see if that's true, I'd say that's true that's, brighter, thinner rocha so and the snare bright same kind of concept. So any combination of these tools can be used in just this preset to sculpt a really inspiring sound and work it's really cool is the more options you have more options you have, so we're still in the vintage kit let's, go to journey rockets have same groove completed their field preset has completely changed the way we listen to a song. And when you're writing that's really cool to be able to just scroll through and have some instant this's named levy can anyone guess where we got the idea for this soon? Anybody levy as in if the levee breaks not when if it breaks but you can go through and old school play it again. This is just in this particular library with this particular kid, the more easy access you have. Mohr options you have in these instant moments and that's one of the things that we really try toe kind of emphasize phaser big crime crush it crushed the bits already I don't like that at all. It's making my head hurt anyone out there at home it likes this, I get it, but ouch! But let's get a different one here. So let's go to purple drive, which is a nod to a very famous compressor. So again, there's a lot of things going on here that you have complete control over that you didn't before the original easy drummer so it's crucial to remember first of all, there's no right or wrong way to use the program, we don't say, hey, listen, this is what you have to do we've tried to basically include a number of options for you in just these two screens when we haven't even gotten into the really the song writing functions just these two screens alone, just in your kit selection and the way you process the sounds there's enough for lack of a better term point and click options enough things that can happen with the turn of a knob, a real swift dial that will hopefully inspire and get you moving to a place where you find something creative. And one of the other cool features as we're moving forward with the mixer is how it functions inside of your dog. So, uh, secretary here later today, we're going to be working, as I said earlier with his drummer, too, in pro tools, which will be awesome, and we're gonna be doing some really cool things when you open easy drummer, too, is a plug in. There are a number of options that now exist because it's in another environment, then maybe they do here on your laptop, I'm sorry just on your desktop, and it may not be that the options don't exist because they all exist in every version it's going to become more practical, and one of those options is multi channel outputs so again. I try and approach all of these things like we're all equally oaks, and everybody knows, but there are some people that don't know a multi channel outputs are how they work, and generally speaking, I'm a gear snob and one gear stops get together. We just presume everybody's, beaujolais well to channel, who doesn't know that some people don't understand how it works, we're going to take him in and make sure that everybody gets what we're talking about. So the mixer here, any mixer, we have a mixture here, the whole point is for them to take an audio line level source or an audio source and give you individual control over that source it's a really basic prem? Yes, and so that when there's a lot of things going on, you have individual control over each one that's a simple as I can put it. So what generally happens in this setting is even though we have control over all of these features and stand alone mode, the end product is leaving or what we're hearing is the stereo mix. Everyone follow me so far, I need to see this out in the internet land. So yes, okay, so what multi channel outs do when you're in your dog is it gives you the ability to take, for instance, your kick trump channel and route that to a kick drum channel that you create inside your digital audio workstation. So if you want mork control over the kick drum, if you want to use effects that aren't available within easy drummer too, which is valid, a lot of people do it, you can route that kick trump to its own channel so that your dog is now treating it like you would be recording a drum set live like you are multi multi tracking your drum set and that's what multi outputs are, they're not is confusing as they sound. We're going to show you how to do him later, we're gonna we're gonna work with him. We're going to show you some of the really cool functions of features you have, but every single one of these channel strips has that availability so in easy drummer too. There are sixteen stereo output appears so that's thirty two mano outputs so that's pretty awesome, so there's a lot of flexibility with this mixer and tow arm that you were basically just going here and select the output you wanted stereo or multi channel so you could select multi channel and go back and you go all the way down right now, obviously it's, seeing that we've got sixteen channels readily available, we could wrap this output to which wouldn't really help us because we're using a stereo box for all of our play back right now, but when we get into the dos segment later, it's going to make a lot of sense and what that does is it takes all of this cool stuff all these effects, everything that's built into the system and not only makes it plausible and available to you and your dog for further tweaking or not so easy drumming, but it gives you everything you've already been used to. So you've been listening to this and stand alone. You have these cool presets, you don't kind of want to lose it, and you're afraid if you multi channel, you're going to kind of lose some of that mojo and that's, not the case. All of the effects will translate everything that you route will translate in your dog. We just want to make sure that everybody understands the tools air here. We're going to go through all of them, but between the mixture and the drum page before we even again start with grooves, browsing, customizing any of the really cool stuff we're going to show you in the next. Segment you already have a world of options at your disposal you already have as a songwriter someone that just sits down at their laptop maybe your keyboard player a guitar player you pull easy drummer up you select a groove find a sound you like and you just go you can start to work on your music and for us that's what's most important I mean no one walks away from a hit song home on the high at track guys it just it doesn't that's not how it works so more time that you spend writing great music and feeling good about what you do means that we've done our job and it also means we've like I said at the beginning we've blurred that line nobody gets expect I'm gonna work with software that's not it's not fun it's not something I'm going to go you know listen guys will have to program drum tracks that's a very clinical like I'm going to go do you know and happened ectomy it's and it's not fun people want to write music they want to sit down and be inspired so the combination of the user interface the ease of use and the actual sound shaping functions and easy drummer too hopefully sort of brings those worlds together where it is very point click I mean we hear different takes on it all the time right the easy drummer thing and there's one school of thought that's likely music should be hard and okay, and I understand craftsmanship and skill, and I need to delineate that when we say easy drummer, we're not saying that drumming is easy and we're not seeing the song writing is easy, here's what's not easy, coming up with hundreds of thousands of dollars to run out world class studios, producers and players recording over four hundred fifty thousand individual sound files on average per library for ten to twelve days at a time fourteen to fifteen hours a day in the studio, tagging all that so that it's easily accessible when you take your little white soap bar, no booze near drum so that it all works right there. That's not easy, that's what we've made easy that's the process, the process is taking all of this really complicated, very objective and sometimes very, very again clinical process and giving it to you so that the final result is just the same as if you are a british grove. So we a zoo company to track when switch back over to this kit for this little this little cool tidbit we started the launch process for easy drummer too, in january of this year, and we invited members of the international press to british growth studios in london, england, to preview easy drummer, too, for the first time before anybody else we didn't tell them why they were coming. We've documented this it's all on youtube as I think it's called and you could see it and one of the things that we were really really specific about is we wanted the press to sit down and hear the drums in the other room versus easy drummer and tell us which one was which so this press conference was held in february of this year two thousand fourteen the session for easy drummer too it was four years earlier so we had to track down the same carnage company the same rental kit which had since the session been around the world for five times make sure we booked the studio, get chuck ainley, get the mikes, get the board recall get everything set up same drummer and it happened we had three sessions and I'm not getting every single section we would go in we would have a groove playing in these drummer to chuck and we would start to a b between the drummer playing the same group and he's drawn to plain roof and we would ask the members of every single press junket magazine in our industry from sound on sound tape up two keys to you name it electronic musician everybody was there guys that know gals that know which one's which every single time wrong they thought he's a drummer too is what would be pointing being played in the studio and it was fantastic because that's the point that's the point of this easy processes were not lying when we said this is what british grove sounds like this is how it works so you are now literally behind the control panel you're the new chuck kaneland don't tell him that because he's good at what he does and he's not gonna like that I said that, but you're the new chuck a lay you are behind the desk of british grove mixing the drums, doing everything that you need to do to craft a perfect sound and it's beautiful thing it is a beautiful thing for an artist to be able to sit down and have total control it's a beautiful thing that not have to think about well, do and I gotta hold this down and there's a template and I have to call it it's just click the button and see what happens and that's the idea of the easy process so we don't want to diminish song writing we don't want to diminish production or or even drumming it's crucial to us that those things are all intact but just to have a program that's just some drums that you can use was never of interest us it was always about how we affect the in process no questions, concerns, comments yeah, we got a couple questions rick from from the internet cc drum says kenis drummer replace pre recorded drum so can you drop your own sample in like your own snare samba for example inside of that metal kit? No um so the question is can you add your own basically your own sounds of urine samples to these libraries? You can't not an easy drummer actually not in superior drummer either and I could give you a long really corporate dissertation on why that is but the reality is is just because something doesn't exist today doesn't mean it won't be here tomorrow most of things that existed in these drummer too would have never been trumped up by anyone, especially some of the things we're going to show you the next segment so keep keep that help if we get that request a lot and it's understandable because a lot of times um I just said that I was going to do this and I'm going to do it I just lie on tv I might just run for office this point time so here's here's why so the process I talked about earlier about velocity is a very, very serious to us because our sound design team and our mean when we talk about sitting down behind a drum kit and recording were not recording performances when we make it a sample labor were literally going drum by drum and dropping the stick is a and you you're picking up this process most static drum samples that people own or have acquired over the or even built and I've heard some great snare drum samples that you kind of mixing there it's one it's one twenty seven it's loud and it's designed to help you either articulator cut through a mix and there are things that do that that's just not what this is for our concern is just ultimately you can't say without being said but we want to sound good we don't know that your sample sound good we're hoping that you I'm sure you see see yours do but look around everyone else you with probably not so we want to make sure that the integrity of the program stays the same and also the minute you drag a file that we didn't create into something we did we don't know how you made that sample we don't know a program used if it's got some kind of fire we don't know what it's going to do so there's a way again I hear in the internet yeah but you could do it and so on so those drums you can but in all defense you should be able to do and so on so those drums because that's all it's got going for them so let's make sure that we keep the instrument in the exact same place as we started with and it's a tool for songwriters when we get to that production aspect I am going to show you see see this afternoon that there is a program that you can use with to attract that's two drug program where you can add your own drum samples I know and it's going to be amazing and you can layer it and do really cool things so if you hang tight this afternoon you will be happy you did awesome we have another question from in fear and faith rick if I were to swap a snare from rocket into the metal machine set up would it captured the room ambiance tone or will the samples being mixed with metal machines room makes so that room mikey in thing right it's a great question and astute question to again little diatribe one of the reasons we didn't have that function where you could blend samples and it's he wanted to go rock and metal machine right? So let's be out I mean that's a great that we can do this live teo I forget we have the computer right here so if you go to metal machine will put the basic kit and then what he's talking about will be coming into your jackson you let's say you go to rock and we open rock and then we changed the snares for bright ambience there so here's something that's interesting about the two track process there are certain microphone assignments and capturing that happened in every session, regardless of what we're recording. So for instance, there's always a close mike on the snare drum and it's generally, because why not fifty seven? Sometimes it's not, but for the most part, there's always a microphone in certain position that always captures that sound. Where really starts to get different to your point is the ambience, so as you pull a microphone in from another library, so for instance, this snare drum I just pulled in wasn't recorded at henson, so it's not going to have the ambience that was recorded in henson because that's physically impossible, the work around for that would be for us to create an artificial room with convolution, reverb and there's, an app for that other manufacturers use that it's not our thing, I mean room's air, so beautiful. So what you're getting when you drag in a drum from another library is the mike assignments that do line up, you're getting the sounds that were available or recorded in the same format. So, for instance, the close mike, maybe there was a mike that was a few feet away. It varies from from library a library, but anything that was duplicated in a session will bring itself in obviously to that session, so you'll hear what's cool about metal machine, though, is the river channel kind of hides all the flaws, which is nice so if you're going to bring them all in and just buried in the river but andy recorded that's certainly not a bad thing, so again, overheads close mike's a lot of those things can translate, but generally speaking, ambience is a unique feature of the room that you're in and we didn't want to create a we didn't want to create something fake we didn't want to create a fake room again. You could clearly do that if you wanted a multi out and you wanted to create a namby room and blend all the drums together in your dogs. Certainly you could do that. It just wasn't something we thought our users will really appreciate. Awesome. So other than looking at the awesome boxes and packaging that you referenced earlier, how do people audition like new kits if somebody wants to get a new library? So I'm not gonna tell you again? No, so if you are on the fence, which is a weird thing to say because I don't know but it's just something we say. So if you're on the fence about easy number to the really cool thing is in we have a demo of these drummer two works for ten days so you can actually go download the demo try out the program, see how it works now you can't we don't have demos of all the easy exes, and the reason we don't is because for all of you people out there that are amazingly honest and trustworthy, unfortunately there's just a small contingent of near dwells that ruin it for all of us, and we don't want to see it all upon torrent sites more than it already is, so we have to kind of keep a little more confined. However, every easy ex library that we do, we do demos, audio demos that are mixed by our sound design team and a lot of times by the producers that make the expansions themselves and they're not like here's what it's it's song that so you can hear grooves, you can hear how it sounds in the mix and ultimately to this is one of those moments where the internet is great and our website is phenomenal, but there's a shortcoming there that is convene made up by a great retailer, you take a great a great retailer that has guys that know our product and know you was a customer that's kind of a win win, so I would just encourage you again there's, there's, all kinds of youtube videos and and people using our stuff in different scenarios if you can't find more information about how to sort of pre listen to the sounds it's. Only because you've only scratched the surface. Just dig a little deeper. There's there's something out there, generally, with everything. So you can at least hear it musically before you make a commitment.

Class Description

EZdrummer 2 is the second generation of the world’s leading drum production software, adding a host of new features focused on making it an indispensable songwriting tool and breaking down the technical barriers between you and your creative vision.

In this one day event hosted by Toontrack’s North American President Rikk Currence, you’ll learn how to make the most of EZdrummer 2’s groundbreaking new features: it’s remodeled interface, it’s all-new mixer and effects chains, and how to create and modify grooves.

At the end of this class, you’ll have all the tools you need to create realistic, versatile drum parts to fit any song.