Songwriting with EZdrummer 2


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EZdrummer 2 is the second generation of the world’s leading drum production software, adding a host of new features focused on making it an indispensable songwriting tool and breaking down the technical barriers between you and your creative vision.

In this one day event hosted by Toontrack’s North American President Rikk Currence, you’ll learn how to make the most of EZdrummer 2’s groundbreaking new features: it’s remodeled interface, it’s all-new mixer and effects chains, and how to create and modify grooves.

At the end of this class, you’ll have all the tools you need to create realistic, versatile drum parts to fit any song.



  • <p>I can&#39;t think of a better guy to present this course. Rikk is fantastic. Knowledge delivered in a clever and often self deprecating manner. Highly recommend this for anyone. </p>
  • <p>I'm about half way through... very different than most of the MacPro Video courses I've taken. I like to pour a drink before sitting down and watching... it makes Rikk more funny... just kidding Rikk! While it's refreshing to have Rikk and his enthusiasm teaching the course, it also makes for an overly long watch and a little difficult to isolate anything in particular for reference. I am learning though and I guess that's the point. I would also add that I personally feel that the price for the course is a bit steep but, what do I know? Final word: Best resource out there for learning the intricacies of EZ Drummer 2 -TJ </p>
  • I basically agree with the CreativeLive student who mentioned that this course comes off more as an extended infomercial for Toontrack than as a practical guide for getting the most out of the software as an end user. Undoubtedly EZDrummer 2 is a useful program, with many excellent features and great attention to detail on the part of its creators. What I was expecting—and was profoundly disappointed by the spotty attention to during the course of watching—was a course on how to use the program, not simply an extended tirade on how "cool" EZDrummer (and all of its brother and sister programs from Toontrack) is.