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Verse A Section

Lesson 38 from: Songwriting in Logic Pro X for Electronic Music Production

Tomas George

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38. Verse A Section


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Verse A Section

So the first thing that you want to do when writing a verse for a song is to listen out for the root notes. So that's a note that features as much as possible or it's the very first note of your scale. So this song is written in C minor. So c would probably be the root note. So if we listen to all of the chords already, we can hear that the sea would feature for all of you can hear that quite clearly going through it. So if I keep singing, you can hear that the sea is constantly there. And this is a great place to start with your melody. I actually start a little bit higher than that with my melody idea. So I've jumped up a minor third and I start from the minor third which is E flat. So if we have a little listen to the in trn, it's got this rolling. So you can hear that, that melody idea that I've come up with actually features in the music itself. Marimba. So you've got a very similar rhythm going on there. When you're writing your melody, you want it to sit nicely within the music ...

so that it's almost playing a bit of a call and response game. It will also make people engage with the music and not just the melody. So you can hear that. I've taken the rhythm idea for the melody from the marimba three. Du du, du, du, du, du du du du du Mars Marimba three. So if I solo the marimba, you can hear it by itself. So it's quite a catchy little rhythm there. So I've written some lyric ideas already. I've come up with a theme and I'm constantly writing lyrics. So whether I'm just walking somewhere or I'm with friends and an idea comes to my head or I'm actually at work, which probably isn't the best place. Um So this is an idea that I came up with a while ago. So I'm just going to use the lyrics and try to rework them when it comes to the melody. So if we've got the, I've got the line, you've been trapped inside a box buried deep inside of my mind. Originally, I had, you've been trapped inside a box buried deep inside my mind. But with this rhythm, I think the of really, it is needed is needed. So I've added that in. So if you've got, you've been trapped inside bars very deep inside of my mind. So you can hear, I've slightly variated my original improvisation so that it gets all the words in. If I sing that along with the track inside, very side of my mind. So you can hear how I've not only developed the improvisation idea but also developed the lyrical idea. I'm gonna miss out one of the lines that I'd come up with previously when writing the lyrics and go straight to the third line. So I could avoid you and control you but scream just like an animal. I'm gonna try and use that in the same melody of. So let's have a little play around with that. You ain't control you, but you're just lying. So again, you can see I've slightly changed the rhythm of the melody, maybe added extra notes here and there just so that I can get the lyrics in. So if I sing both of those together, been trapped inside. Very bye of my mind and boy, you won't control you but you scream just like, and I know and in fact, I think because of the word animal and I'm talking about screaming like an animal. I don't really like the melody going down. So I think I'm gonna raise the last note that I sing. So let's try that again. Been trapped inside very inside of my mind for you and control you. But you scream just like and I know so because of the words I'm talking about buried deep inside of my mind, I want the melody to descend. Go down being buried. But then this one talking about screaming just like an animal. It needs to be a little bit more fiery in effect. It might need to be a bit more fiery than what I'm doing. So maybe I'll go higher. Let's go for that second time round just so I can have a little play around you and control you. But you scream just like. So you've actually ended the, uh, verse a section on a bit of an uncomfortable note. You wouldn't be able to leave it there. You have to continue. So now we're gonna record in that verse idea. Um So press r trapped inside very inside of my mind you and control you but you scream just like, and thanks for watching this lecture about writing a verse.

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