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Lesson 6 from: Story on a Plate: Food Photography & Styling

Todd Porter and Diane Cu

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6. Portraiture

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Okay go for it so it's not there stop okay I've just got some detail now but get a portrait of you her face we can't turn this way a bit towards the door yeah I want that shadowing on her face yeah yeah hold on can you feel a little bit more uh tell me what I mean your friend good I can crop it you're in my frame can use the gold yeah, yeah it's just too much no, this is great. Now look at me real quick chin down a bit for me for my finger great great. So kind of like right there there you have very, very traditional boring, boring and then talking you feel on that side for me you want gold or you want the white, white white you look great. How much? Um so we can show you could do your oh, that's great. Can I have you look out the window real quick now you look great. Got it? That was good. And yeah, you look great like that so let's feel joe's face tell me how much that's looks good. Sure. Yeah, I got a little bit do one quick exposure. I'm gonna have you here facing the window now yo...

u back up just a bit more back up just a bit more to yeah I feel like you're both standing in the same position. So there you go. Yeah. There you go. That's. Better. Okay, now you can like just you have the knowledge. Just pretend you like each other a bit or like your job. Let me do you like your job? Do you? Yes. Ugo, where you said this, tio? Either you love your job. Ok? Great. That's what I get some chefs don't like smile. Some do so you can choose. But we have your serious look. Oh, it's really natural. You have your like, maybe you heard eight morning like no other. I think better. Actually. Looks really awesome. You guys look really great. We're fine. I think you know some food. There is fine. What? We have let's move the rose a next to joe's. Right hand let's. Not let that go to waste. Yeah. There you go. Is that him? Is that his true? Yeah. Okay, then we're gonna go. Happy face. Let me see your head. Stay where you are. Don't move. Great. Okay. We're gonna do this. Doorway next? Yeah. Yeah. That's. Great. You look fabulous. Really great. So I want to get this neighborhood feel no here, this's awesome.

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a Creativelive Student

First, thank you to Diane, Todd and the CreativeLIVE team for a wonderful exploration of "shooting" food with artistry. This course offers the beginner and professional photographer many incites into the world of natural food photography. With some business and lifestyle tips the majority of this course showcases an effective natural shoot style that allows anyone to deliver wonderful images. The strongest point I found useful is to “find a voice” for the story, your images or your client. While I understand “finding the voice” when writing copy it is the realisation that any activity can have its own voice. Your voice can be the style of image you like, the shoes you wear, the books you read, etc. it is not limited to how loud you (or anyone else) shouts. Using general principles and building good habits through practise will allow you (and me) to achieve, not just find, success. The “lighting clock” is a useful shorthand helping communication with clients, producers and peers. The strong emphasis on practise, speed and taking advantage of any appropriate situation both improves productivity and reduces the impact on a client. Last but not the only other gem in this course is the bald (not a joke Todd) fact that any photography business was, is and will always be based on the relationship between the photographer and the client. Building a relationship is the best marketing device any photographer, food stylist, entrepreneur or creative mind can develop. Other courses offered by CreativeLIVE also stress the relationship aspect of good businesses as their best marketing asset. I highly recommend this particular course for lovers of (in no preferred order) food, photography and life. Thank you for reading and I hope you find your voice in all things. FJH...


Diane and Todd are amazing! They've held nothing back when giving the rest of us an honest, detailed look into what it means to be a food photographer. I've seen many seminars on the topic from different companies and photographers and this one is my favourite. I love their no fuss approach to food photography. It leaves me feeling like food photography is manageable without having to fuss with cameras and lighting gear that are outside of my budget. I love that Diane often mentions how there's more to food photography than the plated dish. And Todd is just adorable and has the cutest laugh! They're a fantastic team that are engaging and make it easy to learn from them. Highly recommend purchasing this course!

MAlisa NIcolau

I loved this class and how Todd and Diane taught it. It was very personal and inspiring, with lots of insight and tips. This is not a camera technical class, but more an artistic, motivational and visual food photography learning environment. Their examples on how to set up scenes and stories behind the food and people involved are very enlightening. They gave me a lot of great ideas and hope that I, one day, will become as good of a photographer as they both are. Great team!!!!

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