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Stress-Free Budget Travel

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Finding Work & Living Abroad

Matt Kepnes

Stress-Free Budget Travel

Matt Kepnes

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18. Finding Work & Living Abroad


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Finding Work & Living Abroad

Yesterday we did the pre trip stuff. Before long, we talked all about flights and a combination and saving money on the road, and sometimes you just can't say enough money. You know, yesterday we talked about all the ways to save before your trip, but I mean there's only so much you can save without resorting to, you know something shady? Um, so help me god and that gets alive uh, questions I want to talk about in this session is finding working, living abroad. I was fortunate if I taught english and thailand and taiwan, I lived a little bit and s and stock home, I love living overseas, I've worked abroad is is really great. Um, you worked abroad to write in barcelona, I was that amazing, it was really cool. And how long were you there for I was there like a total of six and a half months, I think ok, maybe seven, but odd jobs because as an american citizen, you're not supposed to legally work so that that didn't happen. And so here in this session, we're going to talk about your findi...

ng a job overseas. Um teaching overseas in volunteering on dh, we're gonna have special guests come on who have taking jobs legally overseas, maybe sometimes illegally overseas as well as taking career brings because you know everyone wants to travel but maybe like your job you're not really ready to quit it forever or you want take it on the road with you and so get some great people to come talk to us about that who have convince your boss is to let them work remotely as well as taking sort of a mini career break and then gone back to their job and so will cover all the because, you know, I have this book I travel the world fifty dollars a day and if you do some math that eighteen thousand two hundred fifty for a year on and that's an average we'll talk more about budgets in the next session, but even if you ten thousand or nine thousand, you know that's a lot of money for a lot of you people will save, you know, especially if you're you know, working at mcdonald's or something. So when you do and this week I just profiled a couple a canadian couple on my website who, you know could only say three thousand dollars canadian between the two of them but they had grand plans and what do they do? They decided that they were going toe work overseas that's how you a lot of people extend your trip that's how I stand in my trip uh and so one of the things people are wondering well, it's easy to find work overseas. I mean, it sounds great in theory, like I'm going to go live in a foreign country and get a job, then why one of the practicality of getting that job? How do I get that job and that's what we're really going to talk about in this module, how you get that job and get set up in a foreign country there's the key thing to remember a book in the job is that you are getting a job, not a career if you are flexible, be flexible, you said you had a bunch of odd jobs, right? Um, yeah, I was flexible, a lot of travelers, we're going to a guy turner bar, whose web site is around the world in a jobs he gets random jobs where he travels and you're not looking for the next career, maybe something turns into a career, but if you're flexible but what you're getting and understand that you're just looking for the goal here, there's a really get money to go travel uh, jessica and her boyfriend brett, who I feed you speak the community couple have taught english they volunteer, they worked on farms, I've interviewed a girl last month who works on yachts and boats around the world I friends who have worked on cruises taught english working hostiles trade their labor for rooms wherever it gets you one day more on the road and I think that's the important part to remember because here the job processes so formal you know you go and interview a tie and I get a thai girl for something nice uh you have this really formally interview process like career I got to get the job there is an h r department and a lot of these other jobs job okay your resume looks good here you have a job it's very informal there's a lot you know because these are trains unit you know jobs is coming for seasonal work so it's a lot easier you find work so some of the reason why I like working overseas is that um one learning another culture you're staying very teaching you're learning how the rhythm of life works I love trap my love travelers oh I want to learn about the local culture well get job right? You want to learn about what it's like to live every day in paris get a job and work there then you can really understand the daily rhythms did you understand barcelona a lot more after spending six months there and course having to wake up and you could come out did you speak spanish? Did you have any spanish skills? No, I did guided tours of antoni gaudi's buildings so I'm speaking to english speaking people so it made it sort of in a bad way to get to learn language as much as I probably should have because it made it too easy for me to not speak spanish that's a great example is one of the questions that's come up a lot of the last couple of days I don't speak any language in that because of that there's that fear particularly when it comes to working yes, and I'll we'll all talk about that especially, you know, when we get into the group chats because they've been working multiple countries and I know for a fact that they don't speak every language in the country they've gone to uh you I mean, living in a different country is a really unique experience. It gives you a lot of perspective on how people do things their way of life, and it also teaches you to be a lot more independent because it's easy, you know, I could move from new york to san francisco it's kind of the same, um but your fish out of water when you're in english teacher and a small little village and tokyo tei of japan, I mean, or, you know, your little you're teaching english or working as a guy in a country, you don't speak the language and it creates a whole different perspective and teaches you a lot of survival skills and just life skills about you know how does how to get iran how to be independent, how to do things you know on your own and so I know a couple things about preparing before you go I was church online job boards will get into some specifics in a second I like to contact expat group expenditure expatriots who have moved to another city and they're great resource is for work and if you go online it's like you know let's say uh singapore american expats you know groups will come up uh the a lot of times for like the american chamber of congress hasn't outpost in bangkok and they run a lot of meet ups for americans and people coming around there's a british version australian version and so you find these sort of chamber converses opposed around and kind of connecting to them and they're sort of an opportunity to network I said I'd like to keep a photocopy of a resume but you can just print that out but you know I want to teach overseas so I had a little copy of my degree so people knew I was actually a college graduate ah business card if you want to know when that's necessary anymore go is many networking events as possible car surfing you know they can also help you with with jobs or at least point you in the right direction hostels or a good resource is um the expat cruz these are all great places to go to find, to find job, especially hostiles, because they're used to, you know, travelers being like, so I kind of want to stay in this city longer. What do I d'oh? And they can point you in sort of the right direction, and many hospitals, especially in australia, new zealand, actually have little job placement outpost on that because working holiday visas or so so big there and people come to work so often that you know, they helped place you and jobs some of the common jobs in with teacher, definitely probably one of the most common jobs out there. I taught english overseas we're going to go in tow a live it more depth into that working in the hospital with the bar trade jer, you know, clean the hostile for a couple of days and for bed, uh, working the bar being waitstaff cruise ship cruise ships go all over the place, they need many staff going to cruise ship. Conversely, work on a yacht, there's you know, a lot of web sites out there that place crews with yachts. I'm not really need much experience. You can just go if you have service experience it's better, but number of friends whose travelers in the world, you know, serving some rich guy on his yacht you know, bring him food and you know, cleaning the ship and they got together like the seychelles and the maldives and all these great places it's quite jealous if you dive you could be a dive instructor or you could be a tour guide like car I think members legally be tour guide you know there's a lot of a lot of those free tours we talked about in the last session have english speaking guides a lot of times they're travelers and you can sign onto those and just you know they'll give you sort of a script and you kind of take people around and show them the ropes and get the money on the side and this is just a small section of the type of jobs you can get you can work on the farm if you want um you can um you know, if you have a working holiday these into a temporary staff job the possibilities air unless you know as long as you know limiting yourself to what you want then you're really an open yeah you're gonna expand your ability to find a job if you like I'm not going to do this I'm not going to that hard especially is a traveler someone who's transient to firing you know, a nice job that's gonna keep them in travel funds a couple of good online resource is um israel websites at our job placement services uh you know, they find short term work for you, you know, traveler, you're finding a job, not a career and what you're going to find our low income, low wage jobs. Um, yeah, but they do keep you on the road longer. Some other good stuff is interest change the u s peace corpse um ah website called help ex dot net and work away dot info our two other resource is not listed that are really good for finding job and find the employment questions way has some questions on iran, but when we get into more details and people are very specific things about the peace corps, said it's, not really what we want to cover here, but again, that will look at those questions about to go off there and even get you some replies on that. Yeah, great! And so I remember, you know, experience is not necessary. Versatility is were you ever a tour guide before? No, you know anything about god either, but turned and I liked it. So yeah, it's fun I had never talking was before and my guy friends who had never worked on increase before or worked on a farm or done any type of service industry job, but, you know, I always got tons of it wasn't it was you're in the right radio okay he was staying on now I worked on a permaculture front I'm sorry. Yes no it's okay I thought was asparagus no, it was that writing broncos on in spirit so I want to go into a little detail about teaching this overseas. I'm sure we've got some questions in the chat room about this um and before we get into the group this is probably one of the most popular and jobs for for uh for people to get around the world especially if you teaching this because you really don't need many skills just got kind of speaking list now if you want a good paying job uh it's good to have graduated from college and it's good to have what is called the temple degree teaching english as a foreign language which basically is a certificate program that says you did this course online or offline and you learn how to teach english doesn't mean you really learn anything it just something company would like to see you test test lo have you heard that one it's like so yeah with kessel is if you're a non nato speaker that's what you yet so it's ah like a cecil sorry there's so many ones with tease I have to remember my acronyms okay tessalit tessa was just another version of helpful so fo celta and there's one like cambridge it's all a similar degree couple is sort of the big one shelters really popular with people in the u k coming out of there. That's, really the most popular and powerful is very american because when I looked up, people are saying, salt is the best one to get that I have can't find a celta here in america. I don't know if there's one that's better than the other. So there's, no cell tower is a more rigorous course you can get, you know, I could find that probably felt a program here. You're going to probably find the temple again more out of the u k you could find them overseas. Um, but schools generally take either or tepco. Cambridge, celta just have one. Uh, have some experience, if you can. When I taught english and but like I said, all of these are negotiable because we're talking within thailand. I had a co worker is eighteen is a, uh, kid from the u k did not have a bachelor's did not have a tough oh, um, surprise. He could I really do a lot of things. He was kind of ah, klutzy guy. But he together a job and, you know, the more experienced degrees you have the better job you're going to get you know that's what the anything but in many parts of the world you a cz long is your native ing the speaker and you're going to stay there for a while you can't get a job people who have gotten jobs in tyrann parts of southeast asia essential america, europe, america, africa you don't need a lot of fancy stuff he just I need to speak and speak while some jobs you can get public schools private schools link these air pretty much the local equivalent of what you have in your home country language institutes are basically language schools after school after public school kids go teo english school and they take english lessons um he's our the most popular ways uh the most popular to job uh for teachers because usually the easiest to get because the workforce there is very transient they tend to be travelers they go they worked there for like, six months or so he signed a contract but you know I mean that's everyone breaks it and then they throw their constant in constant need of employees. This is where I started working some schools companies like english first yes, they do a lot of you uh, summer english camps, especially around europe other these air also really popular in korea and japan kids go to english summer camp business classes. I also taught that we're basing your teaching people how to write emails in english for this you kind of need like a higher degree college graduates definitely helps uh you teach you know how they do sail stuff in my are getting you know so when I was in thailand I taught uh the folks that worked at the airport how I describe products in english tell me about this glass you know just give me product features and details on I mean that's that's really what you're teaching you're not teaching people like business there in your like professor international schools this is the crandall cram off teach english overseas it's going to be your highest paying best job you will need tons of degrees it'll definitely be a licensed teacher for this um or have a lot of experience and other degrees to sort of make up for that this is an international school is usually like the american you know school and bangkok right the australian school and italy they tend to be international kit kit children of international expats diplomats business folks people who don't want their kids to go through the normal school system they want that higher mohr intensive education they are all taught in english you don't really teach him in the local language um and they pay really well this pace really well too I taught at a language school and business class in tyrann taught little kids and taiwan and so uh, popular praising teach english south korea didn't pay a lot of money really easy to get jobs there. I'm getting work these air, you'll need a bachelor's degree, but you can walk away with a lot of money from there saying with japan, if you stay there long term, the middle east, all your money tax free, they pay their teachers like seventy thousand a year, but you also they also like people to be older, more family oriented and have experienced thailand he's a good jobs china, central asia, prague is another place eastern europe like ukraine, also another big place and, um, I really love teaching english uh, it it was a great experience. My suit taught me as much as I taught them, and I didn't speak the local language no to everyone out there wondering I learned tie as I went along, I would be a word of ah chinese and when I was in taiwan and I could say hello, how are you? And I'm bad because it was too high we have this a rhythm to it that I could remember that was the extent of it all tie like I always have my tight adults, I don't feel like I say this one hundred to say that and I also broke the ice because that they were much more comfortable teaching me that and meet team england so after a couple minutes big all right, now we're going to go back and taking us and sort of made them less nervous, but I really love teaching there, and it doesn't really matter so much if you don't know the local language because you're if you're teaching last year, most likely just talking english, and they prefer you not to speak the local language to your students because they want them to sort of learn their english fully and be immersed in that language. And if you're really interested in doing this, I have a ah book on teach english on my website. How to teach english overseas trillion death. I have interviews with numerous teachers, I have country profiles for over dozens of countries and lots information there. So again, you're teaching english is one of the most popular and easiest ways to work for seasoning centuries travels, so we're going to hang out soon. But before I do, do we have any? You have any questions from here? Has anyone actually don't teach anyone talk overseas? I had a very good friend indeed he was. But again he didn't know any language and that was what was putting him off but in fact they only want to talk english exactly what you said he became right ruth they used to call it the punisher actually because he was so strict in the classroom about he would only speak english community even though he did begin to pick up the language yeah, I mean, do you think of some spanish while you are um you know, basic stuff like like you were saying like hi, I'm sorry about it this like yeah, I want to drink something yes english in south korea and I think that is something helpful to know the company that she went through I mean, they paid for her airfare paid for her housing the entire time she was there it's not that she made a lot of money while she was doing it, but having her living expenses covered and having all of the logistics arranged for her before she got there made it a really great experience. Yeah, so many of these countries over here especially south korea, japan, the milles bill thought they'll pay for your flights yeah, china the cover expenses I mean, this very school to school country, the country you know, there's no hard and fast rule every school is going to do this in that country but you know when your airfares covered your living expenses recovery aa lot of schools will give you a completion bonus, which means I can you finish out your contract for the year they'll get another month salary uh so it's not like you're going to make like in south korea you know, one hundred thousand dollars a year but if you make, you know twenty thirty but you're only spending five you're watching you can walk away with somebody like in thailand you know, I was only making a couple of thousand dollars a month, but my living expenses are so low, you know that it becomes a re with a relative thing and especially when you're factor in the completion bonus and the flights like you know you're gaining money by not spending money in most things we do have a couple of questions on that relate tio how you figure out what the right salary ranges you know, like in the u s we have like salary dot com or you can go on a different sites and figure out what the right range is well, buy my book now just there's a great website called dave sl cafe dot com and that has a lot of information and act looking on the job boards you can kind of get a feel for what's average on especially in those performers on dave's is how cafe people will talk a lot about that or does that site go into taxes either or higher taxes that I don't go into that the web site I've never seen them really talk about it that much, uh, taxes overseas? I mean, if you're an american, uh, you spend over three hundred thirty days or more out of the country you're first eighty thousand dollars is tony taxes? We're talking about local taxes that's just various so much you know, in some countries you can get a refund when you rebate when you leave. I mean it's really complicated. And how long does it usually take to get the devil of come in forty hours? Sixty hours of one hundred eighty hours. Um, so forty six started forty eight, one hundred twenty hours, you know, one hundred. What course did you get? You know how intensive do you want to be? How much? How much do you want to look good on your resume? Um, you know, the sixty hour one this is pretty good. Uh, at the higher and jobs like, you know, the more you up to pay scale if you consider such one hundred twenty hours. Of course that's going to look better, right? But if you're not the language schools we talked about those, you know, there's afternoon classes sixty will get you a job

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