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How to Plan Your Dream Trip

Plan your dream trip let's put this all together we started yesterday talking about you know why we travel getting inspired went through finances we went through uh packing in gear we went through saving money how you put you put all this together um because what great quote here twenty years from now you'll be more disappointed by the things you didn't do them by the ones you did so they're off bullishness so away from the safe harbor catch the trade winds in your sale explores dream discover I think this is really great to lead into our next section step by step trip planning because you know whether you're going away for two weeks two months, two years you know all these tips are out applicability you know, people often think like well, you know you long term travel what what were you two may? But when you and I well no it when I you um when in paris for you all have the same cost you know, I just have them more spread out so all these steps are really alpaca ble tio people of anyon...

e because we all want to save a flight you know, u k is not going on it's not going to a long term ship again which is going t going to short term chips but she's still got to save money you all get to save money so going back to what we talked about day one session one decide where you want to go and give yourself a concrete goal it's when you say I'm going to paris over I'm going to europe you give yourself more of a definite goal then when you say I'm going to paris for ten days you have even maura definite goal I think that's really important because if your trip becomes really more fast it's going to be really hard to plan for it you know sam when you bought your plane ticket that's it it's done you're going there's no turning back um so you know you buy your ticket and give yourself a crunch time like well I bought my ticket to paris looks like I'm going because people always put off their trips you know? Well, you know, I really have to go into europe someday mysteries that you know, I think I would want to go to paris for ten days next july then you have given yourself sort of a mental time frame for when you're going for how long you're going wearing going and that's sort of cakes that trip that you know out back it makes into something you can actually work turned going to research your costs let's get to this one we talked about over the boat yesterday but now we're really going to go in tow caught you know how much is uh your accommodation doesn't cost restaurants attractions I don't know why a combination of hostiles I say I'm very bad these power points um look think about your travel style look online through guidebooks and then you're going to want to know well how much do you need? Can you guess how much you guys I think you need that's great but it's an average but was I say really about everything that we're going to talk about? It depends how much do you need is one question I get you know there's one hundred forty six on writing messages in my inbox and just checked and I can guarantee probably a third of them are asking me how much do I need to go to acts for ten days? I don't know why I don't talk though not because I can't tell you advice of you know soup and bangkok three baht or the price of starbucks here coffee to ninety five or hostile and dublin eleven year olds it's because everyone's travel style is different and that's why I listed for us what I planned for and where you plan for are going to be different and so a lot of people look for these golden rules about cost and budgeting packing and everything in between but it's really about you how do you like to travel? How what do you want to spend money on where your priorities now we talked a lot of other but my priority is eating and drinking well my sushi love good wine will gladly sleep on the floor if it means I can do that I don't really care about don't really budget a lot for interesting the transport because I walk everywhere hardly ever take a cab you know I will happily walk I like to walk and you had to see so much more um but I definitely plan on activities I didn't come all this way not to die of the great barrier reef you know and when you research and cost be honest um well I'm good for it a little bit so how much do you need now? I have this book how to travel the world in fifteen dollars a day this is a daily average this is what I think eat cost this is all inclusion in flight everything in between travel insurance gear going from europe to cheap central america through southeast asia south america showing new zealand you know, this book has it all actually, you know, I working to even standing this and giving pretty mohr information in one day she plugged nine forty nine on amazon but isn't my idea I've got a lot of people say that fifty dollars a day that is so expensive I have done it on twenty dollars, twenty five I could do it on ten well good for all of you because everyone's needs are different for me, I think this is realistic number for, you know, the majority of people, but what is it that you want? You know? So how do you find the right amount of money when you get to do good research? One thing you guys have that now that I didn't have you in two thousand six that people you didn't even have before is access to so much information online about how much things cost and, you know, ways to get around and train tickets and ways to save and tricks and tips and everything that if you researcher online, you're going to be able to sort of get a general sense of how much you know do I need because you're going to create a budget based on your priorities and that's one thing I always see people get tripped up because they travel, they take, you know, I'm going to save x well, then they spend it so quickly, it was like, you know, I'm just drinking so much or I did all of these activities that I just didn't plan on, and if you were honest with yourself and you know your priorities, you would you with a budget for that, uh, I budget for food I budget for activities were not crafting budgets, but how much do I need to go into a place I factor those in and if by factoring those in I end up having a shave a couple of days off the toilet and for the trip that's ok with me because you know, I came to that country to do that those things when I, um when I did my first trip around the world, I created a budget said ok it's going to be twenty grand um part of that was based on the exchange rate at the time todo shows I would get one dollars and thirty cents australian for one u s dollars by the time I actually got to australia, it was one to one because I lost thirty percent of my purchase and power in the months just based on that and I'm sure he is not a cheap country and so what I do, I could have just been like, well, I get it, you know, I came here for ninety days I'm going to stretch this out, I only did it for sixty because I didn't come all the way to create this great itinerary into all this great stuff to not similar to not go on a tour of camp in the outback and visit all these parks and, you know, hang on in sydney and learns it didn't launch a surf uh see the great barrier reef and so there's some things you can't avoid um but at the same time, so many childers get blindsided by cost and it comes through poor research. I'm not saying you should like over plan your trip like pick every day you create this itinerary don't do that. But if you have a good sense of how much things are, you convey better budget for how much you need, you know and be honest with yourself like, what are you really going to spend money on? If it's booze give yourself a booze budget? If it's food, give yourself a food budget if it's skydiving, give yourself skydiving mean a lot of trials in new zealand he zoomed, zaveri owed dork country and activities cost a lot. They want to go sky diving. They want a bungee jump. They want to go through the case. I want to do all this hiking chi kong glacier tracks it's cost a lot of money doesn't mean they're like oh my god, I had no idea let's pick up a guidebook don't just look online and can you do it for fifty? You can get from or can you for less? Yes, yes, tips from this class are designed to give you a framework to work with, uh, you can travel if you use these chips, you can travel cheaper, we talked earlier about the guy who traveled that year for five thousand dollars he counts thirty hitchhike there was a guy who did your for nine thousand he wants fifty hits psyching dumpster dive um no my idea of a good deal looking for looking for people scraps you know you know he can't I mean you can definitely go on it but they also didn't really get to do stuff and I understand travel is all about the people you meet I mean that's my take away from it a couple weeks ago in new york my friend nick I met at a hostel and tom and tina I came on your haven't even four years we picked up right where we left off it was amazing I've been to weddings I've been to people's christmas parties it's wonderful I'm the people but that doesn't mean I didn't come to do anything you know and so create a realistic budget for yourself if that means you can't save enough consider working overseas as a way to extend your trip I had enough money for a year and a half and then I got to tyler then realize one year and a half what about two years so if I went back to europe next summer well I can't afford that so certain working on and then it became two and a half years looks like I'm going to work again and you know work to extend your travels or to fund your travels you know, if you can save enough before you go there, where there's a will. There is a way. Um, I like to say you should add a cushion. So remember I told you yesterday I felt my body and italy and I broke that camera. You know, I definitely didn't plan to break that camera, and I was four hundred dollars in my pocket that could have been used for much better. Thanks. So a couple other lessons I really won't going to because they're embarrassing. Uh, I just have a little bit of a cushion, you know, you never know what's gonna happen on the road. So if you think your trip is going to cost you eight thousand dollars, child safe ten, because, you know, maybe one day you're going to be in new zealand and your body is going to go asking the scuba diving fiji, you're going to find a great flight dealing. You're going to want to fly up. Maybe you want to fly back to amsterdam because you met some great people there. You want to live? Uh, maybe you fall on your butt and you break your camera. You know, you never know and that's the actual cushion. Is going to come in handy because when you start breaking down your day to day expenses, you're not going to really factor in that and you're probably not gonna factor in those phantom expenses. We also talked about me like a hotel rooms air that hostiles air that maybe I'll spend twenty on food attractions, you know, etcetera well, those little things they're going to eat at your budget and if you have a cushion it's going to make things a lot easier and a lot less stressful because you're not going to be living, you know, bare bones day today plus, if you want to come back having a cushion is really good because not going to really worry about coming back destitute and we're not going to dio I mean, I went and moved back in with my parents, but that's on a reality for a lot of people um and that was tough for me like I can't wait to get back out and I wish I had that question I spend it all in australia um, so finding the right amount of money is about creating good budgets and so you go back a little bit it's about creating good budgets being realistic about yourself this isn't a contest if you go around the world and spend fifty dollars and a great if you around forty give you seventy whatever create the budget that is right for you and the travel priorities you want we all want different things I live our chips I go away to play this because that's what I want to go I do what I want tio that's why I want tio sometimes I get flak because I'm always in europe apparently you know and I need to branch out more but you know what I like europe and there's always something you just see you know I still have a mental with the way yeah or ah latvia we're not going back there yeah um so be honest it's not about the money it's about what makes you happy and if you put that in perspective to think about the money spent at home so how many of you spend more than fifty dollars a day at home which is if anyone is counting is eighteen thousand two hundred fifty per year yeah, most of us right? Uh apartment I I rent out in new york is two grand a month which is way more than fifty dollars a day and luckily I have some weather so I don't have to worry about it while I'm gone but you know if you add up if you think of all your expenses day today the apartment, the car uh the cable, the heating bills, your food bills, your transportation, your starbucks, your uber's your nights out your gym membership all that you add it all together for most people it's going to be more than eighteen thousand a year you know you know or or close to it right um and so if you think like you could take all that money and you can travel around the world that's something like well you know what maybe travel isn't that's expensive we think about travel being is this really expensive other well I would love to travel but I have bills I have responsibilities you know have that car payment I have rent you know I had all those things too but when I went and I got rid of my department rid of my car canceled the cable canceled the father cancel me all those bills went away were often just shackled by our own fears and you know stuff you know and then what we own the more known to you and you know she just said those chains suddenly travel becomes a lot more realistic especially if you view in relation to what your what do you currently spending I wrote this post one day called why jessica will never go to ireland not jessica we the phantom just here on that phone call a different jessica I was at a bar catching up with friends and she overheard a conversation she's like wild travel it sounds so amazing about this job my boyfriend I would really love to go to ireland do you x y z she's like wait that's it I was like yeah, you know you need to go here's how you get the miles you know, get this car can you need to see like that? You know, stay here do this do that chick while that seems so easy it was like it is just you know, a couple of things and you're off so I don't know it seems like so much money and I was like, well think about it in relations and what you're spending now is how you make a lot of sense I think about it it was never going to ireland she was trapped in that mindset that travel is this expensive other it's all the stuff I was telling it was too good to be true it's not too good to be true it is just simply the stuff they don't show you because in all the magazines in the ads because it's not lucrative so after you created your budget after you realize that hey, this is great. I can do this I can afford this uh start saving your money if you think about it. You know, we talked about cutting your expenses earlier and so you know, to go back to that from the first day you know kyla down right down your expenses determine how you can come cut back you know cut the cable cook at home cut the coffee but one thing that's really good and I like this help people dio is a break down your ship you know because if you want to go and eight months to paris for ten days and you determine that trip is in sochi two thousand dollars like wow two grand on a lot of money I don't really know if I can do that but you break that down every day that you had to say eight dollars and thirty three cents a day then it becomes all you think well, I could probably find a way and save eight or nine dollars a day cut off my chief starbucks well, there you go or you know, maybe I reduced the cable bail or I'll walk instead of you know, going out and getting a taxi cab if you break it that whole number down into this small per day amount you need to save it becomes really easy you know? I mean, you have a challenge fei and you go for your starbucks money oh four out of the need to save put it back in the pocket you know, big numbers they're hard to get our heads around but it's always a day who here could save eight dollars a day if you thought about it, could you cut down eight dollars out of your budget yeah everyone is shaking her head could you guys cut eight dollars out of your budget every day easily yeah yeah yeah I see you just drink so many starbucks every day yeah yeah uh so yeah you could save eight bucks and suddenly eight months you have your money you need for your trip instead of being like no I can't do it you've done it and so break everything down to the basics and you will find you know these small goals add up to a really big goal the small goals are attainable the big old doesn't but the small girls get into the beagle you make eight more dollars a day you could yes and you can more than make eight more dog you can also eight eight dollars a day if you want tio I want to really get you anywhere but you know sites like taskrabbit he lands you know, to do odd jobs for people administrative stuff virtual assistant work help people move or you know you services like sidecar lift teo you just drive people around and you know, make a little extra in your free time. The sharing economy has really enabled people rent out that free room that extra room I'm going to get to negotiate that you know and make some extra cash so suddenly saving it's about, you know, earning you know if eight dollars a day most of us can do get a travel credit card let's talk about this again points are your friends every time you wait you're keeping money on the table that could be used to get you somewhere for free. We talked yesterday about travel credit cards I want to reiterate them they're amazing um one free flight get get a flight card you want a hotel room? Get a hotel card, get a card that gets you to the goal you want for me yellow cars that get me flights uh, so I look for cars that specific to flying people want hotel rooms, you know, get a car, but this time opponents start slow. These cards are very lucrative going to find out more I haven't booked on my web site the ultimate guide to travel hacking you can find out more, but like we talked about yesterday getting at least one you know car with no fee with a good signing bonus get you points gets you in the right direction it moves you to getting a free flight because even getting just one free ticket is going toe help lower that cost and when you use these cards responsibly, you're not paying any after fees or interest on your cards and I free money don't forget to switch to the no no atms don't give money to your no feet ten cars don't give money to your bank after you before I start booking stuff I like to check for last minute deals if I was going in paris but um views paris a lot as an example I really like paris I think I was french in previous life but maybe there's a deal to rome or to london or to mexico or to brazil you know it's a big world out there if we love travel we're going to love a lot of destinations right I mean if I were to tell you you can't go to paris you have to go to greece to really be like would you like agrees I hate grease you gook that well it was like you can't go teo jamaica you have to go to the seychelles that's fine too okay great so we're all happy about going places maybe it's on our ideal choice but it be is it much cheaper option over than a you know we can save some money but it's still a new place we haven't been why not go um so I always look for last minute deals and specials on airline website so they usually have the tab that says you know last minute tour companies last minute cruise companies last minute and see what what's there no it is it good enough to get me to go away don't get to book your flight again you know we talked about these earlier in the day in the morning my favorites huge polly and my number one is mongo going to go fight because you get to see the whole map of the world? And, you know, this year I went to the caribbean outside, I need to do more caribbean travel. I've only been to a couple and I literally put new york caribbean had august, and I want to hear is that was the cheapest flight never, you know, I could spend time looking up brute, but who will fight me either? Just lets it all the numbers anyone hears the cheapest that's where I'm going book your accommodation have discussed have a set schedule book in advance don't have a set schedule book no next couple of days and figure it out from their question I'm always asked often about is do I have to book my hotels or hostels in events? I mean, if I'm landing in a new city, I'll book the first couple of nights, and then I'll figure out if I don't stay in that place, maybe it's really not as nice as I thought it was alive and I want to move, maybe I realized I got gypped, and the place in the story is much cheaper and next there, so give yourself some liro anyway, and I'm like, so. Playing your activities again this goes back to budgeting how what do you want to do and how much is it going to cost you? I like I like to figure out you know I like to pick up a guidebook I do some research online if you know where the big things I want tio updating my budget plan that out and sort of satisfied that money that way I'm not blind sided um you know, I have a general rough idea that's how much things cost so if I go and prices are really different I could be like I conserve search around am I being ripped off or is the guide book really wrong? And I usually ask a lot of other travelers for tips on that so all your stuff if you're going away for a while um you know again this is just for you you going away long term come treat amazon craigslist great sites to just sell all your stuff keep it at a friend's house if you want I just sold everything you know and that could do so much more funds for traveling all your stuff family becomes cash and now cash becomes cool experiences abroad it's the circle of life meet your bills don't forget before you go away to turn out, get rid of all your mail and I basically just took all my bills made them paperless cancel any subscriptions and you know if I need anything used earth class mail which allows you to take your mail and they'll scan it and they'll send it to you and it's a whole different until you come back or parents house friend's house relative sibling um whoever don't forget to tell your critic her cos you're leaving um because you don't want to end up I made this mistake once I've got to tell my city card and I went to pay for a hostile and like nope sorry and you have to you know go through the whole work you know it's not fun calling your credit card company from overseas pack light memory we talked about gear yesterday this is all my stuff is just different angle I actually took this picture hostile in dublin on dh then you just go I remember um and that's it you know a lot of those steps right there you can do in a day packing calling other meaning your bills there's not you know this step by step where you have to d'oh people it seems so overwhelming but when breaking into the little chunks it's like wait I could do like most of this in one day and then boom you're gone it took me a couple hours and before I know all my bills were gone anything left over was people with high impact everything was like look, I'm ready to go so I know it can really seem like a really overwhelming things you plan for a long trip, but it doesn't have to be if you break it out step by step it's really stress free uh if you're on a short trip, you know, some of the stuff you don't really need tio during a short sheriff, you definitely want to tell you cards relieving this is just get it anyway, because facing trees facing paper, you know those paper you start away like seems like such a waste, you know, if you're on a short trip, whether it's torture for a long trip once you are what you've done a few things, you know you're ready to go you booked your flight, you packed, you get your accommodation lined up, you know, most of it that's, that's big stuff right there and that can be done really quickly and he's easily, you know, we always think traveling some faraway land well, you know, I can't really travel right now I have work our responsibilities to me travel is in some exotic destination it's just someplace else that someplace else khun b you know, upstate new york it can be a part of massachusetts in boston that I haven't been to it could be the next state over there's a time states that I haven't been to it doesn't have to be someplace halfway around the world it just has to be anywhere could even be your own city um you know well remember that you know we think of travel as like I have to go someplace really far away for a really long time you don't have to go that you know bringing in if you want to go away go away if you think about the american you know work right we get we work for fifty weeks we get to explication here you're american you're not american awesome you get more vacation even better when I met those travelers around the entire land and they really convince me a known only to them to go travel we're really did it was the fact that he was sitting in this car and like wait you only get how main week's vacation a year and you took it all in the beginning I went in january so for the rest of the year that was it for may uh and they couldn't believe it and this was a belgian couple like can we get a month we get some extra vacation time to in august but here's a month right now he's meeting a couple was like way took a little break from work there was a surfer dudes like I just quit everything yeah I was like all of you are talking so much sense to me especially you surfer guy who is like I just put everything on a beach like that seems like a really awesome idea um and you know if you but if you think oh, I hope all that time you get one hundred fourteen days all right, listen you get one hundred fourteen days a year, two weeks, two days vacation you're ten day you know weekdays right one hundred fourteen days is almost four months of time where you're not working now of course is not all in one chunk which would bake life so much easier if you could like, you know, work for eight take four off but you know if I say you have one hundred fourteen days a year to travel you could think of a lot of things to do right? Well, you know when you put it and not what much the world really becomes your oyster you can think ok, well, what about weekend trips? What about these long weekends? You know, that's how much time off you have to play with, you know, it makes it so much easier when you think well, actually I don't have work all the time there are I am there's a considerable amount of my work week, my life, my year that I actually have to myself how can I better utilize that time you know and s o there's always time to child somewhere again it doesn't have to be halfway around the world you can you know take weaken getaways you know even a friday come back on this sunday night what's close to you like we lived in temple sysco what's close to here that you can go away in two days napa well, big sur ready how it's how it goes right? Monterey no marty you're going away for a couple of days. So many options in new york city long island jersey philly d c pac even if you're in kansas city there's others places around europe that's great everywhere is like two years away. So I think about, you know, these weaken gether ways you can take, you know, some place different new york city's running this great campaign on their chains right now, which I really like and it's all about, uh, it's called get out of town and almost always it's like did you know you can take metro north to four thousand apple orchards it's like, get out of town and play on words being like, get out of town? Oh, my god, I didn't know that showing that, you know, within a train ride either, you know, close to new york city there's so much to dio on and I really like that their their message, you know a ties right into this point like there's so much close to your city that travel can just be going somewhere trying to incorporate weekend trip or visit your own city how many people play tourist in their own city great it was like I love being around chat was because they say they're always can I love it I I love being a tourist around my own city most people are not I know new yorkers who have never been fifth statue of liberty you know why? Well it's always there right well I could just go tomorrow well tomorrow okay well I'll just go tomorrow and smart smart smart tomorrow so take a weekend if you kind of want tio um take a break and you wanted vacation certification your own city I say move out of the house and go being tourists because if you state one thing that I definitely stressed about this is leave your home because the very home we're going to be like well I guess I got to do some work and then I'll go and then suddenly it's two o'clock but if you you know go into tourist monto getting airbnb or swap homes with your friends you know who lives closer into the city or get a hotel room on some of the points you I hope have racked up using my fifth day here in this new environment and that is really different you're like ok, cool now I'm somewhere else it um you sort of trick yourself in tow feeling removed from everything coldplay tourists see all the things you've always want to see but I have never really had time to say no don't wait uh for the time thinking that big trip you know take a chip, go somewhere do something tomorrow may never come start today you know, we always talked about tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow, tomorrow tomorrow but so much could happen today that tomorrow you might not be the best day to go and um tar is not gonna be the best day to go today wasn't a great day either neither was yesterday, you know, because there is never going to be a perfect time to travel it's never going to be right it's never going to be great, you know, tomorrow you so I know you're still second guess yourself you're all I throughout my trip well, in the beginning part of my trip I was always wondering, am I making the right? This isn't you know those days when you are really alone and you really haven't met somebody and everything has gone wrong you're going to second guess yourself you're still going to find yourself putting off that preparation one day more today, I really have to go do some housework, so I think I'll do the planning tomorrow you'll find another excuse to go there's a great like, you know my friends well, you know, I have I have work and can't think is not a good time at work to take my vacation juan which boggles my mind because I'm on certification or will I get some you know, I don't think the dog out or uh you know, I'm gonna go visit friends, right? I've been really have that housework to dio you're always going to keep finding if you is to go it's never going to be perfect, you know you're never going to find the right time for that big trip because there's always going to be a reason to stay when I going from my job to travel I just finished an mba well, we're gonna be investing to put that and being a good use and pay off my loans I mean, I could have done the responsible thing I could have done the thing that was right and maybe happy right now it's never going to be the right time whether that trip is two months, two weeks, two years there's always going to be a reason why you can't go we keep the family can't go to paris right now you know johnny's got uh bandcamp o r well, he said he started he's studying for this or whatever there's always going to be issues not to go you always have bills to pay you're you'll never have enough money unless you become markers are facebook rich like you're not knocking there's always going to be here is going to worry did I take enough? You know when bill gates showers me with billions, I'll be like I got plenty of money until then I will always worry that you know did I really take enough someone's always going to get married or have a birthday party when I'm gone? I miss lots of whether he's in a lot of birthdays um and they're also always need planning to do when I when I went away I was talking to my friend mike one of my biggest travel regrets is I never studied abroad I was always worried what would I miss, what we had the what ifs just weighing me down so much that I really just never did anything so mike and I were talking mike has studied abroad I sellem activities going todo away for a year eighteen months but come back things going to be crazy, who knows what people are going to be up tio wedding school friends jobs he's like matt he didn't come back and going to find absolutely nothing has changed, you know, bob is so gonna smoke too much weed and you know they're all gonna be in the same jobs and maybe oh jimmy's got a new girlfriend and you know ricky's a spazz and or whatever I'm just making all these names up I don't actually have friends I'm calling out I can't write I was like no no no it's when the off so long something must be different uh and I came back and he was absolutely right today I came back it was like that whole year and I have had just never happened friends saw the same jobs they went to the same bars you know everything was really the same you know he was right now girlfriends have changed and you know maybe someone lives in a new apartment but for most part life had kind of remained frozen until I got back I had worried so much well like I didn't want to miss stuff that I let that fear you know keep me away when I was studying broad it turned out my crow's right it was all in my head I had waited to the right now the right time and I had missed on this great opportunity and when I went travelling again I realize that there is never a right time you know, I I left with college debt um from you know my graduate degree protect every year so if anyone wants to help me pay off that college that please best offer for my graduate to great um he's never going to be a right time um so you know shot making excuses get going what? This is aside from the beginning, the secret child or more is simply the desire to travel more yes there's some money involved yeah, you got to do it but where there's a will there's a way why do I travel so much because what I want it's my priority when I walk into best buy I look at that tv and think wow it's like this I think what was really nice tv I love to have in my apartment and I think has your other good in the palm actually keep the tv here I'll keep some old wild by off used off craigslist all right not having tv you know, we all every day we make choices if I really wanted my tv I'd find a way when you really want something you find a way to make it happen if you really want to travel it's because of the class will help you find a way to make that happen and that's what it's really about there's no like magic you know magic sauce there's silver bullet I simply people who travel a lot do so because they make that their ultimate party that's their first thing what can I do to always travel more and if you make travel your priority that is you're going to think of everything and through that lens and suddenly everything has become a lot easier, simpler and it's all good, you can have the sort of ah ha moment like, wow, it really is this easy. All you gotta do is save eight dollars a day. I could do that that is going to make it so easy, you know, desire to travel and can't happen. Yes, we all have responsibilities. We have bills. Yeah, maybe their parents or siblings or patch or whatever, but I know people who travel with pets and people who travel with kids with their parents. They find a way to work just like you find a way to make your life work around that party. This is your priority. You'll find a way to make life work on that essay we end with this great quote by one of my favorite writers, bill bryson. To my mind, the grazie ward and luxury travel to be able to experience every day, things as if for the first time being in position and almost nothing is so familiar is taken for granted. I mean, think about that when we're traveling overseas, we sit down this parisian there I am with paris again. I think I need to go I think that's going to have to be my next trip, we sit down in this spanish restaurant and was like, oh my god, this is so amazing, but we sit down restaurant felt the time we're so different were in spain you know and I love this because we take so much of the mundane life for granted but war overseas that's what makes it exciting seeing how other people handle the day today mundane activities that you know we you know, we experience and you know we take for granted um and so so do you have any questions from people we do and actually that we're going tio just surprise our students in just a second because we'd like to hear what your takeaway is being from the last couple of days? What what was what matches phrased it? Probably what was your heart moment? So we'll come back to in a second to give that some thought because we'd left definitely like to end with some positive affirmation from mustard this essex give that some thought he were being positive it's interesting because you know so much I mean it's fascinating use bill bryson there's an example I've read all of his books, I think in his book actually of his tour although we lived in the u k and she did a tour of the uk and it was one of his funniest books notes from a small island but he also did some travels within the u s and travels in europe but he's a great author to check out a fascinating you you missed his book in the summer in country about his child, really inspiring me? Yeah, it was a great book, but you know what isn't inspiring you about this? This particular course? I I've always been a traveler is something that I'm passionate about. All the things that matt has been sharing about, what is thatyou priorities prioritize in your life? I mean, I certainly have no interest in going to a coffee bar I'd rather have that money in my travel accounting. This is things like that. I have a wonderful friend who travels every year, she goes all over the world, and she takes the santa suit with her because she wants to take a holiday carter's you can send that back to all of her friends at the end of the show them where she's being in the year, I've got pictures of her saying, happy holidays and she's standing on top of the pyramids in the santa suit, she's standing on ayers rock in a santa suit, but that's, what inspires her that's? What she's she really enjoys doing some at what advice would you give to our students to stop sitting and get out there and do it what's your final thoughts for them? Just go, don't give into your fears and you know it may seem over don't give in to the the overwhelming nature of planning a long term trip or a multi month trip or even ship tio disney world as we learn here, there are many ways you can travel for I believe stress free on a budget and, you know, have have that ah ha moment where you realize that for only a few dollars a day you can save enough money to go somewhere you take away from what your heart moment from the last couple of days on where you going to get out there and get going? Well, I already have a trip planned and now I know to take ryan air from scotland to dublin. That was the most practical piece of advice and the reason we're going to dublin is because my husband loves to drink in a spear and he has a big birthday coming up so he's going to have a beer in dublin on his birthday at the guinness factory? Yes, that's the plan great um mine would definitely be the mind set of just continuing to make it a priority focusing everything around what's your major goal is is to travel than you'll. You let go the little things that you think you want but you don't really need it's not gonna let you travel what you really want to do, you know, the state of friends I have to say I can't afford to travel have expensive season tickets to the patriots and or spend money. You know all of you coaches crazy weekend in vegas, or, you know, whatever it is, they they prioritize different priorities. Paris has trouble. Um, I want to look more into them, come exchange and venturing out and doing some couch surfing instead of just hosting on dime, trying tio go somewhere on my own without a group of friends, you can do it, other people do it that eight, zero, you know, high school graduate can make it. You are perfectly capable of doing it, too. Christie's already has some great adventures critical next. Definitely. The travel hacking was like an eye opener. I'm super excited to test out those and going my next big adventure. Rachel, someone has already worked abroad. What's going to be on it. Well, you know, I really like the notion of we occasionally have to, sort of. Tree are our homes as our place for adventuring and so for me, what's coming up and what's going to be coming up it's, just more local adventures, you know, like, I really wanted to get out to mono lake. And I have a, um, snowshoeing adventure to crater lake coming up. So really treating, you know, your back door like a, like a place that you that you can visit really having those rich local experiences? Yeah, I think that's often overlooked because we think of I really I would love to go travel but have them time with the money. Well, there's so many places around you start there, start locally if you can't make it halfway around the world naked, the next town over, make it through your town find something kind of midway through a tour, if you like. I mean, when you joined us from vancouver. So thank you for coming down. Yeah, well, I had been on ly back for ten days before I came here. I've been away for three months in southeast asia and in new zealand, so that sort of showed that I had already booked my next trip before my current one was over, and that if you do it with intention and have plans for it that you could make it happen awesome way no sam's going off on a big adventure. I think that there were a lot of take aways for me, but just for the sake of being a little bit different, I thought one of the most awesome things about this was all the guests that we get to see and how that happy they are. They were all so interesting and so in different ways they're all so different in so many ways. But they all really enjoy it pretty much everything. I think that was definitely encouraging its ah see a big but also a very diverse community of people who it worked really well for excellent madeleine, someone who studied abroad. Yes, I'm I've just did the math right now to save money to go to my friend's wedding. Perfect. How many dollars today do you need? I had to subtract for the two months I'm going to be gone already in march. So I have to save about eleven. Fifty a day. Eleven. Fifty okay, that's, not rocket science. You don't have to be a rocket man to work that one out in san francisco. That's like one last drink. I actually have one.

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