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Stress-Free Budget Travel

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Save Money on Attractions and Activities

Matt Kepnes

Stress-Free Budget Travel

Matt Kepnes

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17. Save Money on Attractions and Activities


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Save Money on Attractions and Activities

Saving money on attractions and activity travel halfway around the world said home so budget for activities little sidebar here a friend of mine sent me a link to some guy's speech yesterday how to travel the world on five thousand dollars he spent a whole year and five thousand dollars and there was a reddit thread about a guy who spent a year in europe for less than like seven thousand hitchhiking culture thing never doing anything I mean, you know, on the reddit throw the guy was like, yeah, I think you're the guggenheim I didn't see the loop I think are never cy I didn't go into the coliseum I nto anything and I get it that culture is not always stuff is, you know, it's interacting with people but you know, I mean you do actually learn about people's past and important when you go into museums and when you go do activities, you know when you take that like real drinking tour you know, attend that concert are, er visit the museum or see the play you know, dive the great barrier reef...

so budgets for activities my philosophy is better to have an awesome short term trip then a really boring long term ship there is, uh you know, well, we're gettinto the budget stuff together a bunch of stuff after lunch, so first get tourism cards how many of you have got gone to a city and got one of those city tourism cars? One two how many do you know they exist most but one for many years I had no idea these existed I no idea here in paris and in the museum path or I could go to london and get eleven card I think singapore passes australia and new york's to the tourism card just really not well advertised but they exist in pretty much every major city and they allow you free access to museums attractions discounts on toward a free public transportation that's another big one you get unlimited transportation throughout the city and some discounts on restaurants and shopping even though the restaurants and not be liking michelin star great ones and they're valid for one three, five seven days if you were going to do a lot of sightseeing they will definitely save me money powers passed in paris cost forty years they get you into everything chris I the loo the catacombs not the catacombs the sewer tour which is actually much more interesting than it sounds the holocaust museum uh the impressionist museum all that by itself is more than forty year olds I've used them and stock home oslo, london, new york uh if it saves me a dollar I'll get the past because you know yeah, maybe it says you ten dollars but you get to skip the line too, which is also great because you get to go in you are have a ticket, why wait in the line? Um saves money do it but you also want to again do the math I wasn't telling estonia did not get the city card because all I want I want tebow two or three museum and it was about ten bucks but the city tourist card was twenty or thirty and I was like, I'm not worth it so kind of price out like what you want to do versus the price in the past if you're going just want to see one or two museum don't get the car but if you are I love museums I will go to five art museums and I will always visit every history museum uh this is going to be worth a few museums also have free days um so look, if you really want to go to say the lou you know, look out tuesday night friday it's free to go home in new york is free look online at what days and times that they're free you know the national museums in england they're all free well that's great, but look because most major museums will have a time that they're either have discounted entrance or free entrance and get in there and met tipton that in new york twenty dollars in a suggested donation stay with the natural history museum so you can get a I've tried to test how far you can get away with anything less than a dollar they get really upset about I tried to just get a ticket wants me like no suggested I was suggested like getting something. Try to do something, so check this out. This will go. I know a lot of people have been asking about this. The discount cards uh she didn't discount cards, you discount cards, military discount. There are many cars out there that he present to a museum or in traction, or even some activities that give you half off free entrance twenty ten, twenty percent off um, you know, you know, uh, this is not supposed to be in that one, but so are some good ones are the ice. The part is for students, so if you're see it, you can get this card. This is for the youth are internationally and youth travelers card for those under thirty. They just raised the age and used to be twenty six dollars, thirty. You get both those that travel that's a really good company just to pick up passing is he giving free or for about ten bucks, they usually give a free if you buy something else like, you know, if you're still shopping by playing to get they'll give you the car for free if you just get in the car at about ten dollars on dh those great to get you in museums and attractions and discounts on a lot of things the y es jake heart is for youth hostel association there are hostile company and that will give you dis contact they're hostels around the world but it also did you discounts on certain tory's activities as well as travel insurance multi purpose the v I p backpackers card is australia new zealand as well as fiji and that gives you discounts on hostiles activities such as diving the great barrier reef which can be quite expensive towards to ayers rock olaru restaurants in this country about twenty five percent you know that this constable forty dollars so the car's cost money but if you you know if you're going to use it throughout the world and you know that really expire so you can they usually have about a year or two exploration but you know they can save money on long term and this is starting to grow into europe to the card if you're military, military ideas will give you discounts so I really like using the discount cards unfortunately I don't qualify for those too, but I do have the way jake hard and what normally when I go to us showing the zeeland I will anthony I peek backpackers chart you don't have to be a backpacker to get the card that is called the backpackers card um he's a local tourism offices they know what's up this is their jobs no everything everything you wanted they can tell you about what's free today they will tell you the free concerts what museums air free um you know what's coming up when discounts are offered for museums or attractions fare information they are amazing resource that is totally under utilized by people is you know I want to be adventurous or whatever been informed traveler is a smart traveler and it's one that's going to be able to find great deals and being the frugal traveler a frugal traveler uh plus I like tamers shores because a they have maps and b they always have discounts for attractions and stuff so much swipe all these um so always utilize that they're great resource is free tours most major cities around the world have free walking tours that allow you to get the lay of the land should give you a history they last about two or three hours and you know they're quite informative they're usually run by locals and lastly book by a student websites who's a student one okay I'm not students most of us aren't either I still use that travel their market does not have a lot of money you know the backpack and youth crowd you know they want the expensive tours but that doesn't mean because you're not eighteen or university student you can't book these these stores to and also means you never in the oldest person alive get on tourist books through these companies and you see people of all ages so worry like so what? I'm going to be stuck with a bunch of nineteen year olds want to get drunk all the time, not the case, but because these companies work on a for people with the budget, they tend their tourists and to be cheaper than you know what you might find you know, for a more midmarket older audience, you know it if a company's audiences thirtysomethings for you something families they're going to price accordingly but just so you can go on these if you're not a syrian, I always try to look at prices through there and book because you can find great deals visiting any destination can't be done without cheaply without sacrificing comfort of fun you just have to sort of get off that mentality of all right book my hotel I have done this, I'm going to go to the restaurant my friend has a great philosophy that I use all the time when you travel expensive restaurants you know, I think this he want overpriced french food you can find that in your your home city okay, I have had were class sushi around the world in the united states you could you could pay for it you could find anywhere just cause you're in paris doesn't mean you have to go to that five star rating michelin restaurant and spend your entire beast travel budget you can get local parisienne food you know and market same if you're in thailand, the best food in thailand is going to be fine on the street japanese food I'll be enough train stations there are phenomenal for great variety and great selection that museums have really good food yeah museums do uh I find them a little bit pricing sometimes because e mean not every museum but sometimes they're living more expensive but they do have good meals just look off the beaten path and break out of that sort of vacation mindset and think about what you do as in your own life to save money and apply those tips when you travel to how you travel because the people locally are doing the exact same thing you know in sweden I go to stockholm lots I'll use the example alcohol is really expensive so people go to the store and drink before they go in the bars they oh they don't eat out a lot the will stands theater buffets and something's asia street sells you know japan the at the the train station because they have sushi trains and curry houses and great things find out where the locals are eating and do them, you know, and I like this quote he rejected fooling, nor the customs feel the religion and boy, the people you might better stay home, so remember that you've come this far, so stuff cost money, but we have an awesome trip than ah long, boring trip, but prioritize. Yeah, fantastic, well, tatyana says. Matt is reminding me of what makes me feel alive and is motivating me to honor the commitment I made to myself to enjoy my life to its fullest neo rin says, this workshop has been great, full of tips and tricks, and the chat, which is the chat room, has been super helpful, too. And then l one two to three says, I'm absolutely loving this course. I've learned so much from matt and his guests over the past couple of days, so that's fantastic just wanted to share that with you, grace.

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Are you ready to make your travel dreams an attainable, inexpensive reality? Join professional traveler Matt Kepnes for a two-day introduction to the entire trip planning process, from booking your flight to wandering the streets of your desired destination.

Matt will guide you through every step in planning a successful journey, whether you plan to be gone for two weeks, two months, or two years. You’ll learn how to save money while you’re traveling by budgeting, planning ahead, and taking advantage of rewards programs. Matt will also cover basic safety tips and troubleshooting techniques for unexpected events, so you’ll be able to travel safely and with confidence.

Whether you are a weekend escape artist, business traveler, or you are ready to book a year-long trip around the world, this course will give you the tools to plan for any jetsetting adventure — without breaking the bank or losing your mind.


a Creativelive Student

I discovered this course via Matt's blog. It's a fantastic course with a ton of practical information about budget travel that can be applied to any trip—whether it be a year long around-the-world adventure or a two-week family vacation. Matt covers everything from booking flights and accommodations to what backpack to buy, how to find jobs abroad, how to keep your tech stuff safe, and so much more. He also has quite a few knowledgeable guests who offer their own great advice. But the best part of the course is how inspiring it is. Matt really helped me understand that travel is possible. You don't have to be a millionaire; you just have to be willing to do a little planning. I'd definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in traveling.

Andrea Magee

I used Matt's travel blog city and country guides on my recent 3 month trip through Southeast Asia and New Zealand. This course got me thinking about where next, and how to travel for longer. Coming into the course, I already felt like I knew a lot about travel, but Matt has great insights and things I hadn't considered before. New travelers or seasoned ones, it's a big world out there and stress-free budget travel can help you get going!