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Stress-Free Budget Travel

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Secrets to Affordable Flights

Matt Kepnes

Stress-Free Budget Travel

Matt Kepnes

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12. Secrets to Affordable Flights


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Secrets to Affordable Flights

Yes, you kind of talked about the pre chip you know, getting inspired putting your finances and whether packing your gear and now we're ready to go so today we're going to talk about life on the road high fly cheap I think a cheap accommodation how do you save money day today? Work and volunteer overseas and sort of talk about budgets and putting that together and wrapping it up in this section we're going to talk about affordable flights and a combination talk about why flights are so expensive those flights to europe seems to get more and more every year we'll talk about why how to book a cheap flight and not be the person on the plane paying the most money round the world tickets uh multi stop ticket and how to find cheap accommodation so first we're gonna begin with why flights are so expensive and anyone millions flights getting more expensive yeah when I started uh traveling and I know it wasn't like compared to you that long ago, but back in two thousand six I found a flight fro...

m athens to bank up four hundred bucks and I also went to europe for six hundred round trip that was a good price now in just a thousand dollars to go to london six hundred is like wow that's so cheap but before was like wow it's so expensive flights have just gone higher and higher and higher and there's a number of reasons for that and unfortunately it's a trend that is not going to reverse itself uh these will probably be fights will probably be your business biggest expense so that's one of the reasons why it's really important to understand having them cheaply because you know what when I get e mails from people want to talk to people it's always the flights that really you know I would love to go to thailand I could probably afford it but the flight over there is just so expensive or I'm going with the family you know fine I maybe I can afford eight hundred dollars but times by foreign becomes really prohibitive um so we're gonna talk about all of this so one of the main reasons that uh place I've gone so expensive is consolidation you had a number of airline banker season the state's legacy carriers continental emergency united delta and northwest now us airways and american airlines southwest owns airtran uh move times in europe owns ah bunch of companies um self air france klm british airways you just have the west competition and less competition means they're not battling with each other for the price so there's less pressure to reduce prices because airlines don't make him a lot of money I mean they make a lot of money from our fees every those baggage fees and paying for peanuts they make a ton of money that way but the actual flight itself slim profit margins um so they really don't want oh, you know, have cheap tickets because they want to make more money and less concern uh most competition means less pressure to do so and it sort of in the post nine eleven you know bankruptcy world and then with two thousands seven two thousand eight financial crisis airlines have reduced roots and frequency to fly fuller planes fuller plane is a more profitable playing and so they've cut capacity to increase their revenue and so you know, if you live in a major city this could be somewhat good for you because there's a little bit often a little bit more deals you know, for the a x new york city route is it's very competitive so you khun there's some price pressure there but if you live in a small town, chances are you now have to either spend a lot of money to get that one flight you know, we tio connecting hub or drive to a connecting hub and you know, that's not really great for consumers um and so fuller planes also mean less pressure to reduce fares if I have an airplane and it's a hundred percent full I don't have to offer you a deal, but if it's fifty percent full well then maybe I'm going to start offering cheaper price points and cheaper tickets taxes and fees so this is just a little a small number of taxes and fees um taxes go up to two hundred ninety nine, two hundred ninety dollars domestically and uh just they were talking to we were talking yesterday about how I redeemed a flight from london to dallas and you were asking about the british airways fees and fees are coming out of england are super expensive it was sixty thousand points for that flight but I also pay six hundred dollars in taxes and fees and the on international flights because all these security fees go way up now and the price of jet fuel is also a big factor nineteen nineteen, ninety six it was fifty five cents nowadays it's about three dollars in the last year the price of jet fuel has gone down airlines like that because it gives them a better profit margin but they're not going to be able to absorb this, uh, increase completely so they passed on to us. So um, while you know flights are relatively cheap, you know, if you look way back to inflation, you know, in the seventies and inside they're still really expensive and the ceo of united talked last year about how no airline prices air are starting to be where they should be, which was him saying that we're not lowering them any time soon so don't even pray yeah don't even hope that it's going to go lower all those four things combined are bad for the consumer they're great for the airline and airlines over the last year have really increased profitability especially through all those fees but that means for the consumer for you the flyer those days of finding you know, six hundred dollars round trip flights to europe are few and far between once in a while you can usually find them through air lingus because they do kind of good deals through dublin but for the most part those days are gone I mean, I'm super excited I can find, you know, seven hundred bucks t like paris or berlin or no nowadays eleven hundred twelve hundred to go to bangkok you know are somewhere in asia and that was sort of like the high end when I started traveling I'm going to hong kong uh this weekend and then flying off to bangkok if I was seventeen hundred dollars, seventeen hundred bucks that's it's a lot. So how do you find a cheap flight? How do you end up not being the person paying for paying the most expensive ticket on that plan because we get so many e mails from people how do I find the chief flight? How do I find that she flight no when I say we'll have you in fog um too I think you know a lot of times last year I was only two hundred and this year's three hundred how do I find that two hundred dollars ticket? And I find that two hundred tickets you just got to accept that prices are going to go up, but there are things you khun d'oh so you don't end up being the person on the plane who gets the most expensive seat and we'll talk about after I go through the steps. When is the perfect time to book that's? You're probably wondering, like, what is the best time to book a flight, right? All right, let's, let's, take some guesses before we get into this. When do you think the best time to book it early or really late? Or sort of like, you know, a couple of months before where we have I one time read if you're planning on traveling, like for the summer book it like right after the winter holidays and then if you're planning a book team for or if you know that you want trouble next on our planet, like in the summer, because that's, when people have already spent all their money, so not as many fine, I don't know if that's true, like if I was going next summer, I would buy him a ticket this summer. Guess or you or if you could because you can do like eighteen, sixteen months or something events like the one going to go by like the crystals time okay? So book early they have like some really good deals for the last minute bookings ok, fill up the seats we'll talk about that okay? But book early I know book fairly brick book late anyone adler guesses who saw his book early raise your hand if you book early three book league too I don't know everybody ok? We're going to get to that because that is one of the most frequently asked questions when do we should I book my ticket? The first let's talk about the things you should really look for and finding a cheap tickets will talk about the tactics and then I'm gonna grab one of you and we're going to like talk about how I wouldn't book your ticket so the first thing you have to do is be flexible with dates the worst thing you can do this is the theme through how to find a cheap ticket be flexible if you have to fly on friday if you had to fly tomorrow well, whatever the price of the ticket this tomorrow you're stuck with me if you can get in the day earlier if you go the day after khun b a big difference um flying on the hall days is great who wants to fly and christmas? Nobody wants flying christmas I always airport e I get an upgrade is yeah, because there's nobody wants to fly on christmas so airlines want to fill that new year's eve a lot of people fly on new year's day but that night before everyone wants to be with people fourth of julys on the great day thanksgiving I mean I know that's not always practical but if you could fly on the holiday or really close after you're going to find a cheaper flight because those days leading up to the holiday everyone racing to get home I mean, we've all seen the images of your thanksgiving travel in the airports and lines you know out the airport and you know the next time there people trying to get home but on thanksgiving nobody wants to fly uh great, you know, like john said, you get the upgrade its relax great day the difference of a day can make the difference of hundreds of dollars another part of the flexibility fly in the morning or really late at night who wants to wake up before it's time to catch a flight raise your hand we got one brady often I also often too but I hate it you want no. Most people don't like to take red eyes which are overnight flights many week is cheaper because um most people want to travel in the weekend business travelers tend to travel early in the week and then come home you know on a friday or so if you're have toe work here in school you tend to go home on the weekend so early morning mid week late night flights that's when demand is lois and prices also the lowest like I said before flying before major holiday super expensive a little bit after not so expensive let's let's take example for thanksgiving you're gonna fly that week before you pay a lot of money flying on thanksgiving the day after not so much you start to get into the weekend that's when people start to go home again and then prices were going to jump back up so before you commit to your departure day like I have to leave on friday china you know make sure you have some wiggle room because this is probably the biggest win right here if you ever looked at those airline booking calendars where it's like plus three days you know or so it's like one hundred hundred hundred five hundred two hundred and you're like well I really want that one hundred dollars fare you gotta be flexible western dates aa lot of e mails come to me and they say I have to fly from l a to new york on the first and coming home on the fifth and the price is this how do I get a cheaper like you can if you're stuck on that day then that's really what you're going to have to pay especially if you're like I only want to fly united well ok united tells you to pay I'm sure you've noticed this man actually but it's something I've seen a lot of not just the airline sites but other travel sites where you can book flights now we'll give you the option they say do you want I have three days either side and they'll spread out those fair for you and you can see even make a big difference if you've been flexible yeah I mean that's you know that's great and they have sort of like price charts now but talk a little bit about why those were deceiving um but yeah, flexibility is the key uh you know, I always kind of look um you know, a day or two you know, before I commit to a destination yeah, I'll be there in the second well, you know there's a dare or so on either and I'll change it because I'd rather spend you know, seven hundred seven thousand dollars flying to secondary airports most major cities have smaller airports, smaller airports, smaller landing fees, all those fees we talked about earlier air force charge airlines landing fees engage views for the privilege of being there major airports like london's heathrow in paris charles de gaulle and jfk high landing fees smaller airports, smaller landing fees so I kind of looking to see if you know big airports like big seas have a smaller airport you know, in london there's like seven airports right? Charles de gaulle paris has like a smaller one outside you know, even bangkok has a small you know, one look into smaller airports this is great because not only do they have smaller fees but budget carriers tend to fly into their right and so budget airlines by their basic principles are cheap. They're good alternative to the major you know, airlines solutions is the british airways the qantas is singapore's yet american airlines in the world yeah, of course they have fewer perks right not saying you get a lot when you fly you know all of these major ally especially u s carriers right it's like going to give a kidney for a peanut um but you know, sometimes they have great fact no fares that's like taxes only who's been to europe who's flown ryanair yeah. Who likes right there? I actually really like ryan harris because I know what I'm getting I'm basically getting a bus in the sky that's all I got to see sometimes I see actually has bought into it and so I don't follow through um you know, the window is not ducted but I get a seat in the sky I don't want not paying for anything else and that's why it's so cheap? Uh, you know there's, a new airline that just started flying with a new airline it's old it's called the region they are a budget carrier in europe and now they just have the new boeing seven eight seven flight and now they're going to do transatlantic flights. You can go to part from the united states to scandinavia full four hundred dollars roger great fares norwegian um but you're going to see in the sky you want water on that flight didn't pay for it you want meals I've got to pay for it you want to watch a movie you had to rent thea the little screen everything is paid for but nowadays because planes have learned so uh so much more efficient you get a lot of budget carriers flying long collards asia airasia is one of the best airlines they will go from they used to do asia too europe but they reduce that route but you go from asia to japan china they leave from kuala poor but they also have major hubs in bangkok and singapore I think you know part of I'll show you new zealand uh so you can really like travel most of the way around the world on these budget carriers which is a much more you know, affordable way to travel you know, if you're a family of four you want to go from chicago to stop home and you know I say yes it's uh thousand dollars but no regions four hundred well, you know that bottle of water is not going to be you know, six hundred dollars you know it's going tio maybe like ten with still cheaper and then you can get teo and you really cheap there's some of the indian and russian airlines chinese airlines airasia back and then you know, for jean air is really chief so there you have gone back for a couple of thousand dollars um I'll talk more about multi stop around the world tickets uh when we get to that section alternative routes so last year I had to go to paris in new york to paris was nine hundred fifty dollars, which was quite expensive, but I could go from new york to dublin for six hundred dollars and hop over chief ryan air flight get back and rare for sixty bucks from dublin to paris uh so save myself about three hundred dollars there of course I didn't have to go direct and I haven't do you stop over and then wait a couple hours and switch carriers uh but the extra four hours safety a hundred bucks that's a lot of good presion in french food that I will take over any day uh then you know a direct flight so try to look at alternatives like flights like see what's cheaper and google flights in kayaks explore tool are really great at this because you could type in san francisco asia and it will just google maps will come up and I'll just list all the price points from asia you know the price to go to tokyo beijing I said need singapore wherever you want to go you can just really just find the cheapest flight and just book that that's where you going to go and what you're over in the region you can find a regional budget carrier to take you to where you want to go you want to go to bangkok but bangkok's two thousand dollars but singapore's you know seven hundred five singapore hop on areas your flight for like fifty bucks head over to bangkok it was sort of mixing matching carriers is a great way to find a cheaper flight and I really like dual flights explorer toe flights for that because you could be you can do that in kayaks explorers will also tested too so those are two really good resource is to sort of mix and match airlines with search many websites who uses expedia ok who uses um orbits two who uses both two okay how many when you book a flight how many search engines do you look at how much for four I usually look at hipmunk hipmunk so one that's good sight like that a lot of money at least you're least for I mean I really wanna make absolutely sure I'm getting the best deal because it's amazing the spread of price is the same route yeah it's amazing the spread for usually looking about seven or eight no I'm pretty loyal to the oneworld alliance because I fly a lot and so I like to have my upgrades in my parks but sometimes the cost of is a little bit ridiculous and I'm like I'm gonna find somewhere else you got to search a lot of um website no one website includes every airline I mean just take a look in um the u s southwest airlines is not on any search website you can only find their affairs through their website booking sites don't cover regions and parts of the world people you're not going to find you know low cost budget carriers on kayak expedia orbitz us based carriers but sky scanner and mondo which are based overseas do list um you know and all search engines air not equal you really have to not only search your local search engines but also sort of foreign search engines to so these were the sights I like sky scanner which is great internationally especially for budget airlines they're based out of the uk mondo is a great website that churches legacy carriers budget airlines private charters you know, seasonal companies I mean they're really sort of the most comprehensive and they're based out of denmark you know and they were just super really great at finding sort of everyone possible google flights have already mentioned them I like their explorer tool they tend to have sixty more the bigger airlines the matrix which powers google flights thie teammate h matrix is not the movie canneries is not running the site it's it's sort of an advanced website where you can put it in advance routes and dates and it will kind of search calendars a little better and this is really doing if you kind of want to mix and match as well as you know look for you four days in june on one carrier if you can't book direct with this white but it will give you prices and flight routes that you can sort of use as a baseline for your further searching kayaks kayak like iraq because they're big medicine right? And they also have the oil chart that tells you how much of prices going up and down so it's sort of good to see pricing for flight routes andi also have that explore too where you can just kind of go everywhere do you know matter kayak I've currently believe they are the only one but maybe other started doing this now you can actually now select one world or star alliance yeah that's such an amazing tool because like expedia doesn't have that for example so mondo um we'll let you do it I am we'll let you do it but you can also sort of single out um like airlines like you can look for you know monday we'll let you search by like like the alliance we're one world alliance star alliance skyteam which of the three big ones cottage is really good for that, but most of the other ones will let you plug out like the carries you don't like and by autumn is really good for international flights departing from the u s if you're looking for them for an international flight departing from south africa not so good going from a mondo ok, so um so looks up here for a second and talk about how I would then realize all this stuff to sort of book a flight so who needs a flight booked he's going somewhere wants a fight book okay, john, where you on? I'm going to bologna in much going to blow on your marks and so how would you go about searching for a flight from san francisco to belong it I'll actually start with yeah, I mean, I always fly star alliance for a ll the reasons you've said ok, so I will start actually with basically united's website okay uh there months I've got an idea of what the routine is that's available I will say look at lufthansa then I'll go to places like kayak to expedient to see how if I can get a better fare what the better fare is okay um is there anyone here who is not loyal to a specific um alliance? Okay everybody else everybody so let's say john wants to go to belong anybody is not loyalty night he just wants the cheapest fare the first thing I would do if you have a preferred carrier I would start with that, you know, if you really like united and you really hope to fly united, take a look at that carrier's website united's website in this case and see how much that fair is I don't have a slide for this so I'm just gonna have to take notes uh so much that parrots next I would go tv iowa because they're good for international flights out of the u s um and then I would go to google fights to see ok if I start playing with the dates you know, united says eight hundred vine thomas came back and seven fifty when if I started playing with the calendar more can I get it down to maybe seven and I would go overseas to mondo to see what they have because the money was going to find sort of uh overseas booking sites that are not going to be listed here because my mondo is not a booking site directly they are like kayak in the sense that they search other booking sites and sort of prayer all together for you on dso that would go to my mind there and see if they come up with anything uh huh and the last thing in the sky scanner at that point I would say ok, is it worth my time to contain jj searching more because you could spend all day doing this but if you're spending your entire day looking for a ten dollars savings is that really the best use of your day? You could be packing for your trip or researching destinations so if united came back at eight hundred dollars and I got down to seven um and there wasn't really much price difference I would probably church one more and it was still around that low price our just book it you don't I want to keep going to every site uh because eventually even waste your whole day right if if if they're all coming back within a certain you know five to ten dollars price range, chances are you're not going to suddenly find a steel and be like oh my god, look I when one more site you know and found that six hundred dollars fare if you've gone through all of these and the price is within a fifty dollar range prices for the fifty dollars range questions yes from scotland to dublin your ryanair okay yeah um within europe within asia I would look just look at the budget carriers because they're going to go everywhere especially to dublin because ryanair's that's ryanair is home hub easyjet is another carrier and they're based out of london uh transavia dutch german wings as well german to find that budget airline and you'll get like your flight ryanair will go from edinburgh glasgow yeah we're going direct to dublin and I'll be like, you know probably twenty pounds so wow well, these budget carriers have taxes and fees um and they charge you for your bag they also do charge if your carry on bag there are lots of little hidden things people you gotta watch out if you play by their rules is just going to end up with you know a twenty dollars fare plus ten year ten pounds for up to fifteen kilos I will tell you a funny story man I do have a friend who flies that route quite often he's very loyal to ryan there he just wears a really really big coat with big pockets and he stops everything you can into them and that's that's fine. You get around the fees yeah yeah so I flew right there recently from stock home to dublin and it was a nice jeep flight and well, just like speaking of ryanair, though, like it's good to note that when you do fly them, you should probably look up their terms because they do tricky things like your carry on bag. Generally those hard top carry on bags that people buy specifically for carry ons they don't work for ryanair like it doesn't fit in the bin. Then you have to get under the bus and it's, you know, another sixty bucks, so it's like just make sure you look up the rules for the airlines when you're flying. Yeah, definitely, especially on the low cost budget carrier airasia also charged for bags. I mean, if they're giving me twenty dollars flights, they've got to make it up somehow and they make it up in the field, but no, I expect a bust in the sky. I expect nothing from them except cheap this uh, and even with the ancillary fees, they can still kind of workout cheaper. Not if you're carrying seven suitcases with you. Ryanair is not going to be your best option because you're going to pay for everyone with suitcases, whereas if you're flying internationally on the major airline, you sort of have a weight limit on that can be quite high if you're if you just ask you usually a second bag um so you can it won't be as costly yes, you found that booking directly with airlines himself is better if you have to change your ticket in any way and not have to pay the booking for example, the booking fees? No, we have to pay expedia and then pay their linus well to change it. Or for example, when you book with like these these you're still being ticketed under the airline, so you have to sometimes we have to call the airline directly, you have to go back for them to make any changes. That's what? Your story party, I mean, using speed in a while so I don't know their specific rules, but when I booked through, I've looked through scott most of these all the time, and I just always called the airline directly because they were just sort of like the agent, you know, they can't really do anything. You know, something like, if there's a delay or something, if you want to change your flight route or your time is best to call the airline directly because they're making a commission off the sale of that flight. The airlines really in charge of all the ticking rules I won think because of reading all the rules and regulations with I know if each is easy jet one time I bought from a third party and then I try to steal my flight easyjet just charge me like an extra fee because I bought it from a u s o the budget carriers might add that end but when you find the major like big name carriers I've never had a problem where they're like you know you have to go to you gill of obama for that or if you're into the war ticket or or something different you might have to go back but I've never been content actually I have a question there goes back tio little conversation that we talked about changing the vpn and we also have a question coming in from beneath that says with all this searching going on is it necessary to delete your search history and cookies from day the day they found? Like we said, the prices go up every day yet if I news use another computer on the same day the prices are lower uh question is going to come up I talked about this so there is some answered and said a little evidence that airlines track you're you're searching behaviour which makes sense because they want to know consumer by habit um there is slight evidence to show that you know, if you keep searching for affairs they know you're looking so though they raise the price um there is definitely you know, you confined if I search kayak dot com first kyra canada prices will be priced uh flights will be priced differently um so when it comes to deleting your cookies and your vpn I like to bras incognito I'm google chrome just because that way I know I'm getting sort of the baseline, right? Um is it one hundred percent concrete proof that this happens? You know, it has definitely happened before like delta has, you know, price fares differently for, you know, loyal elite customers and non loyal customers actually prices higher for a loyal customers kayak has been showing to track cookies and raise prices. This happened for every search every day, all the time, you know, I've never seen like a study saying like we have tracked this, we can say definitively every time you search this is happening other airline experts I know who sort of deal with this have also said that they've never seen that this is one hundred percent concrete all the time, but there's enough evidence to show that this does happen and probably with increasing frequency as more people so opt into cookies and I have become so sort of conditioned if you like for want of a better word, but we now know we are empowered to do our own searches except in the olden days after grandmother about this there were things called travel agents, they studio but what do you think, father? Because lee is asking me is asking you know all their travel agents who will work with solo by the travels of the really recommend this is the way to go when it comes to challenges challenges tend to search that guy right there at the matrix and another system called saber those air really like the search engines that power the airlines and the reservation systems um travel it is a great for like if you want to have like a big you're organizing your honeymoon we're taking a cruise we're going on a big group but they don't have some sort of magic voodoo where they can make that united flight you know, three hundred dollars there's something called airline consolidators you know they buy lots of cheap tickets and sort of resell them those can be good for specific destinations for example if you're you want to go to china right you could probably find a cheaper price if you want to chinatown and found ah travel asian there that specialising cheap tickets and getting you know the chinese people back to china to visit relatives in such those kind of ethnic like ticket bookers can sometimes find better deals because they specialize in that they buy really cheap you know low cost tickets in bulk but they're very reason specific uh another travel writer of mine you know does this a lot when you go to brazil used to live in brazil ity and goes you know, to the brazilian travel agent because they have just all these tickets that could be great but you that really only works if you're in a big city and you know, there is sort of like that small enclave and they have those kind of, you know, specialized ticket agents if you are in, you know, middle of nowhere mills nowhere bills search for yourself, you can you normally find better deals, especially if you're looking globally because you don't just because you're in the united states doesn't mean the person book with has to be a company in the united states I have booked with weird web sites from the mondo you know, in estonia and greece and you know you're for asia because you can search globally and you get, you know, a bunch of different fares that way guest nineteen forty four they're saying have you experienced or is this a good method for buying one way tickets and then combining them all is that does that sometimes work out cheap if they found that sometimes it has? Yes, and now the key there is sometimes so sometimes you can buy one way ticket and it's cheaper and you can wait for the deal to come back other times around trip ticket will work out of cheaper even if you're only going one way and you're going to drop the return leg this is especially true for flies international flights leaving the u s if you want to go to europe uh and you know when you come back and you want to get one way spend talking about money but you've got a round trip ticket and ditch the uh other flight airlines hate when you do this but it's a good way to do it and I might have done it in a couple of times because I have searched for flights you know from the u s to europe one way because I don't know him come back or where I'll come back from when I will come back um and it'll be like four hundred thousand dollars you know how it will only show like the premium seats and then you search round trip on it's like nine hundred bucks you know look economy is suddenly available and so you booked around truck really handsome the destination you can I know you sa show you can find a good piece in one ways sometimes sometimes asia are they so it's really you kind of have tio look at the one way prize and the rancher price and see what's going on yes curious going backto the points credit cards that you use those give you points no matter what you spend it on even if you're not spending it with the airline company yes so it's whatever every day's but does it double if you use it for the airline that it's for so going back to the travel credit currents, they all have their different rules some airlines will give you added points if you are using it, spending it on their website so if I book a, um you know, united flight I get two times points if I use my united credit card versus one point if I just use another credit card so if the flight differences like one hundred dollars versus a different web site, you're going to go united just because you're gonna earn double the points anyway yeah, if you're using the united credit cards right, so I mean but you know what's worth it like it's a six hundred dollars ticket right do you want is the extra six hundred points worth one hundred one hundred dollars to so I like using the american especially gold card because you get three times points on travel so it's a little bit more, but yeah, you can get out of points or or if you like by in flight food on their airline credit card though give you twenty five percent off um if going kind of back two points away said if you bought a round trip ticket but you drop the flight do you get the points for the return flight? They didn't take what you have to be on the flight you can get the points back for a fee there's always a fee involved I know men like if you bought the ticket because you're like a round trip on just put the money down are you only get the points like do you mean like well, you earn points on the round trip and I know you have to actually be on the plan so if I job, um I have an upcoming trip that I'm doing this for I'm not going to name it because you have no he's watching, but, um I will only get two points for the leg I actually fly they actually to print you out a boarding pass and then you got I mean, that would be great. I would be like, you know, doing this all the time. Like who? Look, suddenly I only had to fly half the flights. Um, so another good wait, um it's a joint mailing list. So if you want to look for cheap deals, joining airline mailing list kayaks, mailing list airfarewatchdog is a great site. Now, some of the said yesterday, matt, you know, these companies were good, but can you put him on a slide there? All on my web site under resource is so and he couldn't any company I sort of verbally mentioned you confined on my site, I use them all myself, I love airfarewatchdog I put in new york city, and it just shows me all sorts of flight flight alerts putting in your home city well, so you mondo will show it. I get ryan, there is, I have no shame with plug here, have a weakened use. Other. I started about two to three hours searching for cheap flights, and I put them on the news, the other for all the readers and subscribers. So if you don't want to search everywhere and you want me to do all the work, save yourself some time. Join my newsletter, but no through finding you. Many of these deals are only come up from twenty four hours. You know, their mistake fares there only around for a couple of hours. Also, another great said the fight deal. Just the flight deal, dot com, and if you're not on these newsletters, you're not getting these alerts. You're going to miss it.

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