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Segment 17 - Jill Rowley: Always Be Connecting

We're going to bring in aa couple really guest to present you know, they've assured me they were going to agree with everything I said but maybe give you a little different perspective and so that's what I want to do now is a real treat I think in because we're gonna have some people that are really out there in the trenches have been doing a lot of this stuff at various levels and I think they will have a great perspective for you, so I'm going to bring up our first guest presented today jill rally is a social media evangelist just started her own company after doing gigs with sales force and l'aquila and has some pretty amazing case studies to share with you so jill take her away so welcome everyone and I am very active on social media as well and my twitter handle is at jill underscore rally um and this is a screen shot from my linked in profile you want to connect with me on linkedin? I'm a fan of personalized invitations on langton and I wanted to start with my own personal story ...

so I have my twenty year college re union coming up and I wanted to share a quick confession with you all, so I'm forty one years old um I'm married, I kissed a lot of frogs before I met my prince I'm a mom of four on and I'm a social networking addict so um I have over ten thousand connections on lengthen over fifteen thousand followers on twitter almost two thousand friends on facebook and I'm also active on other channels like slide share cora I'm starting toe learn the ropes of pinterest and instagram and 00:01:58.902 --> 00:02:03. snapchat and fine I gotta stay up with the times 00:02:04.38 --> 00:02:07. um so a lot of addicts are addicted to things like 00:02:07.77 --> 00:02:12. fancy shoes, expensive cars but I'm addicted to likes 00:02:12.15 --> 00:02:17. comments favorites retweets and I'm addicted to those 00:02:17.02 --> 00:02:18. things because it means that the information that 00:02:18.8 --> 00:02:22. I share in my networks is a value to the people in 00:02:22.42 --> 00:02:23. my network 00:02:24.32 --> 00:02:28. and so I spent six years in consulting thirteen quote 00:02:28.96 --> 00:02:34. a crushing years in sales I carried a bag I was on 00:02:34.51 --> 00:02:38. quota and then I made a pivot in my career and I joined 00:02:38.05 --> 00:02:42. oracle for ten months and seventeen days where I design 00:02:42.7 --> 00:02:45. deployed and drove adoption of a global social selling 00:02:45.14 --> 00:02:45. program 00:02:46.81 --> 00:02:48. and I had twenty three thousand sales professionals 00:02:48.77 --> 00:02:52. that I was working with to help them understand the 00:02:52.24 --> 00:02:57. power of building their personal brand and leveraging 00:02:57.1 --> 00:03:01. social networks to really all it is to build relationships 00:03:02.65 --> 00:03:06. it's not even to sell it's to serve it's not even 00:03:06.59 --> 00:03:07. to sell its to help 00:03:09.02 --> 00:03:12. and it's to attract inbound interest by putting quality 00:03:12.87 --> 00:03:16. information out there that your customers into future 00:03:16.81 --> 00:03:20. customers would actually find valuable so I'm on a 00:03:20.44 --> 00:03:24. mission to transform the world's sales 00:03:25.37 --> 00:03:29. people into servants of their buyers 00:03:30.97 --> 00:03:35. and so I then launched my own company and I'm hoping 00:03:35.0 --> 00:03:38. other companies leverage the power of social networking 00:03:38.92 --> 00:03:42. so today I'm going to share my journey and some of 00:03:42.08 --> 00:03:45. the things that I've done teo I build my personal 00:03:45.8 --> 00:03:51. brand and also tio established my subject matter expertise 00:03:51.46 --> 00:03:55. in the area of social social selling, social networking 00:03:55.77 --> 00:03:56. and social business 00:03:58.07 --> 00:04:00. so I don't know if you guys know the old expression 00:04:00.81 --> 00:04:06. abc in sales glengarry glen ross alec baldwin always 00:04:06.69 --> 00:04:12. be closing coffee is for closers I've actually redefined 00:04:12.82 --> 00:04:17. abc from always be closing toe always be connecting 00:04:18.74 --> 00:04:21. it's your connections that lead to your conversations 00:04:22.04 --> 00:04:24. that ultimately to your customer relationships 00:04:26.6 --> 00:04:30. there I am on lengthen in my summary I make that about 00:04:30.68 --> 00:04:36. me people buy from people they know they like and 00:04:36.95 --> 00:04:40. they trust and instead of optimizing my linked in 00:04:40.71 --> 00:04:45. profile for the recruiter that screams quota crusher 00:04:46.18 --> 00:04:52. expert negotiator top award winning sales rep of the 00:04:52.21 --> 00:04:56. year thing I actually optimize my linked in profile 00:04:56.63 --> 00:05:00. for my customers and again people buy from people 00:05:00.51 --> 00:05:03. they know they like they trust so I leveraged my social 00:05:03.86 --> 00:05:06. networks to hopefully get people to know me toe like 00:05:06.97 --> 00:05:11. me and to trust me and I think my value system which 00:05:11.35 --> 00:05:14. is one of giving to give a lot of people give to get 00:05:15.54 --> 00:05:18. I'll give you this hamburger if you give me two dollars 00:05:19.32 --> 00:05:22. well, we understand that that's business but, um I 00:05:22.53 --> 00:05:26. give a lot of information and my time justo help other 00:05:26.55 --> 00:05:30. people and tow connect other people that can benefit 00:05:30.18 --> 00:05:34. each other so I leverage my social profiles to really 00:05:34.44 --> 00:05:36. demonstrate what I stand for what I care about what 00:05:36.85 --> 00:05:40. my passions are and again trying to get people to 00:05:40.07 --> 00:05:42. know me you like me to trust me 00:05:43.87 --> 00:05:48. twitter so I was watching the segment earlier from 00:05:48.91 --> 00:05:54. my car um as I was driving in and I john shared his 00:05:54.85 --> 00:05:57. twitter profile in the recent changes that have been 00:05:57.12 --> 00:06:00. made to twitter not all of the profiles have been 00:06:00.12 --> 00:06:03. updated to the new look and feel but I personally 00:06:03.18 --> 00:06:07. love love the new look and feel I think it's much 00:06:07.29 --> 00:06:12. more engaging and visually appealing um and I'm trying 00:06:12.04 --> 00:06:14. teo again use my social networks to get people to 00:06:14.8 --> 00:06:19. know me toe like me to trust me and a lot of the folks 00:06:19.09 --> 00:06:24. who and I will say in my my photo I hadn't received 00:06:24.09 --> 00:06:27. a copy of john's new book so that's the on ly reason 00:06:27.67 --> 00:06:32. why it isn't in my set of must read favorite books 00:06:32.74 --> 00:06:35. now I do have a signed copy of the book and its great 00:06:35.96 --> 00:06:40. I really when I read the book I said to johnny said 00:06:40.69 --> 00:06:41. you wrote my book 00:06:43.01 --> 00:06:46. thank you wrote the book that I want to write it's 00:06:46.41 --> 00:06:52. so resonated with me it's not a book about social 00:06:52.67 --> 00:06:55. media it's about building authentic relationships 00:06:55.55 --> 00:06:57. with your customers and 00:06:59.26 --> 00:07:02. you know john has a lot of experience in marketing 00:07:02.62 --> 00:07:05. and he makes the realization that 00:07:06.26 --> 00:07:09. they're starting to look more similar than different 00:07:09.96 --> 00:07:12. and really I've been writing about the modern tells 00:07:12.26 --> 00:07:16. professional she's really a mini marketer and she 00:07:16.16 --> 00:07:19. uses social networks to build relationships and turn 00:07:19.49 --> 00:07:22. trust and so from a personal branding perspective 00:07:22.66 --> 00:07:27. um you've got my my founder and chief evangelist um 00:07:27.27 --> 00:07:29. I bring subject matter expertise around social selling 00:07:29.57 --> 00:07:30. and modern marketing 00:07:31.96 --> 00:07:35. when I was you know a sales rap a lot of buyers try 00:07:35.01 --> 00:07:36. to avoid salespeople 00:07:37.76 --> 00:07:40. and they're not answering their phones anymore and 00:07:40.48 --> 00:07:43. they're not responding to unsolicited e mails and 00:07:43.37 --> 00:07:47. so I say you have to be where your buyers are offline 00:07:47.59 --> 00:07:53. at events networking events conferences online in 00:07:53.06 --> 00:07:55. social networks so eighty two percent of the world's 00:07:55.9 --> 00:07:58. online population can be reached via social networks 00:08:00.16 --> 00:08:02. ninety two percent baby buyer start their search on 00:08:02.49 --> 00:08:02. the web 00:08:04.28 --> 00:08:05. I hope my husband's not watching because I'm going 00:08:05.96 --> 00:08:08. to give one more confession that might upset him 00:08:09.48 --> 00:08:11. google is my best friend 00:08:13.18 --> 00:08:18. google is with me always twenty four seven so reliable 00:08:19.54 --> 00:08:22. extremely accurate and really never talks back 00:08:23.78 --> 00:08:25. so google was my best friend and google's becoming 00:08:25.77 --> 00:08:28. the best friend of the modern buyer whether the modern 00:08:28.32 --> 00:08:30. buyers buying something personal or from a business 00:08:30.96 --> 00:08:35. perspective um so I'm trying to optimize my social 00:08:35.11 --> 00:08:39. profiles as well so that I'm more findable in google 00:08:40.28 --> 00:08:42. and so that when buyers go out and look for information 00:08:42.51 --> 00:08:46. about social selling. They find me when they look 00:08:46.29 --> 00:08:48. for information about modern marketing, they find 00:08:48.89 --> 00:08:52. me. And so, even if you're not the most social person 00:08:52.54 --> 00:08:55. and wanting to use these social networks, you know 00:08:55.15 --> 00:08:57. excessively, like some addicts, 00:08:58.98 --> 00:09:03. in least having personal present and using keywords 00:09:03.24 --> 00:09:05. on your profiles that will make you more findable 00:09:06.28 --> 00:09:07. is something I highly recommend. 00:09:10.58 --> 00:09:14. Terms of, um, before we get to some other examples 00:09:14.6 --> 00:09:15. and some stories. 00:09:17.98 --> 00:09:20. As a sales professional at 00:09:21.48 --> 00:09:25. even salesforce dot com before social 00:09:26.28 --> 00:09:30. wass before facebook before twitter before lengthen 00:09:31.46 --> 00:09:37. um I wass using content as my currency 00:09:38.48 --> 00:09:41. so I'll walk you through really quickly the way that 00:09:41.63 --> 00:09:46. I define what social selling is then already said 00:09:46.55 --> 00:09:48. it's really not selling it serving the buyer it's 00:09:48.5 --> 00:09:52. not selling it's helping the buyer the first step 00:09:52.23 --> 00:09:55. in really becoming a social sales professional is 00:09:56.38 --> 00:10:00. building your personal brand so really thinking about 00:10:00.25 --> 00:10:01. what is your unique 00:10:02.65 --> 00:10:06. value your unique differentiation there are lots of 00:10:06.27 --> 00:10:09. photographers in the world what makes you different 00:10:10.45 --> 00:10:15. what makes you better for that person that opportunity 00:10:15.52 --> 00:10:19. that that that event that 00:10:20.75 --> 00:10:24. birth of a baby right so what is it that makes you 00:10:24.65 --> 00:10:25. unique and different 00:10:27.33 --> 00:10:30. and really demonstrating that everywhere all fine 00:10:30.77 --> 00:10:34. when you meet people online in social and I say social 00:10:34.91 --> 00:10:40. isn't a replacement for the truth this isn't modern 00:10:40.16 --> 00:10:44. trickery you have to be your authentic self and so 00:10:44.89 --> 00:10:47. you know really building that personal brand and really 00:10:47.3 --> 00:10:49. going through an exercise of 00:10:50.65 --> 00:10:54. what are the words that describe you bast on dh how 00:10:54.49 --> 00:10:58. do you really first impressions matter right? So a 00:10:58.0 --> 00:11:01. lot of times before anyone will take my call or respond 00:11:01.22 --> 00:11:04. to my e mail there actually looking at who I am 00:11:05.25 --> 00:11:08. and that first impression is who they see on lengthen 00:11:09.45 --> 00:11:11. or who they see on twitter or even who they see on 00:11:11.67 --> 00:11:17. facebook I use facebook um I decided tio to not keep 00:11:17.95 --> 00:11:21. personal and professional separate I'm one jill rally 00:11:22.04 --> 00:11:27. one's enough to manage um and so I my facebook maybe 00:11:27.83 --> 00:11:32. my old high school friends our little bored with my 00:11:33.09 --> 00:11:36. content that I share um I do share pictures of my 00:11:36.12 --> 00:11:39. kids and and all of that but I use one profile for 00:11:40.75 --> 00:11:42. who I am as an individual 00:11:44.25 --> 00:11:47. so the first really stepping this is personal branding 00:11:47.85 --> 00:11:53. the second step um abc always be connecting your network 00:11:54.55 --> 00:11:55. is your net worth 00:11:57.59 --> 00:12:02. and I say that business cards arlington connections 00:12:03.85 --> 00:12:06. they're new people to follow on twitter and their 00:12:06.84 --> 00:12:07. new friends on facebook 00:12:09.02 --> 00:12:13. and so every time I meet someone I'm not taking that 00:12:13.2 --> 00:12:15. business card and putting it into my desk drawer 00:12:17.32 --> 00:12:21. I'm actually sending them an invitation to connect 00:12:21.03 --> 00:12:25. on linkedin because I want them as part of my network 00:12:26.9 --> 00:12:27. um 00:12:28.99 --> 00:12:34. the third step in social selling is content you hurt 00:12:34.17 --> 00:12:38. a lot already about the value of content content I 00:12:38.33 --> 00:12:41. say is the currency of the modern sales professional 00:12:41.62 --> 00:12:45. content is a very important aspect of marketing but 00:12:45.01 --> 00:12:49. sales teams can be an extension of your marketing 00:12:49.46 --> 00:12:53. organization their distribution engine for the content 00:12:53.27 --> 00:12:58. that you produce and um I like to say I'm down with 00:12:58.31 --> 00:13:01. o p c yeah you know me I'm done with other people's 00:13:01.71 --> 00:13:02. content 00:13:03.72 --> 00:13:07. because of all I ever shared was my content joe rally 00:13:07.36 --> 00:13:10. content joe rally content joe rally content that would 00:13:10.75 --> 00:13:15. be annoying that's like social spamming we don't like 00:13:15.38 --> 00:13:19. to do that no one likes to be spammed and so I leverage 00:13:19.43 --> 00:13:23. opc other people's content and I also leverage o p 00:13:23.87 --> 00:13:29. p other people's popularity and I say I want to be 00:13:29.12 --> 00:13:34. in the networks of people who are influential in the 00:13:34.09 --> 00:13:37. topic that my buyer cares about 00:13:38.56 --> 00:13:43. so I want to be connected teo and socially surrounding 00:13:44.39 --> 00:13:48. the most influential people in social selling and 00:13:48.42 --> 00:13:49. in modern marketing 00:13:50.42 --> 00:13:53. and so I'm not only socially surrounding my customer 00:13:54.01 --> 00:13:58. my future customer a lot of times the word prospect 00:13:58.29 --> 00:14:02. is is used and I just hate that word who wants to 00:14:02.54 --> 00:14:03. be prospected 00:14:04.84 --> 00:14:05. anyone 00:14:06.51 --> 00:14:10. no but if someone engages with you as a future advocate 00:14:12.18 --> 00:14:16. right of the product or service that you sell of you 00:14:16.52 --> 00:14:19. and your company you have a sales professional actually 00:14:19.25 --> 00:14:22. engages with you and shape taking you along you're 00:14:22.96 --> 00:14:26. buying journey as opposed to jamming their sales process 00:14:26.16 --> 00:14:29. down your throat here you're developing a much better 00:14:29.59 --> 00:14:34. relationship um and you'll be more likely to buy again 00:14:35.04 --> 00:14:37. and not only by again and buy more but refer 00:14:39.0 --> 00:14:43. and the best source of leads are referrals where to 00:14:43.73 --> 00:14:48. mouth you create happy customers those happy customers 00:14:48.32 --> 00:14:51. are your best salespeople they go out and they tell 00:14:51.71 --> 00:14:55. your story and and that's important because of 00:14:56.08 --> 00:15:01. sort of the trust element of people not trusting logos 00:15:01.51 --> 00:15:07. and companies as much as they trust other people and 00:15:08.34 --> 00:15:11. the ratio of fired a company trust is about thirty 00:15:11.91 --> 00:15:15. three percent but the ratio of fired a buyer person 00:15:15.7 --> 00:15:20. a person human a human peer to peer ninety two percent 00:15:21.38 --> 00:15:25. power to the people power to the people I love that 00:15:25.11 --> 00:15:30. so I socially surround my future advocate with my 00:15:30.39 --> 00:15:35. existing advocates and the people are influential 00:15:35.28 --> 00:15:38. in those subject areas because I'm already connected 00:15:38.23 --> 00:15:40. to them I'm in their social networks 00:15:42.71 --> 00:15:45. fourth is so we talked about personal brand always 00:15:45.92 --> 00:15:48. be connecting socially surround continents the currency 00:15:49.27 --> 00:15:52. the fourth aspect is really listening we have two 00:15:52.7 --> 00:15:56. years and we have one mouth and so we should be listening 00:15:56.24 --> 00:15:59. twice as much as we're talking and if we can't then 00:15:59.4 --> 00:16:01. we have to get them we have to get to understand the 00:16:01.31 --> 00:16:08. buyer well enough to eh either help them by or qualify 00:16:08.31 --> 00:16:08. mao 00:16:09.76 --> 00:16:11. if they're not a good fit 00:16:12.96 --> 00:16:18. negative nancy is really bad for your business 00:16:19.21 --> 00:16:23. positive patty is really good for your business so 00:16:23.57 --> 00:16:25. you really want to make sure you were bringing on 00:16:25.55 --> 00:16:29. customers that are going to be positive patties and 00:16:29.18 --> 00:16:30. amplify 00:16:31.46 --> 00:16:34. you are at their advocacy for you and make sure that 00:16:34.53 --> 00:16:38. you're not you know closing bad deals and signing 00:16:38.29 --> 00:16:42. customers that aren't a good fit because those customers 00:16:42.1 --> 00:16:46. have a voice and negative nancy is a big problem for 00:16:46.35 --> 00:16:47. your business 00:16:49.11 --> 00:16:52. so listening listening for the conversation around 00:16:53.26 --> 00:16:56. you know if if I sold marketing automation software 00:16:56.59 --> 00:17:01. for over a decade so I set up tweetdeck and hoot suite 00:17:02.03 --> 00:17:05. and I had columns thes were listening tools that I 00:17:05.22 --> 00:17:07. could understand the conversations that were happening 00:17:07.96 --> 00:17:11. across the social web on the topics of marketing automation 00:17:12.54 --> 00:17:14. anytime anyone talk about market animation I could 00:17:14.67 --> 00:17:19. see that and I could engage in a non sails away anyone 00:17:19.08 --> 00:17:21. talked about lead nurturing which is one of the things 00:17:21.06 --> 00:17:23. that I know john talked about earlier and that's one 00:17:23.87 --> 00:17:26. of the things that marketing automation supports so 00:17:26.43 --> 00:17:29. I would be able tio listen to that conversation and 00:17:29.15 --> 00:17:30. engage in that conversation 00:17:32.3 --> 00:17:32. so 00:17:33.86 --> 00:17:36. before I tell these individual stories 00:17:37.96 --> 00:17:42. I used social for me became initially it was like 00:17:42.38 --> 00:17:45. water right like I know it's good for me I know I 00:17:45.63 --> 00:17:49. need to drink it but I had to remind myself okay I 00:17:49.48 --> 00:17:51. gotta put the time of my calendar and I've got to 00:17:51.21 --> 00:17:55. go using social channels to find my buyers to relate 00:17:55.94 --> 00:17:59. to them to connect with them to engage with them but 00:17:59.51 --> 00:18:02. I had to remind myself to go to use the social channels 00:18:02.95 --> 00:18:06. for research said I could know my buyer better to 00:18:06.55 --> 00:18:08. find out personal information about someone that I 00:18:08.61 --> 00:18:11. could make a more you know relevant connection with 00:18:11.36 --> 00:18:11. them 00:18:13.25 --> 00:18:16. but as I really started teo use thes channels and 00:18:16.6 --> 00:18:21. get that positive feedback meaning pipeline and revenue 00:18:21.78 --> 00:18:26. from the social channels social became like air to 00:18:26.15 --> 00:18:26. may 00:18:27.68 --> 00:18:30. and literally I can't hear someone's name without 00:18:30.84 --> 00:18:34. thinking lincoln looking for him. One lengthen there 00:18:34.13 --> 00:18:37. are over three hundred million professionals on lengthen 00:18:38.22 --> 00:18:42. there are photographers there are hairstylist there 00:18:42.33 --> 00:18:42. are 00:18:44.28 --> 00:18:47. sales associates for rodent in fields and new 00:18:48.45 --> 00:18:50. skin care line that I've been using and 00:18:51.43 --> 00:18:52. I really think it's helped 00:18:54.38 --> 00:18:57. um and so there's all sorts of you know the world's 00:18:57.3 --> 00:18:59. professionals on langton and I literally I'll be at 00:18:59.5 --> 00:19:02. my kids swim team event and I'll meet someone and 00:19:02.13 --> 00:19:04. I'm like dying to look him up on linked in because 00:19:04.99 --> 00:19:07. I can like figure out who they are I can figure out 00:19:07.22 --> 00:19:09. what the work experience is I can figure out where 00:19:09.08 --> 00:19:10. they live I can figure out who's in their network 00:19:11.48 --> 00:19:14. I'll go to twitter and I'll say who do they follow 00:19:14.48 --> 00:19:16. justin bieber pride not my kind of person 00:19:18.33 --> 00:19:20. right? So I see I figure out what they're tweeting 00:19:20.21 --> 00:19:23. about and I start to build relationships in these 00:19:23.43 --> 00:19:26. social networks because I'm listening and I'm engaging 00:19:27.63 --> 00:19:28. I'm not selling 00:19:30.28 --> 00:19:33. I'm building authentic relationships based on trust 00:19:34.28 --> 00:19:37. and I'm sharing content that is of value to my customers 00:19:38.68 --> 00:19:39. and so when I 00:19:41.24 --> 00:19:45. left oracle and launched my own company joe rally 00:19:45.3 --> 00:19:45. dot com 00:19:47.18 --> 00:19:50. this was about price six weeks ago I have not made 00:19:50.49 --> 00:19:51. a single outbound call 00:19:52.75 --> 00:19:56. when my network is my net worth and my network knows 00:19:56.3 --> 00:19:58. that I launched my new company because I did some 00:19:58.32 --> 00:20:01. pretty interesting press around launching the company 00:20:02.21 --> 00:20:04. and I updated all my settle profiles at the same time and everyone was congratulating me and offering to help and literally I have not had to make any outbound calls people work it out and they know that I'm doing what I'm doing and I've established my self is a thought leader in a subject matter expert in this area and um it's been great I literally have not had teo um make any cold calls or send any unsolicited e mails that's my story I can tell you I got connected to the cmo of s a p the fourth largest software company in the world um I got a notification from my marketing automation system that he had clicked through an e mail title why cmo should carry a quota my jonathan becker so I went to lengthen I looked him up and I was looking for any way to relate to him so I read a couple post from his blawg and of scrolling through his profile and lo and behold he went to the va why would tva wah wah wah ay ay ay so I used our school battle cry and reached out to him via e mail literally within thirty minutes he was in barcelona spain seem over the fourth largest software company in the world e mails me back because I made it about him not about me I mean it's our mutuality are common connection I didn't try toe get a meeting set up a demo pitching my product I was just trying to build a relationship and so I I tell jonathan the other day that I use that as a story and my presentations, he says. Why it didn't end well. I didn't buy from you, and I said, dot, dot, dot. Yeah! Because he will at some point potentially or he can refer me business because I continue to be top of mind because I continue to not only share my content but opc and I share his content I amplify his content so I'm not trying to do social stalking but you know I'll invite someone to connect on lengthen using the art of a linked an invite making it about them then I'll follow one twitter I'll see what they're tweeting about I'll retweet them and potentially potentially leverage facebook as a channel usually when further into the relationship with that person but I might use facebook for research do they have kids how order their kids what kind of you know sports do they talk about etcetera so I use social not just for networking but for research so why don't we talk about a few other stories we did this webinar and the's are some of the experts in the topic of social selling. A lot of these folks are training provider's or strategy providers or technology providers in the social selling world. And so we did a call for submissions and we called it social selling with sharks and the panel where the sharks and so we had, you know, eight finalists and they submitted a video of their story their social selling success story and then we judged each of them and declared a winner so I just walk through how we judged their stories but it was based on originality scalability can this actually be replicated? How effective was it because at the end of the day we're looking for revenue right in sales you're measured on your number really I mean you could be measured on a number of calls or connects if you're on that telemarketing side of the business but the end of the day what really matters revenue the business that you close and so also were these inspiring did these stories help other sales professionals become, you know, social sellers so quickly we'll walk through their first one and these came from all over every region, so islam yes he's out of canada and he would join groups linking groups that where his customers or future customers would be members off and he would not only listen to conversations that were being had in the group but he would start conversations and share content that would be interesting to the groopman members and so it also then helped him in terms of you know, being findable his content was findable when people went and did google searches and he was he posted in this group, he actually had someone proactively reach out to him. You say I was a lot of times you're you're having to reach out and make the first call on the second and the third in the night email tweet, etcetera but he had inbound because of him sharing really quality content in a group where his buyers were hanging out. He looked more like his buyers than he did the sales guy and always be closing sales guy. And so he actually closed a three million dollar deal. Big deal, big deal, and then another opportunity had the pipeline one point, five million. Jennifer, I love this story. Essentially, she was new to the company and knew that her network was her network and knew that what she should sell was not features and functions, but customer success stories. And she knew she had this one company that she was trying to get into. And so she looked at who they were following on linkedin, what cos they were following. And she noticed that one of the companies that this person was following was a customer, a happy customer, a reference customer. And so she, when she reached out to that person she was trying to connect with, she referenced that. That company that that person was following was a happy customer, and she'd be more than willing. Teo, connect them for a conversation, and she ended up, you know, really being able tio, not cold call, but leverage information that would be interesting to that potential buyer makes sense. Um I literally uh ability to go into linked in and okay if my ideal customer profile so when I launched joe rally dot com I had to ask myself who is my ideal customer profile and um I was explaining it teo someone who is processing some of the inbound forms on my website and I said my experience and my expertise is in a really large companies like big enterprise is I worked in the belly of a thirty seven billion dollar beast like hundred twenty five thousand employees twenty three thousand sales professionals I understand politics I understand commander control hierarchical culture that needs to transform and modernize where they were will perish go away um so I get I get what it's like to be inside the belly of a big company and those of the customers that I want to work with because I want to I want to modernize these old school cos that aren't necessarily customer centered customer centric customer obsessed and I want to help big companies realized that we're living and of the customer right we're not living in the age of the cellar the seller doesn't control the information and access to the information cellar doesn't control access to people anymore we're living in the age of the customer so anyways when I was deciding the ideal customer profile it's not harry's barbershop right that's not my ideal customer profile so you know what you could do with lincoln is you can really narrow who it is you want to target based on keywords based on geographic location based on size of company number of employees, you can really get targeted and use thes this database to find new customers of yours on dh when they see you looking at their profile, remember, your profile needs to be professional. And, you know, I've seen a lot of unprofessional linked in photos with, like person cut out the arm, like with the person cut out. I've actually seen women and wedding dresses like that's what facebook's for, um, eso. Anyways, professional photo is really important. So, elliot, same thing. He basically would find contacts and he would use in mail, and he would keep the subject line really concise, keep the email really short. I'm optimized for view on a mobile because we're mobile now, right? Everyone is on the mobile devices and he was able to land a meeting and close to twenty five thousand dollar deal. John I thought this one was interesting okay found someone on twitter and they were actually tweeting about a bad experience with an airline and so instead of reaching out to that person with a scripted marketing message he reached out basically empathizing and saying yeah I know it sucks when you have a bad experience on the airline and you know related to that person as a human right this is human so much in business we forget that we're all human and we have a different voice for our business conversations then we d'oh with our friends and with our family but we're all human so john took a very humanistic approach and related to the guy and you know the guy felt good that someone cared that he had a sucky experience on an airline and he wasn't trying to pitch him something so that john was you know, really networking in a very human way sander this I just it blows my mind forty seven move illion dollar deal the dude closed I mean forty seven million dollars this guy isn't your average sales person he's very much a subject matter expert very much knows his his buyers world very much understands the world in which um that communications purchasing person lives in and he started to blawg he actually wasn't getting the content that he needed from his marketing team so he started to create his own content and he created a blawg and he really became perceived as the subject matter expert people can get addicted to your content addicted john creates incredible content I'm addicted to john's content I learned a lot from subscribing to john's content so you know sandor created addicts to his content and ended up winning a forty seven million dollar deal um couple more secret sauce so resource guide's really this is all about being useful to your customer right just again this is another example of using content content that wasn't even necessarily related to the product that this guy was selling but content that was related to the person and the and the world in which that person lived and so using content as his currency and then oh canada secret sauce identifying and connecting with new stakeholders in a new market um he had a new geography in terms of where he had to start prospecting and so he actually you know said this is this is ah enough in sales there's a term single threaded and I met I've been guilty many times where I've got um bob big ears bobby big ears who's talking to me taking my calls returning my emails and bobby big years is like really excited and wants to work with me and tells me everything that I need to know about the landscape and holy cow bobby big ears gets fired and I had forecasted the deal I thought I had that one buttoned up bye bye. Big ears is gone and now I gotta start all over again because I didn't realize I should be building a relationship with the buying committee and not just bobby big ears so brian uses linked in and twitter to find other people who might be part of the decision process and then doug dog is actually a guy who uses video ton set of sending an e mail generic email he actually will record a sixty second video and it humanizes doug it shows his personality it connects with that potential buyer so doug is a real big proponent of using video and using video to describe you know, common questions that they get from grillers right? Maybe it's a a recipe you can grill up on friday what goes great with cork you know and just really creating really cool content leveraging video really simple, very inexpensive and being able tio I'm share information about grilling and how grilling can make you a happier dad so hopefully in that in that view of the world you understand using social networks to build your personal professional brand build your network your network is your net worth add value don't sell serve when you serve you become someone that people are attracted tio and you know, listen listen to the social conversation figure out how to engage in the social conversation it's it's really I can't imagine doing what I do today without leveraging social to build relationships at scale that accelerate much faster, then waiting to meet someone in a crowded room at a networking event. There were two winners, actually, so the first place winner, wass brian lift and the second place winner, wass sander, actually, wasn't. I was shocked. I couldn't believe that he was in the second place winner. Um, the second place winner, I believe, was elio. Thank you. And their videos are available on the web site. You go to you, too, and you search on social selling with the sharks. The videos that they submitted and the weapon are that we presented. This is all available on the web. Great presentation. Thank you, yeah, really illuminating my question for you is, you know, I'd write to a check right now, and I'm sure everybody sitting here would to have you work for us. Chances are probably good I'm going out on a limb here, but we probably can't afford you a a what would you say, tow us, the small business owner, the entrepreneur or solo preneurs, which I've heard today, which, like, yeah, you know, we're just starting out and want teo try and leverage the expertise of somebody like you or your colleagues there's so much to know. How do we get started it. There is a ton to know on dh. Um, one of things is just for me. Invite me to connect on linked in, you'll start to see what I share and that that information alone will start toe help. You just be more it's in your stream, like it's in your and your thought process, you'll be thinking about it more.

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