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Sync Speed

Lesson 7 from: Studio Lighting Essentials

Mark Wallace

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7. Sync Speed

Sync speed is the fastest shutter speed you can use with a flash. Mark explains why there is this limitation and how we can use it to our advantage. Mark also demonstrates how to eliminate all the ambient light from a scene.
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Lesson Info

Sync Speed

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Ratings and Reviews


Great class! Very well structured, contains lots of useful and very well organized information. I'm new to studio lightning, so I liked very detailed explanations of every topic and the photoshoot part where you could see how all this works in practice. I'm just deciding on what studio lights to purchase and it helped me a lot to decide on what I want and need. I also really liked the new format (no audience, class directed to online audience) and the camera work was terrific!


So comprehensive and detailed. Love the overhead views. I need to watch with my lights set up to practice in real time.

Doug Rogers

This is very good explanation of studio lighting. Mark thoroughly explains how to use different lighting and how they affect the final image.

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