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Introducing the BIG WINNER!

Lesson 35 from: Studio Systems: A Photography Business Bootcamp

Julia Kelleher

Introducing the BIG WINNER!

Lesson 35 from: Studio Systems: A Photography Business Bootcamp

Julia Kelleher

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35. Introducing the BIG WINNER!


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Introducing the BIG WINNER!


Lesson Info

Introducing the BIG WINNER!

Some amazing people companies have come together. This little idea of a ultimate studio makeover came to me honestly about a week and a half before the class began and I thought, you know what people could really use is personal one on one time with me to help them grow their business and so I thought, why can't I give away a day of mentorship? I thought, well gosh, I could donate my my feet for that but they still to pay to get here like maybe I can get some of these really amazing cos I work with to help me pay for that travel well so I started calling the companies that I've been loyal to for years now and they stepped up to the plate like you would not believe it was a matter of twenty four hours I had this huge ten thousand dollar price package that included this all expenses paid trip to come see me lab credit software credits consultations for branding and marketing and design it's just it's incredible and these companies pro select creative live white house custom color sarah d...

aily media jane johnson design and asuka book are to me the uppity it with epitome of what it means to be entrepreneurial and they believe that photographers can survive on their art and when they stepped to the plate and did this it bloomed into this huge thing very quickly and became extremely exciting and of course today is like the epitome of all that we had over two hundred entries the judges watched every single one every single one all the way through there was some videos that would start off kind of soft and mel and I have a really great ending then there are others that start off with a really great ending and you know, just kind of said their purpose and why they needed this and that was it there was some videos that were really creative and inspiring and kirky and funny I mean, we had they allowed me to watch a few and let me tell you I four in the morning I woke up one morning at two a m was last week couldn't sleep finally went to work in around four am I'm sitting there in my office looking at all these videos and tears are just flying down and I talks to him I'm a gym you we have to give it to him all I have can we do more than one price baggage can't wait more than what and hey said no julia we said just wanna like oh, so you do not understand the agony that it took to pick a winner we knew it was gonna be hard but dang this was hard the person who won this is totally at the stage of her life where she needs to see has a home studio she has a family she is working her butt off to not only pursue her art with all of her aunt authenticity but she also is doing it to help others and that was what really seal the deal and her video I didn't just show her work it showed her it told her purpose and it told her life and what she struggles with and what she hopes to overcome from the deepest part of her soul let's just meet our winner shall we I'm ready when you guys are twyla can you hear me? Hi I e right that's me how are you hon I'm great how are you you're doing ok out there and in austin texas yeah I think the rains threatening toe drown us all but it's been pretty good it's been pretty gathering yeah awesome well um I've just spent some time talking about you as um well the thing is is that you are our one and only finalist ah yes my dear you have won ten thousand dollars thank you thank you I'm sorry I'm not gonna cry you can't cry I went tio well so hee you're so welcome your story twilight is if it her story is um just beautiful she has an autistic son and her purpose revolves around him and her future goals and photography revolve around him and giving back to her community. So what you gonna do with this price package what what aren't I going todo? I've been trying tio step up my game I would love to use pro select that's one of the major things I've been focusing on giving studio samples and really what my goals are no need to be busy and study income so that I can support the things that I need and the things that I want to do you know, everybody works so hard every day and sometimes it's just like not enough things meshed together to make things go through so I'm really excited about this. Well, we have to make a date for you to come see a little fun with it the therapy appointments we'll work it out though I know we can can yes, I know we can we can we can work it out yeah, and you might need a little talk therapy after this event, huh? E talk to me what's this's a total cheesy journalist question, but how do you feel, my dear? Oh my god, I'm so nervous and surprised and overwhelmed and I'm just I'm so excited you don't you have no issue. I never thought in a million years that my video good like such enough people to make this a reality and you know, it was one of those things where if you don't jump, you'll never know what will happen so sure so sure without thinks that I think we should watch the video, don't you think watching video let's see twilight video so here it is. Hello, twyla and newborn family portrait artist when I had like for sun, I need that I wanted to help others captured the moments that they would never get back. I fell in love with photography next to my family because I could see what was beautiful and capture those things through my eyes. My dreams started to blossom thanks to my almost forgot son. When he was three, he ended up being diagnosed with autism, and I honestly didn't know how to process my feelings. I went through fear nile panic, and eventually I gave way to acceptance, and I stop trying to force my idea perfection upon him one in forty two statistic and forces daily that we humans are more than just numbers and that by virtue of being ourselves, the art that capturing him as he is is a ultimate way of honoring his existence, not the cheesy fake small for camera pictures that I was always trying to take. Photography became less about what I thought everyone else wanted to see it's more about what I saw and what I could show others that knowledge my idea was born, I want to be able to give the gift of selling portraiture to other artistic and specialties families families might not be able to afford it otherwise paying for therapy and resources is directly tied to how much money insurance companies are willing to forego grand living paycheck to paycheck families like mine had uniforms the resources they need well well actually like family pictures pictures were so important because they celebrate smooth families are despite all the trying times get you something to be happy about I ask you please help me to make a difference in the only way the house thank you yeah I think you deserve it, my dear. So tell me more about this uh this foundation or this what do you want to create with families who have children with autism? So I have seen a lot of things recently where there are organisations like shoot for the urine groups that get together teo cheritto her family that have specific issues. And one thing that I have seen a lot of his family's up special inter autistic um specifically in my case that have something specific to fall back on. Um I know especially going through all your feet five classes and trying to educate myself that trying to get in each aim is a combination of hard work but you also have a very business smart so for me I want people to make enough money so that I start branching out and they're getting a collective community together and bathing found each and that will be art for other families that, you know, it's. Just an expensive thing for a lot of families. And, you know, I don't think photography she have to be, you know, something that sacrifice based on their monthly expenditures. Well, you might hear no longer have to sacrifice for yourself. So congratulations and I you have such talent. And your work is just beautiful and so soulful. And I can see you in it. And that's what to me was so special. So congratulations, my dear. You are our grand prize. Ultimate studio makeover winter and I have to tell you, it is fun to give away ten thousand dollars. Uh, sometimes I could say thank you. I don't think there's there's enough. Thank you. In this world too. You you you don't have to say thank you. You just have to take it and run and make the best of yourself. Possibly khun dio that that's all you have to do. Like I said before choosing the winner who was so hard and after the winner was chosen, I told jim that I couldn't just leave it at that. Um, I hope they haven't turned out because there are two more people that I would like to honor these were our runners up they don't know they were runners up, they have nothing they don't file I know we called twilight told her she was a finalist that's all she knew these people have not even been called um and it was so close between them that really it could have gone either way, don't you think, jim? So I would like to acknowledge heather pickett and sarah lake both of their videos were so touching in so many ways, and like I said, really it was like splitting hairs on who should win. So heather pickett and sarah lake congratulations. I am going to be gifting you guys are studio box temple system from my studio, which is worth almost a thousand dollars. Hopefully it will help you launch your business and help you build the tools you need for growing is the least I could do, and I think what touched me the most about all two hundred entries is the effort that people put into it so inspiring to see and even if you didn't win or get mentioned or whatever, I hope that by going through this process you learn something about yourself and you found mohr of why you do this, you found your purpose and that was the goal and if you've done that and you've managed even dig a ditch it you're ahead of so many other business people out there

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I look at this course as a library of amazing and valuable content. Everything that any photographer ever needs to run their business and make it successful and profitable can find all in one place, this course. I always felt inspired by Julia's amazing business skills, she is one of the best in this industry. I have taken all of her previous classes before and never felt disappointed. Instead, I would feel more confident, educated, empowered and inspired. Every segment is packed with so much information and it feels overwhelming at first, but the workbook that this course comes with, gives you sanity and helps you to work through it. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone. You should decide if you want to spend 10 years to get all this knowledge that this course already has, or just spend $199 to get it all at once and not waste anymore time experimenting!? Your choice.

a Creativelive Student

We're only 1wk into this 5wk bootcamp and I have already gained so much valuable information {already worth every cent}. Julia shares so much about how to run a business, and do it in a way that's successful, profitable and enjoyable. Have already started working on a few new systems to help run my business better, and my customer service has already improved. Now to just spruce up my home studio to make it more visually appealing and comfortable for my clients :) Thank you so much Julia!


I am so incredibly happy to have taken the plunge this evening, as I bought this course! Today watching the course a lightbulb went off and I knew I had to have it! This is worth every cent, and I am so very excited to watch the rest and implement these teachings into my business. Its time to take charge and take my business back! I am so amazed after standing back and looking at my business from a distance, of how much i have been giving away. Not only of not only my pricing but myself. I have compromised for clients that aren't right for me. This is giving me the confidence and knowledge to say no, in a nice way, and to focus on the business I really WANT! Thank you Julia, you are an inspiration! An amazing women with impeccable business sense!

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