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Real Life Sales Consult: On–Location

Lesson 15 from: Studio Systems: A Photography Business Bootcamp

Julia Kelleher

Real Life Sales Consult: On–Location

Lesson 15 from: Studio Systems: A Photography Business Bootcamp

Julia Kelleher

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15. Real Life Sales Consult: On–Location


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Real Life Sales Consult: On–Location

This is the one course segment that I think all of us here a creative lives have been so much more excited about than anything else and that is the rial in in real life sales and ordered appointment that took place at my studio just a few weeks ago creative life came out to bend oregon and helped us tape a rial sales and order an appointment with one of my clients we did this and I think it's one of the first times we've actually done this on creative live it's always been kind of a fake client you know, somebody who had a budget a fake budget to spend or whatever. So this time it's completely different so just to review weeks three we're covering sale systems tracking and packing and order dealing with client objections and of course we're going to be taking a look inside the studio at a real life sales appointment next week we're going to be looking at financial tracking the art and science of pricing packages that work and of course about accounting your first outsource and then in ...

week five we wrap up a very long and content packed course on branding systems, living your brand, researching your market marking systems and buying triggers so sales sales is such a big concept for photographers and one they're all almost all of them are nervous about are scared of this is where you make your money kind of makes you want to curl up in the fetal position sometimes I totally get it, and especially when you're first starting out and trying to switch over to in person sales, it can't be daunting and my experience was just that daunting. I initially started out in two thousand six and my business probably dropped thirty percent the first year I was doing online sales. I didn't know what I was doing. I bombed in the beginning and flip flop my pricing back and forth no customer service and no set sail system. Well then in two thousand seven, I acquired pro select. I started doing I p s I got my price is consistent and from there on out profits grew x essentially, and pretty much where we are in business today so a sales system can be incredibly powerful to help you kind of predict the income that you need, so I want you to get ready to see it in real life. This is a true to life order employment with a real client. Now they know it's being recorded, they are not being compensated at all. We simply told them that it was a training purpose, that we were taping them for educational and training purposes, and they were nice enough to allow us in to do that it's almost like a fly on the wall scenario they are a new client with their third baby and this is there in person sales appointment so again, you get to be a little bug on the wall of my studio and seeing exactly what happens and the sales process as it goes through from start to finish, you'll hear the effective language to use number two. Number three, you'll see the chronological process of how a sales appointment occurs with every single client in the studio. You'll understand how emotion plays a very key role in this process and it will give you a system for the actual sales appointment. We've been talking a lot about the sixth piece of selling well, this is where we're going to see the sub system in place. We're going to see exactly how step by step by step someone or a client goes through the projection appointment that projection, which is the fourth or fifth p whatever it is, so I wanted to to see that from start to finish, you'll see how a good pricing structure works toe almost sell it self and you'll see how up selling can be soft. It doesn't have to be ah hard pushing marmee marmee sales guy kind of technique it can be a soft selling technique you'll learn howto ask for money and close the deal because you'll see it being done with the real client and you'll see howto finalize the order and ensure that everything is a done deal with nobody coming back to return products the day after or cancel the order so to speak you'll also understand that all of this can be accomplished with a happy client in the end of it so let's go ahead let's go inside my studio and take a look at what a really life in person sales session is all about come on in house miss greta doing she good sleeping at hall any more at night not so much no oh my gosh is out like a light where she sleeps they all sleep during the day and not at night some divers baby I think it's a given and then of course at night when you're dying and need your arrest it's like yeah anyway you guys good water snacks please feel free to munch a little bit what we're gonna do is we're going to a spy so first to get to joy into music so it just kind of get excited about him okay it's kind of the best part of the whole the whole ordeal and then we'll talk about what to do anything with them okay so let me turn off the lights here and we'll get rolling by the way why it and just uh there's what good boys they were such angels ok are you ready? All right? Sure. So are you really sure e let's do it. Okay enjoy you guys she's so tiny actually both smiling real smiles they're so tender with um you know my love it's your mom is beautiful all right ah uh you're thinking it now smile or a fart I don't know e and the voice is such a good job we're awesome I think that's what it is it's surprising how are they doing with her at home where they are they real solar that's what like it's so awesome that you got your little girl like they can voice can be protective you know there now see, just is eight and why it six so there's a good was a decent spread run must make it easier though a little bit position yeah that's true, eh? You know, they just want to take your car there so independent? Yeah that's awesome, yeah it's great it's awesome. Okay, guys, where there's a lot of images we had a good session and when they're especially siblings well there's several siblings we get a little bit more than normal. So usually what? So what was a normal amount of image anywhere from thirty to forty and we have almost c which is a little bit a little bit much, but um, you know, sometimes we have trouble cutting things off the bus or two, especially when the siblings are a little older they cooperate, it's. Easier to get him a two year old versus a six year old is a difference. So we usually end up getting mohr of the siblings. And I know those air sometimes most precious images with mom and dad. So okay, so what do you do it? I'm gonna flip on the light here and kind of walk you through what our options are and kind of the different ways to invest in porta? Sure. And then we'll kind of start making some decisions from their does that sound good? Okay, you sit a little closer to you so we can chat a little bit easier. Reporter a good reporter. If he bugs you at all, let me know. I mean, he can sometimes his issue he's kind of a smelly little bug. You know, sometimes I have to admit he's cleared a room once or twice. And so I made aware of the book. Hey, is totally he knows where the drop down drop zone is. I have a four year old, and so he knows, ever since dean was what, like, one or two dropping from the highchair? Hey, just like nice thing is I want to vacuum too often, this is great, you could come anytime little fatty, yeah, you're a good dog. Okay guys so I'm gonna kind of take you through a couple different options and then and then we'll go from there so like I said we have a lot of images but please don't worry about that I'm pretty good at it system izing this and helping you narrow it down so that's kind of way this appointment takes place it's to kind of keep you from getting overwhelmed so there's two ways to go about investing in portraiture you can either do digital files ala carte well you kind of pick your favorites out of the sixty images that we have and you just go home with digital files or you can do what's called create a collection most people do end up going this route I'll tell you why in just a second but for the most part how it works is there's two steps to create your own custom portrait package you first choose something that we would be printing for you we really I want you to print you know today's digital age like things get I'm guilty of it to think so yeah shoved in a drawer somewhere on a usb and yeah I get it I'm the shoemaker his kids definitions that's where but that's the reason why we do it that way so that you have something printed that will last are kindly digital files aren't archival they won't left at least they haven't figured out how to do that yet scientifically so we want to print something for you, so in step one you would choose something one or more things that we would print. It could be an album. Meanwhile, portrait that could be one thing. It can be fifty it's, really? The world is your oyster right there. Then step number two is to choose your digital files. The reason people do get craig collection is because you get all that much it's just a matter of if you want to teo large digital files that are printable from teeny tiny size all the way up to three by forty or if you want to teo small gift print size files that are just printable, too, like the size of this album eight by ten or so the saying, like, if you take the small files and printed to the appropriate size, can you tell a difference again? That and the large most definitely, and I've been even in a small yeah, well, no, no, no, the small print is still high resolution like you'll do an eight by ten pounds still look beautiful, just a beautiful at the large print, and I could get into the scientific part of it. I don't want anyone, but that has to do with like pixel with on the sign, the more pixels you have the larger you can go solo on the smaller flowers were just reducing the pixel size so you can print about eight by ten and that's is just try to print bigger than that small if you stayed a small size here, I can't tell you no, no, no, not that I don't want you no, I want them to be as high quality as possible, so don't worry about that with the large files we they're they're original negatives the same size that pretty much came out of my camera, so we want you to have original negatives, so we've just started offering some fun new things. If you do do the large files, we have greta's session here on proofs on, we provide the box with the proofs and you get your usb, we do credit collection and get to take your usb home today. So that's, the fun thing about credit collection is because we can batch, process the image is upstairs and turn them into j pegs really quickly. We can put them on the usb and you'll get teo take him home today, which is nice. So with the large files comes the box in the proofs, so you'll have a printed copy of each image and that's really important, and even if you don't go with the large files, I'm gonna really encourage you to print your favorites because a print is archival to one hundred years or more and alas and we can always make a new negative a new digital self of a print we can't print from a corrupted file so I'm gonna talk you into printing your favorites no matter what and keeping the peace, keeping them in a nice, cool place dark place where if you remember your senior pictures minor still exist friends somewhere they're stuffed in a drawer but it's okay, as long as they're safe, you know, not at yeah, exactly. The other thing that it comes with doing the large files is that you get a scent birth announcement so we have these cute little you were going to that I'm awesome, so they come in that box, the twenty four you can always add on more if you like, but they're the ones that we provide complimentary really cute we do the little hello you get to pick the images for both sides and we could put things on them with love from the homework family you know that kind of thing. So it's definitely something to think about and if you were going to do the large files anyway that's kind of a fun fringe benefit, if not it's another bonus so the first decision you need to make is do we wanted you all cart or do you want to pick election? And then we either start weeding it down to your absolute favorites or we start looking at our products what we would print for you, knowing that you're going to get all the images on usb I think we definitely want to do now, but we're talking about yeah, that's okay, so it sounds like we're doing crazy pretty collection awesome. Okay, well, then what I want, teo way didn't have enough for an album. I mean, for sure it's, almost over, killed on may be a little hard to be down, but I am I've done the album thing a few times, you know, and I know how it flows, so I'll help you kind of get the best flow from the images and we have tons of options for albums, so I'm gonna start at the top. I'm going to open up our big product side here and kind of go through the different album options, and then you'll be able to kind of side which one might work for you. But I also want you to consider is that duplicate copies of albums are forty percent off we don't have to do. Grandpa yeah, exactly we don't have to do all the graphic design work so basically it's just it's forty percent off we just want you have extra copies of a reasonable rate so some people like to do that sometimes it's totally up to you. Okay all right, so let's kind of go through here now were you considering anything? I remember we talked about this, but I wasn't sure what we had talked about when we were in the session doing something for a space was it for the nursery or was it for the oh, yeah, we've tried to figure out where where to put something in there? I don't think I think we're interested doing it maybe like a collection of a few of them. Okay, smaller I don't think we've e I think in her room might be a fun place for it. Okay, okay. Now that I see the images, I can picture them in many different parts of our house. Yeah, I think we came in thinking like the stairwell would be a nice spot, but okay there so beautiful that now I'm thinking maybe like in our room would be a nice place of a collection and thank you, maybe greta's room okay, we can certainly talk about that um we didn't want to consider the budget to a lot of people have us do the the album the thing they'll never get done you know the time consuming thing and then they prefer to do things with their files themselves which is an option but I really encourage you to think about whether or not you'll get it done or not because true like you said wait ten years if it makes you feel better neither have I that's why we really wanted the album this time okay? It won't get done okay the prince I think we're probably more likely to do the prince okay that an album okay, okay let's go through the album's first and then we'll make that decision since that's the priority decision and then we can revisit with wall art from there okay, so let me go our album section here and I'll just start off with the top and go down so you guys can get a full the full spectrum of what what's available okay, the first album is our diamond album is this one here? This is course my favorite thie biggest and prettiest right uh these air completely custom okay, I have families give me footprints of baby they write letters to baby one mom put journal her diary of her pregnancy we transcribed it and threaded it throughout her album which was really touching some parents are sentimental that way and want to do that and I was like, I can't write a letter don't make me do that but this album is a thirty page I think this is a thirty page album it's actually a local company here it's printed printed in with a company here in venice it's printed overseas but the company itself is um the papers or japanese you can feel it it's really soft that well buddy velvety feel no gutter so images can go full bleed across across the page we do the birth statistics we can do like I said the footprints this family decided t do the lyrics to the rascal flatts song my wish for you I wish it was really kind of devoted teo parents we could make the album as image heavy or light as possible I tend to let the images speak and make it really simple some people like more complex graphic design work put in and we're capable of doing both so and I can show you different different options for both. This album is really neat because very, very similar to your boys mean they well they were the blended family but they had two older boys and a baby and the little boys wrote letters in their handwriting isn't that huge because they're human is going to change over time and so they had the kids write letters and the waste them and put them in so that's kind of a sentimental sweet thing so the investment with this album comes in the custom work how this works and if you decide to go with an album like this, we will kind of weed it down to your absolute favorites but then I'm going to go ahead do an initial design on the album and then two weeks later you're going to come back I'm gonna send you with a little homework picking quotes, letters things like that will come back for a second appointment do the final review and then go to print so it's a good forty six week process so it does take some time but the quality's is worth it I think just because it's so personal lives so definitely something to consider it's got the nice hardboard pages so little fingers can't tear them and we tell you this thing's been sitting in here for almost two years now and there's no grease on it like people it's really nice the papers are kind of neat quality that way and is always a factor for this's fourteen ninety five includes all the customization and the printing okay the next album again is a custom album smaller in size but more pages let me show you that won the platinum album same company so the papers are still that really nice high quality the album comes in a box a little bit smaller we can upgrade it to that same size the pages in here are a little bit thinner they have that same gutter lis feel to them there they have the same velvety feeling to the paper, but definitely thinner. So somebody consider especially your your boys are old enough now that they're not gonna, like rip the way don't know thiss true excellent point kind of girl. Excellent point, but again, the same level customization you get to pick your cover. So keep that how many pages you said that forty pages so definitely can fit. Another one was about thirty. Thirty, twenty five. Okay, so are some of her most popular albums are the image box. So this is the sapphire image box? It only comes with ten images. So if there's truly like ten of your favorites, we can go this direction. But for someone like you has a larger session, it may be a little tougher fortune. I can't get the box much bigger than this. So but it's a beautiful piece, especially for family friends, gives my family and friends ten images. Come put it on canvas inside the box that comes with the easel and kind of change it out. So however you like I decide I don't like this one this day, and then next week change it out to different image, a unique way to do it. Album quote unquote but not cheesier it selling it'll still stay in style, you know, ten, twenty years from now it's not kind of like a date itself, which is always my concern. Okay, our most popular album is probably the memphis album there's a standard amethyst album, then there's an upgrade. So the standard emma this album is an eight by eight album with twenty pages, twenty images you get to pick your cover image and your fabric there's a lot of different options really pretty, and then we do borders inside the image inside the page with the the images kind of across the page like that not as smooth as the higher end albums but still has a nice board pages and again, this one's been sitting around for a while. I'm super particular about papers don't wanted to grease up or get dirty, so a lot of r and d for lack of a better word research and development has been done toe make sure we have albums that provide the quality paper in the good printing processes on them. So, um, the upgrade to this one, which is actually quite popular is the eight by ten version of it, so this version is a little bit bigger and it has the full bleed images, so you know you get the full impact of the horizontal images and they are same paper same paper one image for paige if it's twenty images we can upgrade this further to thirty images just should you decide to do that but her name goes on the front of her birthday all that good stuff so it's customized but you know it's her album but not so much so that it's over the top customization so still has that custom field but not with that the extreme environment of the more custom albums. Okay then the final two albums we have are the ruby book and the pearl book the ruby book is similar teo the ama thiss just a lot smaller no image on the cover great for grand parents. Friends and families still has the nice full bleed images in the nice paper but just a smaller format a lot of like grandparents upto tucked away in the in the bag and showing off to her family and friends especially those who are like digital savvy anymore you know yet I should say so on dh then the pearl book is a smaller album a little thinner paper it's nice because it's it has a oppress quality I like to say that press print paper and it's hinged book so it lays flat we do have a secondary option for this one that's a little bit bigger I happen to like this company a little bit better of the paper quality is a little bit nicer but some people do you want that five by sevens from the one you think we're both pearl options so we actually have two options for the pearl book so you can either go with a bigger album with a little bit thicker thinner page or you could do the smaller book this company just didn't offer this size so I decided to offer both options little hardbody paper but smaller smaller sites do you like this I just like the paper I like the way you like full thicker the thicker paper and then lay spot like that yeah I happen to like this too I'm a paper jam parents like that's pretty cute yeah yeah I like you like the gesture you can hold that hand of yours so both nice albums just um it's really preference personal preference that's really nice that just so that's basically our album choices so I think the thing to do is to kind of decide okay what do we want I would like to think I like to think about it like this what what will grant I want when you guys have take to be morbid but when you've kicked the bucket and the kids are behind you what will she want because that's ultimately who it's going to be the most special too later on is her right um well I think that we were thinking a nice bigger out my life is for the grand parents. Yeah. I think we were thinking one larger album um I'm gravitating towards this one uh in the bigger size really like okay, I really like that it offers maur images and maybe we would upgrade because I think we've got time sure, sure, one thing we could do is kind of narrow it down a little bit and see how far we get how much? How much does that would that be sure to do that versace I'm just thinking of probably nothing the other custom once, but I liked the paper on that the same big board ones yes that's sort of a little bit more indestructible versus thie yeah, I hear you well, the upgrade to this is an additional hundred dollars, so it ends up being seven seventy five if we decide to upgrade to the thicker pages, I think we're ending up in about another two fifteen in f grades so it's about three hundred fifty dollars and more to do the upgraded album with the more pages which is close to that album over there then I think it's just kind of personal preference of if you want the words and the customization work or if you just like those nice big clean images and I want the paper, I like that it's just so beautiful thank you they tell the story so I don't know we're not mental, okay we don't have like way sentimental way going to write a letter to credit okay okay imagine yeah, I like this one ok let's why don't we sort images that don't narrow it down a lot may solidify your decision and it does not help you kind of walking through that so good okay, let me shut off the lights so you can see there are two you're not getting any letters e everybody's a little sentimental to some degree I think a lot of work on it. Oh too funny. Okay, so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna highlight this is just a first pass. Okay, so there's someone you gotta go you guys ready for some rules? Yeah this's actually the fun part okay, see these again then you both have an opinion, right? Welcome to overwrite each other well, we often have different override so do roadwork the override works is I'm gonna pull up similar images probably no more than four or five at a time just so you can see them really nicely. We're going right now they're all kind of in a yes pile and we're going to sort them into piles now I'm not deleting, so don't worry you're doing great collections were going to get him all on usb anyway so I don't want you to think you're leaving anything out you kind of get in forever? Yeah it's not forever I want you teo sort them into what you want to keep in your album and they kind of say no to one that you don't necessarily think would be right for the album okay if one of you likes one and the other doesn't we're keeping it for now this is just a first pass we're going to go through these again and fine tune it okay so right now we're just kind of weeding out the edges making ready so I'm gonna go ahead and just highlight these five at once here for now so cute I can't believe in just a couple weeks so much more she's grown it's killing me so much bigger so just faces to capture she's got these jowls now e get drunk so uh s so then that helps me so these air some of them have the duplicate black and white and some of them not on dh that that's a you make a good point him you want to ask yourself if you want to put black and whites in the album if you want teo then make sure you pick out of twenty to thirty images pick seven or eight at the minimum that are black and white noise if you just have like two to black and white helmet it looks weird yeah so some people just like to get rid of black and white right away right off the bat that eliminates several and some people really love some of black and white so they keep a few so if you should like okay, okay thie other option that I always tell people is okay, so the first two images we have duplicate we have a color and a black and white same with the image below you might want to keep one of those in color and one of them in black and white to get the variety in the book so that we have the flow throughout the album is that following you? Okay, so from there I'll go ahead and quiet down okay, so we have to pick what you don't have to pick a certain number of getting rid of just ones you want like bottom centre ok. Bottoms e well, I think of the black and whites bottom centers so, um well, how about top right that's okay, obviously keep it and then of the little like top left tio I like the color in both of those okay, you like the color and top left about a month? Is it safe to get rid of the black and white in the middle top? Yeah. Okay, so let's do that first? Uh, yeah, I think for the black and white it works neat with the was it a scarf? Yeah, the little rattle around in there behind her but okay let's come back to it that's fine we can definitely come back to it that's the whole point okay and then this one do we have a preference now if you're going to pick the black and white that other one of the other one you may want to go I think this's where colors color's pretty color's color okay way agree relatable okay the voice might be a little challenging because I know this is tough I'm gonna highlight all six at once I can scroll through them I know this is a little far away so yeah let me go ahead too so fantastic okay so one teo three like you three this side or she smiles were no sex why it's little expression after line very much him a ham he totally was ok so now let me go back to just one second here work okay, so here's all six one more time ok? I love top left okay love christie you feel the same way? Okay, so then we have it was the middle top and right top of the same just black and white or not you have a black the way I do too that top right black and white better than the lower middle deck and light can we do you guys agree on that? Yes, so is it safe to tough that lower middle one or do you wanna just went up on that right now I want to compare so and I think I don't bottom right great so that's a caper great top left to bottom right or totally unique okay let's go ahead and keep those and then we'll highlight more their beers they're both all smiley and so why it looks great kind of all of hms aside he's cute and all them tio is too what do you have a smile on the bottom you laughing or is he faking e try I remember in the session that he got that little kind of cheesy watch out for it I don't know I think I like the top better I kind of do too and I think it's because of why it's little head little had warned ahead hunk and yeah so tough right is your favorite the black and white well we have the other two are both color one thing you just did with the ones that were favorites or both colors yeah I think I agree that's two top right because that gives us the black and white okay so this is the worst is now top left they sorry about that you're just double checking e good test isn't it okay so upper left is where we're going correct okay that's great so fun to see him bigger isn't it? I just love it is it's interesting how much it changed they do look differently that's a great expression okay, so for the album I would consider it maybe keeping one of these because we have also why it's time with greta so if I were doing an album and I was going to design it I would just go ahead and pick one of these okay so my logic is and you guys have to decide this but as an artist my logic is okay we have him smiling already way don't have him looking soulful yeah clearly the straight look is phenomenal color will you put can you put just the two together ah the two colors are the two buckle a block away in their color non smile right? Yeah color color okay so that's a really okay little man huh? So we're gonna stick with color with probably I left you like I do too christy it's more of a soulful look he's got the devilish look in the right thinking I'm greta likes getting but also with love that she looks like a little man he's going to be a little lady killer you might have to watch out when he gets older okay family images they're tough okay we've got six family images in this set I'm going to scroll through um just to a first round and then well what kind of comeback and compare ok so here is one so go slow two three four that's a good one of everybody think five six is that just a fake smile? Oh no, not the worst of it uh exactly training I'm craned my neck into the picture parents are always so critical themselves I always tell people it's for your kids not for you I mean I know it is for you but try to think of it as what your kids would think of you rather than what you think of you that makes sense, huh? Interesting part tio it's not my chief it's true though you know enough about that when they're thirty, forty years old they're going to look at these and my mom was so beautiful exactly she's so pretty exactly and you know I hate to be again morbid, but when we're thirty forty years older we're gonna look back on these and I was so young and pretty are pretty these chris she's gorgeous so I think top right, you keep s different, okay? And then what was the one I was we were concerned about that tart left I don't know what's funny is this layout of face okay, so it's safe to get rid of both black and white and color okay, toss those we're gonna go ahead and keep her left, okay, so then the black and white is saying is the bottom one and we really like this upper right color one so it might be two of us to keep that one in the black and white one for now eliminating the color version to get the variety is that a good plan? Okay one someone toss that one and like I said don't forget we're not believing anything we're just putting into piles this is so helpful because if we did this at home oh yeah he would be paralyzed I never helps too when someone has designed a lot of albums khun kind of walk you through it and go this is what would look better because yeah I feel your pain I tried to design my wedding album and royally failed oh greta she's adorable these both are ugly both are I love love love the top right bottom left okay I'm not sure I actually think I like that black and white yeah that black and lights awesome. Okay, why don't we go ahead and keep what we love homer this is the first pass so just keep what you love her now. So if you like the image itself we can keep it with like black and white in color and come back later and eliminate because I agree this is one of my favorite images of chris and greta too so what about top left and bottom right? Comparing them to let me go ahead and pull those up which smile? So both, uh, like the one on the right better do the teeth. Can you say like that e doesn't have teo like that left one, I think that's a really sweet love. They're both great. I don't know. This is hard, christy, what do you like? Um left his credit and this is for the album, right? I'm not sure I like either one of these for the album. Okay, roy, no, I guess I should think from greta's perspective, look at the left would help the other one so much that we already chosen right? You're not think I should choose you know, I think it was I think it just depends. I think it depends on that's kind of what I want you to do first pass and not worry about number of images, but I am goingto mention that at this point, if you decide to go with like an upgraded, larger album, having two images of you, it would be nice and then we'll do two of tim and the two of the boys to kind of keep it even. But if you're if you're not, we need to weed it down, then we'll probably just do one of you and greta and one of tim and greta on the same spread, so I always say again first past just gut instinct if you want to keep more than more than one or two go for and we can weed out later, especially from tens perspective because I always find that I mean I was the same way you're really hard on yourself like every woman has twenty pounds to lose after giving birth and it's not a good feeling it's like twenty I know for me it was forty okay, um so I don't think we see ourselves quite clearly. Yeah, if there's a cloud over our view of ourselves and our husbands tend to have a better perspective on that, I like the left. Thank you. Are you're just staring straight into that camera and there's out of that page there's more of her soul in it for lack of a better word, eyes kind of lies that's from peaceful my mom looking at me. Okay, daddy, handsome dad. Same thing, it's funny how the how the how your energy shifts right get all self conscious, you know, here yet so let's let christy do this black and white for you. Yeah, so let's do the black and white for tim, ok, even though those are both amazing, okay, so you want to go and talk to the color of the hereafter bottom, right, probably okay, this serious, okay is that safe? Teo actually pretty similar images to what we chose for me, right? You're looking straight ahead really looking at the camera that's your dad looking at you number okay, so we're talking upper right lower left correct tossing up a right little right perfect oh, looking get radio all right and then we're going teo do we want to go ahead and keep this one for the album or do we want oh, we want to make it about greta or about the family and include the boys? I mean, I guess that's why? I don't think we need this one to you know it's not my favorite now we have one more family image uh like that one in color I think anything you like it black and white if you decide to override each other we'll just keep both for now and come back to a really beautiful may well, black and white actually it's beautiful ice will jump out on the black and white versus like it looks more normal on the left is that catch your eyes? It is me being weird e I think there let's be one it's a little softer on the left I think they're here indecisiveness so let's kind of like I said first past let's not obsess about things too much and we can come back to it your bottom left keeper. I got that face it's just yeah. That's my favorite in the whole bunch of little pouch. Um, so then what to do with that? What do you think you might wanna consider, like keeping the black and white and then the color on this lower right? Write to him saying you have the variety in image. I think it just depends on how much you love that upper left color image. I think I like let's. See? So if I'm comparing the two color ones have got a let's offer. Lots and bottom. Right? I think I like bottom, right? Okay, I think I like upper left. Okay, so I like over a stalemate. Well, bottom right is more centered. Yes, it's a little bigger of her. The flowers a little bit more visible. Girly girl, when you zoom out, you get that perspective. But, here's, what I want you to consider it depends on how big you print. Okay, the one on the right on the lower right is great for smaller prints because of closer in. If you blew that up to thirty by forty it's like looking in the movie theater in the front row, where is when it's a little more zoom back and you make it large then it's the size of the child is proportionate to the size you're printing the image so no credit this is for the album so it would be it would be nice but honestly you're looking at an album close in so you're going to be two feet away from it on almost all times so you're not going to lose that detail but I just wanted to bring it up to consider to consider the differences huh overall I think it's good to have a variety this image is extremely close up that one's middle that one's further away so I don't know you could easily do you on this one because these are also good thank you very much it's a really huge it's not hard but when you have that cute of a subject really great uh okay if I was to do it as an album designer I would pick lower left bottom right upper right you sound like my album designer I would pick the same okay awesome okay this these air hard this is like adorableness on the plate right here. Oh god she actually sleeps like that no see really well there are three hands behind the head but she definitely it likes her arms up and above so cute look at the figures it out uh cute that's you again it's an album designer I would do the far tree on the left because you get your variety but awesome mix a black and white in color network oh my this is a cute siri's okay, so we're going to go ahead and teo through these if this is too many let me know okay so those same goes through the same thing that jumps out because it's nice and close and you can yeah because it's up to you if you want my opinion I like the middle bottom like that in black and white a little bit more than the upper middle oh, I don't compare those but when I look at the bottom two okay got it color versus point I like the black knight okay just the definition and okay so we agree on that one let's go ahead and toss this one get rid of that were left and now upper I would be tempted to with that decision being made I would be tempted to keep those three upper lack color yeah upper left lower left and lower right that makes sense upper left and lower left are very similar to zoomed in very true and it but in the album keep in mind that on this lower left one we can zoom in further to make it look different than upper left that lower right and don't forget we have the little hat siri is one the little gray hat to lower right anything what do you think of upper right right? She looks more comfortable to me someone was just melting into the side of that lower why don't we consider keeping lower right and upper right lower left in upper right I mean yeah I like that diagonal yeah that's it work okay huh? It's interesting dress I still throw over we're not throwing it away throwing over override was okay oh upper right is a keeper and a half adorable yes okay, those lips kill me and the color yeah, I would agree um yeah, I think that's enough I think that, uh you ok with that? Christy yes love it big like that fun to seem okay, so details I'm going to go ahead and tell you to keep all those for now because they're great album images if we need to narrow down further we can and kind of pick your favorites from the details but since we have for me nice on to spread let's just go ahead and and keep it at that and I know you guys loved him in the flight show so let's kind of right make an executive decision to pass over that for now. Okay? Last three images here smiles cute really? Um like to greta greta greta I mean, I think if I were to pick my favorite image of all of them I like the most upper writer left, okay, but I like the variety of the smile to the different facial expression sir but then what I with that said I guess I'm trying to decide if I wanna go with the black and white for variety and then the lower left bread lower left even though if I had to pick one I might do you might do the upper level yeah yeah I mean okay, well we can we can kind of come come back to this because it's not hard teo eliminate that there's not a ton of images right now we've narrowed it down to about thirty five which is awesome from sixties that's about half which is good so we can either talk about narrowing it down further which would definitely mean getting rid of emmett family image is getting rid of you know, sibling images five imagesmore if you want to do an upgraded album with a thicker uh with a thirty pages twenty we would just have five more um if you want to do you know what the standard album comes with and we would have to get rid of fifteen more so I think that um yeah, I mean there's definitely five's easy, but we've left five in there that we could but then ten from there yeah, you're starting to lose like so I think now is the boy yeah exactly I think now is a good time to kind of consider the budget consider what you wantto give to the kids as that heirloom so to speak um and if you think you can get it down fifteen more images which I'm happy to help you do if you want to go that direction um and then look over all that what we want to do is forest digital files and things like that. So this is where some decisions I guess kind of need to be to be thought through crystal prepared me for the worst so it was good a little sticker shock but thinking about it through the we didn't do this with the boys. Okay, is this your last baby? But it is our last baby um last planned. So so in that way I think I feel like I really want to have all his many images of the boys in the family. Okay, so what about that guy like that? A lot and then, you know, a cz wells with greta along, so if that's the case journey ever towards an album because that's something that we will have forever yeah, yeah, and we can always decide on prince later. Okay, do this more focus more on this and then yeah, I'm open that I think that it man that seems like ten images out of that would be, uh I'm kind of glad you have that problem, but I'm I'm also not you know, it's like I know it's a good problem to have it is definitely good from there. Um okay, well, then I guess what it sounds like we're going to go with our emma this album, the larger size and we're gonna go ahead and upgraded to the thirty thirty pages is that kind of where we're leaning towards and then a ce faras artwork and doing something for the wall we can look at doing something like that. Now if you guys want to go through that process or if you do wanna wait, we can help you with that later, we do keep everything that you order on file for one year, so if you do end up going with the large files, then we'll be keeping those large files, which means that will give you a full year to come back if you want us to do something special for you like a campus or water color print yeah, so we can decide on one thing now, yeah that'll settle yes, we just moved into our house and so colors air shifting and sure furnitures moving and so that might be the way to go, okay? The large images and then that way we'll hang on to him, they'll be archived on our raid drives, you know they're here for at least a year and then if you want to come back and order larger campuses, which I always recommend, if you're going to do canvases or some kind of fancy finish have us do it for you so we can help you extend the campus and wrapped the edge around so you don't lose any image on the front side of it if you're just going to regular prince, you know, that's why we offer the digital files, we want you to be a little print how it works is you get to go home with your files today, okay? And then we're also going to upload them to an online professional lab that lab they're color data is calibrated to us, so what you see on our screens is exactly the same color you're gonna get from. Have you ever tried to like print on your home printer? Your iphone images it's the color is never right and it's because printing is kind of an art it's a whole new it's a whole another technical world, so I always tell people kind of leave it to the pros, but like I said, we upload on online lab they're backed up there you'll be able to order prince and prince as much as you want to your heart's content that's going order like yeah, by ten for my mom are really they can even order it and deliver it to them so you have to worry about it it's password protected so you just give them the pass code and they can log on and it likes it's like six bucks for an eight by ten so available that gallery is that indefinitely it's a really good question well right now the company is not charging me for storage so we're saying we're guaranteed a year so the images will be up there for a year I'll back up anyway I mean you know put him on multiple usb drive safe deposit box whatever but they will be on a cloud storage for a year a cz long as they continue to not charge us for story you know how companies change so if they decide to change that then the oldest sessions will start coming off first depending on how much but I think right now we have four five years of sessions on there so in the instance that they change their policies and they removed our access well yeah like I said I mean like just from our files yes you would you would you want teo go to a professional lab of some kind if if and when that does yeah with your usb yes and if that does happen I'm going to know about it first so we're going to put a strategy in place for you guys to go someplace else oh not leave you hanging in my apartment you're totally well t, you know, and don't forget we have our baby plan. Like if you guys want to keep having her photographed, well, we do two sessions in one year so we can include siblings, so it six months, it just kind of sitting up like this out of ourself and then just look a little burp she's okay on dh. Then at one year when she's standing and we bring in a cake, yoshitsune kicks man so she can like it all. It's, really kid it's super fun and then also includes a complimentary family session anytime in her second year, and it could be indoors or outdoors so we can go outside with a family in the fall and do christmas present, you know, for family images. That's always kind of the real popular popular session. So let's see so her birthdays in the late summer so yeah, right when she turns to we could do a family session outside in the fall leaves and, you know you can kill two birds with one stone with your agreement. So folks sessions what it is. Three sessions over the course of two years, people who do a newborn session can enter for a hundred bucks, so pricing and products are the same. So when you come back for each session you would order based on you know if you love the images are not that kind of thing you can either do ala carte or credit collection it's totally up to you on then the session t one hundred for all three yeah so people who do a newborn session with us in credit collection normally it's two fifty for the recession so somebody think about you don'tjust site today of course you can always tell we'll we'll call you bug check in with your six months and go hey that's something I do in some people I kind of think I don't think something to do right now and then six months later like yeah we should do that so we'll make sure and put you on our collis and bug you about it if you don't you just have to sign up right away okay okay. Where were we back teo back to regular scheduled programming so what it sounds like is we're going to go ahead into another graded album way we need to get down five more can we do that let's try it and if you want me to go ahead and just put my album brain on and go for it uh and then tell you I could do that my suggestion would be to narrow down the bucket images by one you want yeah and then get rid of two details images so let's have a locket ones yeah so I guess we just we just go down to one just picked our well I feel like we have a lot of images in there that we kind of pause for a minute and you couldn't decide which one we like better but know that we didn't want both okay then let right let black and whites scanning through from the top yes yes but those air same way couldn't decide yeah we could decide on those two definitely so why don't we actually have a black and white that's a great idea tim let's go ahead and just highlight all those from that siri's there's five here and note that the album opens on the left side so you're goingto always see two opposite images one another so we want to make sure that we don't have any really strong transition from dark to light or something like that keep it abrupt there might be a few transitions but as long as we keep it minimal it'll look better well, I think this one we pile and just decide on the black and white versus the color of that top obama and an album designed honestly I would get rid of the color one just for the flow you care about him okay so now we have let's say we have four images of the boys are going to keep that at that we have we're going to get rid of one of mommy and baby for album flow um yes yeah and see those look really nice together on a spread you do you feel it you can see how that's gonna turn out okay we did dad already before the boys that we have one, two, three, four oh, no you're right we have three so that's something to consider which would probably be the one in the upper right because it's a duplicate of the lower leg okay, okay so we only have two more to go you guys you're rocking it so now we need to decide if we want to eliminate a family image which we have an odd number of we have a duplicate copy of I believe oh, we didn't do one thing we didn't figure out we have five family images yes, so that's what I did there with those other two and the duplicate is at the bottom so should we get rid of the color of it to you too? Hey, um that's what I might do I would flow nicely for black and white you guys like that black and white I do I think it's really pretty all right, that sounds fun sure no, no, I'm fine with okay you wass okay, so we have one more to get rid of you guys. This is awesome so now it just it becomes a question of we have a duplicate down here in the basket in the lower left other than that I don't think we have any duplicates. Yeah, so the question is do we want the color or do we want the black and white? Are you okay? You like the top left? I was just coming around to the black and white look look at the look at the black and white and just alone can we see that? Of course it's pretty it's pretty when you brought up like that they always look so yeah it's like when I was just sort of takes away the it's just wooden floorboards and a baby sitting in a bucket it's about texture more than this about color her textures so unique against the wood in the wall I know it's kind of this is where it gets really hard the last couple of talking because then you because then we have this one is that we have that one okay? So going toss this one ok? Now the fun part is is actually I should have kept that one because we get to pick your cover so it's technically thirty one images so what I want you to dio is um go ahead and first things first is do we want todo a family image, a sibling image or one of just greta do you want it to be a family album? I think so or non for greta I think it's a family album don't you? Ok, since we don't have one for the boys then maybe it's a boy's album a sibling album on one of the reasons I I say that specifically is just from from a design standpoint there's a lot of negative space on the images with the boys you know siblings alone which allows us to put in her name and or the family name and birth date or time that kind of thing where is the one of why hugging what did we miss that on the I remember this one here we put that one back I wonder how we missed that one that one it's really cute that one there somehow it got tossed into the no pile okay, that could even be great. Yeah that's what? I was thinking I was one of my favorites I like the greta pout was one of my favorites but probably not a cover look at that I mean that's such a captures the spirit of all each of them are pretty much like that idea. Okay, okay, so we have a favorite from the two here, right the right I mean right right, look at why he looks it's just his little s in society. This is great he's just in a relaxed sort of yeah, looking at the camera newness thing and I love how middle brother. Why it looks like he just looks like the little child. I love you, hambone so cute and his toes. You see how he's like curling his toe todo you so many kids that agent younger like from the three year old age tio this age they, like do funky, cute things with their toes. It's the q tip thing once they get up there, huh? Yeah, they like curl their feet. It's. Just adorable. So is this a winner? Okay, yeah. So now we get to pick a cover fabric for it when they go ahead and grab our cover samples. And you could do a couple of options and turn on the light here. Serious. Going to see these? You can, um I always recommend coordinating with the image. Okay. So, like, you can see from this album here, we coordinated this color with the celery colored fabric so I wouldn't go too wildly off the charts, like do red with with this image. But you might want to consider exactly you can. I would definitely consider doing something like a midnight blue that matches the gene color or going really neutral and kind of matching the background fabric. The background and doing something that makes the kids really pop off so I think it's just a matter of personal preference and choice but I can pull out kind of the colors that would work with the album for the neutral tones you know, like this obviously wouldn't I mean I know she's a girl but bright pink is not goingto be that right now it's okay, so here's someone you trolls so I'll let you guys kind of poke through those blues like chocolate chocolate would be nice I think so, yeah, black might be a little strong I might stay away from black but some people like it just cause it's classic but like this book here this is the same company and this right here is this fabric and it's been sitting here being beat up for four years so and being touched every day it does get a little bit dirty on the outside edge. This is also extremely light fabric. This one has the striations in it. It has kind of ah modelled look already I like the texture that yes, natural pretty it's soft. It looks like more of a baby album fabric? Yeah, I think that's a good point to make fair that maybe that blue is maybe not it's, not a girl alba way have to make it girl yeah but maybe dammit night booth natural color is I think both of these could work because this is the color of her wrap around her body it's kind of hard when the when the light is coming from the screen here but it could work I think you couldn't go wrong either direction which is fine with natural is a little bit more feminine okay for a girl okay it's still boy enough neutral enough that it could be family to okay right awesome. Okay then I'm going to start putting in our information here now okay, so we're gonna do an amethyst I'm glad you're eating it because then otherwise we won't need it and I'm like on a low carb diet right now so amethyst about water ten version just okay so now so we're going to go ahead based on our earlier conversation my gut tells me that we're gonna hold off on wall pieces for now that we're just going to go with the album will do the hard way for you for the stuff that will never get done and we're going to go ahead and go with the digital files is that the large ones is that kind of washes your files on the larger album? Okay? Okay, we're probably ok the good news is that but okay, we get to do a birth announcement too, so I want you to pick a couple images for that and then we'll go ahead design and send it off to the printer so the and you will shoot you should get those right away they come very very quickly so this is basically how it's gonna look we're going to put hello she's welcoming into the world and then we're gonna put her birth statistics in here and then we'll doing them from the back so you can do one of greta since there's her birth announcement we might consider doing just got it on the front and then maybe doing siblings or family on the back or weaken teo greta on both sides it doesn't matter so let's go ahead and pick the grumpy image might be really cute for this one I know it's one of your favorites the little pouty image could be really sweet that and then I think I mean I'm tempted by the cover image that we picked for the back over the boys okay that was I hoped that someday that ends up nice and big on your wall somewhere exciting would be it's so cute okay, so let's see here I need to get into my hey good okay let me turn off the light oh, good oh you need I'm sorry to repeat that did you say you needed an extra how many around the thing it comes with twenty four so we khun dio so two boxes of the forty eight and an additional boxes eighty five dollars and then if you do more than four boxes, the price starts going down to like sixty five but if you don't need that many of them then there's no sense okay, so we're thinking about putting powder greta in there and so then this obviously on the right would be the space for the helo and so just kind of give you a little idea like that so we could do something like that or we could go ahead and pull it up again because we could go pouty greta we could go this direction those ones I like both fingers. What about one's hand by hand look at that one. Howdy. Welcome to the world, greta. I don't think you're wrong guys it's really well, like the little fingers I kind of like the fingers two fingers. Okay, the fun part isn't it so fun to hear people's reactions? Teo really e it's a popular choice for this pose for that one. Okay, so what I want to do is get some accurate statistics from you on her. Okay, so her little lips so are we going to go ahead and do two boxes and then we'll credit you for one for the purchase digital files? Is that what we're gonna do? Okay, but I'll put in an adjustment to credit you for the other one birth announcement credit okay so I'll need thio then let's do the back first and then I'll get your statistics sound good okay so on the back we could do the boys that's the cover image that we did for and we put our logo real small the bottom just tow let folks know it's us who created it but yeah we could dio is great I mean that's what if we decide we need more birth announcements oh so fine maker so finding just call us we'll put in another order weaken russia they'll be here in a couple days so no worries that's the direction you don't need the shirt off oh come on tim you're handsome guy although it would be embarrassing to walk into someone's house and like people do frame like take the birth announcement and turn it over and frame it okay well let's go tio okay I'll need full name it's greta elizabeth home berg and date of birth is august that's right? Seven fifteen oh that's a good birthday yeah, I always want to say seven eight fifteen um and what was her weight? She was about seven pounds nine ounces and uh the height twenty and a half twenty five inches and time of birth three fourteen three fourteen eh? Okay and how do we want to sign it? Do we want to sign with love the homework family to want to say with love and then list everybody's name out what do we want to say welcome to the world the homework family how do we want to sign it off so if you look at the card here right here is simple we just put you know echo david and parker just their names down at the bottom it was a really clean and simple so we could do them where we can do a little sentiment ones are thought we could also do the sentiment on the other side next the boys if you want we could do like that idea okay so let's go ahead and put that on that sign welcome to love sure weakening that welcomed with love and then in our name sure salivate ten christine so what make sure I was spelling everything right I am not typing well today sia okay go ahead and check for spelling left and right backwards and forwards on my screen here good come with or we welcome with love you know way like the word welcome okay area we welcome with love wait are we welcome with love greta we welcome greta with love way welcome with love comma us it's kind of a sign off it's like it's like sincerely or thank you are but we can definitely say we welcome greta with love that's not a problem but note that her name's going to be all over the front too right so or we could say you know welcome to the world greta tim christie just having like word stuff you guys decide if you're making me feel confused love no with love um keep it simple stupid kiss I know sometimes that like gets down okay so go ahead and check spelling make sure everybody's good I love tim christie okay someone then I also want you to check her breath statistics make sure everything's accurate the best of my knowledge yep double triple quadruple check remember the time she mom remembers the time fourteen very well ok awesome okay, so then we're gonna go ahead and go with the digital files a large all right? We're getting a box okay? Awesome and then I think the only question we have to ask us if we wanted to baby plan now if you want to go home hold off until she's six months old don't go under awesome okay then I'll go ahead and give you the information and kind of get you tentatively on the calendar with your sessions it's about stage rather than a ged so I'll make sure she's really sitting up without help so yeah it's more of us sitting up exactly. So what will happen is we'll put you on the counter and then we'll call you a couple weeks beforehand about how she's doing because we can always postpone sessions she's just some of them do you do that? I'm just crawling right away it's crazy okay I don't know if you guys will but I d'oh this little part of a phase like doesn't change show she'll come back to me and I'll like see the essence of her newborn in there for me kristie had a shot her she's mom sent a picture her yeah she was pretty much newborn yeah whoa greta hey that's what it was that part of the face it's fun to see overtime by growth so we get we get a little emotionally attached for baby planners you guys might have to put up with us eleven on your baby a little bit okay awesome so we're going to go ahead and go with the one set of press print cards that are included with the digital files we're going to do an ad on extra set we're doing the amethyst album which is the upgrade eight by ten version touched the ten page upgrade for additional spreads we're going tio the digital file's large and of course you'll get your box with the files in there with that. Okay so it's kind of a nice just a a good place to document and archive your images so I really strongly encourage keeping them in the box during a nice cool dark dry place because we can always make me yeah just keep it like this and it'll be awesome so you'll get to take that home today which is really fun and we're looking at a total of around ninety no five is that good? Stay in the budget. You guys have that okay, awesome. We're on the on the on the budget good job. Okay, so let me go and you guys are gonna go ahead and do credit card ticket today, okay? So I'm gonna go ahead and export this out and when you're ready I'll go ahead and take that credit card in we'll run it from me for you it'll take me a minute to export everything, so and then I got a printer paper work to so we'll get that ready for you I'll have you sign the paperwork and then, um I need to get your digital images on usb and then put those in a box for you taking home some good awesome okay, so that's a no go ahead and printing upstairs so what I'm going to is leave you guys with these gorgeous images. Let me get these saved into a different folders so that we don't lose the album images here put them all back and you guys can look at him all I got to get your I'm kind of tired don't worry out there but it's done it's done no it's a massive amount that you get through ticket would take you days if you have to do it on your own so go ahead and scroll through here I'm gonna go grab the paperwork and then we'll go ahead and run your car it upstairs and take care of that and then um what's your sign and you'll be on your way something okay so I will be right back guys we should order announcing you know different faces just thank you part of me that was just that one quickly yeah, this has happened you didn't even see him taking these you know this whole were part of the family pictures but this part okay guys okay here's your card back e yeah it's pretty intuitive printer cut off the bottom here but we should be good so I need you to go ahead and sign one copy for me you're signing for your credit card here also signing for order changes in cancellation so make sure you understand kind of how it works especially when you take a digital product a downloadable product outside the studio sales are final so consider that we're going to go ahead and order your album this afternoon and get it to the lab and straight away so we'll do the design work and everything and it will be probably back to within about a week or so maybe two weeks at the most we say three to four weeks to suitcase we have printer issues or we have to re order or something like that but for the most part um it should come in pretty quickly your birth announcements should be in within just a couple of days so as faras graphic design work we've kind of done her album her her birth announcements here so I want you to note that all color and stuff we approved here in the studio we don't do any kind of email exchange with proofs or anything like that just cause your monitors or not like professionally calibrated to the colors going to be not accurate on then copyright acknowledgement all that means is it's unlimited personal use so you can print thes to heart's content sharing with family and friends. The only thing you can't use the images for is any kind of commercial purpose where someone else is making money off the files like a contest or an ad for business of some kind ninety nine point nine percent the world does not have this problem but it's something that we that we need to say and of course you're also authorizing your credit card being charged there so go ahead and sign that upper one they're going to go and get your box ready and package it up so you can take it out here and we'll get you guys on your way e smooth remember taking that picture you know where the special hold upside down cradle feeling okay guys here's the good still poring over we can't and that's a good thing that's a good thing. Okay, so your files having here along with your box? Okay there's also some goodies in there some really not good for you sugary stuff but it's always good to have candy, right? No candy and there is just a fun little you know, pull to sound alarm since she's not a bank we gotta for fun. This is going to talk to you about the files. How to care for them also you're released in here is in here it's elektronik. So we have a print release inside the actual usb that you can read there's also one in here. I'll tell you how to access the lab. The professional lab and it's password protected so the pass codes on there no one can get into unless you give them that passcode. Okay, but family and friends you can send on the information to them. Family and friends can order from there it's right to their front door. You just have a baby. Last thing you want to do is like get prints for everybody so they can just take care of it. It makes it much easier all email you the info made in too. So it's also it's all one spot this is all about bees, you baby plan so it's going to tell you kind of what the how to prepare for the session it's all about the nap okay, we want to make sure she's napped and happy so it'll give you tips for a good session it talks about the family session in your two but that includes some fun stuff and then we have a really neat you're an incentive gift program where we offer free year and albums like full year like a great album that's all about the first year we do things like image boxes and stuff like that that are that are free year and gifts with certain spending levels that we also have specific fund products that air we kind of I like to do at each session so like little expression panels and fun fun cute thing so go over that read through that and like I said, we're going to bug you closer to when she's six months old and make sure she's sitting up and we'll go from there okay, so there is that and thank you for your signature and I'll put the non find heroin in here for you so you have a copy and like I said as far as delivery goes if you want us to let you know when the announcements are in and you want to make two trips to get it, I know you want to send those out we can get you the announcements a little earlier if you want or if you want to just you know, pick it up all at once we can you know let you know when the album and the announcements aaron and you could just come in at once so it's up to you so if you want me to go ahead and contact you when the announcements aaron just say the word okay okay sounds good. Awesome. We'll carry this out for you guys because your cars your car seat still here right her okay, sounds good. Thank you so much. You're welcome. Thank you. I'm so glad you guys didn't book I really hope I mean, you know you're gonna love it it's going to be something he cherished from you know, and I really hope that actually gets older she like, wants to open it and like, be credited her brothers do they really that's awesome that's awesome. Cool. But you guys have an awesome afternoon and like I said, any questions just let me know. I hope this really in life scenario taught you a lot of things about what you can do to take I ps into your own studio. I want you to remember a few things about what you saw in this appointment the layout of your studio can be done to the sales benefit if you noticed my clients were sitting on a couch they were very comfortable and we're going to talk a lot about when we discussed projection, how that can be done to your benefit. Switching to the in person sales alone will tremendously improve your average sale important to note don't be afraid to ask for the sale and sticking to your policies, of course, helps you stand up for business success, as I'm sure you saw in that appointment mirror your client sometimes saying less is so much more effective than being chatty and trying to fill the silence. So what I'm saying, guys, overall in person sales is the single best way that you can increase your profits. It really, really is okay, here's your homework day number fourteen, create your sales education collateral I want you to think about about how you would design something to educate your client about what happens at the in person sale, so making order prep kit is basically what I'm asking you to do. It will plant the seed of the sale and outline your sales policies. It'll educate your client about your products and how to set a budget so you can also see how we did this in our sight. A jewel dash education dot com

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