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The Customer Experience: Client P.O.V. Studio Walk-Through & Session: On–Location

Lesson 6 from: Studio Systems: A Photography Business Bootcamp

Julia Kelleher

The Customer Experience: Client P.O.V. Studio Walk-Through & Session: On–Location

Lesson 6 from: Studio Systems: A Photography Business Bootcamp

Julia Kelleher

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6. The Customer Experience: Client P.O.V. Studio Walk-Through & Session: On–Location


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Lesson Info

The Customer Experience: Client P.O.V. Studio Walk-Through & Session: On–Location

The last couple of days, we've been really discussing heavily seeing both the internal and external components of what makes good customer service, and ultimately what it comes down to is that care for the client, so we're about to go inside my studio in bend, oregon, and I want you to experience a couple things. I want you to see things from the client's perspective from their point of view, so you really understand how customer service can elevate the experience for the client, how that can elevate your brand and how ultimately customer service is part of your product line, almost half of it arm or since what the client experiences in the studio is what they will remember every time they see the images. So I want you to focus on a few things when you see this throughout the next hour or so. I want you to focus on the care that we have for the client we're going to. You're going to allow to basically you're allowed to be a fly on the wall inside the studio, and I want you to be really...

cognizant of the body language that we use with our client, the verbal language that we use with our client, the key words that we use that really helped elevate. The overall experience toa high quality. Okay, the connection this is super important. This is how we relate to the clients on an intimate basis on an emotional basis, really drawing them into the experience in making things pleasant for them. I want you to really think about it notice when we plant the seed of the sale in the client's mind. This is, of course, the first time oftentimes that they're meeting me at the studio and my studio manager and my assistant, lauren. So when they meet us for the first time, not only do we have to warm them up a little bit and make them feel comfortable in the environment, but because I do newborn sessions, we don't do a pre consultation that's in person before the client actually comes to the session. So at the session we are doing the pre consultation, at least part of it, and here is where we're going to be planting the seed of the sale and really prepping the client for not only just photographing their baby in there, fam only, but also what to do with those images and howto make a plan for the ultimate goal from the session really is what it comes down to and that in turn is helping us produced a result in the sales room later. I want you to see how we control the session it's a very soft control I don't want my client's telling me what props and things I should be using its my creative control I want to know I want the client to know that we are going to take care of everything in the studio they don't have to worry about a thing all they have to do is show up and every need that they have will be taking care of for them and for their children and for their baby. I want you to kind of get the feeling of how we promote the client that our home is their home I want them ultimately to be very comfortable in our space the space is decorated designed for that purpose, so you'll see that and finally the client interactions the final interactions we have with the client what we tell them before we send them out the door we make the ordering appointment for them to come back and review the images and we educate them heavily on preparing themselves, setting a budget and really kind of deciding in advance what they want to do with the images so that both of them and us we'll have a successful in person sales appointment so let's take a look good morning how are you going? Hey welcome I'm julia what's your name you must be abigail how old are you sweetie how old are you? Four years old are you big for your little for you're a big whore ah I hear you're really big good big sister huh? You show me your brother his henry porter really likes little kids asses porter you say hi to him he'll want to play with you why you're here huh yeah we got him so nice to meet you welcome congratulations is lauren my studio take care of your abigail hi hee should really miss abigail and I was so excited because that's one of my favorite names in the hole world s so so who is this brother what's his name what what do we call him henry uh awesome he's so cute like it all that fuzzy hair he has huh are you gonna be what's that you've got there what's that is this and what's what's this uh that is that a brand new camera okay are you gonna help me take pictures today you could be my big helper I think you're gonna be such a good photographer here let you hold that okay so each we talked to mommy and daddy and then get henry ready for his big photo shoot yeah, okay okay guys, I'm gonna grab henry and I'll let you guys come on back here we're just gonna have a little chat first and talk about things okay guys so what's um what's gonna happen here is I know he fell asleep don't worry about it happens like I know and trying to keep him awake for like, an hour next to smooth the minute you get in the car like they're out uh it was an hour screaming wake up, wait, we'll get him knowing cool him off so we're on schedule to kind of feed him a full feeding yeah, you're breastfeeding or bottle feeding awesome. Okay, so before we start shooting I just want to talk to luke about kind of what our goals are what we're gonna be doing here so we get the best session we can possibly get some good. Okay, so I got your people work thank you for sending that in. Tell me a little bit kind of what your goals are for the image is what you wanted. How do you want to see him five, ten years from now like, do you want to walk by him every day you're home an album something you can flip through that will be passed on to them what's your thought probably I would like both. I would like from up on the wall and then also in an album uh we do family albums have a year, so putting that in there and then also having up on the wall whether that canvas or in a collage form or um I always it's so hard because the wall stuff is like for you is it like for mia's parents I have both too but I know the album is going to be what they're gonna want you think they're not gonna want to hear screaming fortunate themselves on the back they're gonna want that book big time when we all kick the bucket in there going toe that's a big one so talk to me a little bit as faras well, portrait's go what the space is like do you have a specific space in mind that you're thinking about wei have a wooden wall a giant wooden wall way actually just moved into our house and so where knew how you like your room? Is it awesome sauce? Right? Really? That is the best clothes that's so awesome to have a bad dream in the middle of the night you can you can just run into mommy's room home. Perfect. Hey, uh, what color is your room? Right, blue my plan, I believe. Yeah, blue to share a room with you got here. So I'm gonna ask you lots of questions about your room here in a minute so we can make something pretty for that room to sound good, okay, okay, so the wood wall is it like when you say what wallace it like dark plank like shit plop straight up and down on his own no, they're slobs going a cool a diagonal her like a late light brown okay, okay, so that's kind of where we're thinking of having something awesome and we'll talk about size once you guys see the images I wantto coordinate with that space first off before we even consider like finish her size we're gonna end up going with but so it's in your living room correct and tell me about the the decor of the space like I know you said it in here a little bit but you very cozy warm relaxing marty describe it for me a little bit you set up cycles you guys like to the consignment shop indio looker? Yeah. Okay, so just like redoing things redoing furniture like the older style furniture we have a really nice brown couches and so it's like our balls down like our hallways and stuff which is kind of connecting to living room um are all black and white photos and then, um we have just different arts and crafts things that we've done over the last couple of years. If so, when you walk into the space, would you call it rich and elegant or light and airy light mary light mary yeah, ok, so we'd like neutral tones I know you said that here but neutral tones in the lighter family okay, awesome if you could shop for furniture anywhere on an unlimited budget where would you go? I have just won the lottery you can just decorate your home any any way you want probably ashley furniture okay. Okay. So kind of more of a load of attritional style traditional yeah, with an eclectic yup cycled flare okay, and then tell me a little bit about the nursery and do we have any intention or hope to put anything in there? Um maybe a picture probably about his crib um so they share room half of the room is frozen style and then the other half is its life way we've got jungle on one side and then frozen on the other nice very cool. So who's your favorite ana or else you like about, huh? You know, I like my favorite ben he's my reindeer and I really like old off too he's money home no, no, her head looks beautiful. So it's okay, nothing in here is it's all meant for kids. We have kids in here all the time so please don't worry about that. I know it looks pretty but really it's it's ok, so what I'd like to do is we're going to photograph abigail and henry first, so and then we're going to family images she's pretty awesome I'm not really that worried about her but the first thirty minutes or so are usually the best timing their youngsters so you're going to be my big helper, right? You get to hold henry all by yourself you think you can do that? I think you can't you you know you can huh? Yeah, like how ugo you have a special pillow how well I'm going to make it super easy for you to hold. Mr henry okay sound good, mr warren's gonna help you sound good. Okay, so if I am you dook okay, well then we'll just let you tell us how to do it. Does that sound good? Ok, ok. And andy, what did we bring for you to where we kind of what we're what we're wearing now is what are the direction gonna go? Awesome. Okay, so I'm gonna stick with the light green cream tones and I take it as I instructed you on the phone we didn't bring anything for her, right? We have lots of stuff for her and then we're going to also wrap you in some fabric. So and I know a lot of women right after giving birth feel self conscious please please don't if you do this is the one out the window bubble is way um, but anyway, just to give you reassurance strap was wedding dresses or strapless for reason is extremely flattering to the body and then we also want to create that skin on skin look with baby on and we're gonna pile family and around you so we'll do a couple different looks and then we're going to work with henry on his own what's going to be really important especially for you mama is when we start working with henry by himself you need to keep your voice down and stay out of smelling range okay I know that sounds ridiculous it's like fifteen feet but when we're going through the session we're going have you feed him right here full feeding and kind as we get further and further through the session he might need to feed again but sometimes we can squeeze like one more shot out of him before he needs to do that and your voice and smell trigger that feeding instinct and so as we get further and further into the session that's important for you to keep your voice down so you guys are welcome to watch you're welcome to be surprised some people like to be surprised there are two sofas here for a reason and I know you have a little one with you but if you need to get out please do seriously that way but seriously that's that's why we have the two sofas here so that you guys I mean we have had both parents crash out before on the couches and it's awesome there's tons of toys in the dressing room for miss abigail when she's done with her job so you can play with those toys and then their snacks in there too. So if you're hungry, I know sometimes getting out the door in the morning is a challenge. So there's snacks and goodies and all kinds of fun stuff to eat in there sound good and I want you to make yourself at home. Is that okay? You just pretend this is your house. Okay? Okay, mama. So I'm going to take you back into the nursery. We're going to get well, henry naked and we're going to set you up to feed a full feeding both sides get him nice and milk drunk because we call it and then we'll open and we will get started. He eats so much, doesn't he? E e eyes growing literally fast, right? Sure. It's the only way he knows how to talk right is crying. You see, you can use your room because you're big it's weird. How did that happen? E wheeler hey will learn how to talk and then you know what? You probably will want him not to talk he'll talk to you so much when you get older, huh, e no okay you're gonna help me should we should we take mr henry back and get him undressed so he can start feeding and eat some food okay sound good now what's this guy's name right here the bear is his name it's very appropriate for his name huh? Okay, I will help you come on back here guys to the nursery and we'll get you situated think we're set up here for family right yet color tones grey brown soft neutral so um we'll start there I'm kind of wondering if maybe we shouldn't graduate from there to the bull shot and then to be back o okay, I know we normally do being back after that I just I want to see how he is sleeping sure um he's pretty flexible okay so I think he'll do taco okay okay I think it's just gonna depend on sleeping on how sleepy he is so um energy down isan out okay, we got a zen out um is a heating pad on yeah, we start warm up, okay? Let's talk about colors and what we might so we're definitely stick with a gray neutral light and airy feel because that's what she said she liked so um uh I might change my mind the middle of this but if he does okay here because we're gonna leave him wrapped when he's with abigail if he's good then I'll get him nicky for family shots it would be cool because that will coordinate really well with this for a wall, syria? Because she said she wanted two o'clock. So let's, think about transferring this look over to the being backs and maybe we will just move straight to the magazine, will be a little back and forth. I think it'll be all right. Right. Um, wade, can we wrap him? Hopefully he wont go back from that one that's like my favorite color story of our lives. Okay, so if that does happen, we could graduate to this kind of look, or we could go into kind of a creamy tone that would be pretty let's. Pull that off for poops and giggles here. And, um so if that's the case yeah, then we need to kind of look a hats and yeah, those grace might work out a little bit bigger. His little chunky monkey. So, yeah, something that's big. Okay, these stretch pretty good, too, though that might be really good. Those like them. And they look really cute when they're all, like, tied tight. Okay, I think we'll just go back and forth from here. And then also khun note that the we have a jungle theme going on in the nursery. But I need to ask her about the colors that will because half the room's frozen frozen thing light blue which actually probably wouldn't look back because then you translate the two colors across the room so we might want to consider doing more kind of a soft blue yeah so let's take a look att um backdrops so he thinks I have a feeling you're going to sleep but I don't think so okay okay so if he does we'll start here with taco and then move teo yeah we'll we'll figure that I want to feel him out first so either potato sack or taco here and then I think that gives us a starting the mogul from their sound good floor wise mid tone barn woody so that denny color I think we'll look really roll it's down here somewhere we have to find it um you're that kind of warm you feel what's that one uh that's the white translator it's too dark to pink this might actually work it's kind of a gray if we pull the gray's out of it because that would work well with this set up and they could combine the two images onto the wall and honestly I don't want to do too much courtney because they want to do an album teo and so we need to have the variety okay, I'm thinking we can across this bridge when we come to it and go from there some good can what do you wanna write, maman oh, good question okay, dad thing kind of ah it's a cool bray right abigail's and more kind of that warm tones I'm wondering if we don't do like this tone on the brown backdrop I'm just thinking out loud here this could be really pretty too okay let's pull both of these out see what floats your boat I don't want dad to stand out like a sore thumb though because he's in that cool gray hey, andy would you mind just coming over here for a minute play with some color? I'm not right now it's okay? The floor's pretty hardy so we're gonna put her in that I think we need to go cooler that could work I think just hold on one second I know it's hard isn't it sometimes just one second let me no, you did great. You did great. Maybe we two part of me was tempted to go brown on mom, hon like yeah, just not so matchy matchy good or that this killer could be really good. Teo I've always into pulling all these I'm so sorry we have to put it away, okay oh, that could be pretty thank you for e I think this will work too so but their house is light and airy so let's go with the lighter town and not a work awesome I think that a coordinate really well thank you for your participation problem e okay we'll come get you guys in a minute it's cooler in here today heating pads on right and so are you gonna watch you can come home hutch we're going to wrap your baby brother up like a little peanut pot you're gonna be my helper yeah yeah I got a feeling you're gonna be really good at this yeah it's my feeling mama would you mind um in that little on the dressing table on the right there's a little box that says pretty's there is some nail polish remover in there would you mind grabbing it and just taking off her nail polish for me it's a little too blue home his baby's not blue izzy no okay diaper off okay okay you can sit there and watch for me make sure I'm doing it right ok can you do that okay I'll do that okay you're gonna be really happy here buddy just a second oh you make me feel better okay you're fine huh you know thank you oh years didn't feel bear had to get all cozy convenes idea it feels good when he's all wrapped up home yeah do you like to be wrapped up in a nice cozy blanket do you haven't elsa blanket you don't you don't haven't elsa blanket um yeah grab another one of those washcloths in the chicken. We're gonna take off her nail polish real quick, sweetie. Okay. Cute when they're not okay so mom and dad if I ask you to take a coffee break it just means get out of sight not always some kids need it. Some kids need me toe be with them alone because I can connect with them a bit more and others need their parents so if I say I need a coffee break it just means are you ready? Are you ready? This's the exciting part you get to hold you baby brother and we're gonna go over there I'm gonna hold him real quick if we go over there and then I'm gonna help you tell you what to do okay? You think you can listen and follow directions good. I think you can. Um well, you do if you are with you off because they're so part of her I wanted to be and I'm sorry, but they're ridiculously cute so okay. Miss abigail, are you ready? You know what you do? I want you to sit down just like this. Can you copy me? Copycat me? Perfect. Okay, that miss julia's gonna help you put little baby in your arms taking the scooter that way miss lauren's gonna drag that perfect okay, so now you want to know what you need to do is stay super still porter's gonna help you so can I put him in your lap ok just like job sweet girl okay now this actually like that can you let him be on your hand like that this hand you mary very important not to move okay, you can have that way okay then I want you to take this hand don't move that one and just put it on his head so his head's nice and supported that had super fragile right yeah okay obsolete girl I'm gonna put this hand a little further back so he can lie on it some good oh that's your baby brother, huh? Perfect what a good little helper you are. I am so impressed you're gonna be my little rock star, huh? Okay, now miss julia has something to ask miss abigail did you know something? I want to tell you something okay I need the light a little further hang on miss joy tell you you're ready for secret what secret did you know that there's a froggy in my camera uh and if you watch a really close and we'll get you but hey you know what? He won't wink atyou if your tongues in your mouth there you go you ready to see him watch close? You sure did you see that hey winked at you oh my god! Do you think henrik and see him no you can't see him yet, huh? What is henry looking at hey is looking at you huh can use look at henry and very gentle okay I want you to lift henry up and give him kisses can you do that good job girl good you he's so cute huh he's moving his head han that's okay he's been a big john do you see him yawning big yawn huh? Ok let's go and take her glasses off when they sleep okay miss abigail you ready to see froggy do you know what his name is? His name is harold harold the frog what color is he blow off it's my favorite color too yeah I love blue okay no smiles I want to see those teeth it's really hard not to show him when you say you can't talk, huh? You have a secret from me mommy and daddy can't take a coffee break please where ms abbott hurts a little bit is mr is mr henry you don't have to smell sweetie if you don't want to okay you know what border doing porter is my silly dog, huh? Good girl often. Okay let's change position she's gonna take baby off I know he's getting heavy, huh? Okay, now you get to lie down so it's super easy oh that's right you got that stuff on your bottom, huh? You can't let's go this way nah this is so much softer, huh? I think porter might want to lie down with you what do you think huh okay can you copy me what you do that you get to make a nice little bit isn't this awesome it's kind of nice down here huh? I don't know it's my ceiling clean it looks kind of dirty home it is dirty that's okay what does that thing it looks kind of like a spaceship doesn't it you think we can blast off through there to space you know we should build a rocket ship and do that you think you know okay I'm gonna scooch over love it is okay ah wei go sweet girl okay legs this way we're gonna put baby brother in your arms this time will be easy it will hold him okay now I will make your hair look pretty like elsa can I do that okay left your fucking hand down put your head down their beautiful here or you getting over a cold sweet peanut yeah thanks to have a cough doesn't it did you have a runny nose to boogers get everywhere huh what is it about boogers they drive me crazy like burgers at all they're nasty sauce you will have ordered to come over here we will do that after we work with your brother some good okay, this arm's gonna come out mr mr henry's gonna go right here you think I don't do that ok take him I'll take him oh he's so sweet huh okay mr ray needs to fix his rap because he's getting all wrinkly okay that arm down like that beautiful miss sweet girl we'll get you and your brother can you put your head on just a little bit here beautiful my sweet girl okay I need that fifty millimeter lens changed out my camera please thank you you fund a snuggle with him do you sleep with him yeah my oh yeah because you need to eat a lot huh but that's going to be such a fun day when he sleeps in your room huh I'll be so exciting you can just hand it to me and if you want you're so special to me I love your curly curly hair it looks just like ofa yes okay thank you for being so patient you're such a good listener you are mr lee make everything perfect because she's a perfectionist she wants it all to look just perfect okay you got to get her light over here right so the light's pretty in your eyes look at that little smile okay can you use me henry like a pillow keep pretend he's attila very yeah okay here we go good job, sweet girl it looks so beautiful awesome okay, so I have question for you do you like bugs? Yeah what's what's what's your favorite bug spiers oh I don't I don't like spy you like what kind of bugs lady but ladybugs are nice home you know what I like frogs e u huh? But you know what? Frogs aren't really a bug they eat bugs, huh? Can you hold her like that? Perfect job sweet girl I just loved okay I don't want to smile can you pretend to go to sleep let's pretend to take it up close your eyes well hell I quiet can you close your mouth for me close your eyes just pretend asleep awesome can you give mr henry some kisses beautiful girl awesome. So sweet, huh? This is mork it's gorgeous okay and one more time the pillow I want to see your pretty eye there we go thank you but you have to like that so you know what I think he would make a great prentice and you raise my lighter touched honey, I wanna get some better catch lights in our eyes thank you. Perfect is there such a thing is no smile and you you're just always miley aren't you yes you are always violent. Okay, I think we're done with simply perfect so we're going to take mr henry you did so good can you give me five? You are awesome fives for miss lauren too okay, now we're gonna photograph your mommy and daddy and you does that sound good okay so you could take a little itty bitty brake sound good okay I'm a fuss pot so I'm gonna be in your bubble little bit it's fine, I'm sorry if I'm in your personal space here okay so I'm going to unwrap little baby henry put him in your arms I'm gonna tell you exactly what to do you don't even need to think again good you're basically my prop okay I don't want you to help me too much obviously you have to hold him but I don't want you to like lean forward or trying to help me okay? All you have to do is listen to my voice when I ask you to make movements very small movements okay? Especially with your chan and your face this is turn shoulder to shoulder is tip I'm not a huge photographer where I like people looking at the camera of course I'm going to shoot that but to me it's more about the relationship you have with henry and your daughter. Okay um I the most important thing about this and of course miss lauren is here for safety, okay? It's not unsafe I'm just paranoid I take extra sets of precautions on dh finally this is like the last time he's going to fit your arms like this enjoy it okay really enjoy because it's special okay, okay, let me go ahead and we're going to take this arm like that? Okay, little bottom's gonna go right here. Good. Then this arm the connection I want you to touch here all the time. I feel that this hand's gonna go up here like this and cut his head so this fingers here are going to hold his legs into hyde's little private parts. Okay. Excuse me, nicky, he will poop and pee on the on here. That's why we do it on paper. That's. Why we put you in this fabric and it's not a big deal at all. Just don't drop him, okay? Okay. You said chickens court. You know, your eyes are amazing. Okay, let me take a little man in here. Started tio got him thinking that may take me a few minutes just to get in that position because I want him to stay nice and sleep. He is a chunky q t those cheeks are adorable little angels. Do you like the angels kissed? I'll keep it with me or you want to get it on that way, we usually soften it a touch, but no it's their kind of thing. It's, my island totally. I know my son has a well stocked by on the back that never went away and I love it like when he gets mad, it turns like bright red okay, he might face a little bit because I'm going to get him out of here he's not gonna be warm anymore so he might complain a bit. We'll try this and if it doesn't work, what will happen? Because I prefer to have him naked that skin on skin look little accident. Okay, wait. No that's why I'm going warming up is to touch there's not much in there. Take that squeaking, huh? His baby's squeaker kind of like what you're doing on the ground, huh? Could you help bob? So when they get in your own face when you talk to him because your voice is that okay, let's, get your hands in position. I really want you to keep your energy calm. It sounds really good, nolan kind of send out, but, um they read it. They can feel it. Yeah, I was no when I'm having a bad session because it's usually cause I'm the one who's tense there we go out like a light one more time oh, you know, it's just hard work being a baby home ready? Good job. You're doing great, beautiful sh that's chicken like hey, energy call home good job, momma perfect, perfect, ok, he's in a beautiful position and I'm watching the movement off that's what you want and I'm going to ask you do you think's going to feel really weird but it's gonna look right okay so we're gonna wrap this hand a little bit more of a highness privates there we go he can handle me perfect okay don't try don't push him too much it's gonna look like you're leaning on him okay so now I just want you to turn your head and kind of fall sleep on him good girl close your eyes for me and I'll tell you exactly what did you just listen to my voice you look absolutely stunning motherhood becomes you here okay yeah we're gonna help control a little bit what too much because I want you having natural but not like plastered back but we're gonna go ahead and get in position for me in this close your eyes for me I love the banks when they're like at that just long, long enough but not long enough faith okay all right we're doing well uh beautiful okay don't move mama you're doing fantastic gorgeous it's me it's me it's me I will tell you exactly what to do my dear okay you don't have to think I just want you to enjoy that's all I want you to dio you pull the fabric around her waist is still a bit more for me in the back yeah right there on the side perfect beautiful that's what I wanted awesome okay mama chin up just a hair's breath gorges on the count of three you're just gonna look at me one two, three oh I want you to touch your lips to him wherever they land awesome the girl don't move I'm coming in closer gorgeous moment just a touch not too much pucker there we go and a big smile right there you don't even have to look at me where is this gorgeous teeth years and you're there and there's no because he's too cool awesome sauce, kiddo. Ah beautiful okay daddy and miss abigail come on in. Uh can you hold it for a few more minutes? Are you sure you're okay daddy it's avago we're gonna hurry because mama's getting tired okay? I wonder if we put her on an apple box dan on that kiddo daddy's gonna help you balance okay? It's wobbly so I just want to make sure you hang on to her all times. Okay when you put your arms around mama can you do that? And can you lean on mommy like you're gonna pretend to go to sleep on her? There we go nice and close to mommy almost like shover in there you can like nice and close perfect. Okay and I want you to lean on with miss abigail perfection up for me daddy is going to feel where it's going to look for you chin up for me cute girl there we kill nobody moved simon says move nobody move can you hold daddy's arm for me can you hang on to it some perfect it's me miss julie is not quite ready move that light oh my goodness we got to get her I've stopped correct oh my god where's my froggy girl daddy chin up just a touch off um mummy knows towards me perfect like you're gonna fall asleep on baby everybody let's pretend asleep he was taking a nap there you go miss abigail can't close their eyes and on the count of three everybody's gonna look at me daddy your left hand hiding around mom's waste please down low perfect on the count of three look at me one too where's my frog is in there somewhere there is todo mom hair on mama please thank you do you hear the froggie yeah hide mama I want to see your face around baby there you are do you hear him? So I have to ask something can you grab daddy's thumb? I have a question, baby henry he was kind of fun to make wasn't he? Yeah you want to make mommy daddy do you agree I was perfect, okay, let's, go ahead, get my baby outta mama's arms yeah, I know it's a totally awkward position and you did a great perfect oh, great I know thank you. It was worth it okay so you can hop off and take a quick break daddy's turn daddy turned a whole baby could shop abigail okay have a seat daddy should do football with him yeah let's stand up like that idea place until okay, so three points of contact for safety with baby you're going to hold her like hold him excuse me like a football so I'm gonna put his little head here little butt's gonna be here in this hand is going to be over the top of them kind of like a football ok, nice and close to your chest at all times I'm going to be in your bubble I apologize in advance, okay if he poops herpes on you what happened? Lawrence here is an extra layer of safety okay, but no shot is worth anything so if you feel him wobble or rebel good make sure okay, okay, just just reiterating the obvious like this? Okay, no, don't try to help me too much. There we go. Okay, put your hand over the top of him for me. Way okay to handle. Yeah. Yeah that's much better isn't it good should relax your energy just I know it seems to be doing weird, but just they feel it call your show cute, mr henry okay, I want this hand underneath a little bit more perfect, beautiful that's what I want okay, we're gonna hide that and just like that can you hold it there like that? Okay, now relax you but your right shoulder and go ahead and turn slightly towards my reflector here nobody perfect good job danny don't worry too much about that hand there we go now just kind of bring your hand they're perfect thiss hand over top just a touch more perfect daddy good job okay, go ahead just stay like that the second you're getting a little bit way all got a little fin it right? At least I felt like it is right now I have two big time when I take it all in okay? Perfect that's porter story don't mind him getting eleven over there. Okay, we're gonna go and shoot this beautiful okay, then do it. All right. I just want you to look down on him because he's awesome beautiful ten slightly up I know it's going to feel like you're not looking at him but it looks like you're looking at a perfect eleven me double check make sure they like everything I'm getting here beautiful awesome chin up just a touch and now just your eyes at me one, two, three chin down like sure you way go no sort my life perfect chin up slightly good job dad you're so and so you got a handsome hubby mama looks good just go and look down and I'm going on a big smiles you look down on him because he's often chin up slightly for me but thank you perfect gorgeous okay mama and miss abigail don't move you're doing awesome. Okay can you hold her okay, mommy, you get to come in here like this and kind of wrap your arms around daddy and we're going to hang on I think I might give her an apple bucket again to where's that apple box okay, right you get to be big and tall like elsa that's now I have a feeling you're gonna be a six foot tall young lady. Okay hang on one second just one second put it between you guys perfect nice and close to daddy ok? And mama you're gonna be responsible for kind of helping her stay on there very oh, look it's you put your arm around e perfect okay then mama you're going to come over here beautiful. I love it daddy want you to turn slightly towards the the kiddos here the kiddos in the mama beautiful. Okay, so can you hang on to it for me just like that? We're gonna just all love like I love it nice good connection is so pretty okay awesome, beautiful and this chin that's way mama what you fall asleep on baby girl uh um and daddy you're just going to kind of turn into them off beautiful okay I love gorgeous awesome ah and I want everybody looking at it mama knows towards me it's gonna feel weird going for like an hour twisting it's going to feel really weird but it looks fantastic but you keep going still a bit more a little more and now lean in you know almost like you're leading with the back of your head it's gonna feel weird yeah you get girl and now you know slightly down perfect job some daddy I want your eyes over here beautiful turn your whole day daddy just slightly towards me towards me towards me towards me towards me odd comes on and everybody looking baby where's mr honorary in queue on can you give him kisses her beg off done family's finished thank you gorgeous okay we are going to work mr henry by himself you can get changed the lips to prison kill me why do they always do this to me they like to make me is it real name they just turned me into a pile of mush thank god I'm only having one because look your fingertips to maintain is like my perfect little poser let's get your feet now bub oh, you've got long legs here we go good job okay, just gonna hang out with in prison again I'm gonna grab a rope there to the other two brown ones really over here on this chair if you want that e t berlin I didn't tell you under this side so don't even support I'm loving where we're perfect good job mr henry okay looking good I think I'm gonna shoot this just so we know we got the shot and then you know if we need to perfect it we will me you okay okay um move on to wrapped um last you blue would you like a blue grey I'm jumped it to do that light soft blue gray and potato sack and do big not on the top of it it's kind of gray blue what happened you have that goes with it let's see change just like a really nice kid that goes why isn't how many hat store here like one hundred and you there's always a color you don't have a photo op problems hash tag okay, well that could be interesting that could be interesting green just doesn't turn me on like why do I not have any green? Okay, I think we're gonna go one of these directions that could actually kill you like the texture let's go that route we'll stay on this we're going to go ahead and potato sack wrapping so he might wake up but that's okay because then we're going to ninety nine right from there and that will be part of the act you go ahead and pull out some of the obnoxious no mountain I'm telling you can't mean it let's we're happy but I know miss julia just just has no respect home no respect for the sleep okay rolling to the left I know I know you're gonna be really upset with me for about thirty seconds and then you're gonna be so happy oh, not enough okay start over grab fail e no issues you big baby I know peanut you don't like me right now but I'm gonna get you really cozy grandchild one boy not sure I can do it on we'll have enough mr cray cray yes, I know she's just like this just here help me you're as cute as they come, bubba yes, you are okay, I'm gonna try it he's not a fighter he doesn't push that makes sense not here see, you're so happy now or being we're going to try to get it that's perfect that warm goodness coming out not feel good yeah, I'll be quick but okay we're gonna get the shot on get you cleaned up you look so cute right now we'll do first without me the catch alight on the lips a little better just right there perfect good job, buddy that's what I wanted okay come on, scott killer lips one now would be ideal you can't do it course then I put my camera down you're gonna give me a big old fat grin you see them do it come on you just shine with cameras okay we're gonna keep going interests of his lips are amazing speaking of which I am gonna want to get mac rose of those lips just don't let me forget okay I think oh you little stinker oh I knew you were gonna do that to me come in come in oh oh I know life is hard when you're sleeping sorry I'm being patient guys I want it ok I think I'm about an interest of time he'll give it to me in ninety nine it works best on this but we've already shot this okay okay we're skated on that because I like it the best is that okay I think that's okay yeah yeah okay clamps thanks alex go entering that way you should be fine perfect ah e report she didn't out an arm out first because he's sensitive they are later ah no sorry I'm an anal perfectionist and I want it absolutely right no no okay I like the double chin going on it's pretty cute I'm just being anil the hat is acting really annoying right now we might have to look with file a bit later okay kitty karry all morning ah okay well the arms out I know you don't give me that arm I know you keep pulling down e you good mr way of getting picky huh oh my god that's ridic wei have the best job ever okay move on the ball uh this time we are going to change and I would like to do with the colored we're going teo creamy tone yet cream on gray ah ha ha ha okay you go and talk him out of the laundry ok? He still has his okay well that rap bomb going some now we'll take it off this way best intentions right? Perfect you're sorry and get you he's picked you barely fits in people he's gonna um power those feet out so I just want you to hold them and then all the dough one two three really teo okay highlight is just delicious you lower that from here. Thank you. Got that little milk blister thank you. Okay. Hello? Okay, I'm gonna get a little toast there is where my where my money shot perfect film. They were both awesome. They did a great job. We've got some beautiful images so let's get you on the calendar to come back for your ordering appointment so good. Okay, look, you guys have your calendars on you by chance, okay she's the planner in the family, huh? Okay, so it looks like um next uh let's look at the week after next I'm fairly open on tuesday and thursday in the afternoon just one of those work like around three o'clock or so like september yeah yeah like six yeah, that we worked fine, yeah, that would work. Okay, so let's go and pencil and they're gonna put you at three o'clock does that work? Yep. Three o'clock three p m on september six so what will happen is we'll come back in well, look at all the images to set to music in our in our sales room it's it's fun it's like a little movie theater production you're welcome to bring the kids sometimes it's easier to concentrate if they're not there so I'll kind of leave that decision up to you we just you know, we do have a lot of toys and stuff and ipads and things so if they they need some distraction we've got it but I always tell people think and find a sitter it's it's sometimes a little easier so good. Okay, let me go grab a pen. You know what, miss abigail? Can I have that big folder of paper? I need to give that to your mommy. That one right there? I need to explain some things to your mommy and daddy, okay, let me go grab a pen real quick and then I'll write that down for you guys, okay? So I'm going to write your bordering appointment time on the back of this little card. Somebody didn't nibble on it, didn't they? I better I better get make a new copy, huh? Do you think maybe it was a little kid just like you? Okay, I need to talk to your mom and daddy really quick and then I'll and then I'll be done, okay? Okay, so when you come back we have kind of state of the art software that we can show you your images on on. And since we've talked about hang on just one second would put that right there. Um when you come back, we can actually show you what your images look like on your own walls, so if you want to go ahead, we talked about that wall with wood on it tape a piece of eight and half by eleven paper just a bill of any kind to the wall and then with your iphone or whatever, take a picture of the wallace straight on as possible and email it to us that way, when you come back, we can look at what works in the space. If the colors are designed right and sizing and I know you talked about doing a series of images, we can kind of figure that and make sure it looks good, okay, so then this will tell you a little bit about products that we offer these two on the other side of super important to read. One is going to really ask you to think about and plan for your order appointment. We kind of envisioned how you want to see the images five, ten years from now. Okay, so I really want you to read through that one and kind of soak in and marry in in what? It what? It says this also, all of our clients go home with digital files of some kind. Super important. Understand? Digital files are not archival. They will not last. It's. Just a simple is that so? The safest place is for your images is to print them. So I want you to be thinking about that over the long haul just to preserve the legacy. Really? Okay. So read about us important. And then, finally, just upon second, sweetie, I will answer all your questions in just a minute. Sound good. You see how it works. And I know I've gone over this with you a little bit before, but you can either purchase images ala carte digital files or create a collection. Most people do create a collection because they get every image on usb were also we would also be printing something for you and since we've planned for your wall space an album, we're going to have plenty to do that I know that already from the session I just want you to look over the album choices it's definitely have so you can plan for the organ appointment, set a budget, you know, kind of get a plan, have a discussion with yourself when you come back you're really ready. Good cause we have good images and I don't want you to be overwhelmed. Okay, so that information is for you guys to read over and I could help you guys get packed up and get him loaded. If you need to feed here before we before you leave, please dio we don't have any other session today. We just do one a day so that we can have lots of time. Okay, mr henry, you did so good. It is. Miss abigail, did you want to tell me something? Do you want to show me something that is an old lunchbox? Isn't that kind of pull? Do you have a lunch box for school? Do you go to school yet? Oh, you have a hello kitty one that was my favorite when I was a little girl you want some cnd y you know what? You were really good. But I think that's a question for your mommy. What if your mommy says yes? Then you can have some and I have l o l o l l I when a lollypop. Well, let's, go get one joey here in my hand. I'll take you back. Well, let's, go find one. So what did you see? What really touched your heart? What made you go? Who? I need to create a system for that. I hope that by taking a look inside the studio, you really felt what it was like to be a client. And you can relate that to your own studio and how you can improve your customer service. Every step is for a reason. Everything. We save the client, everything we verbally do. Everything we say with our body language, all of it control of the session and the client is critical to the sale and their perception of your service.

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