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Texture, Dimension, Mood

Cliff Mautner

Texture, Dimension, Mood

Cliff Mautner

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Class Description

All great photography starts with spotting and capturing great lighting. Join veteran wedding photographer Cliff Mautner for an in-depth exploration into the delicate art of event lighting. Cliff will cover fundamentals like texture, dimension, gear essentials, exposure settings, and how to create mood with light. Plus, he’ll explore quality light vs. quantity of light, direction of light, and how to put it all together during a wedding to create an experience your clients will love.



Cliff is one of the really true masters of light and emotion.. I am thrilled with this course and look forward to seeing more from him!! I hope to one day be blessed to attend one of his boot camp classes in the near future. Thank you for a wonderful seminar! Kim Zuccaro

a Creativelive Student

I love how Creative Live features a wide variety of professionals whose styles are all their own. I always have a few takeaways from every class that enhances my own style. Like Cliff, I love backlight...that ever-so-delicate rim light that defines a bride's face. He does go into the how's and why's of his images, which is a great way to translate what he says into what we can achieve. Cliff's relaxed conversational teaching style enables the viewer to completely grasp his own personal shooting methods.

michael turek

An eye opening course from a legendary photographer. By the way the lady with the two hands above the couple looks to be blessing them in a traditional Jewish manner.