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The Art of Seeing: On Location

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Frans Lanting’s Gear Bag

Frans Lanting

The Art of Seeing: On Location

Frans Lanting

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4. Frans Lanting’s Gear Bag


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Frans Lanting’s Gear Bag

I'm hauling my gear around in agoura gear backpack this is the largest one they make a thirty two leader butterfly it's got this really nifty system that enables me to open up just one section instead of having to open up the whole thing so very easy to use. The beauty of these packs is that they're designed to fit in the overhead compartment of international plane flights so I can get quite a bit of gear in here this morning I've got my nikon d four to seventeen to thirty five I've got a seventy two, two hundred to eight then I've got a lens in between this is a twenty four to seventy two eight and I brought to tele converters of one point four tell a converter and the two times tele converter and of course all of these are nick or lenses brought a pair of binoche's with me you never know what you're going to spot here on the beach and then this is my secret weapon, my hood non loop that allows me to judge compositions critically on the back of the camera. I've got a second camera bod...

y just in case this is a nikon eight hundred I've got two pouches with filters, three neutral density filters and another pouch two polarising filters won a narrow polarizer that is especially useful with my vita angle lenses it doesn't vignette so easily and another one that is more suitable for the telephoto lenses. And I brought a stroke just in case this is a speed light s p nine hundred with a commander, the command there fits on top of my camera, and then I can use the strobe in a wireless capacity just like this. They'll know if I'll use disrobe this morning, but it's a very useful tool that allows me to do mohr of it light. Then what I just find on location, I've got a gps unit. Unfortunately, the gps unit connects to the same soccer that is now occupied by my remote control, but usually rival plug it in just for a couple of frames so that I can capture the gps coordinates of a location. And then after the fact, I can transfer those same settings. Tual the other frames I shoot this morning very useful because the gps coordinates will enable me to get all the names of the specific locations where I'm shooting and that's just about it. Some mundane items like garbage bag because things get wet here along the tide line in a towel, in case I get really what a lot of stuff in this pack.

Class Description

Go deep into the principles of landscape lighting, composition, and technique and learn how to create memorable images with Frans Lanting in The Art of Seeing: On Location.

Watch Frans at work on a beach near his home in Santa Cruz, California, as he teaches the essentials of landscape photography in a way that can only be taught in the field. 

In this class you will explore: 

  • Finding new photographic approaches in familiar settings and scenes
  • Photographing while the light changes – from dark to light
  • What equipment to use for different scenarios and results Frans will teach you how to evaluate light and really see how it interacts with your local environment. You’ll learn about the best ways to approach a familiar landscape and find the shots and the light you have not discovered before.

The Art of Seeing: On Location with Frans Lanting will teach you the ingredients for memorable images (subject, vision, composition, light, moment, meaning) and show you how to translate those general concepts into gorgeous outdoor photographs.



a really excellent class with a very humble Frans Lansing. Good explanations of EVERYTHING; composition, light and equipment. REALLY want to take one of Frans courses in person. Such a lovely person it seems. Thank you Frans!! I have posted some of my work and I am now inspired to do some of the gorgeous water shots you took WOW!!!


Loved this course with Frans Lanting. His explanations were awesome. I learned to "see" things in a way I have not seen before. I also was inspired to go back to my own safe haven at St. Marks Wildlife Refuge and "create." So much to practice but love that I can always come back to review this class/course for more inspiration. I would love to join one of his workshops.


I really, really, really enjoyed this course. I watched it when I was forced indoors by 100+ degree weather, and the constant sound of the surf cooled my brain. Frans is very easy to like and learn from. After spending this much time with him, I feel he should know me if I walked up and shook his hand--his personality extends so easily through the screen. He both reinforced my own sense of how to approach seeing a location and encourage me to see in different ways. His review of tech was mouthwatering as those look like some pretty high end cameras, but he finished the whole day by recommending his iPhone as the best camera he ever had. I was sorry when I finished this class; I wanted to go with Frans to a new location and do the same thing all over again. Thanks for a terrific value from!