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The Business of Photography

Chris Burkard

The Business of Photography

Chris Burkard

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Class Description


Designed to breathe life into your photography career, Chris Burkard teaches how to build a team, work with agents and producers, and raise your prices so you can actually make a living. Join Chris Burkard as he shares over a decade of experience on where to invest your time and energy. Whether you are a curious hobbyist or skilled entrepreneur, this Wildist course provides actionable steps to breathe life into your photography business.


  • Grow your business and how.
  • Find new work and diversify your revenue streams.
  • Work with an agent, rep, or producer.
  • Market for the modern day photographer.
  • Recession-proof and pandemic-proof your business.
  • Benefit from creating personal projects.

Ratings and Reviews

Anabella Borges

An experience This was absolutely amazing. I have followed Chris for more than 10 years, he has been an inspiration to me in many ways; his way of seeing the world and the devotion behind his passion for storytelling has always called my eye. After watching and studying with this course I realized it all comes down to following whats true to you and doing it with all the love in the world. Thank you Chris for being an open book about your business and sharing with us all the stories in between, the anecdotes, the whys and the hows behind your experience as a photographer. This was an adventure for me and I am grateful for all that you shared. Now I am ready to take my business of photography to the next level.

Tyler White

Insightful and Motivating it was truly great to hear some real life experiences from someone you look up to. I feel like I have an understanding of the industry I previously thought I knew but now know was way off. if you are looking to take your photographic journey seriously this is a fantastic look into the world of the working, travelling, successful creative.

jake Burchmore

From the Heart Wow!! Thank you so much for this valuable insight explained from truth and transparency. I appreciated every bit of information and storytelling aspects of this workshop. Very unique and lively! This workshop has left a positive imprint on me, while also forcing me to think critically on the business aspect of my own photography/filmmaking projects. I am so glad I took notes and I will continue referring back to them as I continue to grow and face inevitable challenges into the future.

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